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10 Best Dog Diapers – When To Use, Reviews & FAQ

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Published on
Tuesday 5 May 2020
Last updated on
Monday 2 January 2023
best dog diapers
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Out of all the dog products and accessories available in the market, the dog diapers are one product that most pet owners are skeptical about. After all, they are made for humans, right?

Well, not necessarily!

If you have a leaky puppy or dog who is suffering from urination incontinence and tends to leak pee all over the carpet, sofa, bed, and the like – relax. I have a solution for you: dog diapers.

So, what are dog diapers, and does your dog need them? I will talk about all the important aspects of this article. Let’s get started.

What are Dog Diapers?

A dog diaper is a type of disposable or washable underwear that allows the dog to defecate or urinate without going to the toilet. Diapers for dogs are used to handle urinary incontinence in older dogs as well as to contain blood in females in heat.

In simple terms, dog diapers are similar to the nappy that we have for a human child. The only difference is that a dog diaper has a hole meant for the tail. There is an exclusive range of best dog diapers available in the market. While some of them are disposable, the others are made of cloth and can be easily washed at home.

Additionally, both male and female dogs need different diapers in accordance to their varied needs.

That said, there are a lot of use cases wherein your dog might need a dog diaper. They might be a new puppy and you are still in the process of house training. If your dog is a bit old, they might be suffering from a bladder infection or a disease such as diabetes. In events like these, dog diapers provide you with the required protection and help you in keeping your home clean while also providing you with peace of mind.

A dog wearing a black dog diaper.

When Are Diapers For Dogs Used?

Although dog diapers are a useful product, not all dogs need them. If your dog is facing incontinence issues and often ends up leaking, it is highly recommended to consult with your vet.

There might be underlying conditions behind dog incontinence that could be easily treated. However, if your vet has recommended you to make your dog wear diapers or if it is somehow related to their age or gender, dog diapers could prove to be an ultimate solution.

In addition to providing a shield for urine, fecal matter and blood; a dog diaper also helps in maintaining hygiene inside your home and keeps your dog clean.

Let’s have a look at a few conditions when your dog might need a diaper:

New puppy

If your pup is small, and you are still in the process of house training them, but they end up leaking here and there, the best way to move ahead with this is to make your puppy wear dog diapers. This is similar to what we do with our babies. Makes sense?

Older dogs

As dogs start aging, they find it tough to control the release of urine and feces. This could be due to a range of reasons – both physical and mental.

Their memory and cognitive abilities are on a decline and they are prone to making mistakes. This makes them tough to remember all the basics that you trained them with. As a result, they often tend to leak the urine, and this is one of the reasons why you might want to make them wear diapers.

Also, a lot of dogs develop conditions like arthritis and canine cognitive dysfunction (CCD) which restrict their body movement. Thus, they face problems in making it outside in time, while leads to the mess.

Dogs in heat

Dog diapers are a good solution for female dogs in heat. As they discharge blood and fluid, is the best practice to make them wear diapers.

It is important to mention here that not all dogs in heat cycle need diapers. While some might spot a bit, others might have heavy bleeding. More often than not, dogs will clean themselves during this period, but it can stain other surfaces.

Dogs leaving their scent

If you have an un-neutered dog, the chances are high that they will end up leaving scent marks around your house to claim their territory. While this is something very natural for them, it can be troublesome for you. In cases like these, you will want your dog to wear a diaper.

During or after illness

If your dog is suffering from diabetes, arthritis, and other diseases or recovering from a surgery or something of that sort, the chances are high that they might not be in the best of their physical and mental health. In events like these, they might end up leaking.

On a trip

If you love traveling with your fur friend, the least that you will ever expect is to have pee-pee stops! You won’t like to stain the car, plane, and train seats as well, of course! Thus, to keep it safe (and clean), it is highly recommended to use dog diapers.

