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10 Best Dog Rope Toys – Knots, Cotton Toy Ropes & Twists

Written by Khalil
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Published on
Friday 2 July 2021
Last updated on
Tuesday 9 May 2023
best rope toys for dogs
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The best dog rope toys are the ones your dog enjoys the most. But you can’t buy all of them and see how your puppy reacts, and then choose the best one, right? With many options, it’s hard to get the one suitable toy that your dog will love. Atop that, the wrong toy can also injure or harm your fur-baby, which is every owner’s nightmare.

But now that you’ve called our helpline, we’re going to help you pick the best rope chew toys for your dog by first looking at what makes a dog rope excellent. Once done, we’ll also clear out all queries you might have about these dog toys. With that said, let’s get going!

Why Do Dogs Like to Tug

Let’s begin with a critical question first: why do dogs like to tug? How they got into this sport is not known, but there are a few theories that try to explain their love for it:


Though domestic dogs aren’t considered predators, they still have the natural instinct. The way they chew it satisfies their predatory drive of taking something for themselves.

Essentially, the idea is that it imitates hunting a small animal or tearing up a carcass. But since domestic dogs aren’t jumping on any small mammal they see, this theory doesn’t make much sense.

They Love To Play

Dogs are highly playful, and with another canine in the radius and only one rope to share, this game can actually be a competition. But again, this theory doesn’t answer many questions either.

Apart from playing with dogs, perhaps the most acceptable explanation is that dogs enjoy it because they get to play with their owner – man’s best friend for a reason. Teary-eyed? A rope toy would be the perfect gift for your pup. Let’s see how to buy the best one.

Things to Consider When Buying a Rope Toy

As the name suggests, these dog rope toys are specifically made to be used as a playtime tool for dogs. As a rule of thumb, these need to be durable, usable, and comfortable.


Durability should be your priority when buying a rope toy. Composed of tiny cotton fibers, dog ropes are likely to fall apart when force is applied on both ends (like in tug). But breaking the cord is half the problem – if your dog swallows it you will be in great trouble.

The small fibers from the rope can cause clogging in dogs’ intestines, causing multiple issues in turn. The issues can only be treated via surgeries then. By ensuring that the rope is sturdy enough to not break (at least not so quickly), given your pup’s chewing habits, choose the perfect, most durable pick for you.

Design or Type

Another key ingredient is the design and type of the toy rope. While there is a braided rope, there are frisbees, there are tug ropes, tug of war ropes, balls, plush toys – all these different ropes are designed to do a specific job.

Again, judge your dog’s teething habits. Does he enjoy balls or does he enjoy longer ropes with knots? Either way, observe your dog’s behavior and judge what could be the best time.

Also, check the design thoroughly as well – buy the colors that match your dog!

Additional Features

If they have any extra features to enhance your rover’s experience, then that’s a plus. These features include plastic coverings and rubber palls that make these ropes a multifaceted toy.

Similarly, some ropes are attached to plush toys as well, which again, depends on the pup if he chooses to play with them or not. Additional items like a drawstring bag, detachable minor tools, etc. are not necessary but sure are a plus.

rope toys safe for dogs
Some rope toys are made out of materials that could potentially bring harm to your dog.

10 Best Rope Toys for Dogs

Let’s count down our top ten picks for the best dog rope toys with the criteria above in mind.

1. Otterly Pets Puppy Dog Cute Pink Boutique Rope Toys Set

Starting off with a blast, Otterly’s Boutique Rope Toys Set is a magical pack of six dog rope toys that are made of 100% pure cotton.

Atop unbelievable variety, these washable dog ropes are designed in a mix of pink, zinc, and black colors, giving a toothpaste kind of vibe. Not only does this design look incredibly cute, but also hygienic.

With a lifetime warranty, you can rely on its durability in general. However, not all toys in this set are equally durable, your dog might be able to easily rip off the plastic on the infinity-shaped rope. Still, in this minimal investment, the variety and quality of ropes are impressive.

2. DIBBATU Spring Pole Dog Rope Toys with a Big Spring Pole Kit

Is your rover a fan of spring poles? DIBBATU’s Spring Pole Dog Rope is one excellent choice.

