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Cranberry Supplements for Dogs – Benefits, Risks & Guide

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Published on
Monday 8 July 2019
Last updated on
Tuesday 9 May 2023
best cranberry supplements for dogs
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Cranberry supplements for dogs are among the most talked-about supplements that you can find in stores, both physical and online. Dog cranberry supplements are special formulas made from cranberry extract or juice. The cranberry fruit is known for preventing and treating Urinary Tract Infections in dogs and promote overall urinary health.

An interesting study took a dozen of dogs with a history of recurring UTI. The subjects were administered cranberry extract over weeks. None of the dogs developed a UTI thereafter.

There are a lot of speculations around dog health supplements in general. So let’s take a look at what dog cranberry supplements are all about along with some of the product recommendations!

What are dog cranberry supplements?

Cranberry supplements for dogs naturally prevent and treat UTI and bladder stones while improving the dog’s overall urinary health. These supplements are available in various forms; e.g. granules, powder, and pills. Your dog can either consume the supplement directly or have it mixed with his foods.

Cranberry additives are completely safe for dogs. Indeed, they are a great source of antioxidants and Vitamin C – both of which are effective for a dog’s internal health. They contain some other key ingredients such as probiotics in moderate quantity which are safe too. Cranberries are also part of many healthy dog foods.

While buying cranberry supplements for your dog, especially in the pill form, make sure that the product is specially formulated for dogs.

When are dog cranberry supplements used?

The use of a cranberry supplement for your pet is recommended in the following situations.

For UTIs in Dogs

Cranberry supplements are ideal home remedies for dogs suffering from UTI. Urinary tract infection or UTI is not just a human medical problem. It can affect dogs too and nearly 14% of dogs will expectedly suffer from this infection at least once during their lifetime.

Although it is always advisable to seek veterinary attention just as your dog shows some symptoms of UTI, a natural home remedy that even vets suggest and recommend comes in the form of a cranberry supplementation formulated for dogs especially.

So, let’s first understand why dogs suffer from UTI.

Both good and pathogenic bacteria invade your dog’s urinary tract and are usually flushed out through urine. At times, some harmful bacteria cling to the bladder lining and other urinary tract spots including the urethra, ureters, and kidneys. These bacteria disrupt the proper functioning of the tract leading to symptoms like frequent urination, burning sensation, blood discharges, tendency to lick the genital area and so on.

Now, cranberries along with few other types of berries contain substances called the proanthocyanidins. These are compounds that prevent the E.coli, the main harmful bacteria, from clinging on to the lining of the bladder. Thus, the bacteria are flushed out and unable to cause the infection. Cranberry supplements for dogs work well in washing away all impurities in the bladder, thereby, promoting a sound UT health.

While proanthocyanidins are effective as a molecule, its oral bioavailability is incompletely defined for most species.

For Dogs with Bladder Stones

Urinary tract infections, ongoing or frequently reoccurring, lead to the formation of struvite stones and crystals, also known as the bladder stones. The symptoms are somewhat similar to those of UTI although they can be more severe. Some of these are an urge to urinate but little urine, strain during urination, urine accidents, etc.

Cranberry supplements for dogs are an effective treatment for bladder stones as well. Since the stones are mostly caused by the UTI itself, the supplements can prevent them from forming. Also, the regular dosage of the supplement dissolves the bladder stones, thereby, eliminating the need for surgery. (Obviously, do not come to these conclusions by yourself as seek a veterinarian’s opinion for your dog’s specific case).

To reduce plaque build-up

Although not what cranberry supplements for dogs are popularly known for, they can also help clean the teeth and reduce plaque buildup in dogs. Your dog’s dental health is important and the formation of dental plaque is a major reason behind tooth decay and bad dog breath.

Plaque is the accumulation of bacteria-made bio-film growing on the surface of the dog’s teeth causing loss of teeth, poor appetite, and other infections.