In stressful or excitable situations

I am sure that you know your dog pretty well. You are aware that when they get too excited, they often have trouble holding their urine. Thus, whenever you feel that your dog is stressed, confused or excited – like when you are partying at home, or when you are at a new place; make sure that they wear a diaper to eliminate any accidents.

How to Pick the Right Dog Diapers

If you are out in the market to buy the best diapers for dogs, you will realize that there is a huge variety available out there. Undoubtedly, choosing one out of an array of choices is not easy.

To make your task easier, I have here enlisted a few important factors to consider.

Washable vs. disposable

As the name indicates, a disposable diaper is a one-time use diaper. Your dog uses it for once, and then you toss it off. This makes these diapers handy. These diapers come to your rescue while you are traveling. You don’t have to wash them. Once soiled, just throw them away and you are done.

Although disposable diapers are convenient and all, they prove to be expensive in the long run. Similar to disposable baby diapers, disposable dog diapers also contain an array of chemicals, gels, and dyes which might prove harmful for your dog’s sensitive skin. What’s more, these diapers are not environment-friendly and end up in the landfills!

On the other hand, washable dog diapers, as the name indicates, can be washed at home. They are long-lasting and can be worn by your dog for the years to come. They are an economical option and are also eco-friendly. These diapers do not contain harmful dyes and chemicals too.

The only downside associated with these diapers is that you will need to clean them now and then.

Size and fit

If you want to make the most out of a dog diaper, you must choose the right size which provides the perfect fit. Undoubtedly, loose and saggy diapers won’t serve the purpose. Additionally, your dog will feel uncomfortable too.

Similarly, avoid going with dog diapers which are too tight and small in size. This is because your dog will feel uneasy and unhappy.

As a basic rule of thumb, you should determine the right size of diaper for your dog keeping their waist size, gender, and weight in mind.

It is important to mention here that each brand has its own fit. Thus, if you are changing the brand, make sure that you are choosing the right fit – some brands run a size small, and vice versa.

Breed of dog

In addition to choosing a diaper as per the gender of your dog, you should also pay equal attention to the breed of your fur friend as well. If your dog is small, like Chihuahua, a small diaper will be the right fit.

Some diapers come with a tail hole, while some do not. This is because some breeds like Boston terriers and French bulldogs do not have long tails. Thus, a diaper without a tail hole will provide the right fit to them or else it will just leak.

Similarly, if your dog has a long tail, you should go for a diaper with a tail hole that fits the dog snugly and provides a comfortable fit.

However, the third type of diapers is also available. These are meant for amputated dogs. If both the legs of your pet are amputated, it is highly recommended to go for an amputate diaper that doesn’t have any leg openings.

Style of diaper

Most diapers come in two styles: the ones with a belly band, and the full diapers. Belly band diapers are a relatively new addition. They have a lightweight shell that covers the dog’s midsection. These diapers prove to be the right fit for male dogs that are only suffering from urine incontinence, and not fecal.

Full diapers are similar to baby diapers, except the fact that they also have a hole for the tail. These diapers are the right fit for female dogs.

using diapers for dogs
Diapers are versatile for dogs – urinary incontinence, blood spots, puppy training, and more.

Top 10 Best Dog Diapers

There is no denying the fact that dog diapers are a must-have accessory if your four-legged-friend is suffering from incontinence and other issues. So what diaper should you choose to go for?

Here I have shortlisted the best diapers for your dog. Have a look!

1. Paw Inspired Washable Dog Diapers

These dog diapers from Paw Inspired are an ideal fit for small female dogs with a waist size of 11″ to 14.5″. The best part of these diapers for (female) dogs is that they are designed to keep the female dogs in mind. Use these diapers effortlessly when your dog is in heat, or when they are suffering from excitement urination and incontinence. The diapers do not have any crinkly and uncomfortable texture.

