10 Best Harness For Small Dogs

10 Best Harness For Small Dogs

Finding the perfect dog harness for your furry friend can be difficult enough as it is. It can become even more difficult if you have a small-sized dog breed! This article will help you to find the perfect harness for small dogs. We’ve written about ten different harnesses for your dog and also broken down what you should look for when buying your pup a harness!

In addition, our list of harnesses for toy dogs doesn’t skip out on any of the details. We cover the design, how your dog gets into the harness, and the customer reviews. Keep reading to find out more!

Do Small Dogs Need Harnesses?

Using a dog harness for your dog can be beneficial no matter what size dog breed you have! If you have a larger breed, a harness will give you more control. In the case of small and toy dog breeds, a harness will disperse the pressure of a leash and make your dog more comfortable. A leash attached directly to a collar can cause strain on your dog’s neck and back.

Also, harnesses are often recommended for small dog breeds as they can slip and strain their neck on a collar. If your little pup pulls, slips out of their collar of you’re simply in need of a new harness, our article is sure to help you find the perfect harness for you!

How to Choose the Right Harness for a Small Dog?

So, you’re looking to buy a harness for your small dog. But what should you consider? Does it matter? Should you just find one online that you like and hope for the best? We’ve put together a list of the things you should check and consider before buying your small dog a new harness!


Firstly and most obviously, you should consider the size and fit of the harness you’ll be buying for your dog. Make sure that when taking measurements for your furry friend’s new harness that there is enough room for your dog to be snug but not enough for them to escape. You should also ensure the harness won’t be too tight on your dog and cause them discomfort. There are three separate measurements you should take when buying a new harness for your dog. They are the neck, girth, and chest. If your dog has measurements that are between sizes, you should go with the higher size and adjust the harness using the straps on it.

Size is arguably the most important thing to consider when buying your dog a new harness. If it is too tight it can cause pain, irritation, and even some medical complications. Too loose and your dog may escape from the harness or trip over it and hurt themselves. If you are worried about your dog using a harness due to joint problems it is always best to consult your dog vet first.


Something you’ll also want to consider is what material the harness you are buying is made of. You should consider the climate you and your dog live in as well as the size of your dog when choosing a material. Since we’re talking about harnesses for small dog breeds, we’ll be addressing mostly climate and skin irritation issues. Synthetic materials like nylon as commonly weaved into an almost mesh texture that is then used for making harnesses. This may not be the best choice for your furry friend if they are prone to skin irritation. These materials can rub up against your dog’s skin and cause rashing, aggravation, and an allergic reaction.

If you live in a colder climate, it may be a better choice to consider a padded or fleece harness that will not only give the benefits of other harnesses but also added warmth. Padding can also allow protection if your dog is rambunctious or very active.


Another thing to consider when buying your dog a harness is the design of the harness. You should consider what design the harness has when it comes to getting your dog into it. Does it clip around your dog? Does your dog have to step into it? If you have difficulty getting your dog into collars or even items of clothing, you may want to look more into harnesses that clip so you don’t have to force your dog into a harness and hurt yourself or your dog in the process.

The design also refers to the actual pattern of the harness. You can get harnesses with all types of patterns on them. But we’re more focused on the practical design of the harness rather than its looks.

Extra Features

Some dog harnesses also have extra features that add to the benefits of the harness. Quite a few dog harnesses feature handles for lifting your dog, waterproof material to help your dog stay dry and some even feature glow-in-the-dark or reflective lighting to keep your dog visible at night time. Some harnesses also feature flashlight holders on them for extra lighting on nighttime walks!

While these extra features aren’t a necessity, they can help your dog to stay safe or help you keep your dog visible and safe. Padding not only benefits your dog when it comes to temperature but can give your dog added protection from falls or other injuries.

harness for small dogs
Select a harness that has special features!

Best Harness for Small Dogs

So, now you know what to look out for when buying your dog a new harness. But where should you start looking? With so many companies on the market claiming o have the best product, where do you start? We’ve compiled a list of our top ten picks for you to look through and consider as well as some positive and negative reviews that customers have had!

