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7 Best Dog Heat Diapers – Review of the Best Female Dog Diapers!

Written by Larese
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Published on
Tuesday 27 October 2020
Last updated on
Tuesday 9 May 2023
best dog heat diapers
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When your female pooch is feeling the ‘heat,’ you need to pick up the best dog heat diapers. A diaper will keep every part of your house and each piece of furniture clean while preventing the constant licking of any discharges. However, not all nappies have the same quality, and some will not give you the most reliable results.

If you think that your canine needs female dog diapers, we’ve listed some pads for dogs in heat. Moreover, we looked at the essential information to help you choose which dog pad is suitable for your furry companion.

What are Dog Heat Diapers?

Dog heat diapers are for covering the female organ of your pooch and for catching any discharges and bleeding during its puberty stage. Most canines will have their first reproductive or heat cycle once they reach the puberty stage. Every cycle consists of an estrus stage, which refers to the point where female dogs can become pregnant. Our furry female pet that is experiencing the estrus stage is said to be in heat.

Female pooches that are in heat may lead to constant licking of its vulva. Hence, diapers for dog heat become essential. Aside from covering the vulva, it also serves as protection so that the smell of female pooch that is in heat will not permeate through the neighborhood. Otherwise, it could lead to attracting male dogs within striking distance. However, take note that dog diaper pads don’t guarantee contraception.

A very eager and resourceful male pet will quickly find its way to remove or destroy the undergarment. Regardless, putting on nappies for your furry companion will help you dampen the scent of female heat. You’d also be glad to use it on your dog because there wouldn’t be any stains on your bedding, carpet, and other furniture. It is because dog heat diapers are also perfect for potty training and for lassie pooches that are menstruating.

How To Choose Dog Heat Diapers?

Just like in the world of parenthood, there have been several debates on what are the best dog heat diapers for your pooch. You don’t have to listen to what everyone is saying, start with understanding the characteristics of good pads for dogs in heat and you the needs of your dog. So, here are some features that you have to consider in choosing female dog diapers.

Breed Size

Whether it is a disposable or reusable diaper, the first thing that you need to know in choosing a pad for your canine is the breed’s size. Most manufacturers offer a sizing chart of their products so that you can pick one that would best fit for your pooch. It should comfortably fit on your canine. Avoid buying too tight pads as it may cause skin irritations and breathability issues, while too loose nappies will only fall off that can’t cover your pup.

You can choose from different types of diapers, depending on the needs of your canine. For most female pets, full-type pads are suitable to use. It is like a diaper for babies except that it comes with a hole for its tail. You can also pick the harness-type that allows you to fasten it by using suspenders or attachments to keep your pup protected. Here’s a table of diaper sizes that most manufacturers use as a reference.

SizeBreedWeightWaist Size
Extra SmallToy Breed and Puppies4 to 8 lbs10 to 13 inches
SmallMaltese, Jack Russel Terrier, Pekingese8 to 15 lbs13 to 19 inches
MediumBeagle, Cocker Spaniel, Miniature Poodle, Pug, Sheltie15 to 35 lbs18 to 25 inches
LargeBulldog, Bull Terrier, Collie, Dalmatian, Springer Spaniel35 to 55 lbs20 to 27 inches
Extra LargeBoxer, Doberman, German Shepherd, Retriever, Rottweiler55 to 90 lbs25 to 34 inches


Many female dog diapers use a special microfiber lining that holds up to 7 times its liquid weight and a lightweight, durable, and breathable outer layer to help protect against leaks. These women’s cloth dog diapers come in different colors and suit dogs of all sizes. Diapers for our furry pals come into two varieties – disposable and reusable. Choosing between each type is a matter of personal option, but most pet owners prefer using reusable ones for their female pup.

During menstruation and estrus stages, reusable pads are better because it would save you more money than buying disposable diapers. Plus, the discharge is not that awful so you can wash it with water and bleach. On the other hand, some pet owners prefer disposable nappies for potty training. When you choose reusable heat diapers for dogs, choose a material that is from fabric. Aside from being breathable, it also ensures durability so that your pooch can wear it for prolonged periods.

