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Dog Paw Cleaners – Types, Buying Guide & Reviews

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Published on
Monday 22 April 2019
Last updated on
Tuesday 9 May 2023
best dog paw cleaners
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Are you tired of dealing with muddy and dirty paws? Want to find the best dog paw cleaners and finally enjoy a clean and fresh home after each walk?

Look no further, in this guide we’ll give you all the information you need to pick the right dog paw cleaners. After this, dog walking will become an enjoyable activity from start to end, no matter what the weather!

Damp towels or wet tissues rarely do the job right. You can give your dog a quick shower—but that’s definitely not a great solution if you have to carry your dog all the way to the bathroom.

The goal of every dog owner is to keep their pooch’s paws clean and to keep the house clean and fresh-smelling. Installing a dog paw cleaning station in your entrance is a starting point, but there are other options on the market. Read on and we’ll tell you about them all.

What are Dog Paw Cleaners?

Dog paw cleaners are products designed to clean your dog’s paws. They’re used before you allow your dog into your house or car after they’ve spent time outside. They are used to clean dirt and mud off of your dog’s feet.

Whether you just want to clean dust off or if we’re talking about sodden, muddy paws – cleaners for dog paws get these jobs done fast and effectively. No more smelly and dirty paws leaving traces all over the place.

It’s worth spending some time to take a closer look at these products, as they vary in their functionality. You can find paw wipes, cleaning bushes, paw cleaning solutions, and even stations for washing paws with soapy water. Some products are made to be used indoors, while others work best on your porch or patio.

In order to find the best paw cleaner for your dog, you’ll have to take a few considerations into mind. You’ll need to think about:

  • The length of fur on your dog’s legs
  • Where you’re walking your dog—in the city or in the muddy countryside?
  • How large are your pup’s paws?
  • How smelly your dog’s feet are(!)

When you know the answers to these questions, you’ll know more about what paw cleaning products will suit your fluffy friend.

For example, dogs with long fur on their legs that roam about outdoors can end up getting quite dirty. Also, some dogs have paws that emit a rather strong odor which requires a deodorizing product.

What Are the Different Types of Paw Cleaners for Dogs?

Paw cleaners for dogs come in different forms in order to meet the needs and requirements of different dog owners. This is because the classic paw cleaning wipes just didn’t work for dogs with super furry paws.

To make an informed decision regarding the best dog paw cleaner for your dog—you need to learn more about the different types out there. Then you can see which one is best for you.

Paw Washing Stations

A paw washing station is extremely practical and will definitely remove all the dust and dirt off your dog’s paws. In can be installed outside the entrance to your house, or inside, depending on what you prefer.

The station is really a tray in which you can put soapy water. To avoid accidental spills and splashes, the best dog paw cleaning stations will come with a protective lid. This lid will have a hole in it which your pooch can put their paws through to get cleaned up.

Take one paw at a time and put it in the tray through the hole, then give it a wash. Some paw washing stations feature bristles that will make the cleaning process even more effective. If you ask us, this is the best option when it comes to paw cleaning solutions. It doesn’t matter what dog breed here, as this kind of cleaning station will certainly do a great job.

Paw Cleaning Brushes

It’s very easy to keep your dog’s paws clean with the help of a paw cleaning brush. Plus, it’s a great option for when you’re on the move with your dog.

Let’s say you decide to explore the outdoors with your best friend. You probably don’t like letting your dog into the car with dirty paws – so a paw cleaning brush can help you out here.

Most cleaning brushes come with a small container that can be filled with water as well as a brush (or two, depending on the model). When you brush your dog’s paws, you’ll be able to rinse the dirt off easily with the help of water.

The device is small and easy to carry, allowing you to brush your dog’s paws no matter where you are. The bristles are soft but effective. Plus, the water container is just what you need for when you’re out in the open. A paw cleaning brush will keep those pretty paws clean around the clock.

Paw Cleaning Cups

When a paw washing station is too large for the space you have, think about using paw cleaning cups.

It’s a plastic cup with silicone bristles, that has a special entrance for your dog’s paws. Use plain or soapy water and clean your dog’s paws by putting them into the cup.

The bristles will remove the dirt and dust off their paws – but in order to clean them right, you’ll need to gently move the paw up and down. The paw rubs against the bristles and the dirt stays inside the cup, making it easy to handle muddy paws.

If the paws of your dog are very dirty – you’ll need to replace the water after each paw. Once you’re done, you just need to rinse the cup and it’ll be ready for future cleaning sessions.

