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Top 5 Best Puppy Litter Boxes

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Published on
Sunday 2 September 2018
Last updated on
Tuesday 9 May 2023
Review: Best Puppy Litter Boxes
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Dog and puppy litter boxes are engineered to avoid spillage and facilitate easier cleaning of a dog’s urine and stools. Ideally, when shopping for a litter box, buyers are looking for durability, ease of use, ease of sanitization, and comfort for a specific breed type and size.

Most importantly, puppy litter boxes should absorb bad odors, considering these are going to be used indoors.

When to use a puppy litter box?

Puppy litter boxes are used solely for the purpose of providing a practical way in which dogs can use the potty indoors. These various types of litter boxes for dogs are used to train puppies and adults to use a specific spot to defecate and urinate. They are also ideal products to ensure a comfortable transition from indoor to outdoor potty use.

Inconvenient Living Conditions

Dog litter boxes are needed for various reasons depending on one’s living circumstance. Often times, it’s a particular dog that requires the training for whatever reason. For example, people who live in apartments, especially high-rise apartments, don’t have the easy means of getting the dog outside in time, 3 to even 5 times a day. In this case, instead of walking up and down flights of stairs or waiting for an available elevator, a litter box allows you to stay indoors.

Furthermore, people who are often not at home, whether it’s long work hours, or those who need to get away for a few hours at a time can certainly benefit greatly from a dog litter box. They provide dogs with the convenience of doing their business without the stress of waiting for their owners to get home.

Bladder Control Issues

Other reasons for the use of a litter box include the training phase of a puppy as well as those pups that suffer from bladder control issues. Litter boxes can be set up close to the puppy at will. Additionally, dogs who are injured or suffer from any handicap can make great use of having a portable litter box right at their disposal. They don’t need to wait, nor leave the house, nor walk if they don’t want to. They can simply be placed in their box.

Even owners who suffer from handicaps or illnesses themselves can appreciate the easy facilitation of not having to move around too much. The only physical exertion needed on the part of the owner, in this case, would be the cleaning process, which is minimal.

Extreme Weather

One often missed reason that leaves many dog owners rushing to the store for a litter box for their dogs is the weather. Some owners just happen to live in areas in which the weather is not favorable to allow a dog out several times a day. One example includes areas in which are filled with snow and it’s not always a convenient matter to take your dog out during those conditions. Especially if the dogs are accustomed to using special booties or outwear for the cold. It’s not fun having to dress them multiple times a day. The indoor litter box works wonders in these types of adverse situations as they can enjoy the ease and comfort of staying at home.

Different types of puppy litter boxes

Dog litter boxes are available in many different types, some favoring ease of cleaning while others transition puppies to a more outdoor feel with real grass. Each type of litter crate has its own benefits and disadvantages. Picking a particular type will really depend on your own needs for your particular dog.

Always consider the size of your dog! While toy and small breeds of dogs will suit any litter box type, the choice will be more difficult for adult dogs and larger breeds. For such sizes of dogs, you will want to avoid indoor potty as much as possible.

Conventional Litter Box

When one thinks of a dog litter box, one usually gets the idea of a plastic litter box similar to what people are used to seeing cats use inside the homes. These are referred to as the conventional litter boxes. This happens to be the simplest form of an indoor potty for both dogs and cats. They are made of plastic and often times have an opening for the puppy to enter. As opposed to the cat litter boxes, puppy litter boxes have higher edges due to catering to a bigger animal. The higher edges are designed to prevent a mess right outside the box.

Some of these conventional litter boxes come with roofs, most often they don’t. Conventional litter boxes can be filled with various forms of odor-absorbing granules including rocks, sand, or even recycled paper works great. With conventional plastic litter boxes, it is necessary to change the litter every day and rinse them to avoid odor and keep it reasonably clean. This type is great for both urine as well as stools. The downside to these boxes, however, is how quickly the accumulation of ammonia can cause a foul smell.

Pee Pad Holder

Unlike conventional boxes, pee pad holders are predominantly used for urine, however, they can be used for stool. Pee pad holders are essentially a sheet of paper or fabric which are specifically designed to “break in” your dog for potty training, although some users do have success in using it for long-term use. This is usually used for indoor pups.

