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Dog Toys

Breeding Business Wednesday 5 December 2018

A healthy dog has the right balance between clean diet and varied activities. Of course, dogs do love fetching their tennis balls or discs, but you must also stimulate the brain in order to tire your pet. Physical exercising can be done using a dog ball launcher while mental stimulation can be achieved through training or dog puzzle toys.

Christmas Gifts for Dogs

xmas dog gifts

Honestly, there are so many Christmas gifts for dogs and dog owners that we couldn’t make a top five or top ten. We went as far as doing a top 40 best Xmas gifts for dogs. This is because you can offer pretty much anything from dog food and treats to clippers and pet clothes. You are only limited by your budget and imagination.

Generally, gifts to dogs and their owners remain in the realm of foods and toys. These are people and pet pleasers with a very low chance of missing the mark. If your budget allows, go as far as buying professional dog clippers or a hover to clean up dog hairs. If you buy in advance, you will definitely save big bucks so get yourself ready in October or November and make a bulk purchase!

Luxury Dog Toys

luxury toys for dogs

While dog toys come in so many kinds, sizes and materials, there are very few very expensive dog toys that target a more premium clientele. To me, this is because most dog toys have a very short life as they either get lost or damaged within hours, days or weeks. Therefore, pet parents aren’t really into spending money on anything premium as it would be wasted.

Yet, a few manufacturers are starting to clearly respond to an incipient demand from a demanding clientele. Yes, some people are happy to pay more even if the toy goes to the trash within a few days. Additionally, manufacturers generally make bigger margins and markups on luxury toys for dogs.

Major selling points for luxury dog toys mostly include better materials, enhanced durability, and smarter designs and engineering.

Toys To Keep Dogs Busy

interactive dog toys

A lot of dog toys are very simple. Dogs play with a ball that rolls around or they chew on a squeaky toy. Unfortunately, if you are the owner of an anxious dog, you will quickly realize that these toys are not enough to stimulate them mentally. If you let your dog alone for hours each day, they won’t play with their ball for all that time. This is how separation anxiety can kick in – they are bored and miss you!

Instead of just purchasing balls and chews, invest in some smart interactive toys that will keep your dog busy. Some of them are definitely pricier nearing the $30-50 range, but others are a lot simpler and cheaper, yet mentally challenging (e.g. treat dispensing balls). Just buy a few of them someday and decide on what is your dog reacting the most to.

Bully Breed Toys

pitbull dog toys

Dog toys are known to last a few days or weeks at best. Bully breeds tend to reduce that already short lifespan to hours or even minutes in some cases. The breed is not trying to destroy any toy they can lay their jaws on, they simply have a way more powerful bite than most other breeds so toys tend to break rather quickly.

No need to worry though if you own one of these breeds – American Bully, Pit Bulls, Mastiffs, Staffies, Great Danes, Rottweilers, etc. A few manufacturers have engineered long-lasting dog toys that answer the needs of this niche. Some of these toys are virtually indestructible and if your dog manages to bite these off, they will replace the toy as many times as you need. This is how strong these toys are.

If you have a strong chewer or just a very big dog, most chew toys just don’t last. We’ve all been through these “indestructible dog toys” that just get destructed within days, if not hours. GoughNuts toys are actually engineered to resist the strongest jaws of all dogs and if your pet can chew through the toy to expose the Red, GoughNuts will replace your toy.

Chew Toys

whelping kit

As we all know, dogs chew a lot and on pretty much anything that is available to them. Furniture, shoes, sofa, our hands, etc. So we train them to chew toys and then we keep on buying these chew toys as soon as they are destroyed.

However, what you don’t think about is that that while destroying chew toys, our very own dogs swallow bits of these. Most of them are made of rawhide (leather) so you would think it’s ok for them to swallow what is cow skin? Nope, most rawhide is cleaned using chemicals that you would not even touch yourself.

If you can afford it, go for healthier and more natural alternatives. They last much longer so the purchasing price is somewhat ending up costing you less with a long-term vision. The most natural and best dog chew toys are: