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7 Best Umbrellas for Dogs

Written by Jawad
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Published on
Tuesday 7 July 2020
Last updated on
Tuesday 9 May 2023
best umbrellas for dogs
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The wet rainy weather is a hassle for our fellow canines. Although some dogs like being splashed by water, sadly, rain is not healthy to play with. So, it’s a big possibility that our furry friends can get sick by being exposed to rain and cold temperature. Hence, to prevent that, we need to find the perfect dog umbrella in the market that will suit their needs. 

7 Best Dog Umbrellas

When it comes to pet products, especially dog umbrellas, choosing the best one is a difficult task to do. Well, you need to consider several factors such as cost, durability, and effectiveness before buying. 

Our Best Pick:

The first one on the list is the Enjoying Dog Umbrella with a built-in leash. This is affordable and at the same time, sturdy. It can brave even the harshest weather conditions, and yet still look fashionable from afar.

However, if you want to have other options, then don’t fret. This article prepared the top 7 highly recommended umbrellas for dogs

Product NameDescriptionRating
Enjoying Dog Umbrella Leash for Small DogsIt’s an easy-to-use transparent umbrella that’s perfect for rainy weather walks. 3.8 
ARAD Dog Leash with Reverse Rain Umbrella, Small Puppy LeadA transparent umbrella that’s strong enough to withstand harsh winds. It also has a long handle for convenience and a durable metal chain.3.8 
Lesypet Dog Umbrella with Leash for Small PetsIt’s a clear umbrella that protects small pets from harsh weather conditions. This is also cost-effective and guaranteed long-lasting.3.6 
Pet Life ® Pour-Protection Umbrella with Reflective Lining and Leash HolderIt’s a cost-effective doggie umbrella that comes in different colors. It’s perfect for both sunny and rainy weather.3.5 
NAMSAN Dog Umbrella for Small DogsThis is a pet umbrella that covers small dogs during windy, snowy, or windy situations. Also, this is lightweight and easy to maneuver.3.4 
OMEM Portable Modular Dog Umbrella with LeashIt’s a highly visible and clear doggie umbrella that’s suitable for cold weather situations. Also, this has a relatively long leash and handle for convenience.3.1 
Morjava W555 Pet Dog Umbrella LeashThis is also a transparent and durable pet umbrella. It works perfectly during windy and rainy seasons as well.3.1 
7 Best Umbrellas for Dogs

1. Enjoying Dog Umbrella Leash for Small Dogs

Does your dog love to go out for a rainy walk? Well, this is one of the major dilemmas dog owners face every wet season. If the answer to that question is yes, then this umbrella leash can be your perfect friend as you walk your dog through the rainy streets. With its sleek and transparent design, you’ll still be able to see where your dog’s going. Moreover, you don’t have to be afraid of your dog catching the flu or something, since all along, he’ll be protected and safe from the rain. 

However, like any product, this one has a slight drawback as well. It turns out, this particular umbrella for dogs has a heavy leash. Hence, owners need to purchase a more lightweight leash to replace the heavy metal ones. Further, another concern of most owners is that this umbrella is only meant for small-sized dogs. 


  • A combo of a transparent umbrella and a durable leash. 
  • This is specifically built for small dogs. 
  • Also, this is lightweight and cost-effective. 
  • This type of umbrella has a retractable shaft. 
  • It’s easy to use and assemble.  


  • The umbrella is too small for big dogs. 
  • Its metal chain leash is quite heavy and rusty. 
  • Upon assembling the handle doesn’t fit.

2. ARAD Dog Leash with Reverse Rain Umbrella, Small Puppy Lead

This ARAD reverse umbrella with leash is also one of the best umbrellas for dogs that’s available in most pet stores. This is made from high-quality clear polyester film that enables you to see where your canine is going. Moreover, the transparent plastic also assures your dog that you’re right behind him, thus motivating him even more. 

In addition, the umbrella is 28.3” in diameter, which is just the perfect size for small to medium dogs only. Also, this has an extra long handle that enables your dog to walk a little further. In terms of durability, many customers gave this product a thumbs up since this has a built-in windproof feature. Apart from that, this also comes with a metal chain leash and a comfy collar. In general, this is cost-effective and, at the same time, very easy to assemble. 


  • It can be assembled with 3 easy steps. 
  • This is durable and can withstand harsh winds. 
  • It comes with a long handle and a lightweight metal leash. 
  • This is quite handy and adjustable. 


