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10 Best Designer Dog Collars Reviewed

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Published on
Wednesday 4 March 2015
Last updated on
Tuesday 9 May 2023
5 Most Luxurious Designer Dog Collars Reviewed
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We decided to offer you this review of the top 10 best luxury designer dog collars and believe us, they are incredibly beautiful. Obviously, they are comfortable, but we knew it!

Those who compete in dog shows, the beauty kind, are usually into dog stylish accessories and designer dog collars are amongst the essentials, along with the dog food and water bowls. These luxury designer collars for dogs reviewed below are most definitely not the cheapest out there. However, dog collars generally last a whole lifetime so it is worth investing in a very good product.

If you’ve got a pitbull or strong bully dog, you may prefer these best pitbull collars even if a touch of softness on a visually strong dog is a great contrast, at times.

Things To Consider Before Purchasing Designer Dog Collars

We all know that the price of luxury dog collars is not a joke, given that they’re made of quality materials they’re obviously quite expensive. That’s why you need to consider these factors first before buying one so you’ll buy the best quality designer dog collar that will fit your pet’s needs.


It’s important to know the right size of your dog collar especially if you’ll be purchasing it online. Of course, you don’t want your money to go to waste, and to help you choose the right size, here are the recommended collar lengths for your fur buddies.

Dog SizeDog WeightCollar SizeHarness Size
Extra-smallUp to 20 lbs.8” – 12”10 to 19 inches
Small20 to 30 lbs.10” – 16”14” – 24”
Medium30 to 50 lbs.14” – 20”18” – 30”
Large50 to 90 lbs. 18” – 26”20” – 28”
Extra large90 lbs. and up20” – 28”27” – 43”
Recommended collar lengths for dogs


Designer dog collars are often made with high-quality material and detailed craftsmanship. Since these are pricey dog collars, manufacturers always make sure that they’ll give you what you paid for.

And since you’re the buyer, it’s also your responsibility to check every detail of these luxury dog collars to ensure that everything is in the right place. Well, there’s nothing wrong with being picky especially when you’re about to spend some cash, right?


Another important factor to consider is the design. Since there are varieties of colors and patterns to choose from, you might be overwhelmed by these stylish luxury dog collars. Of course, you must choose what will fit your dog’s style and personality but also you should consider its function.

You can choose something that’s pleasing to the eyes so you can determine your dog from afar. Or choose a collar that is very comfortable to wear but still has a classy vibe in it.


The main function of a dog collar is to show ownership and place your details in case your dog gets lost. Purchasing a durable designer dog collar is important so it won’t tear off or be damaged even if your dog is playing outside or wildly running around.

In short, it’s not just about design, you should also consider the materials used and the longevity of your dog’s fancy collar for it to last for years to come.

Dog Activity

Before buying luxury dog collars with expensive stones and other accessories, you should determine what kind of activity and when will your dogs wear them. Are you planning to put their collars on every day or just during special occasions?

If you’re gonna let them use their designer dog collars for days, make sure that it’s durable and perfect for indoor and even outdoor use. This way, you can ensure that it won’t wear out easily and will still maintain its quality. Also, this can avoid incidents like losing pricey jewelry stones and dog collar accessories. 

Type of Fur

Since dogs have different types of fur and body structures, it’s better to know what type of designer dog collar will suit them. For example, for dogs with a head that’s narrower than their necks, limited-slip or non-slip luxury collars are recommended.

For long-haired dog breeds, you can use rolled collars to prevent any tangling, hair loss, and tangling. On the other hand,  flat collars are perfect for short-haired dog breeds.

Advantages of Designer Brand Dog Collars

I know some of you might be wondering whether branded dog collars have benefits to your fur buddies. Well, the answer is yes. Even if they’re almost the same as a regular collar, designer dog collars provide unique advantages to you and your dogs. And for you to be more aware, here are the best benefits of authentic designer dog collars:

Great appearance

It’s not a secret that luxury dog collars have an outstanding look especially when your dog wears them. Considering that it’s detailed and greatly handcrafted with quality materials, it can easily catch everyone’s eyes.

If your dog’s appearance is important to you, then you should definitely purchase one. Of course, pet owners want to make sure that their dogs are presentable and good looking especially if there are special events like parties and weddings. Letting them wear these classy designer dog collars will make your dog the center of attention.