Paw Cleaning Pads, Mats and Rugs

Paw cleaning pads, mats, and rugs are great for dogs with a short coat. They’re highly absorbent and these paw cleaning products will rapidly absorb the water and mud off your dog’s paws. You can use these pads as your only dog paw cleaning method, or as a complementary method.

When you place a mat at your entrance, it will help you remove the excess dirt from your dog’s paws. If you need further cleaning, you can use any other dog paw cleaning method. This will finish off the task so you can enjoy a clean dog all day long.

The best part about a cleaning pad is that it can be used in a whole load of situations. They’re great for RVs or tents if you like traveling with your dog.

Overall, paw cleaning rugs help you maintain cleanliness while keeping the dog paw cleaning process easy and convenient. The best dog paw cleaning pads are machine-washable—they’ll always look great and be ready to absorb more mud and dirt.

Paw Cleaning Gloves

Imagine a towel shaped like a glove. Yup, that’s what paw cleaning gloves look like, and they’re used for cleaning your pet fast and easily.

Put the glove on your hand and clean your dog while giving them a gentle pet. It’s a nice process for both you and your pooch. These gloves are made out of highly absorbent, soft material. Mud and dirt will easily come off of your dog’s paws.

These paw cleaning gloves are designed to be used by lefties and right-handers as well. So you can use both hands and still get your dog properly cleaned.

The glove is a very practical dog paw cleaning solution that can be machine-washed and taken wherever you go. Plus, your dog will feel comfortable with it as well as they get a nice stroke. If your dog is not happy putting their paws in a tray or cup, this will make things easier.

Paw Cleaning Wipes

If you’re looking for a quick paw cleaning option that acts as a disinfectant – paw cleaning wipes are just what you need. Dogs can carry bacteria and viruses into the house with their paws. So, wiping them clean while disinfecting them is a good way to keep everyone safe.

Paw cleaning wipes are great, especially for those who live in the city, but always make sure they’re dog-safe. Just check the label of the product, so your pooch doesn’t ingest any bad chemicals or get a skin reaction. The best dog paw cleaning wipes are made for dogs only – never use antibacterial wipes that are made for human use.

How to Pick a Dog Paw Washer?

After a lovely long walk, a dog paw washer with bristles is the best product to have around. It will help you clean your dog’s paws quickly and efficiently. Still, there are some things to consider in order to choose the best paw washer for your dog.


First, you need to think about where and when you’ll use the paw washer. How portable do you need it to be?

Dog paw cleaning stations aren’t easy to carry around, so they are best suited for your house. But, they’re highly effective and will definitely help you clean the dog’s paws after each walk. On the other hand, paw cleaning cups and brushes are smaller and lighter. They can be kept in your car or backpack—great for outdoor adventures with doggo.

Why not keep a paw cleaning station at home and a cleaning cup or brush in your car? This way, you’ll be ready to deal with muddy paws around the clock.

Soft Bristles

Soft bristles are gentle on your dog’s paws when removing trapped dirt. You can easily use them to clean your dog’s paws without causing any discomfort.

A lot of dogs don’t like their paws being brushed and touched. So a soft bristle is more appropriate for them. Due to the length of the bristles, you’ll be able to clean hard-to-reach bits between the paws. Without making your pooch uncomfortable.

Scrub Brushes

A scrub brush will help you a lot when you’re dealing with muddy paws. When there’s a thick layer of mud on their paws, water and wipes won’t do such a great job.

To clean extra dirty paws right, you’ll need a reliable brush after a muddy walk. Only a scrub brush can help you deal with dirt that has managed to dry on your dog’s feet.

Water Reservoir

Will a paw cleaning cup do for your dog, or you need something larger? If you’ve got a puppy, you have to remember that your pup will grow. A cup might be too small in a few months for their paws.

Take the mini Bernedoodle as an example. The expensive Bernedoodle is a playful designer dog breed, which can grow into a medium-sized dog. But they look like little teddy bears as puppies. A cleaning cup does them for their first few months, but you’ll most likely need a larger water reservoir when your dog grows and develops.

Paw cleaning stations will provide plenty of clean water for your dog’s paws, regardless of their size. Just don’t forget to think about this aspect as well when choosing your dog paw cleaning method.

Paw Cleaning Solutions

It’s not just water you can put in a paw cleaning cup or station. You can opt for either DIY soapy water or choose a cleaning product available in pet stores. No dirty paws here—just make sure the solution is 100% dog safe!

Types of Dog Paw Cleaners (Infographic)
The Different Types of Dog Paw Cleaners.

