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7 Best Leather Dog Collars

Written by Jawad
Jawad is passionate about all sorts of domesticated pets. They have written dozens of articles across the web.
Published on
Friday 24 July 2020
Last updated on
Tuesday 9 May 2023
best leather dog collars
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Leather dog collars are one of the most important accessories for a dog. While dog collars often have a distinct look, their fundamental purpose is to train and restrain your dog. New pet owners are often overwhelmed by the numerous options available. This article is targeted at newbies who are looking to get their pets a premium leather dog collar.

Dog leather collars are better than any other run of the mill materials used to make collars for multiple reasons. Collars made from leather are more durable, comfortable, and give off a more elegant look, all for the same price.

What Are Leather Dog Collars?

A leather dog collar is a collar made from genuine leather and can be important for various reasons. While some people merely use it as a fancy accessory, some use it to train their dogs. Some owners like to put their dog’s name on the collar, others put crucial information such as their contact information

When it comes to debating how important these collars are, there are a plethora of reasons why they are beneficial. Apart from a simple leather collar, you can also find citronella collars as well as electric training collars. In fact, there are multiple accessories that can be found with a leather dog collar, such as poo bag carriers. These can be more than just robust and stylish and are well worth a purchase.

what is a leather dog collar
A genuine leather dog collar can be important for various of reasons.

How to Choose the Right Leather Dog Collar?

Choosing a good collar can be a tedious task. Hence why it is best to do your research before buying one. This article aims to provide you with in-depth insights about all the factors to be considered when buying a premium leather dog collar.


The size of the collar is probably the most important factor to look at, apart from the quality of the material. Using a small collar for a larger dog can cause pain, irritation, and skin problems. Whereas using a large one on a smaller dog tends to be loose and very unsafe. This excellent resource explains in a step-by-step manner the process of measuring your dog’s neck size. It also provides a standard chart for S, M, and L sizes.

While it is essential to select the sizes carefully, a good tip is to buy a collar with multiple holes, at a reasonable distance, to secure the buckle. This helps the dog owner to adjust the size of the collar easily if needed. Apart from the regular sizes, most companies offer a range of sizes including extra small and extra-large.


For some people, the color of the collar does not matter, whereas others spend hours choosing the one they like the best. We believe reasonable consideration should be given to it, depending on the breed of the dog. After all, this can be used to represent your dog for many years!

Later on in this article, we have mentioned some genuine leather dog collars that offer a wide range of colors. Thus if you are someone to whom the color matters, you should shop from companies that provide the most options.

leather dog collar size
Buy a collar with multiple holes, at a reasonable distance, to secure the buckle.


While customization is not important at the very fundamental level, it is an important feature for most people. And we agree – the dog collar is basically a personality of your dog, and it should reflect as such.

Everyone likes a touch of personal creativity on their belongings, so why not on dog collars too? However, contrary to popular belief, it is not just a fancy feature. Not only can it be used to add your dog’s name, but you can also add your personal information to ensure the safety of your dog in the unlikely event that it gets lost. Moreover, if you like to celebrate your pup’s birthdays, a dog collar can serve as the perfect gift for your furry friend.


One of the reasons why we focus on the material and quality is not just for the comfort for your pet, but also the durability. Nobody wants to keep buying a dog collar every few months, therefore, we recommend purchasing a collar that lasts you a long time.

Besides that, some pet owners claim that their dogs get uncomfortable when using a new collar for the first few weeks. New collars can also be stiff and take time to soften and stop hurting. High-quality dog collars are often more comfortable. Thus, buying a premium dog collar does come with its benefits.

Availability of D-ring

Most genuine leather dog collars have at least one D-ring. If you have not bought a personalized collar for your dog, then the D-ring can be used to add a name tag. Even if a collar is customized, a D-ring can add to the collars design. Another benefit of a D-ring is that you can easily replace and swap it between different collars. This is one aspect where a personalized leather dog collar lags behind.

A bridle leather dog collar with a nameplate can also come with more than one D-ring. Multiple D-rings make it easy for you to attach a leash and restrain your dog.

high quality leather dog collar
High-quality dog collars are more comfortable.

7 Best Leather Dog Collars

Now, let’s review some of the most prominent leather dog collars available right now.