Cranberries and cranberry supplements contain a good amount of flavonoids and polyphenols. These two molecules precisely reduce the formation of dental plaque. Therefore, a cranberry supplementation works well in improving the dental health of dogs.

What to look for in cranberry supplements for dogs?

sugar in dog cranberry supplements
Check that dog cranberry supplement you buy does not contain any added sugar.

First and foremost, it is important to be aware of the right amount of cranberry that your dog should consume, depending on his size and diet. The ideal dosage is:

  • 100 mg thrice a day for small dogs
  • 200 mg thrice a day for medium-sized dogs
  • 300 mg thrice a day for large dogs, and
  • 400 mg thrice a day for giant dogs.

To make sure you are buying the best cranberry supplements for dogs, you must look for a few factors.

Sugar content

One downside of cranberry supplements for dogs is their high sugar content. However, an optimum amount of sugar does no harm to your dog.

Make sure that the supplement you buy does not contain any added sugar. Excessive sugar causes several problems like diabetes, obesity and so on. After all, there is no point in making your dog vulnerable to other health hazards in the process of treating their UTI.

Fruit concentration

The concentration of cranberries present in the supplement varies with different brands and different forms of the supplement.

As a standard estimate, vets often recommend administering 0.5 milliliters of cranberry juice per pound of body weight. Alternatively, 10 milligrams of cranberry extract is considered suitable per pound of body weight each day.

So, to give the right dosage of the cranberry supplement to your dog, you will have to consider the concentration of cranberries as well as do some calculations based on your dog’s body weight. Make sure the dog scale is accurate!

Presence of other vitamins

Cranberry supplements for dogs contain other ingredients and vitamins, out of which Vitamin C is present in a good amount. But much like sugar, the vitamin C concentration should also be checked and consulted about with your veterinarian. This is because fortified Vitamin C often increases the risk of your dog developing kidney stones in the long run.

Brand value

A good brand like that of the Spring Valley or the Vet Classics will certainly assure you of the quality of the supplement you buy for your dog. Also, cranberry supplements for dogs from reputed brands will typically be manufactured in the US and will contain less sugar and no additives and preservatives whatsoever.

We will soon discuss the top 10 cranberry supplements for dogs from well-known brands in the following sections.

10 Best Cranberry Supplements for Dogs

There are quite a few good products from reputed brands online. Let us now take a detailed look at the top 10 types of cranberry supplements for dogs that you can consider.

1. Vet Classics Urinary Tract Support for Dogs

This is one of the best cranberry supplements for dogs out there and deserves the top place for the superb price-value ratio! Coming from a reputed brand, the supplement helps in maintaining the normal bladder functions and treat kidney stones in a natural way. The pack contains about 120 soft chews that are easy to eat for your dog. Wholly made in the USA, these cranberry supplements for dogs also come with a taste that your furry one will simply love.

Owners of dogs have been extremely satisfied with this product, which they believe, has worked wonders for their dogs, providing relief from urinary tract infections and leaking symptoms. Some of the active ingredients include Echinacea purpurea, Vitamin C, Marshmallow root and a few more, apart from cranberry extract. These ingredients work synergistically and acidify the dog’s urine. The supplement keeps the bladder lining of your dog hospitable to good bacteria and, thereby, supports and maintains a healthy urinary tract in them.

As for the dosage, 1 soft chew daily would be suitable for dogs up to 15 lbs of weight while 1-2 soft chews and 2 soft chews daily would be ideal for dogs between 16-50 lbs and over 50 lbs respectively.

Warning – It is best to consult the vet regarding the usage of any cranberry supplement for dogs.

2. Pala-Tech Cranberry Granules w/ Potassium

Enriched with the potassium, this dog cranberry supplement not only effectively treats UTIs but also improve your dog’s skin and hair coat quality. This is due to the essential fatty acids embedded in the recipe.

The best thing about the product is that it comes in a granule form, which makes it easy for you to give your dog, even if they are reluctant to take medicine as such. You can simply sprinkle these granules or mix them with the food and your furry will consume it with his meal. Granules also help in monitoring the dosage of this amazing formula carefully crafted with key ingredients to deliver maximum benefits.

