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7 Best Harness For Bulldogs

Written by Viena
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Published on
Sunday 14 February 2021
Last updated on
Tuesday 9 May 2023
best harness for bulldogs
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Bulldogs are known for their healthy breed. They are typically stocky, sturdy, square-built partners most competent for their fighting and guarding prowess. More than this, they would make a great companion for long walks at parks. However, do you wonder why the best harness for Bulldogs is suitable rather than a regular leash? It is unsafe for them to wander around wearing regular leashes, considering collars may constrain their necks that would eventually injure their tracheas.

Moreover, Bulldogs are brachycephalic. This means they have a proportionately broad and short skull, making it undesirable to let them off walking extended walks with a collar. That is why it is sensible to handle them with a harness instead of a usual rope. A harness covers the Bulldog’s chest and legs to ensure their safety. Here we gather the best harness for American and English Bulldogs to guarantee that they are supported and free from internal damages.

What Type of Harness Do Bulldogs Need?

Unlike collars, harnesses have different attachment options. Side additions are the most manageable ones, a suitable style when accompanying your Bulldog. Since harnesses are less prohibitive, choosing which type needs distinctive consideration.

There are various types of Bulldog harnesses you could choose from, but it is essential to recognize which one is the most competent for your companion. There are types that would lead to rubbing, sensitivity, and tweaking a canine in the holes if not the same fit. Selecting the wrong harness for your Bulldog would likely cause them to escape and cause more stress and irritability while wearing it.

Bulldogs have a different body shape than other dog breeds. They have full-grown heads, short legs, and barrel-shaped chests, making it hard to find a great-fitting harness. Generally, what you need is a medium-sized harness that can support its massive and low structure while reducing excessive pressure on their chest. Before choosing your preferred styles and aesthetics, you have to consider your Bulldog’s security and comfort. There are extensive types of harnesses ready on the market, so consider the mentioned features when narrowing the options. Whether your four-legged companion is a French, American, or British Bulldog, there is a particular harness that would suit your pup flawlessly.

How to Choose the Right Harness for Bulldogs?

The best Bulldog harness would serve as your guide, primarily if you have issues when it comes to managing your pet. Now that you have recognized which type of harness would suit your Bulldog well, here are the following key points to get the perfect harness.


It would be best to purchase an adjustable English Bulldog collar or harness to prepare a comfortable fit, especially for owners with pups. You could utilize it for the longer term while your Bulldog grows in size. Although most straps are adjustable, it is also a good idea to measure your dog’s weight, as well as neck and chest sizes, before shopping for a harness.

  • When measuring the chest, wrap a tape measure around the body of your dog. It would be best if you began getting the size from the bottom of the rib cage, up and across the backbone, and then shift to where you started
  • Measure the thickest part of your dog’s neck, then shift on the top of his shoulders. It should not be the exact numbers with his collar because it is restricted

Chests and necks are the most common parts that need measurement, but harness manufacturers use your Bulldog’s weight to determine the size. They usually follow a size chart, so you would not have to worry if your pup is extra naughty and you could not get the dimensions correctly.


American and English Bulldogs need a strong material to persist in opposing their twitching. Make sure that the material is comfortable and breathable to wear. On the other hand, you could choose a soft and gentle harness if your Bulldog is sensitive and often steady. Well-trained dogs do not necessarily need harnesses with strong attachment points.

When purchasing the best Bulldog grade dog harness, we recommend you not choosing the amount over sturdiness. Because we acknowledge our dogs’ safety and even the people who would surround it outside, more than this, you should consider if the material is easy to clean. Harnesses are prone to be covered with mud and other stains, and you would not want to spend so much time washing it every day.

harness for bulldogs
Make sure the material of the harness is comfortable.


Choose the best-personalized Bulldog harness with multiple buckles of adjustment if attainable. The capability of a harness to adjust ensures safeness and comfortably to your dogs. Some types of fittings are comfortable to wear, but it does not guarantee security. Meaning, the more energetic and more massive your Bulldog is, the more points of adjustment are needed.