Pee pad holders provide an acceptable place for your dog to do his business as long as regular cleaning and disposing of are routinely practiced. The plastic pad holder helps keep the pad in place and to last longer. Pee pad holders have their negative side too as dogs are known to chew through the paper and ruin the pads. These pads are susceptible to messier ordeals as opposed to having an actual box or crate to confine the mess.

Plastic Grate & Mesh

The plastic grates are convenient due to their simple meshed mechanism and design. These boxes are made of plastic and come equipped with plastic grates on top in order to provide a potty space for your dogs with the use of a practical filter piece. The dogs simply step up on top of the crate and do their business. These plastic grates are great for both urine and defecation. The grate cover works to keep the solids atop while the holes are designed to allow fluids to flow into the box below. The bottom of the crate contains pads which are equipped with absorbent material to help soak up the liquids as they enter. The grate system keeps your place free of messes and your pet’s paws dry. The downside to these grates is that the stools are out in the open and can produce stronger odors, especially if not disposed of quickly.

Synthetic Grass Box

Many dog potties today are designed to mimic the outdoor use of a dog’s normal routine. In doing so, many litter boxes available integrate grass into their designs which allows dogs to essentially practice and get used to doing their business on the outside grass eventually. Dog owners can find both real grass litter boxes or synthetic grass.

Synthetic grass boxes do not require much of the same care that real grass does. They don’t need sunlight for growth and can be reused and washed for a long period of time. Although these boxes can generally be used for a transition to outside use or to help gear dogs towards that direction, these grass potty boxes can be utilized indefinitely for indoor use as well. Although they are cheaper and more convenient than real grass boxes, they don’t exactly sit well with dogs as naturally, they prefer real grass. Moreover, many dogs are prone to chew on the blades.

Real Grass Box

On the other hand, real grass boxes are readily available for dog use and they, too, provide a real outside environment experience for your dog to enjoy. Most dogs naturally enjoy relieving themselves and defecating on the grass outside, so these grass boxes can easily appeal to them without having to “break them in”.

Such boxes feature real, live grass and are specially designed for use until the grass either wears out or dies, lasting from one to three weeks. What’s interesting about these patches of real grass is that they are grown hydroponically. In other words, they do not use soil which helps minimize messes as opposed to using sod for your lawn. Unlike synthetic grass boxes which can be used multiple times, real grass boxes need to be frequently replaced. Although more pricey than conventional litter boxes, grass litter boxes are actually more permanent and provide higher quality for your dog’s personal use.

Top 5 Best Dog Litter Boxes

Finding the best potty for your dog is not the easiest task. Brands and manufacturers all make appealing claims but few are the litter boxes that deliver on their marketing promises. We’ve shortlisted and reviewed the five best dog litter boxes for both adults and puppies.

We’ve picked the best of each type of box: real grass, synthetic grass, grate, plastic, and pee pad holders.

1. PETMAKER Puppy Potty Trainer

— Best Synthetic Grass Litter Box

The puppy potty trainer by Petmaker is the ideal indoor restroom for your pets and the best synthetic grass litter mat. Measuring 25 inches by 20 inches, this pet potty offers a training system designed with three layers to enhance your dog’s experience. The antimicrobial and odor-resistant mat it set on top of the plastic piece which enables fluids to drain. Liquids are disposed into the durable collection tray at the bottom. Cleaning is easily facilitated as the layered sections only need to be rinsed with soap and water. At such a price, the PETMAKER Potty Trainer is ideal for patios and works great for dog owners who live in apartment buildings or who work long hours at a time.

Pets are able to relieve themselves without the added stress of waiting for their owners to get home and take them out. The grass mat is made of synthetic plastic while the insert and tray layers are made of hard plastic. Users who have bought the PETMAKER Potty Trainer enjoy the convenience while one user claiming their 11-pound miniature poodle is able to use it without hindrances. Although some users complained their puppies have chewed through the grass. Just make sure to stay vigilant around your pet’s use the first few times.

2. Nature’s Miracle High-Sided Litter Box

— Best Plastic Dog Litter Box

The high sided litter box made by Nature’s Miracle is your classic pet litter box. It is actually the best conventional potty for small to medium dogs on the market today. Available in two sizes, this litter box features a nonstick surface for optimal convenience and usage. Nature’s Miracle High-Sided Litter Box is best famed for its intact ability to block odors, remove stains, and provides elaborate anti-microbial protection. With its economical price, this box is built with 10-inch high walls all around as to avoid spillage and to keep your pets comfortably situated during their restroom activities.

