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11 Best Reflective Dog Collars

Written by Larese
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Published on
Friday 23 October 2020
Last updated on
Tuesday 9 May 2023
best reflective dog collars
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If you are looking for the best reflective collar for a dog, the rule of thumb is to always opt for high quality. More importantly, make sure that the collar reflects from all angles. If you love to jog with your pooch at night, reflective dog collars are a must-have. It will make your pet more visible and safer in dark places.

When choosing the collar, always pay attention to the features that it offers. From waterproof to personalized reflective dog collars, there is something for your furry pal. Let us share with you how to choose the best dog collars that are reflective and some of the best options that you currently have in the market.

What are Reflective Dog Collars?

Reflective dog collars are made of reflective cloth strips to increase your dog’s visibility at night or in low-light conditions. So, you can use it during your camping, evening yard exercise, or night-time walks. One of the best ways to shield your canine from any dangerous occurrence is to use a reflective dog collar.

Collars help prevent road accidents, as drivers can see the dog and know how far it is. Moreover, reflective collars come in a wide range of colors and designs that allow your dog to look its best while maintaining its protection. Once light hits the collar, it will glow, and you’ll instantly know your dog’s whereabouts.

Each dog owner should know the value of getting a dog collar for a pet. The collar is used to secure the leash, and it also indicates that there is a dog nearby. If you’re planning to go for a night walk or get your dog in the crowd, you need to search for the best reflective dog collar. You can also use these items if you want to add extra security to your pooch.

How To Choose the Right Reflective Dog Collar?

Regardless of the dog collar type, and whether it is for safety, luxury, or style, here are some ways to choose the right dog reflective collars. Don’t waste your hard-earned money on choices that are not even worthy of its price. Later in this article, we will share our top picks of the best reflective collars for your canine. For now, let us talk about some factors that you should be aware of when choosing the best one.

Kind of Buckle or Clasp

The buckle or clasp of dog collars come in three different types – plastic, aluminum, and a combination of both materials. Plastic is the most common option and preferred by most dog owners because it is lightweight. On the other hand, aluminum buckles come with heavy-duty construction. These collars for canines are suitable for large dog breeds who are very active and love to pull you. Finally, the combination of plastic and metal features a lightweight and sturdy construction. However, it can corrode easily.

If you have small to medium-size dog breeds, plastic buckles or clasps are better options. It is durable enough even for everyday use, rust-proof, and scratch-resistant. More importantly, make sure that the dog collar’s buckle comes with a prong and adjustable holes for better adjustability. The quick-to-use loop makes it easy to remove your dog’s collar. Although quick-release clasps are a good alternative, they appear to be less robust.

reflective dog collars
There are three buckle or clamps to choose from.


Reflective collars come in different sizes intended for various dog breeds. So, always make sure that you pick the right size and width to fit perfectly with your dog. A very large collar is likely to fall away, whereas a very small collar is too tight that it could choke your pet. The best way to know which collar is best for your canine is by taking correct measurements of its neck. For as long as you can slip two fingers between the dog’s neck and the collar, it will comfortably fit your furry pal.

For dogs that are 15 pounds and under, the ideal size is between ½, ⅝, and ¾ inch wide since these are small breeds that usually have 9 to 12 inches necks. Canines that are 20 to 35 pounds have 13 to 15 inches of neck sizes. Hence, it is better to choose a collar that is ¾ to 1 inch wide. On the other hand, large framed pooches weighing from 40 to 65 pounds usually have 146 to 19 inches diameter in their necks. So, choose from 1.25 to 1.5 inches wide dog collars. Finally, 1.5 to 2 inches sizes are suitable for extra-large dog breeds weighing over 70 pounds.

Placement of the Reflective Elements

When it comes to the placement of the reflective elements, you want it to be in every part of the collar to reflect light in every angle from any direction. For example, the harness type of collar has reflective strips on both sides and its front. In regular neck collars, manufacturers put it on top and at the bottom.

As a rule of thumb, reflectors closer to the ground level are better because they are more visible. It is especially useful for drivers because of the setting of the headlights in cars. However, if your dog is fluffy and has thick coats, you need a harness with extra reflective strips and a leash with added reflective elements.


Reflective collars for canines come in various materials like nylon, rope, leather, and neoprene, and each material has its pros and cons. What is the best material to choose from? As much as possible, nylon is the most preferred material because of its flexibility, and it is also less susceptible to scratches and bite marks.

When buying the best reflective collar for dogs, make sure that you read the materials used. It will ensure that you’re getting the best quality for your bucket. Moreover, since we’re talking about your canine’s safety, it is a requirement to understand the benefits of the materials used to manufacture the collar.

reflective collar material
There are many reflective dog collar materials to choose from!

11 Best Reflective Dog Collars

You can choose from several reflective collars for your furry pals, but you have to pick the best quality if you want to ensure security. Don’t risk you and your dog’s life while walking along pedestrian lanes. Make sure that you get the best reflective collar for a dog. Don’t worry because we’ve done the research for you.

