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Top 8 Best Dog Bike Baskets – Our Review of Bicycle Carriers

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Published on
Monday 27 May 2019
Last updated on
Tuesday 9 May 2023
best dog bike baskets
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Carrying your pets in your cycle or bike is a matter of fun for you, and enjoyment for your dogs. To make this possible, you need one of the best dog bike baskets attached to the front part of your cycle.

Here, we are going to throw light on some tips for buying this accessory while also reviewing the top bike basket and bike carriers for dogs. Please note that these are very different from dog strollers.

How to Choose the Right Bike Basket for Dogs?

As with every pet products that are related to safety, the look and feel of your purchased item should never be the main factor. Instead, you should focus heavily on the ease of use, the sturdiness of the materials, and how safe and secure your dog will be once sat inside the carrier.

When it comes to choosing the right bike basket for your dog, you need to consider the following factors.


The suitability of a pet bicycle/bike basket will depend on the prospective usages and purpose of the same. For instance, if you are considering carrying your dog daily for just a small ride to the park, a budget-friendly bike basket would be enough. On the other hand, you should go for the more durable, sturdy and expensive ones if you are planning to go on long rides, carrying your dog. Irrespective of the purpose, the safety gears, and attachment systems should leave no scope for complaints.

bike basket for pets
Look and design come last. Safety first when choosing a dog bicycle basket.


It is always good to check the weight of your pet before buying a dog bike basket. Remember that these baskets are suitable for smaller breeds only. Most pet baskets come with a strict weight capacity limit, which should be followed. Smaller breeds can be carried safely in the fabric made carriers but for the medium-sized breeds, the baskets should essentially be made of metal with a wired frame.


Comfort is of utmost necessity and the construction of the basket should be such that keeps your dog comfortable. The comfort quotient is further determined by factors like the length of the ride, the size of your dog and so on. Go for the dog bike baskets that come with soft padding for the enhanced pleasure of riding for your dog or pockets to store the pooch’s toys and treats.

Attachment System

It is the attachment system that plays the most crucial role in holding the dog bike basket in place. This system should be easy to safely and securely attach the carrier to the bike or cycle. Some of the systems are comfortable with all types of bikes while others are suitable for specific types of bikes only.

A front one should be preferred over the rear ones and a redundant system in case of a fall should also be in place.

Safety Features

It is important to ensure that your dog remains safe, sitting in the basket once it is attached to your cycle/bike. The basket or carrier, therefore, should come with some basic safety features. For instance, a safety leash or a restraining harness. These prevent your dog from jumping out of the basket all of a sudden. However, to ensure heightened safety, it is advisable that you carry out some sort of training for your pet too.

Top 8 Best Dog Bike Baskets

As we described above, safety comes first, comfort second, and lastly, the look and feel of the basket can be a deciding factor amongst the top contenders. Make sure the bicycle you own is compatible with the attachment system(s) set up on the carrier.

Here are the best dog bike baskets reviewed for you.

1. PetSafe Happy Ride Bicycle Basket

Measuring about 15″ X 11″ X 9.5″ and fitting pets of up to 13 lbs weight, this Tagalong bicycle basket boasts a durable construction. It is made of resin wicker that also makes it weather-resistant. With this basket, you can ensure nothing short of an extremely comfortable ride for your dog. The basket is breathable, thanks to the wicker construction while its faux-sheepskin liner offers your pooch with a comfortable surface to sit. The basket further has an adjustable safety leash, which makes sure that your pet remains secure while riding.

You can also wash the faux-sheepskin basket liner easily with mild detergent and cold water and keep it clean. This is definitely one of the best dog bike baskets coming from a reputed brand in the industry. Dog owners who have used this basket are of the opinion that their furry ones had an enjoyable ride and did not feel nervous or uncomfortable, sitting in the carrier, at all.

2. PetSafe Solvit Happy Ride Bicycle Basket

This is a rear bicycle basket for dogs and is designed accordingly. Measuring about 19″ X 16″ X 10″ with interior dimensions of 15″ X 12″, this item can carry pets of up to 24 pounds of weight. The construction is quite sturdy and durable with its foam form and plywood reinforced base. The cover of the seat is easily removable and also washable, given that regular cleaning is necessary. Because a rear basket is considered less safe for dogs, the brand has been careful enough to incorporate the item with a 3 point safety strap. Plus, there is a high visibility reflective strap on it too. Thus, your pet can sit in comfort and be safe while you ride on.

Owners who have used this dog basket have opined that this is one of the best dog bike baskets for the hyperactive dogs who would hardly sit at one place for long. No matter how much your pooch tries to jump outside by seeing other dogs or simply out of excitement, he/she will have no chance of falling from this basket.

3. Pet Lovingly Drawstring Dog Baskets

This dog bike basket from Pet Lovingly measures about 15.8″L X 12.8″W X 9.1″H and it can carry pets up to 10 lbs of weight. The inner pad is machine washable and removable and hence, offers heightened convenience. The inner leash clip, on the other hand, ensures safety and security for your pooch.