  • The shipping of parcels takes too long. 
  • Only suitable for small-sized dogs.×533.jpg

3. Lesypet Dog Umbrella with Leash for Small Pets

There are a lot of pet umbrellas for your dog and this Lesypet umbrella is one of them. Just like any other umbrella, this one also offers a sturdy and windproof system. Moreover, with a rear length of 19”, it’s safe to say that this is perfect for small dogs like Pomeranians, Yorkies, and even Terriers. Plus, this doesn’t only prevent dogs from getting in the rain but also helps cover dogs from strong winds and cold snow. 

In addition, this also has a transparent plastic covering that allows you to keep track of your pet’s directions. Further, the clear layer of plastic also motivates your dog to keep moving because he knows you’re watching him do his thing. Further, the best part of all, this is affordable and effective in preventing your dog from getting sick during bad weather. 


  • This is easy to use and durable. 
  • It has a retractable umbrella handle.
  • Perfect for both cats and dogs.
  • Good for windy, snowy, or rainy seasons. 
  • Provides a memorable and calming walking experience. 


  • The handle breaks easily. 
  • Its chains are quite loose.

4. NAMSAN Dog Umbrella for Small Dogs

This Namsan doggie umbrella is also another rising star in the field of pet accessories. If your canine loves daily walks and yet hates getting his fur all wet in the rain, then this pet umbrella can help. Also, by preventing your dog from being wet, you lessen his risk of the wet dog smell. 

Plus, using this umbrella is fairly easy. In every purchase, there’s a written instruction that can guide you in every way. Moreover, with its transparent design, long handle, and built-in chain, you can easily check up on your dog anytime you want. 

Yet, it’s undeniable that some customers were unsatisfied with this product. According to their reviews, this wearable dog umbrella is not that sturdy. Further, it got disheveled during very strong winds and broke only after a few uses.


  • Perfect for the windy, snowy, and rainy seasons. 
  • It’s lightweight and handy, thus you can bring it anywhere.
  • This is guaranteed cost-effective and fully functional. 
  • According to most reviews, this is a good buy. 


  • It can startle dogs upon use for the first time. 
  • This isn’t suitable for large active dogs.
  • The metal handle broke after a few uses.

5. Pet Life ® Pour-Protection Umbrella with Reflective Lining and Leash Holder

Umbrellas indeed make a great sun and rain protector. Yet, according to science, a colored umbrella for dog walking provides more protection compared to transparent ones. That’s because a clear plastic covering allows more light to pass through and filters only a few UV rays. Hence, it’s not very suitable for very sunny days. 

On the other hand, this Pet Life colored umbrella is a must-have not only for rainy walks but for sunny walking sessions as well. Well, this filters most UV rays and provides a great deal of shade for pets. Also, this has a reflector lining on it for an added layer of security. 

However, being a colored umbrella has some disadvantages as well. Many customers reported that they can’t see their dog walking while some of them also stated that the leash was very short. Hence, dogs are afraid to use it since the umbrella is way too close to their bodies. 


  • This is easy to use and maneuver.
  • Works great with any harnesses or leashes. 
  • This has a built-in reflector for safety purposes. 
  • It comes in different fashionable colors. 
  • Effectively protects small dogs from rain. 


  • There’s only a single available size. 
  • This won’t fit large active dogs. 

6. OMEM Portable Modular Dog Umbrella with Leash

This OMEM dog leash with an umbrella is also another must-have pet accessory every dog owner should buy. Other than the full-on rain protection, this umbrella also provides both snowy and windy comfort. Moreover, this has a built-in long leash that enables your pet to wander a little farther. 

In addition, the high visibility clear umbrella is a major plus too. You can keep track of your dog’s movements and at the same time tend to them whenever necessary. Also, using this umbrella motivates your dog’s movements since he sees you following him. 

Meanwhile, not everybody is in favor of this product. It turns out, some items have factory defects. Well, some certain parts don’t fit well upon assembling. Further, other customers also claimed that this umbrella arrived broken on their doorstep. 


  • This is extra sturdy for windy and rainy activity sessions. 
  • It’s transparent, so it provides 100% visibility. 
  • Also, this is cost-effective and fully functioning.
  • It’s easy to use and handy on certain occasions. 


  • This broke after a few uses. 
  • Some of its pieces don’t fit upon assembling.

7. Morjava W555 Pet Dog Umbrella Leash

Last but not least on our list is this Morjava dog rain umbrella. This is a fully functional transparent umbrella that enables you to see your dog as he strolls the streets. At the same time, this also encourages positive behavior from your dog because he can see his owner following him through the clear umbrella. Well, canines grow attached to their owners. Hence, it can be a scary experience for them if they don’t see their humans accompanying them during their daily walks. 

Moreover, this pet accessory has a guaranteed long handle and leash that allow for a more flexible walking session. Plus, this is also quite handy since you can just remove the handle when you’re done using it. In that way, you can keep the handle in your bag, and also the umbrella becomes more portable and lightweight. 

