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4 Best Dog Scales For Puppies, Pets, and Veterinary Use

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Published on
Monday 23 January 2017
Last updated on
Tuesday 9 May 2023
best dog scales
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When buying the best dog scale for your money, you need to always compromise: do you want a cheap pet scale that will work fine, or do you need extreme precision and premium quality of manufacturing? If you need the latter, you will have to pay an increased price (and it would totally be worth it.)

Dog scales are just like dogs: some a big, some are small.

The size here matters because the bigger the pet scale is, the easier it is for your dog to stand on it, and the more accurate the measure will be. Now, you don’t necessarily want or need a vet-size dog scale for your newborn puppies for example.

Any vet will confirm this to you, dog owners and breeders must weigh their dog regularly to notice any sudden change in weight that could be symptomatic of an ailment.

Newborn puppies should be weighed daily and must follow a puppy weight chart.

Choosing The Right Dog Scale

First, start by knowing what you going to use your scale for, and then find the right purchase using our list below.

  • To weigh newborn puppies? Go with a small scale with precision to the gram.
  • To weigh small breeds? Go with a small scale, even a cheap one.
  • To weigh larger dogs? Go with a large scale, usually more expensive but much better overall.
  • To weigh large animals and dogs? Go with a veterinary scale that will cost you several hundreds of dollars.

Let’s look below at what makes a dog scale the right pick for your specific situation.

Size and Weight of your Dog

your dog size and weight matters

Dog weighing scales are sized for very small for newborns all the way to huge platforms for veterinary practices who also welcome pigs and other animals.

Therefore, you must be clear about the use you will make of this scale: is it for your litters of puppies, is it for your adult dogs too, or will neighbors and friends use it?

A lot of people buy a small one because they want to monitor their newborn puppies but then after two months, they outgrow the scale and they need to buy another one. Size matters and don’t underestimate.

All scales have a maximum weight they can process, make sure your dogs won’t go above and beyond too. Usually, large dog scales will hold more than you will ever need.

Weight Precision and Accuracy

get a scale that is reliable and precise

Most of us know that from kitchen weighing scales where we need precision to the gram. But it’s different with dogs: the bigger the scale, the least grams will count.

You could absolutely invest in a large scale that’s super finely precise but it won’t really matter when you will actually be using it. Whether your big dog weighs 37.85kg or 37.82kg won’t generally matter.

However, accuracy and consistency are extremely important and many dog scales fail at these two metrics. If you weigh your dog five times within ten minutes, you should normally get the same weight more or less. A lot of scales will show big differences between each result.

Generally, smaller dog weighing scales tend to welcome dogs with very little room to be comfortable therefore the positioning often changes and so does the weight. On a large floor scale, the dog can stay on it with a lot of ease, resulting in a more reliable measure.

Top Surface

rubber top surfaces are the best

Plastic can be slippery, especially when dealing with scared or panicky dogs and pups.

We recommend a rubbery or non-skid top to prevent any accident during the first few times. After a while dogs get used to it and it’s usually ok, but until then you must be attentive to their every move and always hold them firmly (without changing the weight on the scale, obviously.)

Trust me, it sounds easier than it is with some pooches!


portability, storage and design

Dog owners care about how each appliance or dog supply will fit into their home decor and I guess, you want your pet scale to feel right. But it’s very simple:

  • Veterinary and Large Dog Scales — they are usually not super nice to look at but perform much better
  • Small Dog Scales — they look better and can be stored anywhere but can only be used with pups and small pets

If you own a large dog, you will end up using a large floor scale with a rubbery top surface, it’s not very sexy but it works marvelously well. It will last for years and remain precise throughout. If you only want to use your scale for new litters, you are luckier because they look more like baby scales and have better design and finish.

Top 4 Best Dog Scales

Depending on your type of usage you will find one of the below best dog scales most suited to your budget. Veterinarians will pay several hundreds of dollars for a single pet scale while some dog breeders are doing just fine with a regular dog scale priced under a hundred.