Buyers of this product have been largely satisfied with the way the supplement has dissolved the bladder stones in their dogs and also reduced the intensity of the urinary tract infections. Just make sure you check the expiry date on the package and that it should last for more than a year, at least.

3. GreenPacks Cranberry Dog Supplement

GreenPacks Cranberry Supplement is formulated with pure all-natural cranberry extracts. It works well in washing away the undesirable particles and supporting the urinary tract health of your dog. Interestingly, it is a 100% vegetarian product, so if your dog is recommended a mostly vegan diet, this product will be the best-suited one. Available in a capsule form, each capsule contains 700 mg of the supplement and counts for 1400 mg per serving. The product is wholly manufactured in the USA and is also GMP certified.

A stand-out feature of the product, something that dog owners and buyers have also loved, is its bio-degradable packaging. The capsules are easy to feed and the product is an overall great value for money, according to most customers.

4. NaturVet Cranberry Powder Supplement

This is one of the best cranberry supplements for dogs out there as it is suitable for all breeds. Available as a powdered cranberry supplement, which is also quite tasty, the supplement contains all the active ingredients along with an optimum proportion of Echinacea. Consistent consumption of the supplement will help maintain a healthy urinary tract in your dog, while also supporting the immune system.

Although the product is quite effective in treating the urinary tract infections in dogs, some owners complain that the powder form makes it difficult for the dogs to take it properly. In fact, the powder settles down quickly at the bottom even when mixed with water. So, you might have to mix the powder with moist food to make sure that the full dose is digested by your pet.

5. Spring Valley Natural Cranberry Chews for Dogs

A vet-recommended product, this is one of the most popular cranberry additives for pets. It is available in a relatively smaller pack with just 30 chews if you want to let your dog just try it first and see if it works effectively. Each chew in this pack contains about 500 mg of cranberry and comes in a re-closable bag, which is easy to lock and store safely.

The product has been highly praised by a lot of reviewers. The cranberry supplement for dogs seems to be able to cure UTI in your dogs completely if taken right from an early stage. Some customers suggest that this is one of the best cranberry chewable tablets for dogs ever made. The chews boast of 100% cranberry juice concentrate, which also leads to a taste your dog loves.

6. Cranimals Urinary Tract Supplement for Dogs

Made by a specialist brand, Cranimals Urinary Tract Supplement for Dogs serves multiple purposes with equal efficiency. It is a clinically proven supplement that prevents urinary tract infections in dogs. At the same time, it effectively deals with the struvites stones and crystals while alleviating the incontinence.

The supplement works well in acidifying the urine in the most natural way. You can do away with the prescription diets if you are using this supplement for your dog. Interestingly, the pack contains a free urinary tract infection test along with the jar of the supplement.

This ideal single-ingredient cranberry supplement does not contain any additive or preservative whatsoever. Customers have loved and appreciated the way the supplement has treated the struvites stones in their dogs. With no downsides as such, it is a five-star product offering good value for money too.

7. Now Foods Cranberry Caps

Also acting as a suitable nutritional support for a healthy urinary tract, these Cranberry Caps work wonders in washing away the undesirable bacteria from your pet’s urinary tract. Totally vegan, these caps offer a convenient way of deriving all the health benefits of cranberry juice. This supplement boasts of one of the highest potency out of all the cranberry supplements for dogs out there.

As an estimate, one pound of cranberry concentrate powder is produced from more than eight pounds of whole cranberries.

If you want a high-quality, undoubtedly effective product to treat your dog’s UTI and to improve the bladder health; this is the product you can trust. Most customers have simply loved the product and brand, and both have practically no disadvantages as such.

8. Only Natural Pet Cranberry Antioxidant Powder

The Cranberry Antioxidant Powder comes with a unique set of best-possible ingredients. As such, it not only treats bladder stones and UTIs but also supports a healthy urinary tract in dogs. If your furry one is somewhat prone to recurrent pathogenic UTI or bladder problems with struvite crystals in the dog’s urine, then you should definitely try this product.

