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7 Best Fetch Toys For Small Dogs

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Published on
Friday 16 July 2021
Last updated on
Tuesday 9 May 2023
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Every dog loves a good game of fetch! In order to have the best game though, you need to make sure that they have the best toy to play fetch with. Smaller dogs have smaller mouths, meaning they can fit certain toy sizes and shapes in them. So today we are going to review the best fetch toys for dogs. That way you can ensure that your dog is having fun, is comfortable, and is burning energy to get them a good night’s sleep.

With so many different toys on the market, many owners need help picking the perfect one. We are going to discuss the greatest fetch toys for small dogs so you can find the one your dog will adore. From their size, weight, description, and reviews, we have everything you need to know. So let’s review the top 7 best toys for fetch for small dogs.

Ready to find your dog’s perfect toy for fetch? Let’s take a look!

1. Hyper Pet Tennis Balls For Dogs

A tennis ball is the classic toy owners use for fetch. This 4 pack by the Hyper Pet Store is a miniature version of the classic tennis ball, perfect for a little dog. They also come in bright colors so you can easily spot them after throwing them far away or in long grass.

All the materials here have been confirmed to be non-toxic and soft enough to not damage your dog’s teeth. So you don’t have to worry about your dog playing with this. It is only 1.23 ounces and is half the size of a regular tennis ball.

The majority of reviews are positive but the negative reviews concern the durability and how strong the ball is. Ensure your dog does not chew this tennis ball, although, tennis balls should not be chewed by dogs anyway for multiple reasons. So this isn’t too much of a bad point.

2. Chuckit! Ultra Tug

Chuckit! offers a dual tug and fetch toy in four different sizes. So you can choose the best size for your little friend. The ball is strong rubber and bounces so is great fun for your dog to chase.

The strong rope allows you to play tug of war with your dog and have the ease of throwing the ball without touching a slimy ball from drool. It also has bright colors so it is easy to find.

This is an Amazon Choice product due to how highly rated and popular it is to purchase. Dogs love the ball and it is fairly resilient. Negative reviews are concerning the strap, and how many dogs chew through it when their owners aren’t looking, so just be careful.

3. EASTBLUE Squeaky Dog Toys for Aggressive Chewers

If you’re looking for a great chew toy that’s easy to throw, check out EASTBLUE’S new product. It helps target your dog’s destructive chewing and put it towards something positive. It can also help to minimize anxiety, reduce boredom, and bring a fun game of fetch between you and your dog.

This toy is suitable for small dogs that are minimal or aggressive chewers. However, if you have a large dog in the house be careful. You should only give it to large dogs that aren’t too aggressive with their chewing. Note that the weight of the toy is just under ten ounces.

Buyers love the unique design of this toy that offers different grooves and lumps for your dog to gnaw and hold on to. It is also a very resilient toy that your little dog should severely struggle to break.

4. Chiwava Squeaky Latex Rubber Dog Toy Balls

This set of adorable bouncy balls has been created by Chiwava with a sports theme. You will receive a tiny soccer ball, basketball, baseball, and tennis ball. You can also choose whether you would want a small or medium pack depending on the size of your dog.

The material used in these balls is non-toxic so your dog can play with them and you don’t have to worry. This is a soft material so do not let your dog use this as a chew toy. But it does have a great squeaker for your to attract your dog’s attention with.

This is a simple toy but effective and many little dogs love it. Be aware though that the squeaker is very powerful, which is great for your dog but not for you after hours of play.

dogs attach to toys
It’s important to find out what toy your dog loves in order to make your dog happy!

5. Outward Hound Squeaker Ballz & Tennis Ballz

Outward Hound offers an amazing fetch toy that is a ball and squeaky toy all in one. It comes in four sizes but small and extra small are the best for smaller breeds of dog. Furthermore, this is a super bouncy ball! Perfect for fetch and throwing long distances.

An extra small ball is 1.5 inches by 1.5 in size by so smaller than the average size of a tennis ball. You have the choice of purchasing a ball just for fetch, or a ball with a squeaker.