Harnesses could cause danger if the number of adjustment points is hugely few. A whole-body harness should have at least five points — on both legs, two trunk adjusters, and finally, one crossing the chest. If it has lesser adjustment straps, the fall protection is not guaranteed since it cannot control the fit harness vertically.

Using a friction buckle harness is practical for assembling. It also comes less expensive; however, it takes time to adjust it. The workers would have to weave the product carefully because if not, it would cause higher risks. Hence, the locking cam has a fastening feature that enables dog owners to adjust the webbing securely into position. It reduces the possibility of falling out during circumstances.

Added Features

Aside from the primary points when considering the right harness, here are the other features you should look for to get the best harness for American or English Bulldogs.

  • A no-pull harness is made significantly to prevent your dog from exerting strength when moving. You would gain control during your walks, and there would be no immediate and repulsive hard twitching.
  • D-ring clips are adjustable on the front chest and strap. Unlike a no-pull harness, it does not prevent your dog from twitching. And It provides maximum comfort for your dog while it features a quick release from any trigger.
  • Reflective stitching is beneficial for long walks. It gives extra comfort, and you can use it for an extended time. This type usually has higher durability and is more comfortable to wash.

7 Best Harness for Bulldogs

It can be challenging to pick the exact and the right brand of harnesses for Bulldogs. If your dog has distinctive necessities compared to the standard, it would be best to base the Bulldog harness on your particular circumstances. And so we have gathered the top picks that we recommend depending on your dog’s preferences and specialty.

1. PetSafe Deluxe Easy Walk Harness

If you need a harness that would help you keep your four-legged companion going in the right direction, PetSafe Deluxe Padded Easy Walk Dog is the most suitable one for you. Its front-leash adjustable straps with a martingale loop would redirect your furry friend’s attention to the side. Please do not fret, for it would not cause discomfort to your dog while pulling on the leash.

This harness is convenient to use since it features quick-snap buckles that are easy to attach and detangle. Moreover, the straps are made with neoprene. This means it is highly visible and keeps your dog distinguishable even during lowlight hours.

Overall, this harness is best for simple walks and training sessions. It also has reflective stitchings that ensure durability and great material. Since the colors are complementary, you would not have a hard time in which straps are for shoulders and belly.

2. Kurgo Tru-Fit Harness with Seatbelt

Level up your dog’s security while riding in the car. It’s a crash-tested dog car harness with an all-steel nesting buckle system that ensures strength and safety. After all, manufacturers based it on the engineering for harnesses used by rock climbers and linesmen.

Considering your dog’s size, it also has five adjustment points, which is the ideal number of straps to personalize a Bulldog harness regardless of proportions. It would be easier to get the perfect fit for the saddle. Moreover, it features a chest pad specifically to reduce pressure on the trachea while dispersing kinetic energy across the dog’s chest. It would keep your dog free and safe from damage in case of unfortunate car crashes, which we do not hope to happen.

Though the straps and pad have enhanced strength, it ensures comfortability while wearing it. It is also compatible with any vehicle seat system — an excellent harness for everyday journeys.

3. OneTigris Tactical Front Clip Harness

If you need a harness for the heavy-duty and adventurous journey, you might as well consider an OneTigris Tactical Service Vest Dog Harness. It has a durable, water-resistant, and versatile material that enables your Bulldog to go out on wild trips while ensuring its comfort and safety.

Also, it features webbing and small pouches on both sides of the harness, allowing your pup to carry its supplies. Not to mention, it provides a control loop on its front for extra storage. Do not worry about the size and adjustment straps, because it has an additional leash accessory for enhanced protection.

Aside from its function and security, you could personalize a Bulldog harness depending on your pup’s fashion and personality by adding patches and badges. There would be an OneTigris patch as you purchase.

4. PetSafe 3-in-1 Reflective Dog Harness

Are you looking for a harness with various and distinct functions? The PetSafe 3IN1 Dog Harness is helpful for your convenience. This everyday harness offers different strap attachment options, including a standard reverse clip or a no-pull head clip alternative.

