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20 Things To Do With Your Dog In The Summer – Indoor & Outdoor!

Written by Viena
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Published on
Sunday 18 April 2021
Last updated on
Tuesday 9 May 2023
summer activities with dogs
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What time is it? It’s summertime! You’re making arrangements with your loved ones to get together for weekend grills. However, it can be difficult to find ways to enjoy the outdoors and keep safe because of the pandemic. Most of us would resort to stay inside, but even our dogs will feel stressed if they are kept isolated in the house for too long. They need to consume their energy indoors or outdoors.

If you are trying to think of some great summer activities for dogs, here are cordial pet exercises that both you and your dog will appreciate. This blog will suggest indoor and outdoor summer dog activities that both of you will enjoy. Likewise, the blog will answer the frequently asked questions about taking care of dogs during the summer. Let’s get started!

Here’s a list of fun things to do with your dog in the summer.

1. Go Swimming

Swimming with dogs might be at the top of your pet’s list of activities to do in the summer with dogs. It keeps your dog cool amidst the hot weather. However, they will need to stand by until the finish of summer! Dog Swim Days happens every year for a couple of days wherein public pools close for the season and canines take control over the pool. You can also consider using a small pool at home. While it is a fun activity, you still have to watch over your pet and take safety precautions for drowning risks.

2. Go for a Walk or Hike

Taking your canine out in the early morning is a decent propensity to have, particularly throughout the summer. Temperatures around then are as yet gentle, and there is no compelling reason to stress over heatstroke. Also, you can try hiking together! They will adore the nose-to-ground following and getting the miniature critter fragrances. It is one of the best summer dog activities to stay physically fit while bonding together. However, don’t forget to observe and follow local guidelines and protocols regarding the Covid-19 prevention.

3. Take a Vacation

Nothing beats having the calm wind brush your hair as you drive. Choose your destination and get out of town with your best friend. Just you, your dog, and the excursion you both merit. You can search for pet-accommodating lodging facilities or hotels at Airbnb. While taking your buddy on vacation can be incredible fun, it can likewise represent a few difficulties. Only one out of every odd canine, or individual, will appreciate a long drive or a crowded destination.

going on a vacation with your dog
Vacations are fun, but they are even better if you bring your furry friend along!

4. Master Pet-Friendly Desserts

Pick a recipe and spoil your puppy with a custom-made snack. Doesn’t your canine merit a portion of your home cooking? Discover recipes online and learn to make various dog treats such as ice cream, cakes, biscuits. If you’re stuck at home, this activity is the best way to pamper yourself and your dog. It’s worth the time and effort to learn something that will make your pet happy. Satisfy their sweet tooth but don’t forget that some dogs may have food allergies.

5. Trick Training With Your Dog This Summer

There is no compelling reason to stand by until back to school time. Summer is the ideal opportunity to take a class or show your puppy another stunt. Check-in with your nearby SPCA for classes in flyball, nose tracking, agility, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg. Perhaps your canine can utilize training on essential habits. Dogs are intelligent creatures; they can learn anything through consistency. This is also a great way to build a stronger relationship with your best friend.

6. Spa Day – A Great Indoor Dog Activity

Pick a dim day for your doggie’s home spa treatment. Start with a foamy shower, trailed by ear cleaning, nail managing, and a doggie back rub and ear rub. Pop his bedding into the washer and get the grime off his filthy toys for the complete makeover. Consider that some dogs are picky with cleaning products. While you’re busy, pull out those toys you figured your canine would cherish, yet he never utilized. Please drop them off at your nearby safe house!

7. Have a Picnic

Picnics have for quite some time been a staple of summer fun. Why not arrange the one that you can appreciate with your dearest friend on earth? Ensure canines are allowed before you bring yours along. Be mindful so as not to design your picnic at an off-the-rope canine park. Make sure that there’s a shade for your dog to cool off. While there may be drinking fountains, bring your own to keep your dog from dehydrating. Also, don’t forget to practice safety precautions.