1. Kurgo Small Dog Harness

The Kurgo Tru-Fit Smart Harness is a crash-tested dog harness that allows you peace of mind and your dog safety when in the car together. It is compatible with any vehicle seat belts and is also fit for everyday use. There are five adjustment points on this harness to allow it to fit snugly against your dog in all areas.

Dog owners were beaming about this harness. Many buyers said they were happy with not only the great quality of the harness but also the company themselves. One buyer said the harness brought her and her husband comfort in knowing their dogs were safe on a long road trip. She also said the harnesses stopped her dogs from making a run for it when they opened the car doors to get them out.

Some buyers were upset with the fit of the harness on their dog and one even complained that it ‘rode up her dogs back like an inchworm’. Another buyer mentioned that the buckles that were on the harness were not the same ones shown in the pictures and were difficult to use. Overall, most complaints seem to be about the shape and accessories on the harness rather than the design or material.

2. Puppia Black Trim Harness

The Puppia Black Trim Harness is an easy-to-use dog harness that is said to provide ‘comfort, convenience, and function. The harness is made of lightweight materials and features a quick-release chest belt. It also has a D-ring attached for easy leash attachment.

Buyers who were happy with their purchase said that it was possibly the best harness they had ever purchased. Many praised the fit and how easy it was to get on and off of their dog. One buyer said they ‘highly recommend the harness as it is secure and a great harness overall’.

Most of the negative reviews on this item said that the measurements were inaccurate and it ended up being either too big or too small for their dogs. One buyer even said that her dog completely ripped through the harness and said the quality was ‘disappointing’ and she ‘didn’t know what to say about it’.

3. PetSafe 3-in-1 Reflective Dog Harness

The PetSafe 3-in-1 reflective dog harness is the next on our list of harnesses for small dog breeds. This harness is said to be all-inclusive and is designed with your convenience in mind. PetSafe claims they made the harness with maximum comfort, adjustability, and safety.

One buyer of this said that it was the ‘best purchase she had ever made for walks with her dog. Many praised the many uses of the harness and how well it worked for their dog in all scenarios. Another buyer said it was the only harness she could find that fit her dog perfectly.

Complaints about this harness mostly focused on the material the harness was made of. One buyer said her dog ‘chewed through the harness on the first day’ and it became useless. Another said it stretched out after two months of use and she ‘wouldn’t recommend it for owners of pulling dogs’.

4. Sporn No Pull Dog Harness

The Sporn non-pull mesh dog harness is described by Sporn as the harness to curb moderate to heavy leash pullers and it fits like a glove. It is described as having been made for style, comfort, and control. This features a mesh chest piece that moves with your dog.

The positive reviews on this harness were outstanding. Many buyers claimed the harness was better than most others and that they wished they had bought the harness earlier. One buyer said that her dog had managed to chew his way through four ‘expensive’ options and was greatly pleased with the high quality and low price of this harness!

The complaints about this harness focus on how it fits on buyer’s dogs. Another complaint that buyers had was how the clamp was difficult to use and some even went as far as to say it didn’t work at all. Another said that if your dog is a puller she would not recommend this harness, despite what the title suggests.

5. HDP Big Dog No-Pull Harness

The HDP big dog no pull dog harness has a no choke design and is said to be a great solution for pulling pups. It also works well for older dogs who may just need a more gentle option. This harness distributes weight around your puppy’s chest and allows them a comfortable yet secure fit.

Buyers of this harness were incredibly happy with the fit and durability of this harness. One buyer said that her pup loved the harness and it stood up to his playful chewing. Another buyer said it gave her great control of her dog and he didn’t jump or pull while wearing it.

Complaints about this harness were about the durability of the D-ring on the harness and the material. One buyer said it wore away at a section of her dog’s skin and caused him discomfort. Another said that the D-ring on the harness broke after note even a week of use and the straps on the harness continuously came loose.

