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7 Best Bike Dog Leashes

Written by Larese
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Published on
Thursday 10 September 2020
Last updated on
Tuesday 9 May 2023
best bike dog leashes
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Can you imagine you and your pooch biking down the road and roaming around the neighborhood? Have you seen those films and TV series wherein the pet owner is cycling with his furry pal? If you have a large dog breed, a dog bike basket is not enough. In this case, what you need are bike dog leashes. Keep your pooch happy and in shape because walking is a great exercise for them, too.

These are leashes that you install on the rear of your bicycle, instead of holding it. So, we will give you the 10 best bike leashes for dogs.

What are Bike Dog Leashes?

If you want to take a ride alongside your dog, bike leashes are what you need. These are regular dog leashes except that you attach in the rear of your bike. It functions the same in keeping your dog within distance. However, make sure that you attach it on your bike securely and don’t go too fast because it will exhaust your dog. Start slow and maintain a pace that your dog can keep up.

There are some challenges when cycling alongside with your pooch that you have to keep in mind. For example, bike leashes are a little different from using. Moreover, you have to keep up the pace of your biking with your pet’s walking speed. Finally, the most important thing is to make sure that your dog doesn’t bump into your bike while riding.

Putting your dog on a bike leash ensures that you can exercise and keep an active lifestyle. It is essential, especially for large dog breeds that require some activities to stay in shape. Moreover, biking is an excellent way to bond with your pet while breathing some fresh air and get some sunlight. The best benefit of using dog bike leash is that it ensures safety and guarantees that you can still control your pooch as you step on the pedal.

bicycle leashes for dogs
Choose a bicycle leash that is appropriate for the size of your dog.

How To Choose Bike Dog Leashes?

Most bike dog leashes have a rigid arm that you will mount on your bike. It sticks out on one side of your bike, and where you will attach the flexible leash. Therefore, your dog can still run or walk while keeping it close to you. On the other hand, there is some bike leash designed to mount near your bike’s seat post, while others have a frame that extends over the back wheel. There are some factors to consider when choosing the best bike dog leash with various models and types.

Size of the Dog

When choosing dog leashes, for bicycle or the regular ones, you always have to consider your dog’s size. Otherwise, it won’t fit you, and you’ll just end up wasting your time and money. Remember that small dog breeds have to run at their maximum ability to keep up at the pace of the bicycle. Therefore, it might not be a good idea to use bike leashes on the small pooch. Dog bike carriers are better options, instead.

Both medium and large size dog breeds are more suitable for cycling side by side. You should always be vigilant when you attempt to use a leash for a huge dog because it could be strong enough to drag you around and cause you to fall. The best rule of thumb is to match the leash to your pet’s weight and build of the body.

General Health

We all would agree that running and walking for long periods can be exhausting, especially for those with underlying conditions. Running alongside a moving bicycle requires hard work, so it is only suitable for those pooches with healthy respiratory and shape for such activities. Always make sure that your dogs are in good physical condition before putting the leash around its body and cycle with you. It’s a good idea to get your vet’s blessing before deciding to ride a bike alongside your dog.

Confidence of the Dog

Some dogs are not comfortable walking or running with a leash around its body. Such insecurity and anxiety may lead to an accident because the dog may go wild. Insecure dogs may find the idea of running next to your bike intimidating, which may end up making hating the activity.

Many dogs require some support and reassurance at the start, but confident canines will usually enjoy running alongside you after getting used to the practice. Before allowing your dog to go with you on your cycling trip, train it first to walk on a leash. If your dog doesn’t walk well on the lead, it probably doesn’t have the patience to be a good bike companion.

Type of Bike

The last factor to consider in choosing the bike leash to the type of bike that you currently have. Is it a mountain bike? An e-bike, or just a typical road bike? If the leash isn’t going to fit your bike correctly, it would be only another wasted time, money, and effort. Therefore, always be certain that you choose a dog leash that would fit your bike before you make your purchase.

Read the labels, especially the dimensions. Most of the bike leashes mentioned nowadays allow you to connect the seat post of your bike. It’s all about your preference while making sure that you keep your dog comfortable while on the road.

bicycle dog leash safety
Safety should be your top priority.