8. Go Running With Your Dog This Summer

Nothing tires out a puppy with loads of energy like a long run. A few canines are more qualified for longer distances than others, so consider your puppy’s wellbeing and the temperature outside. Don’t forget to bring fuel, similar to treats and water. When you have a genuine sprinter on your hands, it’s vital to get a chain customized for running. If this turns into a regular movement for you both, check whether you can reliably beat your past time.

9. DIY Toys This Summer for Your Dog

Toys are essential for keeping your canines cheerful and dynamic. However, spending vast loads of cash on them doesn’t need to be. If your dog can tear up a stuffed toy in 20 seconds, it might feel like toy memorial services are going on extremely much of the time. Your well-deserved cash is being tossed out the window. Spend some time making DIY toys using unused things in your home, like old T-shirts or pants, towels, or bed sheets.

10. Dinner Date

Going out on a date with your dog could be challenging. You could begin by going for some espresso when traffic will be moderate. If that works out in a good way, pick a casual restaurant with an outdoor area during a respectably active season of day. Before you know it, your dog will be cheerily lying under your table for a multi-course feast during an ideal time. Look for pet-friendly restaurants, and make sure that your dog will behave well around people.

eat meals with your dog
Additionally, if there are no nearby restaurants that accept dogs, you can just set up a dinner date at home!

11. Take a Swimming Class

Contingent upon the breed, your canine may be natural in the water, or swimming may be challenging. Whether your pup appreciates diving in or wants to remain ashore, it’s fundamental for security that it figures out how to be comfortable in and around water. Hence, you might consider enrolling your pup in dog swimming classes. When you start canine swimming exercises, you must ask a professional to teach your dog. This activity is an excellent combination of training and fun play.

12. Go Shopping

As a canine owner, it is essential to comprehend the actual advantages of your pet’s activity and the intellectual advantages of your connection with them. Toys are an extraordinary method to give this psychological incitement while investing energy with your dog and fortifying the bond you have with them. There are so many different types of toys up on the market nowadays. Challenging your dog to pick out toys can also reduce their risk of not liking what you bought and simply ignoring it.

13. Puppy Parties – A Fun Summer Dog Activity

Dogs shower us with friendship, a wide range of adorableness, and boundless measures of affection. In this way, the least we can do as pet owners are to extoll their brightness at a puppy party! Giving them consistent socialization with their fellow is pivotal and a significant factor in their conduct. Regardless of the event, there are countless inventive approaches to fete the hairy marvels who’ve transformed ourselves to improve things. Don’t forget to follow the local guideline that regards Covid-19 prevention.

14. Doga Session

Doga, also called canine yoga, is a trend made by Suzi Teitelman in 2001 and has been filling in prominence in the yoga community. There are many said advantages of this kind of yoga practice, like quieting hyperactive canines. Many dog owners take this as quality time with their puppy as they participate in the session. While doga sessions are easily accessible via face-to-face classes or zoom calls, you should still consider if your dog is relaxed during that time.

15. Go Camping

Take to the slopes on a dog-friendly weekend outdoors trip. Set up a puppy shelter or go vehicle camping. Find camping resort chains that are dog-friendly, like numerous private campsites and public woodlands. Rules for state parks differ, so look at them before you go. Camping with dogs this summer lessens the stress caused by noise pollution and modern life. Hence, going camping with your best bud is a vital thing to do. Remember always to take precautions when bringing your pet to a foreign place.

16. Watch A Movie

Pack a blanket, a few tidbits, and a glass of wine. Don’t forget the water and a bowl for you-know-who. Pause for a minute or two and have fun! Film nights light up nearby stops all over the country. However, when you want to lay in a comfortable bed, you can tuck in your pup beside you. Pick some movies that feature dogs to spark excitement in your bud. Before anything else, get some snacks and treats as these can help.