Be aware that the squeaker is quite small and may be a choking hazard if your dog chews through the ball. Therefore do not allow them to chew through the material. Reviews otherwise are positive, so just be sure that your dog is not left alone to chew the ball.

6. Chuckit! Breathe Right Fetch Ball

This ball design has large gaps to allow a dog with a small mouth to easily grab the ball. It is also great for breeds with flatter snouts as it aids the exchange of airflow. Therefore they will be less exhausted during a thorough game of fetch.

This can be used with the Chuckit! ball launcher for a better throw during fetch. This ball also floats in water so if you want to play fetch near a pool you can! Furthermore, these balls are a medium size so your small dog will be able to grip them without any problems.

As for the reviews, customers love the design and how it is one of a kind. They also praise the durability of the material so dogs can chew this ball a little without an immediate break. Although try to avoid your dog chewing this ball too heavily.

7. Chiwava 3 Pack 9″ Squeaky Latex Dog Toys

This is a cute set of three squeaky animal toys that are great for playing fetch. Non-toxic rubber has been used to create this product but it is a delicate squeaky toy so it should not be used as a chew toy.

This pack contains toys that are 9 inches long with a width thin enough for your dog to grab in their mouth. Furthermore, as the material is thin and flexible your dog can take grip of it with ease.

If your dog prefers softer toys with a squeak for fetch, then this is the one for you. Owners rate them highly and say that they are often their dog’s favorite toy. If your dog is not a heavy chewer and they don’t care too much about bouncy balls, consider these.

toy types dogs like
Most dogs – both small and big, only have one standard for toys – and it’s the toys that they can chase around.

Fetch Toys For Toy Dogs: FAQ

Let’s expand on the best fetch toys for dogs and look into more information about the topic.

How different are small dogs compared to large dogs in terms of activity?

It all depends on a dog’s breed and individual characteristics. Those that have been selectively bred to have high energy levels will need more exercise. Size does not necessarily correspond to the amount of activity needed. Some believe smaller dogs need more exercise because of suspected levels of increased hyperactivity. Whereas others believe larger dogs need more exercise because of their size. However, further research is needed to see if size does have an impact on their energy levels.

What are the things I should consider when buying a fetch toy?

You want to consider the size, durability, and material. Firstly consider if it is too big for your dog to hold, or too small and could be a choking hazard. Durability needs to be considered in terms of whether your dog is a heavy chewer or not or whether they have strong jaws muscles. As for material you need to ensure it is not toxic and is safe for your dog. You can provide them with a few different safe toys to find out which are their favorites. Once you have found the type you can choose the best of that type.

How important are toys for small dogs?

Every dog needs toys to prevent themselves from being bored and to ensure they keep feeling happy and fulfilled. Furthermore, playing fetch with your dog can help their exercise needs as well as strengthen their bond with you. It can also prevent destructive behavior and other behaviors caused by anxiety from boredom. Such as urination, howling, and excessive grooming.

So not only are toys important for keeping a dog’s mind sane, but for keeping your home safe and undamaged. Also, be sure to replace any damaged toys to keep your dog safe. Alongside giving your dog new toys or cycling their collection around so they do not get bored.

What should I do if my dog doesn’t like their toy?

you either should encourage them to play or consider replacing it. Encourage them to play through playing fetch, putting something tasty on the toy like peanut butter, or using positive reinforcement after a session of play. You may simply need to buy a selection of toys to see which one they like the best and its style. Some dogs prefer toys they can chew, whereas others like balls that they can chase. It depends on the individual and breed type.

Why do dogs love to fetch?

A lot of it is their instinctual drive. Those that have been selectively bred to retrieve will feel this need much more strongly. It can come from a need to chase small animals and grab them with their jaws as well, as a form of hunting. Breeds like the Greyhound and Jack Russell Terrier are good examples of those invested in chasing small animals.

So there you have it! The best fetch toys for small dogs and their pros and cons. Playing fetch is a great form of exercise, fun, and bonding between you and your dog. So getting them the perfect toy is crucial. Furthermore, you don’t want to be wasting money on toys your dog doesn’t enjoy. So let us know which is your favorite dog toy for fetch in the comments below.

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