7 Best Bike Dog Leashes

Now, let’s take a look at the best bike dog leashes that you and your pooch can try. Remember, safety is always the priority. So, use your bike leashes for dogs with extra care and precaution to avoid any unwanted accidents. When biking, always be vigilant and observant of the surroundings. More importantly, check your dog from time to time if it’s getting tired.


When it comes to a flexible dog leash, this type is what you need. It offers enough distance between the bike and your dog to minimize disturbances to other passers-by. Moreover, it can take two and more dogs securely. For maximum safety and comfort, it allows you to know which side your dog is on some obstacles and overcomes it with ease.

You can attach this bike, and dog leash is suitable for the bicycle bottle holder or the bicycle with flanges. You also have the option to simply connect it to the rear wheel axis, wherein it has the smallest load on the bike as the dog exerts the least amount of lever arm force.

Most users are happy with the ease of assembling. In fact, you can install it on your bike for as short as 10 seconds. Regardless of your bicycle type, this dog leash is compatible with bicycle wheels with different kinds of the axis.

2. ODIER Bike Dog Leash

ODIER Bike Dog Leash is one of those bike leashes for dogs with a high-quality stainless steel stick that you have to attach to your bicycle. It ensures durability for most dog breeds while adding more spaces between your bike and your pooch. The quick-release feature allows you to disconnect your dog from the bike with a blink of the eye.

You don’t need to be an expert in tools to install the ODIER Dog Leash because no screwdrivers required to lock it in place. It is possible to walk your dog and ride your bike at the same time.

Thanks to the elastic leash, provide adjustability. Moreover, it allows your dog to move in front of the bike and or behind the bike.

3. Non-stop Dogwear Bike Antenna

If you want to see your pooch in front of you while biking, this antenna is what you need. From durability to adjustability, Non-stop Dogwear Bike Antenna never stops impressing dog owners. It fits perfectly on all standard bicycles and offers the most advanced bike antenna. Strong, sturdy, and reliable, you can be sure that it can stop the leash from getting stuck in front of the front wheel.

Dogwear Bike Antenna is also a good backup for training your furry friend who just started biking with you. It has just the right amount of length that extends over the bike tire so that it can hold the line up nice and high while avoiding any slack.

Some users are happy with its performance, not to mention, it also has the lowest price for its kind. However, some pet owners think that it is not the kind of bike leash that they want for their pets.

4. Bike Tow Leash

Bike Tow Leash got a 5-star approval from the American Pet Association and hundreds to thousands of user reviews. It is not surprising to see these accomplishments knowing that this dog bike leash features a unique design while providing characteristics that dominate other similar products. You don’t have to be an engineer to assemble it on your bike, because you can do it as simple as 1-2-3.

The incredible durability offers outstanding stability and a pull resistance when cycling with your pooch. Moreover, Bike Tow Leash will allow you to monitor your dog throughout your trip. The biggest thing that it offers your pet won’t touch the pedals because it stays in front of the wheel. Therefore, it reduces the risk of accidents.

Some pet owners think that its popularity makes it expensive, but it’s definitely worth the price. You can use this dog leash with pups weighing 25 lbs roughly. To be sure, manufacturers advise combining the product with a supportive, padded belt, as it will put less stress on the pet’s throat area.

5. 4×4 North America Bicycle Retractable Leash

If you are looking for a leash that you can tie underneath the seat top, the North America Bicycle Retractable Leash may be just the right one for your furry friend. Whether you are riding on paved streets or off-road trails, your pooch will definitely enjoy the ride. It allows you to attach directly to the bicycle seat post securely.

The pet leash also maintains the proper length automatically to prevent any tangles. So, you can just focus on steering. However, note that the bicycle leash is only suitable for well-trained medium and large-sized dog breeds.

So, if it’s your pooch’s first time to ride a bike with you, this leash may not be the best option.

6. Head Tilt Bike Leash, Black

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The Head Tilt Bike Leash features premium built made from high-strength stainless steel. It also has a rustproof head tilt bike leash extending from 18 to 40 inches while preventing dangerous tangles.

The shock-absorbing bungee leash will also allow you to maintain control on the wheels while reducing your dog’s sudden movements.