It helps you provide a safe environment during car trips since it limits your dog’s mischievous movements during journeys without any feeling of discomfort. While it reduces risk at incidents, do note that it does not guarantee complete protection. It is essential to consider your responsibility as an owner, and do not leave your pup unattended.

The padding material is useful to wear during extended hours. In addition, the reflective nylon stitching attaches your Bulldog’s visibility at low-lights, making it easier for people to recognize your companion. Finally, it consists of five-point adjustment straps, which ensures safety and protection. Suitable for any size of your Bulldog.

5. Puppia Black Trim Harness

This type of harness is the most dependable provider for convenience and ultimate comfort. It consists of a flexible quick-release chest belt, a comfortable neckband attachment, and a D-ring for leash accessory. These soft padding and practical designs allow your four-legged companion to with style during a regular walk.

The back leash D-ring feature of this harness levels up jogging and running experience with your pup. It also reduces any pulling. It does not damage your dog’s neck and chest since the straps decrease intense pressures. You could also use this as an alternative to a car control strap for worry-free transportation.

The Puppia Soft Black Trim Dog Harness is a recommended material for different dogs’ sizes considering its lightweight and durable material. It also comes in different colors so that you could style your pup.

6. Copatchy No Pull Adjustable Dog Harness

This harness is an ideal type for easy walking, jogging, going on adventurous, and even training. The high-quality breathable mesh material provides no stress and choking to your pup, keeping your loving companion in a total and stable condition.

It also comes in handy, considering the chest and neck fasteners are adjustable and comfortable to buckle. There would be no hassle in case you need to take your pup off quickly. Workers designed the sponge filling to reduce impact whenever your dog tries to pull out. Since it has a reflective feature that would keep your pup visible in the early morning or night, you could now keep your dog comfortable as you stroll in parks.

Moreover, the handle at the top would allow you full control of your Bulldog. Since it gives you accountability, we recommended you to provide extra care to your pup.

7. Frisco Small-Breed Soft Harness

The Frisco Soft Vest Dog is a suitable harness for owners who do not have enough time to attach straps. It is an effortless-to-fasten harness provided by its fast-release buckle and two D-rings for leash accessory.

Like competent harnesses, it has reflective bands sewn in both the front and sides to keep your dog noticed at dark moments. It will also keep your Bulldog secured while feeling in a stable condition since harness companies produced it with soft and mesh material.

Most importantly, manufacturers explicitly designed this type of harness to fit in specific sizes. Best for personalizations since the company offers various designs. Make sure to get your pup’s measures right to attain the best fit.

How Do You Put a Harness on a Bulldog?

Just like any other breed, fastening the harness correctly to your pup is essential to prevent slipping out. There is a standard way on how to put the best harness for American Bulldog, so here’s a step-by-step guide on correctly so that your four-legged companion manages to be comfortable and protected.

putting a harness on a bulldog
The is a certain way of putting a harness on an American Bulldog.

Step-in Harness

  • Unfasten the harness and place it toward the ground. Organize the buckles for more comfortable positioning
  • Your Bulldog should stand over the gear. Make sure it is steady, and it would be best to put it when it is calm
  • Place your dog’s front paws on the loops, one on the right and the other side. Most types of harnesses put instructions on which foot should be placed on the circle, follow the guideline correctly
  • Finally, bind the buckles synchronically on your dog’s back. Ensure if the straps are unattached or not. Test the attachment fit by slipping two fingers beneath the waistband

Bulldogs are loving companions. They have a great and welcoming personality, but often dignified and temperament. Their well-muscled bruiser looks intimidating, making them a useful guard dog based on his character. However, our defenders also need security and protection. And as pet owners, it is our responsibility to prioritize their safety and condition. That is why it is best to ask what is the best harness for bulldogs and consider shifting from a regular dog leash.

Given our pet’s unique features, selecting the right harness would ensure their safety is not an easy task. We need to consider highlights and essential vital points to avoid them from getting higher risk. Fortunately, we have provided you with the best Bulldog grade harness buying guide as well as the prerequisites of selecting one.

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