An insightful layout and fantastic fabrics give you the most efficient means available today to manage dog incontinence. Moreover, fabrics are environmentally sustainable, and their majority is biodegradable. Aside from giving your pooch a comfortable material, you’re also helping nature. More importantly, this material is heat-responsive and naturally repellent to dirt.

choosing dog heat diapers
Always consider your dog’s size when choosing a heat diaper.


Don’t let dog diaper pads give rash and discomfort to your fur babies by making sure that the lining of each nappie is soft and absorbent. The skin of your pooch can also become red, chafed, and sore from prolonged contact with nappies, especially those that are low-quality. When using reusable dog heat diapers, make sure to wash and clean it thoroughly to avoid getting rashes from urine-soaked diapers. Moreover, make sure that there is comfort in elasticated areas.

If you prefer using disposable diapers, change it every time it is full of dirt, and don’t leave it wet and discomfort. The skin of your dog can get broken and sore once it acquires allergy from wearing female dog diapers. When it happens, you can apply napkin ointment to clean your female dog’s skin. Also, unscented baby wipes are ideal for washing, and soiled diapers can be discarded into baby nappy sacks that are inexpensive and effective in masking odors.


In the beginning, most dog breeds are not comfortable wearing diapers, and they would try their best to put it off. To ease their discomfort, make sure that you would only let your pup use the best dog heat diapers that are from breathable materials. Always choose super-absorbent diapers with a comfortable waist area that is not too tight that will make your pet’s skin irritation.

If you want breathable diapers for dog heat, there are four factors that you have to consider – fabric construction, moisture management, fit, and mesh panels. Some breathable materials are cotton, nylon, linen, silk, rayon, and merino wool.

7 Best Dog Heat Diapers

Diapers have come a long way – from being used exclusively for babies; these pads are also beneficial for our furry friends. There are only a few nappies that are best to use when the female dog is on heat. The worst part of using disposable pads is it becomes more costly over time. On the other hand, the best dog heat diapers from fabric guarantee quality and comfort. So, let us share with you some of the best options from each kind.

1. Pet Parents Washable Dog Diapers

Give your pooch some swag and comfort in preventing messes with the Pet Parents Washable Dog Diapers. With durability in mind, its manufacturer did an excellent job in producing a diaper with a sewn-in super absorbent pad that holds liquid efficiently. Moreover, the ultra-wearable and comfy inner lining give additional comfort without any irritations whenever your pooch wears it.

The waterproof exterior shell and snug elastic tail hole make this reusable nappy 100% leak proof. To top it all, you will love the secure fuzzy fastener closures that don’t allow it to get off. How about daily washing, you asked? Don’t worry; the precise stitching and quality fabrics can withstand everyday use and frequent washing. Economical and great for the environment, the top qualities why most pet owners love the Pet Parents Washable Dog Diapers.

One of the buyers that reviews this item said that it is one of the best buys that they ever had for their pooch. Suitable for various dog breed sizes, and the quality and sizing chart is reliable. Aside from withstanding daily wash, even from a machine, this pad also dries very quickly.

2. Simple Solution Original Disposable Diapers

From the name itself, the Simple Solution Original Disposable Diapers offer straightforward answers for female dogs in heat. It features a comfort leg fit, snugly fits the hole, and repositionable fur-friendly fasteners for maximum solace. Moreover, it has a secure fit and leak-proof protection to make sure that there wouldn’t be any discharge going out of the diaper. Regardless of your breed, the Simple Solution Original Disposable Diapers offers a perfect size for puppies, adults, and senior dogs.

The breathable outer layers are especially for comfort while offering a super absorbent core to lock in all moisture within. Moreover, the fur-friendly fasteners keep it from slipping off your pooch body and for easy attaching and removal.

Most pet owners are extremely happy after buying a diaper that covers all their problems for a female pooch that is in heat. Using it is like diapering a human baby, except that it has holes on its bottom. It is as absorbent and comfortable as those that parents put on their infant.