1. W.C Redmon Pet Scale

— All-Round Best Dog Scale

Let’s start with the main downfall of the Redmon Dog Scale: it runs on batteries only, two AAA alkaline batteries to be precise. It’s probably good news for those planning on using it occasionally, but it’s not great for those using it daily. But I’ll concede, it’s not that much of a big deal at all and there is a low battery indicator.

This quality pet scale accepts dogs weighing 1.5 pounds minimum and 225 pounds maximum (for Europeans, it’s between 680g and 100kg) so most dogs, even very large ones, are easily weighed in with this scale.

The scale displays weight measures digitally in pound or kilogram, just change the settings if needed. It can also have previous weight memory and a delta weight calculation.

Size-wise, it’s not ideal if you have several dogs to weigh because the surface is not huge at all (unlike the scales at your vet): 28-inch long, 16-inch wide and just shy of 2-inch high. If your dog is quiet and well-behaved, it should be fine. If your dog moves a lot on the scale, it might be challenging to keep them in the center.

The W.C Redmon Pet Scale is very well-rated on Amazon.

2. HOMEIMAGE Digital Baby and Pet Scale

— Best Cheap Dog Scale

Cheap, free delivery on Amazon and does the job very well for small dogs and puppies weighing less than 20kg or 44lbs. The measurement is done through .5 ounce increments or 15 grams. There is a decent hold function giving you a somewhat accurate weight even if your pet is moving a little.

The LCD screen is not the last generation but does the job and the scale is very light (4lbs, 2kg) so easy to store when not being used frequently. It may feel a little flimsy but you get what you pay for.

Overall, good for a one-off litter, but probably not the best pick if you want to use it for the next years.

3. ZIEIS 150 Lb. Capacity (CP150-3020-SURGE)

— Best Dog Scale for Large Dogs

ZIEIS is a leading brand in professional scales and by that, I mean all of them including postal, calibration, digital, balance, kitchen and pet scales, obviously. They know what they are doing because they only do that. It is a natural top choice for high-quality dog scales. They aren’t cheap, though.

First, the ZIEIS pet scale for large dogs gives you the choice of the power supply: use the included 110V adapter or go cordless with 6 AA batteries (not included). You will enjoy the 10-year manufacturer warranty coming with it!

The hold feature is a must for any quality scale since dogs tend to move a lot and make it difficult for the handler to get an accurate measurement. Don’t worry, the ZIEIS scale has two hold features: auto-hold or manual hold so trust the machine to detect the right weight or push the button yourself when your dog is steady.

Additionally, the top surface uses its proprietary Cozy Pawz Series platform, featuring a non-woven fabric that is stain resistant and water repellent. It’s very easy to clean and will last you for a very long, long time. The platform is also embedding great anti-slip and anti-claw snagging properties to make it safe for all dogs out there.

It starts measuring from 0.6lb with a maximum of 150lbs (68kg), with increments of 0.1lb (0.05kg) which is very precise for large dogs.

4. ZIEIS 30 Lb. Capacity (Z30P-DURA1216)

— Best Scale for Puppies and Small Breeds

ZIEIS struck again, this time for small to medium dogs, puppies, and pets. Delivered with a 10-year manufacturer warranty, too, and can be used with the included 110V adapter or cordless with non-included 6 AA batteries.

ZIEIS offers a very accurate dog scale that is precise with 0.01lb increments (0.1oz or 5g) and measures pets weighing up to 30lbs (14kg). Here is a cool list of all breeds with their average weight.

On this small model, the platform is rough and non-skid to avoid a dangerously slippery surface but you can clean it easily using regular soap or disinfectant.

Our Last Thoughts

Dog scales are extremely varied so before choosing one you must be clear with what you want to use it for. We recommend getting the biggest size if your budget allows.

The W.C Redmon Pet Scale is our favorite pick: it is large but somewhat compact and can easily be stored when not being used.

Being the leading brand in the scale industry, you may want to invest in one of ZEIS products if you have the budget. Their dog scales will last you forever and give you a quality of manufacturing and precision that veterinary practices require.

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  1. john jerome

    Scales Galore has lasting quality stuff too

  2. I ordered the ZIEIS 30 Lb. Capacity for my upcoming litter and hoping that it will last for many litters to come. Thank you for doing the homework!

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