Top 7 Best Dog Paw Cleaners

Now you know about the different options for paw cleaning solutions. But let’s look at a few products in particular.

It can be overwhelming to decide which product is best, so we did the research part for you.

Here is a list of the best dog paw cleaners:

1. Boot Brush

Although marketed as a footwear cleaner, you can definitely use it to clean your dog’s paws as well. It’s operated by hand and cleans paws gently without electricity. The 300 ml water reservoir allows you to rinse the paws as you clean them. The bristles are the perfect length and softness. That means no discomfort for your pooch.

It’s great because it uses water, which makes the cleaning process more effective. It’s small and highly portable, which is another advantage. But, the bristles may be a bit too soft for stubborn dirt.

2. Paw Plunger

This product is great for those looking for a small and practical product. This paw cleaning cup comes in three different sizes. You’ll have to make sure you’re getting the right size for your dog.

Fill the cup with plain or soapy water until you reach the first row of bristles. Plunge each dirty paw in the cup and work the cup up and down. The movement gives those bristles the chance to brush off dirt.

The cup is very easy to use and comes with a protective cap. It has a handle for a convenient grip. It’s also easy to clean. On the downside, you need to replace the water after cleaning each paw for the best results.

3. SKI Innovations Paw Wash Station

This paw was station works super easily and is effective in cleaning paws.

You’ll have to remove the plug of the reservoir and add soap and water to it first of all. Now, before you start cleaning the dog’s paws, tilt the station. This ensures that clean soapy water fills the special paw washing cavity. Place the dog’s paw inside the cavity and gently scrub it against the small fingers located inside the cavity.

Take the clean paw out and wipe it with a towel. Tilt the station to that the dirty water flows into a collecting reservoir. Do the same to fill the cavity with clean soapy water before proceeding to the next paw. When all paws are clean, just empty the dirty water from the collecting reservoir of the station.

The protective lid prevents accidental water spilling and tilting makes sure you have clean water for each paw. It can clean 4 to 8 paws with a single filling of the water reservoir. While it is great for cleaning paws, this isn’t a portable solution.

4. Petware Mudbuster by Dexas

Most paw cleaning cups are hand-operated. But not this one, it works on its own.

Operated by batteries, this cup creates a small water whirlpool that cleans the paws. It also gives your dog a gentle massage. Don’t worry though, the blades are safe. So you can be sure that nothing bad will happen if your dog’s paws touch them.

The cup is larger than usual but can be transported, great for traveling by car. To get your dog’s paws clean, the cup with water and put a paw inside, one at a time. Let the cup do its job for a minute or two, then take the clean paw out.

Not much effort required with this cup, but it’s a bit large for long walks.

5. Portable Cleaning Cup

Your outdoor adventures will become much more enjoyable with this paw cleaning cup. You can easily fit it inside your bag. So you will have a paw cleaning solution with you at all times. Just make sure to have a small bottle of water with you too.

To clean your dog’s paws, just fill the cup with water and place the paw inside. Move the cup up and down a little, allowing the bristles to remove trapped dirt and mud.

This is a portable paw cleaning cup. The bristles are very soft, yet effective in cleaning your dog’s paws. The cup comes with a small towel that can be used to wipe the clean paws dry. One inconvenience is that water will have to be replaced after the cleaning of each paw.

6. Dog Paw Cleaning Glove

It’s so easy to remove dirt and dust off your dog’s paws with this paw cleaning glove.

The material is soft yet absorbent and can be washed in the washing machine. It’s made to fit both the right and left hand, so it can be used by anyone, anywhere. The glove has a loop, so you can hang it wherever you need it. With your fingers, it’s very easy to clean the dirt trapped between the pads of the dog’s paws.

Cleaning and drying this paw cleaning glove is easy. Plus, your dog will enjoy their cleaning time. The only downside is that if you need to scrub stubborn dirt, the glove might be too gentle.

7. Pogi’s Grooming Wipes

Toss a pack of these grooming and cleaning wipes in your bag when you take your dog out for walkies. It’s as easy as that!

These particular paw cleaning wipes are fragrance-free and hypoallergenic. They’re also biodegradable, so disposing of them is environmentally-friendly.

When unfolded, these wipes can clean the paws of big dogs as well. Plus, they contain no harmful chemicals. However, if you have a dog with big, fluffy paws, these wipes may be insufficient.

So there you have it, the best dog paw cleaners out there. Want to read more about getting your dog spick and span? Check out this article about how to bathe your dog.

Dog Paw Cleaners – Types, Buying Guide & Reviews
Dog Paw Cleaners – Types, Buying Guide & Reviews

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