The hook and loop closure does not stick to your pet’s fur and provides a great fit. The diapers have a waterproof outer layer to prevent leaks. What’s more, the diapers are available in three girlish colors – pink, aqua, and purple. Choose the one your doggy likes the most! While the diapers are great, you must watch sizing to ensure that the leg holes are perfect for your dog.

2. Ultra Protection Disposable Diapers

Equipped with dryspeed technology that converts urine into a gel, these disposable diapers from Paw Inspired are super absorbent. The diapers have breathable bottom layers and leak-proof edges. This ensures that your doggy stays comfortable and happy throughout. Another great feature of these dog diapers is that they are equipped with repositionable fur resistant fastener. Thus, you won’t end up hurting your dog while de-attaching the diaper.

The diaper doesn’t leak and is a great product for both male and female dogs. You should watch out for the tail hole though. The only drawback of these dog diapers is that they are a bit expensive when compared to other similar diapers in the market.

3. OUT! Disposable Male Dog Diapers

Designed especially for male dogs, these disposable wraps from OUT! PetCare fit male dogs with a waist of 13-18 inches perfectly. Equipped with leakproof barriers and a super absorbent core, these diapers remain dry. They also come with a wetness indicator that tells you when it is time to change the diapers.

The diapers come with a repositionable faster that helps you tuck in without hurting their fur. The company claims that the product is completely mess-free, and are an ideal solution if your dog is suffering from excitable urination and incontinence. What’s more, the diapers are made of unique stretchy fabric which provides your little friend with leg-lifting comfort.

4. Bodhi Dog – Disposable Dog Male Wraps

These disposable dog diapers are suitable for medium-sized dogs weighing around 15-35 lbs with a waistline of 17-22 inches. The diapers provide ultra-absorbent protection with an adjustable fit. The wraps consist of a breathable outer layer along with a stretchable waistband and loop velcro waist for a better fit.

One of the best parts of these large dog diapers is the fact that they dry quickly and turn liquid into gel. These diapers are a perfect fit for house training, potty training, and for dogs who find it difficult to make outside in time. The only thing that you need to take care of is the right size or else the wrap will fall off.

5. LUXJA Reusable Female Dog Diapers

These diapers are a perfect fit for your female dog. These reusable diapers for (female) dogs consist of extra detachable dog diaper inserts for nighttime wetting. The diapers have a waterproof outer layer that prevents leaks. An extra layer of safety is provided by elastic edges that provide a snug fit.

These diapers fit your dog perfectly, all thanks to the hook and loop closures which can be adjusted according to the size of your dog. What’s more, you can wash these diapers at home. Once soiled, simply toss them into your washing machine and you are done. The only downside associated with these diapers is the incorrect sizing. Thus, find the right fit for your dog before placing an order.

6. Dsoft Pet Disposable Male Wrap Dog Diaper

These are the best diapers for dogs from the house of Dsoft. Equipped with the latest generation protection design, these diapers provide a secure fit and can easily fit male dogs with a waist of 12″ to 19″. These dog diapers look highly fashionable and come with a breathable outer layer with high-end leakproof protection.

What’s more, the company provides incomparable customer service. It offers 100% lifetime replacement guarantee if you face any issues. Highly absorbent with male marking and wall protection, these diapers are travel-friendly. The only downside associated with these dog diapers is that they smell a bit which could be irksome for some.

7. Azuza Sports Female Dog Diapers Reusable

An ideal fit for small to medium dogs with a waist of 1″ to 21″, these breathable and reusable dog diapers are what you need! The diapers are designed with a smart inside pocket such that you can add a party liner or a sanitary pad inside for better protection. The fabric of the diapers is extremely light and doesn’t hold odor after washing.

Additionally, the waterproof design of the diaper is completely breathable which keeps your dog fresh and clean all through the day. For the best fit, it is highly recommended to count the hair thickness of your fur baby into measurement, especially if they have thick hair. Although it is a great product, some pet owners have trouble in finding the right fit for their dog.