1. Chai’s Choice 3M Reflective Dog Harness

According to its previous buyers, one word that describes Chai’s Choice 3M Reflective Dog Harness is amazing. Made from high-quality construction and durable materials with tons of extra stitching reinforcement spots to ensure quality. Moreover, it comes with a very comfortable harness with extra padding on the side.

Aside from making your dog stylish, you can keep your pooch safe and secure at all times whenever both of you are spending time outdoors.

Furthermore, the adjustable straps come with vibrant color options, making it suitable for various dog breeds. Overall, if you’re looking for a high-quality dog harness, Chai’s Choice 3M Reflective Dog Harness is a great option.

2. Blueberry Pet 3M Reflective Padded Dog Harness

3M reflective dog collars have been one of the best options that you can choose. As proof, here’s another option from the same brand. The Blueberry Pet 3M Reflective Dog Harness is all about comfort, security, and style. Any dog breed sizes can fit easily from small to large pooches.

The light and smooth mesh inner layer are super comfortable to your dog’s body, while the outer layer of the oxford has reflective stripes and a three-dimensional top for nighttime walks and strolls.

Some owners say that the reflective markings are subtle, but it is very effective. From outstanding construction with very detailed stitching – your pooch will love this collar.

3. Illumiseen LED USB Rechargeable Dog Collar

Do you need more advanced reflective collars for dogs? Illumiseen LED USB Rechargeable Dog Collar comes with rechargeable features to ensure that your favorite pup is always safe wherever you go outside for a run or walk. When the battery is out, simply plug it in and charge it for an hour. Once outside, the illuminating strips guarantee optimal visibility.

Would the battery last longer, you asked? Definitely. Illumiseen LED USB Rechargeable Dog Collar can last for up to five hours of illumination with a one-hour charging time.

Moreover, it allows you to adjust the light speed from steady, rapid flashing, to slow flash modes with just a click.

4. Pawtitas Reflective Padded Dog Harness

If you are looking for the most comfortable yet stylish reflective collars, you should check out Pawtitas Reflective Padded Dog Harness. Anywhere you go, it is always reliable to use for walking, and trolling with your pooch.

Moreover, the reflective harness is good for day and night as the reflection band provides optimum visibility to reflect light from different settings – from ambient light to even under low light conditions.

Its step-through design will make it easier for you to put in on your furry pal. Additionally, the lining has a thick neoprene, which ensures extreme comfortability. The Pawtitas Reflective Padded Dog Harness also comes with adjustable design to snugly fit different breed sizes.

5. Blueberry Pet 3M Reflective Spring Pastel Dog Collar

Here’s another 3M Reflective Collar that is both fashionable and functional. You can choose from four springtime colors, and each Blueberry Pet 3M Reflective Spring Pastel Dog Collar features eco-friendly plastic buckles. For extra visibility, especially at night, this collar comes stitched throughout the webbing.

Fully-adjustable to match various dog breed sizes and the soft neoprene layer underneath adds more comfort. The premium quality Blueberry Pet 3M Reflective Spring Pastel Dog Collar is great for long night-time walks.

It is one of the best reflective collars for dogs if you love camping and other outdoor activities with your furry pal. Best of all, you can wash it through machines for easy cleaning.

6. Blueberry Pet 3M Reflective Multi-Colored Stripe Dog Collar

3M reflective collars have been extraordinary in mapnfacturing pet collars. If simplicity is your preference, the Blueberry Pet 3M Reflective Dog Collar is from comfortable polyester webbing. Moreover, it comes with embedded reflective threads for maximum visibility during night-time walks and fun plays during the early evening. The muted black and grey hardware perfectly match the logo and accessory loop attached to this reflective collar for pooches.

Make a statement with these stylish collars that will definitely give your canine companion a sophisticated look. With over 3,000 positive reviews, this collar deserves a spot in your list of the best reflective collars for dogs.

Comfort, safety, and style – the most reliable features of a dog collar rolled into one. Finally, you can even conveniently put name tags or id tags for your canine.

7. Red Dingo Reflective Dog Collar

Simple, yet functional – that’s Red Dingo Reflective Dog Collar. Always keep your best furry pal safe during the night and in darkest situations.

This durable and high-quality collar comes with a reflective dog-bone pattern designed to reflect car headlights efficiently. Moreover, it ensures that your pet is visible even when walking in bad weather.

Made from premium-quality nylon webbing for strength and durability. You can also choose from a wide range of bright primary colors with abrasion-resistant materials for long-lasting comfort. To top it all, the solid stainless steel D-ring adds more safety for your canine.

8. GoTags Personalized Reflective Nylon Dog Collar

Here are the best personalized dog collars that you can have. The GoTag Nylon Dog Collar will make your pet visible all night.

The reflective stitching is a saver if your pup gets lost because you can personalize it with your pet’s name and even your contact number since you can put a maximum of 25 characters. The nylon material, side-release buckle, and non-corrosive stainless steel D-ring add more adjustability.