6. Chai's Choice Reflective Dog Harness

The Chai’s Choice reflective harness creates a cute and eye-catching look while keeping your dog safe and secure. This harness features lightweight mesh padding on the chest and belly as well as reflective piping on the exterior to ensure your dog stays visible. This harness comes in nine bright and neon colors and a wide selection of sizes.

The positive reviews on this product all mentioned the same few things. Buyers said that it kept even the rowdiest of their dogs in control while allowing extra visibility for nighttime walks. Many said the harness fit their dogs perfectly and were surprised by how sturdy and well made it is.

However, some buyers complained about the low quality of the elastics straps on the side of the harness. Another buyer was upset with the material of the under armpit section as it wore away and irritated her dogs skin. One pet owner said that she was upset with how difficult the harness was to clean due to the mesh on the outside.

7. Copatchy No Pull Adjustable Dog Harness

Copatchy’s no-pull adjustable harness is hardy and made to keep your furry friend safe in low-light settings. When your dog pulls against the harness it evenly distributes the pressure to ensure you can keep control over your dog and your dog doesn’t get injured.

Buyers were happy with the durability and fit of this harness. Many said it was easy to put on their dogs and to get them out of it. One buyer said it was ‘attractive, sturdy, and convenient’! A buyer said that her Golden Retriever puppy used to pull on all of her collars but the harness allowed her mom easy control.

Negative reviews for this product mentioned the design and sizing of this item. Some buyers said that they had trouble fitting the harness to their dog despite following the sizing guide accordingly. One buyer said the harness was easy for her dog to slip out of and she would not recommend it for active pups.

8. Frisco Small-Breed Soft Harness

This harness ensures a paw-fect fit for your furry friend. This vest is easy to use and great for a pup on the go. It’s made from soft breathable mesh and a fast release buckle. The harness also features two d-rings for easy leash attachment.

Many buyers said that this harness was of high quality. They mentioned that the material of it was lightweight and breathable which made it perfect for all the seasons in their climate. Many said that it was much easier to get their dogs into this harness than many others they had tried.

Those who were unhappy with the harness complained that the fit wasn’t suitable for their dog. Some said their dog slipped out of the harness and others said it was just too tight for their dog. When ordering a harness make sure to measure your dog to ensure a comfortable and safe fit.

9. Voyager Step-in-Air Harness for Small Dogs

This Voyager step-in-air harness is simple and easy to use. It’s comfortable for dogs and made from soft materials. The mesh allows moisture to escape keeping your dog cool in hotter temperatures. This harness is great for dogs with gentle skin and it provides a secure fit in the meantime.

Those who were happy with their purchase of this item said that they had ‘hit the jackpot’ with this harness! Many said it was easy to use and they could get their dog in and out of it without any issues. Even those who were upset with their purchase for different reasons said that it was still well made.

A lot of the complaints on this harness commented on the sizing of it. Some said that the sizing was far too small and it did not fit their dog. Others said that the quality of the buckles were low and they snapped after a few uses.

10. Best Pet Supplies Voyager Black Trim Harness

This harness is another that was released by Best Pet Supplies. The Voyager black trim harness is said to provide a secure fit and comfortable material for your furry friend. They have a range of sizes from extra small to extra large and ensure the perfect fit for your dog.

One buyer said she purchased the harness for her seven-pound Maltese and it fit him perfectly. She said it was not at all tight or loose and she could slip her finger under the fabric comfortably. Another said this harness won in both looks and ease to put on and take off of her furry friend.

Unhappy customers complained that the velcro on the harness frightened her dog due to how loud and difficult it was to get off. Another complained that her dog chewed through the harness within two hours of putting it on her. A lot of complaints said that despite following the sizing guide, their item showed up far too small for their dog.

choosing the best small dog harness
Choose the best small dog harness that suits your tiny pooch best.

If you’re in the market for a new harness and want to ensure that you’ll get something both you and your dog will love, make sure to do your research first. Always consider the size, design, material, and extra features of any harness you may be wanting to buy.