This is a good product but its most disadvantage factor is its uneasy structure. Well, most customers reported that although they’re using this dog umbrella, still their canine got wet because the middle part is unstable. 


  • This is made from a sturdy and long-lasting PE material.
  • Specifically designed for small dogs. 
  • It has a highly visible transparent covering. 
  • This also has 8 metal ribs for a more durable function. 


  • It only comes in small sizes. 
  • Damaged parcel upon arrival. 

What Are Dog Umbrellas For?

Some dogs like to get wet in rain and splash in mud while others like to keep dry and avoid getting dirty. Either way, a dog that gets wet in rain is at risk of catching a cold and getting hypothermia. Dog umbrellas are used to keep your pet dry and safe when its raining. They will keep your dog dry and clean on walks in rainy weather. Moreover, these umbrellas are transparent so that you can keep an eye on your dog and your dog’s vision isn’t compromised either.

a dog umbrella is the answer
A dog umbrella is just what you need to not worry about your dog getting drenched in the rain!

Dog umbrellas are designed to be held by owners when they take their dogs out for a walk. Their design is such that the canopy is connected to the dog via a leash, while the canopy itself is connected to an adjustable rod with a handle on top for dog owners. It’s almost like a regular umbrella with its canopy inverted.

When Do Dogs Need an Umbrella? 

There are instances when dogs throw tantrums because they want to go for a walk. Yet, the only problem is the weather. Although some dogs are natural-born water lovers, still playing in the rain can trigger unwanted health complications. For instance, staying wet for too long can lead to pneumonia or chills. Moreover, this is the time when having an umbrella for dogs is very useful. 

In addition, as pet owners, we cannot predict weather outcomes. So, it’s a must to carry a doggie umbrella with you in case of emergencies. Well, umbrellas are not only suitable for rainy mornings, but they’re also used in windy and even sunny seasons. Hence, they provide canines protection in terms of potential fallen debris, and also with harmful UV ray lighting. 

Further, umbrellas provide shade. They absorb the most harmful UV rays that can hurt your dog’s skin and fur. Also, umbrellas provide dogs with a sense of comfort during their daily snow escapades. They provide additional warmth and at the same time; they prevent snow from falling and melting on a dog’s coat. 

Benefits of Using a Dog Umbrella 

Whether it be sunny or rainy weather, dogs surely love to go out for daily walks and playtimes. Canines must love the feeling of cold rainwater on their fur. But, little did they know, the rain can make them sick. So, pet owners devised a plan to make rainy walks less sickly and yet more enjoyable. Well, that’s buying a suitable umbrella for dogs. 

Moreover, as a pet owner, there are other benefits to using a dog umbrella. You can find them below. 


A dog leash umbrella promotes your dog’s safety as you check where his going. Well, at the same time, it protects him from the harsh outside weather. Like humans, dogs need umbrellas as well for safety purposes. Other than rain protection, umbrellas also provide snow, wind, and dust security


We all know that rainy weather is bad for a dog’s health since this can cause a runny nose or a slight doggie fever. Yet, if walks are unavoidable with your pooch during bad seasons, it is best to bring with you a handy pet umbrella. Also, by bringing and using that for your dog, you’re protecting your furry friend from different kinds of weather-related sicknesses and infections. 


A wearable dog umbrella isn’t only meant for the wet season, but also the dry, sunny weather as well. In addition, a study found that umbrellas can prevent 77% of UV rays from hitting your dog’s skin. Yet, for dog umbrellas to be more effective, it’s wise to choose a darker color, since that can prevent all heat from passing through. 

Prevents Odor

Ever wonder why your dog smells bad after playtime under the rain? This phenomenon is called the wet dog smell. Moreover, this happens when trapped moisture, together with dirt and oils in a dog’s fur, evaporates. Hence, getting an umbrella for dogs can prevent this problem. In that way, your dog can stay dry and clean even during rainy walks. 

How to Choose the Right Dog Umbrella?

Choosing the right umbrella for your dog is important. An umbrella that’s too heavy, too short, or doesn’t suit your dog will just cause unnecessary hassle. To Make sure you purchase the umbrella with the right features, follow our detailed guide on the features you should look for when buying an umbrella for your dog.


Choosing the right size according to your pet is crucial. Most manufacturers mention the dimensions of the umbrella, as well as the breeds its suitable for. Some manufacturers also mention the size of the leash, as well as the size adjustment, if the umbrella has that feature.