A firm outdoor rope to be hung up on trees, these 16 ft long cords promise control over your dog’s strength and discipline training. However, it’s only for breeds like the Pitbull, that are strong and tend to gain muscle easily.

So, don’t own a rottweiler, or a pit bull, or any large dog breed? Consider another product. However, also note that even though this product is for larger breeds, it’s still not indestructible. It works as an outstanding spring pole, with a successful outcome.

3. MLCINI Dog Toys Plush Dog Squeaky Toys Rope Dog Toy

A set of five ropes, three balls, and two plush toys, MLCINI promises a Disneyland for dogs. This variety not only satisfies your dog’s destructive appetite but also keeps it from getting bored of one toy.

All the ten different toys that it contains play different roles. For example, the natural rubber bouncy ball is excellent for playing fetch, while the latex one with a granule design is perfect for chewing. Great exercise and entertainment at the same time!

These aren’t aggressive chewers’ toys, however, as these cannot withstand much stress. But for the right dog, this rope toy set is indestructible!

4. BLUEISLAND Dog Rope Toys for Aggressive Chewers

Speak of the devil: BLUEISLAND’s 3-foot, 700-gram dog rope toy is made for aggressive chewers. Made up of 100% natural and washable cotton, this braided rope with frayed ends comes in a mix of sky blue, black, and white colors.

Along with being hygienic and relieving, this rope is unnaturally durable, which is likely due to its high build quality. Playing tug-of-war with dogs is on another level when you’re confident that the rope won’t break, right? This toy promises just that.

Note that even for aggressive chewers, dog chew toys aren’t entirely indestructible. After a certain limit, they reach their breaking point. If you’re looking for a simple-yet-sufficient investment for your dog’s fun, BLUEISLAND’s rope is ideal for you.

5. AMZpets Dog Rope Toys for Aggressive Chewers

Another one for our large and macho canines out there, the AMZpets’ rope set for dogs includes seven, differently designed toys for all fun games like tug-of-war, chewing, and fetching. Made of pure cotton fibers, these ropes calm your dog and provide a delicious chewing experience.

While AMZpets offer a 60-day warranty for these ropes, their durability, overall, is impressive.

And did we mention the drawstring bag that comes with these ropes to help you carry them around? Making up for an extremely attractive deal, these rope toys are for your dog if it easily tears any new toys away.

6. Pacific Pups Products Rope Toys

Pacific Pups Products’ rope toy set includes eleven colorful and unique items – one shaped like a giraffe and one like a carrot – that are going to win your rover over. The set also includes a frisbee-like rope loop as well to play fetch. But is that all?

Well, super-durable and long-lasting, this is an Amazon’s Choice product with excellent feedback. While it’s an all-rounder, it’s healthy for teething and chewing as it’s thoroughly checked for toxicity prior to sale.

Moreover, Pacific Pups Products’ is a California-based not-for-profit organization created to support Pacific Pups Rescue from kill shelters. This purchase isn’t only a gift for your pup, but also for its species.

7. ZippyPaws – Monkey RopeTugz

Do you also fancy, fancy dog rope toys? If yes, then Monkey Rope Tugz is the designer rope toy brand for you. With a tug-of-war rope shaped like a monkey – that comes in four colors – you’ll be making some of the funniest memories with your dog.

This fusion of durability and fun from dog ropes and squeaky toys is a clever philosophy that has led many canines to actually love it as a toy. And why wouldn’t they, after all? It’s squeaky, half-plush, half-rope, measures 9 x 3 x 5 inches and withstands reasonable wear-and-tear.

While it’s not really indestructible, this monkey lasts long enough to pay you back fully with many joyful moments with your dog. Amazing memories at an amazing price? Perhaps.

the right rope toy for your dog
Rope toys are not recommended for dogs who are heavy chewers.

8. Mammoth Flossy Chews Color Rope Tug

Got an anxious dog? This anti-anxiety treat by Mammoth is all you need. Be it tossing and catching that your dog loves or a fierce tug-of-war bout, this rope toy is designed for both solo and multiplayer dogs.

This non-toxic rope toy is available in different designs and lengths (small is 15 inches long) and ensures it keeps your canine’s canines clean. Another Amazon’s Choice product, this cotton rope is washable and long-lasting too.