3. Pet Magasin Reusable Dog Diapers

Give your pooch the Pet Magasin Reusable Dog Diapers that comes with a layer of reliable protection against leaks. These eco-friendly pads come with an incredibly soft and comfortable fabric that is different than those crinkly disposable diapers. If you don’t have to do a hand wash, you can still clean it thoroughly using your household washing machine. The inside of this nappy comes with a super-absorbent material to make sure that any discharge from your pooch will not leak.

On the other hand, the outside layer is waterproof that adds more protections against any leakage. With the hook-and-loop straps, you can conveniently connect it around your dog’s waist without any trouble. The cutout hole on the bottom provides ample support for your pet’s tail for comfortable wiggling. Even the most stubborn and pickiest pooch will love the Pet Magasin Reusable Dog Diapers.

4. Paw Inspired Disposable Dog Diapers

The goal of the Paw Inspired Disposable Dog Diapers is to help you prevent accidents and avoid unwanted messes that your female pooch may discharge whenever it feels the heat. Each type of dog diaper pad features ultra-absorbent materials that can turn liquid into gel. These diapers allow your furbaby to remain warm and make cleaning simple by locking off wet messes. Plus, you can easily adjust the pain-free fasteners and resist sticking to your best friend’s fur.

The premium features of Paw Inspired Disposable Dog Diapers make it one of the best doggie diapers that you will ever buy. Your pooch will definitely find it comfortable and will help you ease all the discharges that will come out during your furry pal whenever it feels the heat.

Moreover, it can hold up urine and prevent accidents by absorbing all spills on the floors and furniture. A significant advantage is also that if the diaper is taken off and is reusable, the tape will continue to stick. These slides can be a little more costly, but they are a great value since it is reusable.

5. OUT! Disposable Female Dog Diapers

With Out!‘s Disposable Female Dog Diapers, it will help you prevent pet accidents and reduce unnecessary clean-ups. These garments provide a smooth, leak-proof cover with flexible and fur-friendly fasteners and a super-absorbent center for a comfortable cover for your pups. It is simple and easy to attach and remove, so you don’t have to wrestle with your pet. Moreover, you can rely on this pad for protecting your canine during menstruation.

No wonder why this pad has been one of the best dog heat diapers of today. It offers complete protection on your floors, home, and even outdoors from your pet’s discharges. Moreover, it does a great job of absorbing any leaks that are coming from your canine. Hence, the brand Out! creates a variety of products that will assist you with your pet’s messes – from dog pads and indoor incident clean-up, and outdoor pick-up waste. Regardless of your dog’s breed, there’s a size that would fit your fur baby.

6. Vet’s Best Comfort-Fit Disposable Female Dog Diapers

If you want the most comfortable diapers for dog heat, the Vet’s Best Comfort-Fit Disposable Female Dog Diapers is an option to keep in mind. It is an excellent solution if you have female dogs that are experiencing the heat, and even those pooches that are suffering from urinary incontinence.

The combination of safe fasteners and repositionable closures ensures that it is 100% safe and fits comfortably on your canine. To keep your good girl dry and feel relaxed, the leak-proof barrier and wetness indicator offer worry-free protection and solutions. Are you working five days a week and you don’t have enough time to wash your pet’s pads? The Vet’s Best Comfort-Fit Disposable Female Dog Diapers will keep you, and your pooch satisfied.

Its manufacturers ensure that every pad that they make will keep your furry pal dry and comfortable throughout the day. You can also choose from multiple different sizes that would fit perfectly on your pooch. To prevent falling off problems, the fur-safe fasteners and closures ensure comfortable and perfectly fit nappies.

7. All Kind Disposable Female Dog Diapers

All Kind Disposable Female Dog Diapers will help you secure your floors and furniture from unpleasant discharges from your pet. This pad provides solutions equipped with moisture-locking technology that helps in absorbing and turning liquids into a gel. The best part when using this undergarment is that it has a built-in color strip that changes color whenever the pad gets full or wet. It makes your job a lot easier because you don’t have to check it from time to time.