The Head Tilt Bike Leash also offers a hassle-free detach system that allows secure screwing and unscrewing the leash. Your pet deserves a relaxed and comfortable stride as you ride your bike. So, make sure to get a comfortable leash that makes exercise more fun and exciting.

7. Right Hand Bike Tow Leash

Here’s another 5-star rated dog bike leash, the Right Hand Bike Tow Leash provides safely riding with you. It is suitable for active dogs within 10 to 185 lbs. Its unique design strictly follows the laws of physics to prevent tipping, tangling, and steering sideways. You can easily install it on your bicycle’s rear wheel, and your pooch is ready for a ride.

The quality leash ensures durability and versatility for any humps along the road. For you to maneuver the bike safely, it has shock-absorbing features to reduce the sudden movements that your dog may do while walking or running.

Moreover, the leash is extendable so that your dog won’t feel intimidated with the running wheels and circling pedals.

Bike Dog Leashes – FAQs

For most first-timers, it is easy to get confused with the pool of options. The most important thing is to focus on the size of your dog and the kind of bicycle you have. To learn more about bike dog leashes, here are some of the most commonly asked questions about it.

How do you Bike a Dog on a Leash?

When biking with a dog on a leash, the most important thing to remember is to gradually work your speed. You need to start slow until you ensure that your pooch will walk comfortably beside your bike. You can also give your dog treats to calm down and stay focused. Then, start stepping on the pedals very slowly. It is also essential to train your dog to socialize and behave towards strangers,

Riding a bike alongside your dog is a great way to exercise for you and your furry friend. However, take note that some dogs are not suitable for these activities. If you decide to let your dog go with you, make sure that you understand the appropriate activity level. Remember, while you’re riding your bike, your dog will have to run all the time. So, always think of the guidelines for running with your dog.

How do you Put a Dog on a Bike?

There are three ways to put your dog on a bike. First, you can ride with your dog by putting it on a dog bike basket or carrier. Second, you can use bicycle strollers. Finally, you can attach a leash on your bicycle. When it comes to dog bike baskets and carriers, more often, you don’t have to do some installations because there are some bikes with built-in spaces intended for those storages.

For bike strollers, you have to put it on the rear side. Dog bike trailers come with tow bars with the same fundamental mechanism of attaching any kind of bike trailers to the rear wheel of the bicycle. You’ll have to install first the hitch, a small piece of metal with holes, right onto your bike’s axle. Lastly, you can use the bike leashes. It serves as a regular strap, except that you’re not going to hold it. You will have to install it near the rear wheel or under the bike seat.

putting a dog on a bike
Bike leashes will allow you to ride your bike without holding on to your dog’s leash.

Is Cycling with a Dog Cruel?

Biking with a dog is only cruel when the pet owner starts to disregard the dog’s exhaustion. Moreover, it becomes brutal when there’s no consideration of the dog’s health. However, some animal groups think that this practice seems unnatural and potentially dangerous. There’s no specific law saying that walking a dog while the pet owner sits on a bike is illegal. In fact, some dog breeds can benefit from long runs and exercises.

It only becomes ‘cruel’ whenever the pooch appears to be struggling and harmed, but there are no correct actions from the pet parent. Always ask your vet about the kind of activity that is most appropriate for the breed. More importantly, always be careful because dogs with bikes may cause accidents and lead to exhaustion.

Are Hands-Free Leashes Good?

It depends. From the name itself, hands-free leashes don’t have handles to put your hands to hold it. Instead, the other end of this leash has an adjustable wrist loop or strap, which is perfect for joggers. You can wrap it around various parts of your body as you walk or run with your pooch. Hands-free leashes are like regular ones. What makes these leashes enjoyable is that it helps in reducing the risk of injury. However, you have to use it properly and choose the right style that would match your dog’s size and temperament.

Biking with your dog is a great way to exercise and bond with your dog at the same time. Just make sure that the leash would fit your dog and feel comfortable when walking or running. As you step on the pedals, start slowly. Don’t let your pooch feel any pressure to catch up with your speed. More importantly, never forget to bring water and some treats to relieve your dog’s exhaustion.

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