1. Soft Touch Collars Luxury Real Leather Padded Dog Collar

Made with real leather, the Luxury Padded Collar by Soft Touch Collar is a luxury accessory for your dog! It comes in four sizes and multiple colors. In addition, the small ring next to its buckle allows you to attach a dog tag. The quality control for this product adheres to the best in the class manufacturing process. Moreover, the production process is highly supervised, is chemical-free, and as safe as it gets for your pet. This collar also offers a lifetime guarantee.

The genuine leather material makes it warm and comfortable for your dog and minimizes the chances of an injury. It can be used for dogs of multiple sizes as the collar offers multiple sizes all of which are adjustable. Moreover, chemical-free coloring is used to provide multiple colors, is safe for your pet and is allergen-free.

However, according to multiple customers, adding a nameplate to this dog collar isn’t an easy job. In fact, attaching a dog tag to this collar is a two-person job.

2. Warner Cumberland Leather Dog Collar

The Warner Cumberland Leather Dog Collar by Warner Sporting is one of our favorites. It’s available in multiple colors and adjustable size. The collar is 1 inch wide and 24 inches long – it’s sturdy while still being comfortable for your dog. Moreover, it’s made from hard leather, nickel-plated hardware, and features a D-shaped ring for connecting the leash. Each leather dog collar comes with 5 holes, which you can adjust according to your preferred size. It also features a nameplate insert made from brass that measures ¾” x 2 ¾” long.

The adjustability of his collar offers a lot of utility, as it can practically fit every dog. Therefore, we highly recommended using this collar for easily irritable dogs who require loosening frequently. Additionally, the “genuine leather” its made from a cozy and non-allergenic material.

While the dog collar does its job, it will be still tough in the beginning. Because of this, your pet will face discomfort in the beginning.

3. AOLOVE Padded Leather Pet Collars

AOLOVE Basic Leather Dog Collar is possibly the most popular product among all. It caters to small-sized pets and provides a huge variety of colors and sizes to choose from. The collar is made from an alloy of genuine leather that’s equally durable and comfortable. Moreover, the width of this collar is 1 inch.

A distinguishing factor of this collar is the variety of color options available. But more importantly, it is relatively inexpensive when compared to the genuine leather dog collars of other brands. In addition, the collar is also durable and will last you a long time. Moreover, the AOLOVE offers excellent customer service that gets back to you in less than a day in case you have any issues with your product.

However, the only drawback to this collar the fact that it can only be used for small dogs, such as Pomeranians, but not for the bigger boys. Moreover, the leather alloy can cause rashes if your pet has sensitive skin.

4. Perri’s Padded Leather Dog Collars

Perri’s Padded Leather Dog Collars come in multiple looks with 35 colors ranging from pastels to non-metallic, to metallic shades. The collar is also available in a variety of sizes. Moreover, the dog leather collar has paddings made with its original lambskin. And you can get the buckle in either stainless steel or brass.

This leather dog collar manages to get into our top picks because it uses genuine lambskin. It makes for high-quality padding that’s super comfy for your dog. In addition, the lambskin is soft, doesn’t irritate your dog, and prevents rashes or infections. The collar is also not very expensive. This means you get the best bang for your buck at an affordable price.

Unfortunately, the collar does not come without disadvantages. According to some buyers, Perri’s dog collars are inconsistent with sizes and you might receive one that dog fit right with your dog.

5. Moonpet Soft Padded Genuine Leather Dog Collar

With its stylish but 100% genuine leather, the Moonpet padded leather dog collar is a luxurious accessory for your dog. It has a heavy-duty hand-stitched D-ring and is manufactured using high-quality materials. Moreover, the collar comes in 3 sizes: small, medium, and large. In addition, the product also comes with a money-back guarantee.

While the padding makes the leather dog collar soft, it also allows for flexibility which makes it more comfortable for dogs. Moreover, dogs wearing this breathable collar stay safe from irritation and rashes. Moreover, the brass ring is hand-stitched and using strong threads to prevent tearing, while the brass used is resistant to rust. Finally, the promise of a money-back guarantee helps customers build trust with the brand.

This collar has one minor drawback though, some customers on Amazon review have complained about the smell of the leather, which can irritate dogs.