There are multiple storage pockets so feel free to carry the toys and treats that will keep your pooch happily occupied. This dog bike basket is easy to install on standard bikes. It can be packed into a flat shape for easy transport and storage. Also, the minimum distance between the tire and the handlebar is about 12″, which is just fine.

While most users seem to be satisfied with the product, few have some complaints too. First, the basket is suitable for all standard bikes and cycles, as it promises to be. Secondly, the strap, which is supposed to be attached to the collar of the dog, is not too strong or tight. There is a chance of this strap coming out, posing a potential threat to your dog, as a few users have experienced.

4. Travelin K9 Pet-Pilot

If your small pooch simply loves to accompany you, wherever you go, near or far, this dog bike basket is a must-buy item for them. This bike basket for dogs is typically suited for pets weighing about 8 pounds or less although you can go for the MAX model if your dog is slightly heavier. As for the measurements, the side walls are about 8.5″ deep while the top opening is 14″ X 9″. The floor of the basket is well-padded for your dog to sit and travel in utter comfort. The additional steel mount adds to the sturdiness of the basket while also offering extra support to your pet at the same time.

As one of the best front cycle baskets in the market, it comes with a sturdy design and hardly sways while riding. Most of this stability comes from the patented handlebar mount that the basket has. Installing the item can easily be done in just a few steps. The standing out feature of the basket is, however, the front mesh air vent that lets out a cooling air for your dog. The brand has been equally careful about the safety quotient of the basket and in doing so, has incorporated it with a 2 point, chrome clasp, and safety leash meant to be attached to the dog harness. Available in as many as five colors, users find it quite attractive and appealing to their pets too.

5. Petall Bike Carrier Basket

This product from a reputable brand can be considered as one of the best bicycle baskets for dogs available out there. With a sturdy body, the basket can be found in various sizes. The inner pad and chin rest inside the basket can be easily removed while the entire item can be packed into a flat shape for easy storage. This frontal bike basket is loaded with features, all of which are directed towards making the ride pleasurable for your four-legged family member. These include an inner leash clip, numerous storage pockets, and a rain cover, stored in the side pocket.

The buckles that this basket accompanies are extra durable and are spaced about 10″ apart so your bike should be able to accommodate them well. Although the basket is easy to set up and attach, the brand provides an elaborate user manual that you can refer to for troubleshooting. Dog owners are usually happy with this product and believe that their dogs got used to sitting in the basket in almost no time.

6. ANZOME Foldable Bicycle Basket

This is one of the best bike baskets for small-sized dogs in particular. Extremely easy to install, assemble and disassemble, the item can be used for multiple purposes. For instance, when not being attached to the bike, you can take it off and use it as a dog car carrier or a pet bed. Taking it on and off is a matter of minutes as such. In fact, it is also foldable, making it one of the most compact and flexible dogs bike baskets also. It accompanies a quick-release handlebar mount, which can also be removed in a hassle-free manner.

This pet bike basket strikes a balance of durability and lightweight. Fine craftsmanship goes into the making of this basket that is considered to be essentially convenient by most users. The sturdy metal frame with robust Oxford fabric renders it with greater strength. These practically designed dog cycle baskets are also quite stylish, implying that your furry one will simply love traveling, sitting inside it.

7. Walky Easy Bike Basket

This bike basket for pets from Walky offers your dog with the perfect ride in your company. This durable basket is quite feature-heavy. It has a padded bottom and a reflective strip for comfort and safety. Plus, there is a zippered storage pocket where you can keep the treats your dog loves, especially while going on a long ride. This is of course alongside the zippered mesh cover on the top and the mesh pocket for water bottles. Inside the basket, you get a short leash that is meant to be attached to your pet’s collar. The floorboard, on the other hand, can be removed and cleaned thoroughly.

Owners of different breeds of dogs and users of this item seem to be largely satisfied with this product. The only downside of the product might be that it is a bit difficult and complicated to be installed. That is why it is advisable to get it professionally installed in any bike or bicycle shop.

8. Sunlite Standard Mesh Bottom Light-Off Basket

Measuring about 13 ½” X 97/8″ X 9.5″, this pet bike basket is rather lightweight and meant for casual use and small rides. It boasts a powder-coated steel construction, ensuring durability. The quick-release bracket, on the other hand, is removable. Other features include a mesh bottom and a handlebar mount. It is good to remember in this respect that this item should be preferred only if your dog is quite small and also well-trained. As such, the basket is not so properly covered, causing your dog to tend to jump out of it.

A few users of this product have a complaint regarding the structure of this dog bike basket. And that is, the attachment bracket is DIY. It can get loose if the installation is not done well. Apart from this, it is an overall good buy.

With this list of the best dog bike baskets reviewed in detail, choose the item well and promise your furry one with a safe, comfortable ride, enjoying their company all the while.

Buying Guide: Top Dog Bike Baskets and Bicycle Carriers
Buying Guide: Top Dog Bike Baskets and Bicycle Carriers

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