Though it can withstand a good amount of aggression, it’s not for dogs with razor-sharp teeth. It’s a simple product for a simple purpose: rope with knots and frayed ends for dogs to grip and chew. Tired and can’t accompany your pup after work? Give your dog with Mammoth’s flossy chews and bob’s your uncle – it keeps them busy for hours.

9. Fresh and Floss 2-Knot Spearmint Toy

Well, Bon Appétit to your rover from us: Petmate’s spearmint toy is not just another rope. In a first, Spearmint flavor marries chewing rope and produces a highly effective canine floss that improves your dog’s dental health – we can already smell your dog’s minty breaths!

Despite being a bit unconventional, Petmate’s Fresh and Floss Spearmint Toy is surprisingly durable. Along with fetch, this rope toy can help you play tug-of-war with dogs, too.

For a better grip during the play, Petmate also offers a 3-knot variant for this rope toy. The best thing yet is the investment – a unique product with a little price tag.

10. IMK9 Dog Chew Rope Toys

Ending with style, IMK9’s dog chews rope toys serve four different functions in four different styles. Here’s how we remember it: Roll the rope ball; fetch the rope bone; tug the tug toy; and chew the chewing rope!

These stylish, non-toxic, and cotton dog rope toys provide your dog with a comfortable teething experience for extensive periods. Their cotton fibers efficiently clean your dog’s teeth and prevent them from decaying.

Again, for buyers trying to keep the rope toy game simple and straightforward, IMK9 provides an easy solution at a price that’s even more stylish.

Dog Rope Toys: FAQ

Did you like our picks for cotton rope toys for dogs? That’s fantastic, you must have questions too, then. Let’s try to answer them for you.

Are rope toys dangerous for dogs?

Like most chewing toys, rope toys too are dangerous for dogs to some extent. Dogs often swallow frayed yarn or ropes which can prove fatal to their health by blocking intestines.

We highly recommend not leaving your dogs unsupervised when they’re teething a rope toy, no matter its price and quality. Also, keep checking the toy’s condition regularly for any torn and frayed parts that have the potential of being swallowed. If the toys are wearing out, replace them with fresh pieces as soon as possible.

Can I make my own rope toy?

You can make a DIY rope toy for your dog by tying up old shirts and using them as a tugging-type toy. Additionally, to make it even more fun, you can pass the rope through a tennis ball.

Though these crafts are exciting, we still advise going with commercially manufactured products that are specially designed to prevent accidents. If you don’t trust them, you can read our guide on DIY chew toys for your dog and craft fun treats for your pup at home!

The takeaway: you can go with either a DIY rope toy or a manufactured one from the market. Essentially, whatever floats your boat.

Can puppies play tug of war?

Puppies can and do play tug-of-war. Trainers often use this game to discipline and teach newborn canines. Though they appear fragile, puppies (especially from larger breeds) are quite strong with their bites.

If you have a puppy at home, try to spark its interest by presenting a rope. Keep playing and commanding the pup to pick and drop the rope. While the first time might not go as planned, your dog will soon develop interest.

What should I do if my dog ingests rope strands?

If your dog has accidentally consumed the toy or parts of it, contact your vet immediately. In the worst-case scenario, if the toy clogs the dog’s intestines, the vet will have to operate.

Rope yarn or strands bundle up in the intestines easily, causing a blockage. Vomiting, diarrhea, bloating, and weakness are some signs of intestinal blockage for dogs. If you observe any of these, book an appointment with your vet immediately.

Intestinal surgeries can be several hours long and painful; better to exercise precaution.

Can dog rope toys and tug of war lead to aggression?

Dog rope toys and tug-of-war games do not lead to aggression if done right. Supervised and controlled games between dogs prevent the game from being either aggressive or violent.

Begin by initiating the game. Remember that you’re in control, and if you feel a participant is up for some funny business (obsessively going after the rope; not releasing the rope and growling), put a halt right there and issue a red card – or call the game off.

Well, that was a fun ride. Now you know how to choose a rope toy (ensuring durability, great design, and additional features), and have some market-leading options at hand as well. Have you made any decision yet, by the way? In terms of value and quality, we feel Otterly’s Rope Toys Set is a safe investment; there’s a variety of toys in the package and it comes with a lifetime warranty too. What do you think? Let us know in the comments below. Thanks for the read, enjoy updating your puppy’s toys!

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