6. Custom Catch Personalized Dog Collars

The Custom Catch dog leather collar is a class apart from its competitors in the customization department. There is no name tag but you can customize the collar with your dog’s name on it. It also comes in four sizes; extra small, small, medium, large, and six bright colors. Moving on, the recommended breeds for this collar are Retriever, Bulldog, Labrador, Shepherd, and Chihuahua.

The customization of the dog collar is a striking feature that would not only allow you to print your dog’s name but any other info you deem necessary. Moreover, it has great reviews, complimenting its short delivery time and the attractiveness product.

However, it seems like the company needs to work on its sizing. A few customers were shipped the wrong sized collars, even though they followed the correct instructions.

7. ADITYNA Leather Dog Collar

Whether your dog needs a small, medium, large or extra-large sized collar, ADITYNA’s soft leather dog collars are here to help! The brown-colored collar is classy, sleek, and comfortable. The leather used is 100% genuine leather. It has all the qualities of a premium collar. In addition, it also consists of a double buckle system, two D-rings, and 6 metallic rivets.

The double buckle system gives extra protection to your dog and keeps the collar secured, while the extra D ring can be used to add a leash or tags. This dog leather collar is soft and flexible, but also tough enough to last you a long time. In addition, it uses metallic rivets to secure the collar, without causing unnecessary pain to dogs when they pull on it

However, one undeniable drawback of this is that the collar is only available in one color; brown. Thus, you do not have any options to choose from.

Best Leather Dog Collars – FAQs

After researching on dog collars, you are bound to have some queries. This section of the article tackles some of the most common queries that pet owners come across.

Are Leather Collars Better for Dogs?

More often than not, leather dog collars are far better than fabric ones! A dog collar made of genuine leather is sure to provide your dog with comfort, protection, and ease of mobility for their neck.

Using fake leather, or other uncomfortable fabrics can be painful for dogs. If the material is not soft like leather, it can also cut through the skin, causing pain and discomfort. Constant contact and movement around their neck might hurt dogs and cause rashes, boils, or irritation. Along with this, genuine leather is durable and lasts longer, which will save you money and the hassle of repeat purchases.

What is the Best Material for Dog Collars?

Dog collars are best made out of genuine leather. While there are more materials like rubber or fake leather that might be popular due to their flexibility, the comfort and coziness of a soft leather dog collar are unparalleled. Leather is also more durable and reduces the chance of rashes and skin infections.

Why do People Roll Leather Dog Collars?

The biggest reason to get a leather dog collars that it can be rolled into a soft collar. A soft collar is particularly helpful if your dog has sensitive skin. Using a dog collar that aggravates your dog’s skin allergies can not only cause chafing but also cause severe rashes. If not dealt with properly, these injuries can become very difficult to heal later on. Moreover, these rashes can be unhygienic and cause further health problems for your dog.

Rolled leather dog collars are pieces of leather rolled and stitched together by a machine. These collars are stitched from a strong thread and are known to have improved durability and enhanced comfort.

How do you Make a Dog Collar out of Leather?

The foremost thing you need is genuine leather. But, you will also require:

  • A belt buckle
  • Barrel nuts
  • D-rings
  • Leather dyes (optional)
  • Name tags (optional)

After you have chosen your desired length of the dog collar, add around 2 to 4 inches to its length and cut the leather. It’s important that you trim the edges for a neat finish and also smoothen it to avoid hurting your dog. This is best done using a wooden burnishing tool that softens the rough edges. Using a wooden burnishing tool will induce a patina to your dog collar. If you wish to have a leather colored dog collar, you can proceed to add a buckle. However, if you wish to add color, use the leather dye of your choice.

Now, punch 4 to 5 holes on one end of the leather at equal distance. Punch another hole on the other end of the leather, about 2 to 3 inches away from the edge, and attach your buckle. A stripped-down version of your dog’s new collar is ready. You can now customize the collar by attaching a D-ring to the leash using barrel nuts. You can also customize the dog collar or add a dog tag with your pup’s name on it.

On a side note, if you’re looking for an in-depth process of how professional grade dog collars are made, take a look at this video from J.H.Leacher, a leading leather-craft manufacturer based in the UK.

The benefits of leather dog collars are obvious. This resource was designed to give you insights on the importance of leather collars, and what features to look for when purchasing one. However, choosing the right collar for your dog relies upon how much research you’ve done on this topic and what’s suitable for your dog.

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