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Review: Andis Dog Clippers vs. Wahl Dog Clippers

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Published on
Saturday 7 January 2017
Last updated on
Tuesday 9 May 2023
Review: Andis Dog Clippers vs. Wahl Dog Clippers
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The market for dog clippers is an enormous market. Two giant contenders are the grooming salon-famous Andis dog clippers and Wahl dog clippers. We’ve already reviewed the best professional dog clippers in the past (still top 2 on Google) but this time, we are focusing on these two very popular brands: Andis vs Wahl.

Let’s dive into this review of Andis and Wahl clippers for dogs, and feel free to leave your comments below.

Why Comparing Wahl vs Andis Dog Clippers Only?

Because we did compare all brands already in our professional dog clippers review. And because this article reached the top position on Google, we’ve received so many emails and most questions pertain to both Andis and Wahl brands.

Other brands, such as Oster, also are on the market with wonderful products too, but we believe Andis and Wahl are leading the pack. Both have specific products that can cater to different populations.

Where Wahl Dog Clippers Dominate

Wahl dog clippers are beautiful to look at and extremely efficient to work with. A lot of work is put on making each product as lightweight as possible, but also convenient to use thanks to cordless trimming.

Now, some of Wahl’s products (KM10) are more suited to intensive use while others would do great for regular home use (Bravura) — don’t buy the beautiful or the beast, buy the one you need the most!

Wahl Bravura Professional Clipper Kit

This product is a unicorn and is used by barbers, pet groomers, dog owners, but also horse breeders. It’s a wonderful clipper that can be used as corded or cordless depending on your situation. We recommend using the cord if you are intensively using it but use it as cordless for delicate areas such as feet, face, and genitals.

The Wahl Bravura clipper remains cool so do not worry about intensive use. It is also built to run with very low vibrations and incredible quietness. The Bravura Lithium has two speeds and a constant speed control technology that adjusts the motor speed depending on how coarse and thick the dog’s coat is.

The 5-in-1 blade is made in Germany and are exceptionally well-engineered. It is adjustable to sizes 9, 10, 15, 30 and 40. There are plenty more available on Amazon if need be (but the included one is enough for most people) and make sure to sharpen your clipper blades regularly.

Wahl Professional Animal KM10

If you thought the Wahl Bravura was good, you’ll find the Wahl KM10 clipper incredible. It is bringing performance to a whole new level, and it obviously comes at a higher price.

The KM10 has a two-speed motor that is a beast — between 3,000 and 3,700 with the thickest coats and extended life of 10,000 hours. Oh, and it is under warranty for 5 years versus just one for most Wahl products.

Obviously, thanks to its premium #10 Ultimate Competition Series blade, the Wahl KM10 is going to perfectly work with thick, matted, coarse coats, as well as full-body shave downs and competition cuts.

Lightweight and ergonomic at 12.3 oz (350g), the design fits all hands with a balanced weight that will prevent wrist fatigue for those who use their dog clippers a lot.

A lot of professional groomers favor these corded clippers because they perform extremely well with those dogs visiting the salon once a year for a full trim (and I mean for big Labradors, ha!)

Dog clippers and grooming tools matter.
Dog clippers and grooming tools matter.

Where Andis Dog Clippers Dominate

Andis dog clippers are less slimmed down but more adapted to constant use and heavy-duty tasks. They are bigger, usually with five speeds, and not often delivered with an adaptable blade.

Instead, Andis wants their products to do things to perfection which often means using ceramic blades with combs to with their compatible corded dog clippers. Buying a set of blades can end up costing a bit of money so Andis clippers would perhaps be more suitable for pet businesses and grooming salons.

We’ve recently published a review of arguably the all-time best dog clippers currently available to those who are ready to shell out over $350. Click here to ready our Andis Super AGR+ Clippers review. This model won’t be reviewed in this article because it’s very specialized (but worth it if you can afford it!)

Andis ProClip AGC2

With a shatterproof housing engineered to remain cool in all circumstances, this Andis is a moderately heavy-duty product.

The low-speed mode has to be used for general grooming while the high-speed setting should be used for extra thick and matted fur. Unlike commonly used magnetic motors, the rotating motor inside Andis clippers is built to provide constant speed and power throughout the entire grooming session.

Detachable blades allow you to change your cutting style within seconds by using either of the UltraEdge, CeramicEdge or ShowEdge quality blades. CeramicEdge and ShowEdge blades are the most suitable for heavy duty usage since they don’t heat up as much as regular blades out there.

Some people have had these clippers for several years and they still perform as if it was their first time. Definitely a good product.

Andis EasyClip Pro

Just like with Wahl, you can get the better and more powerful Andis clippers if you put a little more money in them. The EasyClip Pro are great tools that any groomer can dream of working with.

Professional-grade Ceramic blades are included with it and offer a cut that remains 75% cooler than steel blades and they last much longer. The quality of the cut is rarely equaled in any other brand thanks to five speeds that adapt to most cutting styles: precision, heavy works, normal cuts, and delicate areas.

The Andis EasyClip Pro is roughly 10% faster than Andis’ popular AGC Super 2-Speed clippers so you definitely get a bang for your buck. It has a softer grip and an easy-cleaning anti-slip housing to reduce fatigue and increase comfort for long grooming sessions.

Note that these are high-quality corded clippers and that is because the quality of cut requires a stable source of energy that a battery cannot provide consistently.

Also note that Andis EasyClip Pro is compatible with blades from several brands, including Wahl, Master Grooming Tools, and even Oster.

Andis blades
The wide collection of quality blades by Andis.

Conclusion — Who Is The Absolute Best?

My final thoughts on this mega battle between Andis dog clippers and Wahl dog clippers are pretty simple and binary:

  • Lightweight and ergonomy — Wahl is the definite winner with slimmed-down products with better weight balance and grip (see Wahl Bravura)
  • Heavy-duty and power — Andis clippers seem to focus on salons and professional groomers by providing more power and strokes per minute (see Andis EasyClip Pro)
  • Blades — both brands offer wonderful high-quality dog clippers blades, Andis seems to accept a wider range of brands for its top dog clippers

My opinion is that if you are a professional groomer with your own salon, prefer Andis dog clippers. If you are an occasional user and prefer something powerful and lightweight for mobility and to bring at dog shows, prefer Wahl dog clippers.

UPDATE: we’ve added a review of the best quiet dog clippers, both brands are also featured! And click here to check out many more dog grooming reviews.

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