This box easily fits in the corners of your house. Nature’s Miracle brand is known for being a highly trustworthy brand with various pet products ranging from disinfectants to training aids. Although Nature’s Miracle products are made for mostly cat use, this mighty litter box works for dogs too as it is one of the largest cat boxes, though may be more suitable for smaller and medium-sized breeds of dogs. Buyers praise its ultimate durability. They enjoy the built-in corner feature that allows for easy placement around the house. Several users complain of build up clumps on the sides of the walls, however.

3. Klean Paws Indoor Dog Potty

— Best Grate Litter Box

The Klean Paws Indoor Grate Litter Box is considered the best grate litter box on the market for dogs today. One of the highlights of this potty pad is its money-back guarantee deal so if you’re unsatisfied with the product, you can always return it. This high-quality grate potty allows your pet’s urine to flow underneath his paws into the pad inserted inside. This enables your dog’s paws to stay dry and prevents messes. This puppy litter box maximizes cleanliness and convenience by avoiding other cleaning accessories, such as the wet vac or mop. The grate system is easily attachable, just clamp it in or out to insert the pad inside. This prevents puppies from chewing through the pads or newspapers during teething time. This ensures more money is saved as dogs are unable to chew through the pads. It is wallet-friendly as pads last longer and newspapers tend to be more budget-friendly.

The indoor litter box by Klean Paws helps prevent spillage and accidents that many other potty pads leave behind. It’s perfect for small breeds, puppies, and even cats. The Klean Paws is an ideal indoor potty new puppies who are home and waiting for their vaccination or old cats who no longer have the capability of jumping into their boxes. The superior quality makes this dog potty one of Amazon’s top choices. One user has even found great success with their potbelly pig, claiming that all other devices showed no promise in their results until trying Klean Paws.

4. Richell Paw Trax Mesh Training Tray

— Best Pee Pad Holder For Dogs

This award-winning training tray and puppy litter box is considered the best pee pad holder for dogs. Buyers can take advantage of its versatile features that provide optimum cleanliness in your household and overall convenience. The mechanism is quite simple that any user can handle it. The snap-in feature allows you to unsnap the plastic crate for detachment for easy placement of the ultra-absorbent pee pad. After the pad is inserted, just snap the top back on and it’s ready for use. When used with the pad inside, this training potty adds superior protection to your floors.

The Richell Paw Trax Training Tray comes in three different colors to appease individual taste and to fit your dog’s unique personality type. You can choose from a pink, brown, or green training potty. This box works great for indoor potty training or during the transition to outdoor use. Older dogs can benefit from this tray as it helps prevent accidents. It’s convenient for traveling; just take the tray with you whenever you’re on the run. The pads are safely secured and your floor surfaces remain protected. For extra convenience, buy the Paw Trax tray with a few replacement Paw Trax Super Absorbent Pads as they fit perfectly. Users appreciate the versatility and the fact that dogs cannot really chew pads up!

5. DoggieLawn Disposable Dog Potty

— Best Real Grass Litter Box

This disposable turf litter box by DoggieLawn is actually the best real grass potty pad for dogs. With its unbeatable price, the DoggieLawn litter box for dogs provides ample space with its large surface — and it’s available in multiple sizes! This box is larger than most other dog turfs while keeping the price low. The disposable dog potty is made with real grass so it mimics outdoor use for your dog’s enjoyment and practicality. The real grass also assists in absorbing odors and liquids much more efficiently than the standard fake grass or plastic bins. These dog litter boxes are ideal for dog owners who are busy and need to be away for long periods of time. They also work great for dogs who live in apartments, puppies, and senior dogs.

The eco-friendly DoggieLawn comes with a free training consultation that is available with on-call support ready to talk on the phone. But worry not, it’s extremely easy to use and handle! Simply dispose of both the grass and cardboard tray. It leaves no mess, no odors, and doesn’t require cleaning. This box allows your dog to train to potty on the grass. Users rave saying it is great for training their dogs, even a 45-pound dog had no issues. A few customers did complain that the grass dried out too quickly at times.

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