5 Best Pitbull Collars For Bullies, Mastiffs & Large Dogs

5 Best Pitbull Collars For Bullies, Mastiffs & Large Dogs

Strong and large dogs require wider and bigger collars that are adapted to their morphology and strength. Failing to equip your bully with the right pitbull collar will hurt their neck and skeleton in the long run. It is safer to invest a few dollars in a perfect pitbull collar than a spend a hundred times more on vet bills.

Although we call them pitbull collars, these large dog collars are fitting American Bullies, Rottweilers or Mastiffs as perfectly, it is just their common name on the web.

Just a little advice when you choose the size of your pitbull collar for your dog: always choose a size 1-2″ longer than the widest part around your dog’s head. You want your dog to feel comfortable, not strangled.

1. Metal Pitbull Collar by Silver Phantom Jewelry

Made from quality stainless steel, this large and bold pitbull collar is incredibly strong and will never rust. This means your big dog can enjoy it under the rain without any problem. Solid yet sleek, this pitbull collar has a fancy polished finish and a weight that is surprisingly light considering the great durability it offers.

Many sizes are available (14″, 16″, 18″, 24″, 26″, 28″ and 30″) so pretty much all bulky breeds can benefit from this superb collar. Definitely a manly collar for a powerful dog, we recommend using it with a silver chain lead for a full impact.

Oh and don’t you worry, there is a hassle-free no questions asked lifetime satisfaction guarantee. They will refund you within a few days if you change your mind, but I am very confident that you won’t.

Check out the pictures below and you will notice how great it looks for an everyday collar. Of course, many think the metal chain is not comfortable and not built with dogs’ comfort in mind but we strongly disagree. Regardless of the material used, what truly matters is the shape, weight, and all the hardware.

2. OneTigris Military Adjustable Dog Collar

A perfect large dog collar ideal for Bulldogs, Rottweilers, and Pitbulls, the M1-K9 is built using premium military-grade pistol belt webbing. If you are training your dogs for protection, this is a superb collar as it features everything you would need from a quick-release buckle to silent mode.

The OneTigris Military Adjustable Collar comes in two sizes Adjustable 16-22 Inches or Adjustable 18-26 Inches, and three colors that are black, pink or green. For being a collar, it offers a lot of adjustment hardware which makes it a perfect device for dogs still growing, or gaining some muscle.

This collar is for bully owners who want more than just a collar. It offers a tactical silent mode when used with an included leash, a utility pouch that you can detach with one buckle ideal to store your dog’s leash.

3. Leather Pitbull Collar With Free Personalization

Where most pitbull leather collars online are cheap because made of faux leather which literally means fake leather, this one is a real handcrafted leather collar coming in black or mahogany. It is made of law enforcement approved, professional-grade leather and even tested at 2000 lb/sq. inch and it passed the test with flying colors.

These collars are so thick and tough you can tow your car with them.

Because BlackJacks Leather who manufactures this leather takes things seriously, they offer different widths but also different lengths for each width. This is ideal for pitbulls, bullies, bulldogs, mastiffs and other dogs who are wearing their collars a lot and intensively training or working. This pitbull collar offers great quality comfort and is crafted by people who have been doing this for over 30 years now.

Bonus! When ordering through Amazon, you can get a few personalizations with your dog’s name in either small or large font. It takes a day or two to make by hand but it does look awesome. The reviews keep on commenting about the best customer service they received on Amazon. And they’re right.

4. Signature K9 2-Inch Heavy Agitation Collar

The perfect fit for very large dogs, the Signature K9 Heavy Agitation Collar will make Rottweilers, Cane Corsos, Boerbels, Great Pyrenees, Bernese Mountains, and other giant breeds happy. Rare are the pitbull collars to fit such big necks and actually resist over time, but this is a little gem amongst the offer available these days. For what you get, this is a bargain!

The width makes for a soft landing on your dog’s throat, even when he’s lunging for a squirrel. It is two-layer thick and made from military-grade quality leather. Thanks to a clever manufacturing process, the collar spreads the pulling weight stress around the neck for injury-free comfort during long working or training days.

This is a collar that is proudly handmade in Pennsylvania by real craftsmen, and it is used by K-9 and working dog professionals worldwide. They used heavy-duty stitching and hardware to make sure nothing fails this collar that is loved by all the community.

The collar is not only of high quality and durable but it looks great on my dogs as well. If you have a large breed this is the collar for you. My dogs are quite active and they love playing in the dirt. Every week I simply clean the collar with leather cleaning soap and preserve with leather oil. The collar still comes out as good as new. Just what I was looking for.

The collar comes in two colors, black or burgundy, and with or without a handle. We recommend the handle as it offers full control over your dog when you are standing next to each other.

5. K9 Maxtac Adjustable Collar with Handle

Don’t be fooled by the photos, this pitbull collar is quite heavy and larger than it looks. The black metal buckle is big, the heavy-duty nylon is sturdy, and the velcro extremely strong and well-made. This is not for small and fragile pooches, but rather for heavyweights in the canine species.

Stitches are doubled and the handle is the perfect addition to keep your big boy or girl under control. I also added this pitbull collar in here because of its customer service. A couple of people thought, once received, that it wouldn’t be solid enough so they returned it. Most sellers would just issue a refund and end of the story. Well, RedLine K9 isn’t like that. Instead, they send it to a seamstress to reinforce every single stitch and the end result is a thrilled customer who is getting a good surprise.

If you think the velcro won’t work well on big pullers, you are wrong, this has been tested with 80lbs dogs pulling non-stop and it has never been undone. Pitbull collars never cease to surprise us and we’re happy to see different models than just heavy metal chains on the market.