With the All Kind Disposable Female Dog Diapers, there would be no more guesses. You would always be sure of its quality and capacity of absorbing liquid and preventing any leaks. Whether you go on a trip with your pooch or your stay indoors most of the time, these female dog diapers are always ready to take on your pet’s discharges. With three simple steps, you can put it comfortably around your pet’s body.

give the best female pad
Go for the best quality heat diaper!

Dog Heat Diapers – FAQ

Dog heat diapers are suitable, especially for female pooches that are currently in their puberty stage because it is when they usually menstruate and estrus begins.

Regardless of your purpose, make sure that you would only give the best female pad – from its comfortable fit to the materials used. It may be a little bit new for your pooch; in the beginning, it will get used to it eventually. Whether it is reusable or disposable pads for dogs, proper cleaning is essential at all times.

Check out how you can clean a female dog in heat.

Should dogs wear diapers when in heat?

Allowing your dog to wear diapers when in heat depends on its condition. Observe whether there are so many discharges or it affects the behavior of other male dogs. If you want to keep your house and furnishings cleaner, then using nappies is essential. These products for dogs in heat are also helpful in preventing the constant licking that your dog might engage in. Once your female pooch attracts male pets, take note that diapers for dogs don’t function as canine contraceptives.

It will protect the genitals of your furry companion, but it won’t stop or prevent unwanted pregnancy. It would also prevent the scattering of the smell due to Estrus. More importantly, it wouldn’t allow your pooch to lick its genitals. To be safe than sorry, it is better to let your dog wear diapers when in heat. It is not only for your furry friend but as well as your home and furniture.

Do diapers for dogs really work?

For its purpose, dog diapers work for as long as you are picking the right ones with excellent quality and made from premium materials. If you have two or more pets with different genders, then it may not promise its point. It is because other pups, especially those that are males, may ruin it once they smell the scent from your fertile female dog. In choosing pads for your canine, make sure to choose from manufacturers that produce quality nappies.

You can choose either disposable or washable diapers, whichever you think is suitable for your pooch. Each kind has its pros and cons. For example, disposable ones are more expensive with time because you have to buy it again and again. On the other hand, reusable or washable pads will save you some bucks from time to time, but you have to wash it thoroughly to avoid rashes. More importantly, it should fit well on your pooch.

How often do I change my dog’s diaper in heat?

Charging of your pet’s diaper varies depending on the breed that you have, and how much discharge it makes. As much as possible, veterinarians recommend changing it at least once a day. The same rule applies whether your pooch uses disposable or reusable pads. The dog’s heat can last up to a month; it only means that you have to purchase at least 30 nappies.

If you think that is costly, then you can settle on washable diapers that do the same purpose. When you choose the right fabric and appropriate fitting, you wouldn’t have any issues using it at all. In fact, some pet owners think that reusable dog diapers are safer, more environmentally-friendly, and cost-effective. Hence, it is a better option for them. However, if you don’t have time to wash cloth nappies, then you don’t have a choice but to settle with disposable ones.

How do you keep a dog’s diaper from falling off?

Picking the right size of the pad is the only way to keep it from falling. A belly band type of diaper is suitable for most dog breeds. You simply wrap and lock it around your dog’s stomach, and it ensures that it won’t get off for as long as it fits perfectly and comfortably. If you are not certain of your furry pal’s size, you can measure its waist and check the sizes provided by the manufacturer.

However, if your pooch keeps on pushing it down, then the best way to stop it is to use positive reinforcement. For example, you can give it some treats whenever it behaves and wears the pad correctly. In the beginning, canines may feel irritated wearing diapers even if the material is comfortable. With proper training, you’d still be able to let him wear it without any problems.

Whenever your female dog feels the heat, don’t hesitate to give her the best dog heat diapers. Wherever you go, these items will keep unwanted discharges getting scattered in your home, car, and on the ground. Just make sure to pick dog heat diapers that will make your canine feel comfortable.

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