11 Best Designer Dog Bowls & Luxury Dog Feeding Stations

11 Best Designer Dog Bowls & Luxury Dog Feeding Stations

Luxury dog bowls are a must-have nowadays, the stainless steel bowls shouldn’t be around any longer! Spending a lot of time with your beloved dogs makes you want to please them in the smallest details. Dogs eat quite a lot and they need a seamless and comfortable luxury feeding station.

These beautiful designer dog bowls are perfect for your four-legged lovers, be it for water or for some delicious food (you know, the one they finish in 5 seconds…)

Some prices may be high for food bowls but they are not your regular plastic or metallic dog bowl, these are high-quality, fashionable and state-of-the-art food and water dog bowls designed for your pets with a lot of effort, care and attention to details throughout the whole process.

We have a bonus bowl at the end… do not miss it! And make sure you check our review of the best collapsible dog travel bowls.

1. Pioneer Pet Raindrop Pet Fountain

Sexy and modern, this durable fountain offers circulating drinking water appealing to dogs and flows continuously. Its high-grade stainless steel design is dishwasher safe and has a replaceable filter (charcoal) to filter and purify the water. It is the proud winner of a Pet Product News International Editors’ Choice Award and keeps being praised for its practicality and slick design.

2. Unleashed Life Elevated Collection

Yes, we do love Unleashed Life products, they are extra-resistant and super-stylish, as you can see. This Baroque raised feeder is finished in an old world oxidized copper and is equipped with a stainless steel removable and dishwasher-safe bowl liner. Only dispatched from the United States for the moment, it is worth the International Shipping (3-4 days with Amazon!)

3. PetFusion Elevated Pet Feeder

Available in two sizes, short and tall, this long-lasting, lightweight and easy to clean feeding station boasts anti-slip feet and bowl insets to help keep your environment neat and tidy. The PetFusion Elevated Pet Feeder is recommended along with the PetFusion Pet Food Mat Premium Gray for optimum setup.

4. Unleashed Life High-Rise

It exists in medium and also small. Unleashed Life is globally renowned for luxury dog gear and equipment, and the Unleashed Life High-Rise Raised Feeder is the flagship product of the firm. Worth the hefty price tag, this feeding bowl is (really) beautiful and ergonomically designed. Its two porcelain feeders reflect simplicity and practicality: a must-have for those who want their dogs to feel elegant and fancy.

5. Alessi Lula Dog Bowl by Miriam Mirri

Designed by the Italian designer Miriam Mirri, this howling dog dish comes with a protecting mountaintop lid to stop your dog from grazing all day long. It is made of stainless steel and has a unique design and feel. One of our favorites, plus, this is a dog bowl you will not find in any other home!

6. Unleashed Life Porcelain Collection

Ideal for a boxer or the likes, any imposing dog will love this rough and tough dog bowl. It catches your eye and will complement any interior design thanks to its studded, nickel-plated porcelain. The price is extremely reasonable especially when you know the quality that Unleashed Life products are made of.

7. Outward Hound Fun Feeder

A slow feeder bowl for dogs that tend to eat too quickly. With this ingeniously-designed bowl, it will be impossible for any dog to gulp everything down quickly. These bowls are amazing at preventing gastric dilatation-volvulus in pets, or commonly called, bloat.

8. Platinum Pets Deluxe Double Diner Stand

A hand-forged wrought iron stand delivered with two elegant food and water bowls will suit to a gracious classic home. The Feeder (stand) is coated and has an extra durable matte black finish while each bowl included is powder-coated, dishwasher-safe and will resist chipping and rust. The rubber bases will ensure a steady placement on the floor.

9. WETNoZ Ultra Big Pooch Dog Dish

This is a luxury dog food bowl perfectly shaped for large dogs and allows you to directly scoop up the food thanks to its easy-grip rubber handle. Made from premium-grade stainless steel, the WETNoZ is easy to clean and extremely hygienic but is suitable for hand-wash only.

10. Dogit Design Elevated Diner Bowl for Dogs

Blending in nicely in a variety of home settings, this classy 2-in-1 dog dish with wood finish pattern will firmly stay in place kudos to the non-slip rubber base. This eye-catching DOGIT feeding station is dishwasher-safe and its inner bowls can easily be removed for refilling or washing.

11. Heyrex Water Bowl for Dogs

This king-sized half-gallon capacity dog water bowl provides your best companion with fresh and cool filtered water. Thanks to its low water level, this water bowl is designed to avoid splashes along with a solid construction that makes this Heyrex Torus Ultimate an untippable bowl. Note that this is a travel-friendly water bowl that you can easily bring anywhere with you.