As a rule of thumb, the umbrella should be large enough to cover your pet from head to tail. But the umbrella shouldn’t be too large either, otherwise, it will be too heavy and difficult to handle. Most dog umbrellas are suitable for small to medium breeds. On the other hand, dog umbrellas for large breeds are hard to find.

what dog umbrellas are for
It’s all about your dog’s preference!


Waterproofing is the key feature in all dog umbrellas. They are made from Nylon that prevents rainwater from seeping through. A pour protection dog umbrella is the best gift for your furry friend. Whenever you’re buying a dog umbrella, make sure its made from a waterproof material, otherwise, they will be of less use on a rainy day.

On the other hand, you can find fancy umbrellas that are made from materials that aren’t waterproof. There are sufficient from protection from sunlight. Often times, people get umbrellas to overhaul their dog’s outfit when they go outside or for a picnic on the beach.


Most dog umbrellas are transparent. Because of a transparent canopy, you can see your furry friend and it doesn’t hinder their line of sight. This makes the umbrella safe as you can steer your dog away from any obstacles that might hurt it. On the other hand, if you’re looking for sun protection on a sunny day at the beach, or if you live in a hot climate, you should go for a dog sun umbrella that’s opaque. Shade umbrellas for dogs have a lot of utility come rain or shine.


Dog umbrellas aren’t some fancy trend that we force on our dogs. Instead, these umbrellas are necessary rain gear for dogs. Dogs need to get out to do their business and get their daily dose of exercise. If you don’t want to deal with cleaning your dog after the mess made in rain and mud, these umbrellas are your best bet. But these umbrellas would be of less use if they were difficult to handle. Therefore, we recommend getting a lightweight umbrella with an ergonomic grip.

The umbrella you get should be easy to assemble, open, and close. Moreover, it should be durable, and capable of withstanding regular use without breaking. In addition to being reliable, there are a few features that increase the utility of these dog umbrellas. such as:

  • A rigid handle
  • Leash with a built-in hook
  • Adjustable length

Good quality umbrellas are adjustable in size. These make holding the umbrella less of a hassle and provide you with a more comfortable grip. You can easily adjust the length according to your height or your dog’s preference. This also means that the canopy is at the right height, and will properly cover your dog. These umbrellas are the best alternate for a dog raincoat. Your pup might need a little time to get used to it as it will be unusual for your pet to have a canopy covering its body. Make sure to open the umbrella gently, your dog might get startled if you open the umbrella suddenly. You need to walk with your dog a few times till he gets used to it.

transparent dog umbrellas
Choose a transparent dog umbrella so it doesn’t hinder your dog’s line of sight!

Umbrellas for Dogs: FAQs

After reviewing our top recommendations, we’d like to answer some of the common queries people have about dog umbrellas.

Would a Dog Umbrella Hold up From a Puller?

The answer depends on two things how strong of a puller your dog is, and the durability of the umbrella. The force will be applied to the leash as well as the handle of the umbrella. The umbrella is prone to breaking at its weakest links, i.e. the connection between the leash, the canopy, and the hook. It also depends on how fast you can keep up with your dog. If your pet is small, then the umbrella can sustain pulling every now and then. Dog umbrellas are designed for small dogs but they might not hold up against very aggressive pooch.

Can we Attach an Umbrella to a Harness?

You can attach most umbrellas to a harness. Mostly dog umbrellas come with a leash and built-in hook. This way, the dog umbrella harness helps control your dog and the canopy protects it from the rain. Some dog umbrellas also come with a detachable leash. They allow you to attach your own leash/harness. This way, you can change the leash in case its too small, too heavy, or doesn’t work with your dog for some other reason.

Are Dog Umbrellas Suitable for Big Breeds?

Unfortunately, these are not for big breeds. A dog umbrella for large dogs would need to have a very large size. This would make them heavy, and too difficult to handle. Getting a dog umbrella from the store for a large dog will only partially protect it from the rain. Your much better off getting a raincoat in case you have a large breed.

Can Dogs use Umbrellas?

Just like you can use an umbrella on a rainy day, so can your furry friend. No pet owner wants to risk letting their pooch catch a cold in the rain. An umbrella is the perfect rain gear for dogs. It protects them from the rain and keeps them from getting mud and dirt stuck in their fur. Moreover, it also prevents the stubborn wet dog smell that lingers afterward. The benefits of dog umbrellas cannot be overlooked. A good quality dog umbrella provides great value and we recommend every pet household to keep one on standby for a rainy day.

A dog umbrella can keep your pooch dry during poor weather. This can allow them to go out for a walk they love without the chance of them becoming ill. Furthermore, it prevents you from worrying about your pup getting too messy. Therefore, check out our reviews and look at waterproof raincoats if you are still worried about your pup.

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