The GoTag Nylon Dog Collar is so safe to use to give you peace of mind whenever your pooch wears it. Always give the best option for your pooch. Since they can’t talk, the GoTags Personalized Reflective Nylon Dog Collar will make it easier to find them whenever they get lost.

9. Pawtitas Soft Adjustable Reflective Padded Dog Collar

Let your pooch walk in comfort and style on every adventure and plays that both of you do. Don’t forget, always bring the Pawtitas Soft Adjustable Reflective Padded Dog Collar for more enjoyable activities with your furry pal.

The neoprene padding and wide-fitting design ensure that it is wearable for various dog breed sizes.

Whether it is day or night, the reflective strip will reflect the light from the environment. Moreover, the reinforced rip-stop nylon makes the collar resistant to tearing and ripping. You can choose from different sizes and colors that are suitable for your canine.

10. Max and Neo MAX Reflective Dog Collar

Max and Neo Dog Collars are excellent in so many ways. In fact, it is one of the best nylon dog necklaces that you can find in the market.

First of all, the heavy-duty snap buckle and lockable tab that prevent accidental release. It also has impressive design features. The thick and anodized D-ring allows you to attach this reflective collar easily, without any hassle.

You’ll also love that the Max and Neo Dog Collars come with loops on its metal adjustment slider. More importantly, the reflective stitching has interwoven right into the webbing to maximum protection. If you want the best reflective collars for dogs, check out the Max and Neo Dog Collars. Beautiful from the outside, yet durable from the inside.

11. Frisco Patterned Reflective Dog Collar

When it comes to fashion and usefulness, the Frisco Patterned Reflective Dog Collar stands out. Its reflective patterns ensure that your pooch will be the hippest canine in your block, even during the day or night.

Aside from being stylish, this reflective collar also reflects ambient light from the environment, even in low-light conditions. This way, you can easily, not mention fashionably, search for your furry pal.

Made from high-quality polyester webbing, intended to last for long-term use. Moreover, the Ultra-Weld™ seal can withstand up to seven times the dog breed’s ideal weight. On the other hand, the slick nickel-coated hardware and plastic buckle ensure durability and lightweight whenever your pet wears the reflective collar. Some sizes do feature an ID ring to mount Identification tags without encroaching on the collar. In fact, there’s a matching Frisco Reflective Leash that goes with any type of collar.

Reflective Dog Collars – FAQ

When it comes to dog collars, the rule of thumb is to pick a model with excellent features, and made from high-quality material for durability. There are many options out there, so we hope that this guide can help you decide which is the best reflective collar for your canine. Finally, let us answer some of the most frequently asked questions about reflective dog collars.

reflective collars for dogs
Choose reflective dog collars based on the features.
What is the best light-up dog collar?

The best light up dog collar depends on your preference. It should match the style and design that you need. Moreover, you should ensure durability and quality. More importantly, brightness. After all, the best light up dog collar must guide you regarding the whereabouts of your pooch and notify passerby that you have a dog with you. When it comes to style, color, and design, it’s a matter of personal likes and dislikes.

It should fit comfortably in your canine’s neck or body, and it has reliable bright lights. LED dog collars can vary in quality. You’re probably going to want a long-lasting, high-quality collar that can last only a few walks. If you buy something with electrical parts, it’s best to spend a little more, because cheaper systems appear to have more electrical faults and won’t last as long as you expected.

What type of collar is best for your dog?

Flat or rolled collars that come with a plastic clip or buckle are some of the best options for any pets. Aside from being convenient, it also comes in handy for various dog breeds. However, aggressive dogs, who love to play rough, can get choke easily with this type. If this is an issue, then you want to switch to harness collars.

In fact, veterinarians would recommend this type, especially for small breeds with short noses. Always choose the right type of collar that would match your canine’s size.

Should you keep a reflective dog collar on at all times?

You don’t always have to keep the reflective collar on your dog’s neck or body. It is especially true if your pet stays more often indoors. You can just put on those collars if you’re going outside for a walk with your pooch. However, if it is the first time that your canine wears a collar, it may feel new and misbehave a little bit. Hence, training them to behave while wearing a collar can also be a challenge.

One way to do it is to let them wear a collar for a day or a week. Even the puppies of large dog breeds don’t want to get harnessed at first. Make sure that your pet is strong enough to carry and feel the pressure caused by dog collars. If your dog is still a small puppy and has not earned all their vaccinations yet, they should still be indoors because they are still vulnerable to exposure. In this case, a collar is not mandatory.

How thick should my dog’s reflective collar be?

The thickness of the collar depends on the size of your dog. On average, you can choose a model that has at least 1 inch wide with adjustable features. This way, you’d put it in some small breeds, medium, and large dogs. Smaller dogs need a narrower collar, and vice versa for large breeds’ needs for dog collars. You can buy the narrowest size which is about ½ inch wide, which is very skinny, and suitable for very small pooches like Chihuahuas.

Reflective dog collars, harnesses, and leashes help to keep your dog safe. They can be used during the day, night, or even in bad weather. Consider purchasing one of these products to make sure your dog is always seen.

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