Strong and Durable

As mentioned before, branded dog collars will make sure that you’ll get what you paid for. These types of collars are surely made of first-rate materials to make sure that it’s durable and sturdy.

Compared to cheap pet collars, designer dog collars are long-lasting and can be used for years if well maintained. Just make sure that you’ll use it properly and know whether it’s fine to use indoors or outdoors.


Letting your dogs wear a luxury dog collar is not only for fashion but also for identification. Since you’ll be able to customize it with your dog’s name, it can also be a fashion statement that gives your dog a unique identification.

I know some of you might relate to this especially if you’re into current trends and vogue. Let’s face it, dogs wearing designer collars are iconic!


If you’re bored with the usual and plain dog collar design, it’s time to switch to fancy dog collars. These collars don’t only have pleasing colors, they also have detailed designs for your dogs. And no worries because these designer dog collars are still comfortable to wear.

Usually, luxury collars have stones and additional accessories or charms that you can customize depending on your preference to make your dog’s collar stand out and exclusive.

Top 10 Authentic Designer Dog Collars

If you’re planning to purchase luxury pet collars for your fur buddies, you can check these top 10 authentic designer dog collars that are available online:

1. Sheepskin Lined Leather Martingale Dog Collar

Auburn Leathercrafters are offering very few models but every single one of them is a wearable masterpiece. Dog owners, dog breeders, and dog groomers love these and the Sheepskin Lined Leather Martingale Collar is no exception! The circumference of your dog’s neck should not exceed 24 inches to wear this dog collar as it has no buckle. This is a perfect dog collar for thin dogs such as whippets and greyhounds, Salukis, sight-hounds, etc.

Bridle Leather and Shearling Fleece are combined in this luxurious martingale-style collar. Shearling is skin from a recently sheared sheep or lamb that has been tanned and dressed in the wool left on: because it has gone through a limited shearing process, it offers a uniform depth of the wool fibers for a uniform look and feel.

2. Silver Phantom Jewelry Designer Pitbull Dog Collar

Incredible. This thick chain will go around your dog and glow strength and boldness. It is a beautiful and very heavy collar that will only suit large and bulky dogs such as Pitbulls, American Bullies, Mastiffs, Rottweilers, and the likes. It comes in so many sizes from 16 inches all the way to 38 inches, with sizes incrementing by two inches.

This designer dog collar is made of resistant and very durable stainless steel so you can be sure it will last you a lifetime. There is a smooth polished finish giving it that luxury touch while the metal itself showcases strength. The fully-welded chain links can resist hundreds of pounds so they pretty much never unless your dog is a canine Hulk.

3. Fancy Rhinestone Luxury Dog Collar

This fancy rhinestone designer dog collar is made from the most durable rose gold, silver, and gold metal hardware that are safe for your pets. The Big Pup Pet Fashion designers created these marvelous dog collars by hand and with detailed craftsmanship.

No worries because it’s only made with rhinestone-look material rather than using the real ones. But its quality shines just like a rhinestone and features a durable design so it won’t fall off and get lost. To maintain its quality and design, you should avoid using it outdoors and rain exposure. It’s available in four sizes and features different colors of rhinestones such as rose gold, white,  pink, and blue.

4. Faleela Classic Luxury Leather Dog Collar

This leather luxury dog collar is a perfect combination of classy, quality, and comfort. Its buckles are made from zinc alloy, the D-rings are welded to ensure strength and durability that will last for years.

It’s perfect for adult dogs and puppies since it’s pliable, light, and elegant to use. You can also place a customized dog tag since it has a built-in small ring next to the buckle. It’s available in four colors (beige, brown, green, red) and has four sizes – small (10”-13”), medium (12”-16”), large (15”-19.5”), and extra-large (18”-24”). 

5. Paws Paws Miami Premium Custom Designer Dog Collar 

This luxury dog collar is perfect for owners who love charms and unique designs. The Paws Paws Miami features rose gold letters and charms that are studded with diamond-style rhinestones. You can personalize it and place up to nine letters or charms to make it fancier.

The main collar is soft vegan leather that’s waterproof and eco-friendly, no worries about skin allergies because it’s made of skin-friendly materials. It’s also lightweight and comfortable to wear, perfect for small and large breed dogs.

6. Abaxaca Designer Dog Collar Gold Metal Stainless Steel

Are you looking for a designer dog collar that will stand out? Well, the Abaxaca gold metal luxury dog collar is here.