Coming from a reputed Amazon seller, this dog cranberry supplement by Only Natural Pet is manufactured with an FDA-registered facility. It works with a holistic approach, supporting the overall immunity system of your dog, thereby helping in fighting off diseases. Customers have loved this product and prefer this supplement over several costly prescription dog foods. The powder is easy to dissolve and the taste is mostly liked by the dogs.

9. Grandma Lucy’s Cranberry Dog Treats

Yet another recommended and ideal cranberry supplement for dogs, this product comes in the form of oven-baked cranberry dog treats. The taste of which is obviously delectable for the most demanding pets. This cranberry supplement contains the highest quality organic ingredients and is free from any hydrogenated oils, trans fat, preservatives, flavors, artificial colors or sweeteners whatsoever. It is a safe and effective product that you can completely trust for treating the urinary tract infection in your dog.

The product is largely appreciated by most customers. Even owners of dogs who are picky eaters are of the opinion that it is among the very few cranberry supplements that their dogs seem to love. The product also does not cause any food allergies and is a good value for money too.

10. Pet Health Pharma Cranberry D-Mannose for Dogs

A delicious chicken liver-flavored chewable cranberry extract treat. This supplement contains a great dose of Vitamin C along with the other active ingredients to enhance any dog’s UT health. The product comes across as a much-needed natural solution that maintains and supports the normal function of your dog’s urinary tract system. It is clinically proven to flush the bad bacteria and promote a sound bladder. This cranberry supplement is entirely manufactured in the USA and each batch gets independently tested for safety and purity.

Customers have found this cranberry supplement for dogs to be extremely effective. What they love most about the product is its delectable taste, which attracts the furry ones and prompts them to, in fact, savor the tablet daily.

Guide: Cranberry Supplements for Dogs
Guide: Cranberry Supplements for Dogs

Dog cranberry supplements — FAQs

Although a pretty much simple and straightforward supplement, as a responsible dog owner, you may have some questions about canine cranberry supplements. We have answered the most common questions with to-the-point responses!

How often should I give my dog cranberry supplements?

Cranberry supplements for dogs are usually meant to be consumed daily in the right dosage. Prevention requires a smaller dosage and less-frequent intake in comparison to a treatment prescription.

However, since the concentration of cranberries varies, it is best to consult a vet and follow the label instructions on the product. This is because a daily intake of the supplement might not be necessary if you are giving it as a preventive measure and not for treating UTI as such.

Finally, UTI supplements for dogs are not to be given once and never again.

Do cranberry supplements for dogs have side effects?

Cranberry supplements for dogs are mostly safe but might, at times, cause some minor side effects in dogs. Actually, cranberries cause the dog’s kidneys to excrete the drugs rapidly instead of absorbing them well. That way, the effectiveness of the supplement is reduced. Also, cranberry supplements might not be too welcome if your dog is pregnant or taking some liver medications already.

Cranberry supplements can simultaneously impact the effectiveness of alkaline medication such as painkillers and antidepressants. Considering all these, it is always good to consult a vet even though cranberry supplement is more of a home remedy.

Can I give my dog cranberry juice?

Dog owners can safely give their dog cranberry juice. However, it will be difficult to get a dog to drink it. They seem more inclined to snack on dog cranberry capsules and tablets! However, if you are giving the furry one some cranberry juice, make sure it is NOT from concentrate and also, absolutely pure with no additive or extra sugar.

As for the right amount, you can give one to three tablespoons of cranberry juice once or twice a day to treat and reduce the symptoms of UTI in dogs.

How much do cranberry supplements for dogs cost?

On average, the cost of cranberry supplements for dogs ranges from $20 to $40 for one pack of about 60 servings. Thankfully, most of the brands make these supplements available in discounted jumbo sizes.

The cost of the cranberry supplements for dogs vary depending on the brand you choose and the form of the supplement you prefer.

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