8. Mkono Male Dog Belly Band Wraps Washable Diapers

If you are looking for belly wand washable diapers, your search ends here! Perfect for a male dog with a waist of 14” to 18”, these band wraps are ideal for small and medium dogs. The diapers are designed with a new leak-proof design and have a wider base with a waterproof interior. To prevent any accidents, the diapers provide an extra snug fit.

These dog diapers are equipped with a double layer absorbent puppy pad which increases the absorption rate of the product. The elastic is comfortable and doesn’t stick to the fur. To get the best fit, the company suggests you measure your pet precisely with a flexible tape. According to various dog owners, the diapers are a bit roomy and any dog smaller than 4 pounds might not feel comfortable in these wraps.

9. JoyDaog Reusable Belly Bands for Dogs

No products found.

Keep your house neat and clean with these reusable belly bands from JoyDaog. Leakproof and superabsorbent, these diapers are strategically designed with 2 layers of microfiber which absorbs the urine like a pro. This way, your dog stays drier. The waterproof outer layer ensures that there are no leakages.

The belly wraps feature an adjustable waist, all thanks to the large square open-closed straps that secure easily and do not slip off, no matter how much your dog slides and wriggles on the floor. Additionally, the product is skin-friendly with pure cotton outer material. To ensure the right fit, measure your dog properly and do not measure it too tight. If your size is between two sizes, the company recommends you to go for the larger size.

10. BWOGUE Dog Belly Band

These are the perfect belly bands for your male pups and dogs. Made of high-quality cotton, the product is reusable, washable, skin-friendly, and dries way quicker. If your dog prefers to mark their territory, this product could prove to be an ideal solution. Additionally, they can also help you in potty training and house training journey.

The fabric patterns are adorable, and if you wish to make your dog look a bit cuter, these are the accessories that you need. Since these puppy diapers are made of cotton, they are not stretchy as you might expect them to be!

Dog Diapers – FAQs

I’m sure, now you have a basic idea of what pet diapers are and why are they used. However, there is still a lot more to learn. Here, I will be talking about a few important aspects that you must know about.

Is there a dog diaper for poop?

Believe it or not, most dogs are not comfortable with pooping in their diapers until and unless they are ill, or are suffering from fecal incontinence. If your fur baby is old or is suffering from geriatric problems, you could choose to opt for a dog diaper for poop. Such diapers are mostly disposable by nature, as you probably won’t want to reuse a soiled cloth diaper.

How long can a dog wear a diaper?

It is highly recommended to change your dog’s diapers every three to four hours. Ideally, you should replace the diaper as soon as it soiled. This is because if you let the fecal and urine matter to sit against your dog’s skin, it could lead to infections and allergies.


You should, ideally, clip the hair of your dog around their private parts to reduce the chances of skin infections and matting.

Additionally, you can also use pet wipes formulated especially for dogs. Avoid using wipes that contain harmful ingredients like Propylene Glycol. It is the best practice to read the label properly on the pet wipes to check if it is suitable for dogs. Additionally, you can also consult your vet.

Can I use human diapers on my dog?

While some owners buy diapers made for dogs, human diapers work just fine as well. As a matter of fact, full diapers made for dogs are similar to diapers for human babies. The only difference is that they have a hole for the tail. If you are a DIYer, you can cut a hole in the middle of the diaper for the tail.

The human diaper will work fine for female dogs.

Can I make my own dog diapers?

The good news is that you can make your own dog diapers. There are various ways through which this can be done. Firstly, you can convert a baby diaper into a dog diaper by cutting a hole in between — corresponding to the tail of your dog.

Secondly, you can also use undergarments, pads and panty liners for small dogs as a diaper.

Thirdly, you can make your own reusable dog diapers by using old bedsheets and t-shirts.

Let’s wrap the things up. It is evident by now that dog diapers are a must-have accessory if your dog finds it hard to hold urine or is suffering from certain illnesses. Dog diapers are easy to use and prevent your dog from creating a mess.

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