This fancy dog collar is made of imported 316L stainless steel (AAA Zirconia) and is high-level handmade. Its metal button is closed and hard to break off, perfect for strong dog breeds who love to pull like Pitbulls. It’s also high plated and has a polished technology so it surely won’t face and maintain its quality even if used every day.

7. EXPAWLORER Rhinestone Dog Collar

Turn your fur babies into a princess with this lavish dog collar. It’s made of excellent and durable materials that are perfectly safe and comfortable for your dogs. It has a durable buckle and has five adjustable holes for perfect fitting. 

It’s made of soft velvet PU leather material and its crystal neck collar features a diamond pendant for a more fancy look. It’s only recommended to use for special occasions such as weddings, birthdays, and dinner parties.

You can choose from three colors – pink, violet, and beige. Available in three sizes too, from XS 1/2″ x 7-9″; S 1/2″ x 9-13″; M 3/5″ x 13-17″.

8. PetsHome Luxury Dog Collar

A high-quality dog collar that’s made of premium PU leather that is very durable and soft. The PetHome ensures that this designer dog collar features perfect craftsmanship and high-class quality.

Its luxurious design has full studded rhinestones with a metal crystal pendant for a finishing touch. It also has hooks where you can attach your dog’s tag and for attaching a leash. It has five adjustment holes to change its length and a soft fur inside the collar to make sure that your pet is comfortable when wearing it.

This designer dog collar is suitable for any occasion such as weddings, parties, holidays, and everyday wear.

9. ARING PET Dog Collar and Leash

A simple yet elegant dog collar that’s made of velvet fabric that features an extremely soft and smooth texture. The ARING PET cares about every detail that is why all fixing points of their collars are sewn carefully. Each set is wrapped in tissue paper and is placed in a nice gift box, perfect as a birthday and holiday gift.

It also has a strong cotton webbing on the inside that imparts to the durability of the collar and leash. The D-ring and buckle are made of strong steel rose gold-tone and have an adjustable slider for you to change the length of the collar.

The leash has a 360° swivel clasp that’s made of premium quality heavy-duty metal swivel clasp to ensure security. It’s available in five sizes and seven stunning colors – black, green, blue, brown, pink, red, and yellow. 

10. Blueberry Genuine Leather Dog Collars

This is not your typical all-leather pet collar, the Blueberry Pet made sure that they produce quality and fashionable designer dog collars that are perfect for every dog breed.

This luxury dog collar is made from a combination of polyester webbing and high-quality genuine leather to offer unique features. The leather is mainly constructed in the buckle area for durability and luxurious style while the polyester webbing provides supreme flexibility and comfort for your fur buddies.

Its metal buckle is coated with eco-friendly brass color and is safe for your pets. You can choose from 13 unique and classy designs that will suit your dog’s personality.

Best Designer Dog Collars: FAQ

We gathered the top frequently asked questions about the best designer dog collars for your pets, below are the best answers to your inquiries.

What is the most expensive luxury dog collar?

The most expensive designer dog collar is the “Amour, Amour” collar once called “the Bugatti of dog collars”. Its price is $3.2 million and is crafted from platinum, 18k white gold, crocodile leather, and over 52 carats or 1,600 diamonds.

What are the top brands of designer dog collars?

The most famous or well-known brands for fancy dog collars are Gucci, Hermès, Tiffany, Louis Vuitton, and Chanel. Usually, these designer dog collars have real jewelry stones and are not recommended for everyday use.

What makes a good luxury dog collar?

The quality and the design are very important when it comes to branded dog collars. Since you’ll be spending some cash, you might as well purchase dog collars with a classy design and are made of high-quality materials that will last for years.

How many collars should a dog have?

Your dog can have at least two collars. The first one is for their everyday use – make sure that it can be used indoor and outdoor, and should be waterproof. While the other one is for special occasions such as dinner parties, weddings, and birthdays.

How thick should a designer dog collar be?

Knowing the right thickness of the dog collar is also important to make sure that it will function well. Usually, luxury dog collars are 1” to 1.5” thick but for bigger dog breeds, the thickness of the pet collar can range from 1.5” up to 2”.

Are designer brand dog collars worth it?

Yes, even though they are expensive, purchasing one designer dog collar is worth it since it features first-class quality materials and has a lavish design. In short, you get what you paid for, and I’m sure that your dog deserves to have at least one designer dog collar.

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