17. Take Some Photos

Plan a photoshoot for your dog this summer, and come Christmas season, you’ll be set with photographs for occasion cards and photograph presents. Pick a beautiful day to represent your puppy. Pick a recognizable area, shoot the scene or have a companion take some of you with your dog. Bring toys and whatever you do, remember the treats! What’s more, you can make a fantastic photo book to feature your canine’s attractive features while you’re grinding away. These photos keep memories!

18. Dog Parks

Most puppies are content with a fenced-in territory where they can run off-chain. However, dog parks go far beyond Fido’s most out-of-this-world fantasies. These amazing canine parks show precisely how far we’ll go to show our adoration for our fuzzy buddies. Likewise, it gives them constant interaction with other dogs during summer. While you can, without much effort, discover a dog park, ensure you know how to protect Fido before unclipping the chain. Also, strictly follow Covid-19 prevention guidelines and protocols for your safety.

19. Dog Painting With Your Dog

While your pets can show you their expressions of warmth every day, they can also make you a gift! Get a poster board that is non-poisonous and pet-protected. Also, use launderable paints, and make sure they don’t contain any benzoyl liquor, henna, or xylitol. Cautiously dunk your pet’s paw into the paint. Let them make a mess. Allow them to get imaginative and paint the amount they love you! After accomplishing their artwork, clear off their feet or, even better, shower them!

20. Splash Party

For puppies who love water, a kiddie pool is ideal for having a good time and keeping cool. In any case, if you don’t have one this mid-year, a hose or a sprinkle can be as fun. Turn on the sprinklers and chill your wiener with a simple round of bringing through the water. Welcome the local canines and become the go-to spot in your neighborhood. After the splash party, immediately dry your dog to keep them safe and clean.

How can I keep my dog safe in the summer heat?

Keep your dogs safe from the summer heat by providing them plenty of water. Always give them access to fresh and clean water inside the house, or bring a bottle of one if you plan to go outdoors. Give your dogs a shaded spot to hang out on hot days or keep them inside where there’s cooling. Doghouses are not a safe shelter in the late spring since they can trap heat.

Is it safe to bring your dog out during a pandemic?

Considering that some pets worldwide have been reported to be infected with the virus, it is not purely safe to bring your dog out. However, you still can. Although some areas allow dogs to go out now, it is still essential to practice social distancing and keep you and your dog safe from others.

What can outdoor temperature be considered too hot for dogs?

The generally safe temperature is up to 19°C (68°F). However, be cautious when the mercury transcends this. Indeed, even at temperatures as low as 20°C (70°F), canines are in danger of heatstroke. It happens when dogs are not, at this point, ready to self-direct and keep their temperature at an agreeable level. Hence, it is best to take out your dog when the sun is at its peak.

Can I leave my dog outside in the summer?

While it seems like canines may respond diversely to the climate than people, they can be more helpless to climate limits sometimes. An overall general guideline to utilize is, if the outside temperature is excessively hot or cold for a human to be agreeable, it’s severe for your dog. Hot temperatures joined with stickiness can cause a lack of hydration and heatstroke.

Are dogs less active in the summer?

Dogs are less active in the summer. Going outside to do such a movement sounds awful for us because we would already be able to feel ourselves getting overheated simply considering everything. The dogs feel the same way. It’s, in reality, far more terrible for them since dogs run more blazing than people—a canine’s temperature midpoints between 101 to 102.5 degrees. Include a layer of fur, and things will get hotter, making them less active.

Summer is the best time to reciprocate your dog’s love and affection for you. There are countless dog activities to do in the summer for your dog to enjoy and appreciate. Remember that, like us, our dogs can overheat, dry out, even burn from the sun on the blistering days. So it’s in every case best to plan indoor and outdoor activities before or after the sun’s pinnacle hours. Go pack along loads of new cool water and puppy endorsed sunblock. While it is good to make memories, make sure that activities to do in the summer with dogs are healthy and safe for you and your buddy!

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