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20 Best Dog Documentaries on YouTube, Netflix, Prime Video

Written by Viena
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Published on
Sunday 14 March 2021
Last updated on
Tuesday 9 May 2023
best dog documentaries
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Dogs are one of the most searched pets on the internet, and it’s not shocking to see that there are many dog documentaries available for people to see. Documentaries are also fascinating to watch since they depict your pet’s life through a lens that most dog owners do not see or know.

Moreover, no amount of knowledge about dogs is enough for a dog lover. If you’re a documentary lover alongside a proud doggy parent, we’ve got a treat for you. We’ve handpicked some of the best dog documentaries for dogs on several streaming services – check it out and give it a look!

Top 20 Best Dog Documentaries

Enjoy a day of just chilling with your dog while watching these movies. Read on and find out which documentary is the best for you.

1. Dogs

The first dog documentary is called Dogs and depicts the story about children with disabilities that need special care. It starts with a little girl who frequently suffers from a seizure because of her epilepsy. For the family to live a normal life, they try to get a service dog to care for her.

It also shows different families who are getting service dogs for their children. The whole story will let you see a glimpse of what a family goes through with their child’s condition. It also displays possibilities of what service dogs can do to help children with disabilities.

2. Prison Dogs

The next service dog documentary on the list is Prison Dogs, shown to the public in 2017. This documentary won numerous awards because it’s one of those stories that stir people’s emotions. It is highly recommended to everyone who is searching for a good and inspirational documentary about dogs.

“Prison Dog” revolves around inmates who are assigned to trained service dogs. The story depicts how this new program gives a different excitement and happiness to the inmates. While teaching the puppies, they slowly feel that they are redeeming themselves since they can now help the community. You will genuinely like the whole journey of these inmates and their trained puppies.

3. Pet Fooled

If you are searching for dog movies on Netflix, then you should watch this documentary first. Unlike other dog movies that will make you laugh, this one will make you realize things you never thought of before. Pet Fooled will show you how bad the pet food industry is and how it claims that its products can make pets healthy and strong.

Unfortunately, all of the advertisements they made are wrong and preposterous. If you are a pet lover, this movie will surely help you understand what food is good or bad for your pets.

pet fooled
This movie will help you understand what food is good for your pets.

4. Dogs with Jobs

If you are into more mellow and light dog documentaries, you can watch Dogs with Jobs. This one was released in 2000 and has a fascinating and heartwarming story. It starts with two dogs who have different jobs and how they live with it every day. You will also see how dogs do their jobs as police dogs, rescue dogs, sheepdogs, show dogs, racing dogs, and many others.

Even if you are not a pet owner, you will never go wrong in choosing this movie for your next movie night. Aside from that, your whole family will surely like it as well.

5. Dogs: Big and Small

If you want to know more about dogs and its history, try the documentary “Dogs: Big and Small” It will show you how dogs live their life in the past and how they help humans.

You will also see here how dogs are categorized according to their size and functions to men. Another great thing in this documentary is how dogs are able to change people’s lives and perspectives.

6. Secret Life of Dogs

This documentary the “Secret Life of Dogs” was released in 2013 and shows you different stuff that will make you wonder and more curious about this animal. It tackles a lot of interesting facts and things about dogs that you didn’t know before. The story also discusses different studies of how humans and dogs interact and bond with each other. Aside from that, it also talks about the dog’s origin and how it became the animal we know today.

With all the studies and research, you will get engrossed and enjoy every bit of this documentary. Even if you are not a pet or dog lover, you will definitely enjoy watching this film.

7. Sit Stay Ride: The Story of America’s Sidecar Dogs

Are you searching for a new documentary this Friday night? How about watching Sit Stay Ride, about humans and canines, going out on a ride, and venturing to different places. The documentary will show you how dogs can take an adventure with their human owners on a motorcycle. Every scene will make you excited, especially as you see their fur being blown by the wind while they are sitting in the sidecar.

The visible joy on their faces, both dogs and humans, will make you smile while watching it. You might even try and attempt to do the same thing with your dog. It is really one of the most inspiring and touching films on this dog documentaries list. So try it now and watch it.

8. Through a Dog’s Eyes

Through a Dog’s Eyes” is a touching story between service dogs and their owners who suffer from different diseases and conditions. You will see here their journey, both the service dogs and their recipients, on how they try to interact and bond with each other. Since finding the right match is vital between the dogs and the owner, the film depicts how dogs are given the opportunity to choose their recipient.

You will also see different scenes that show how both humans and dogs work hard for two weeks to create a strong bond. The ending showcases the training graduation of these dogs and new owners, happily leaving with their new family member, hoping that this can change their lives for the better.

9. One Vision – A Guide Dog Documentary

The next documentary on the list is about guide dogs who are being trained by temporary trainers titled “One Vision“. The whole video features how each trainer trains dogs for a year to become a guide dog. You will see here the challenges the trainers face to teach these dogs obedience. Aside from that, it will also show you how they love and care for the dogs.

It is a very touching documentary that will let you see the commitment of the dog trainers. You may even shed a tear or two on the part where they let go of the dogs so they can assist their new owners. Every scene is full of love between dogs and humans, making you feel sad and happy at the same time.

10. Black Beauty Breed

Rottweilers are strong and fearless dogs, and because of that, they are usually misunderstood. This specific breed is actually quite intelligent, devoted, and good-natured. Fortunately, “Black Beauty Breed” will help you pinpoint and understand the beauty of this breed. You will see its abilities and character that you never knew before.

Every scene in this documentary will surely melt your heart and change your perception about Rottweilers. After all, they are one of the oldest breeds, and their origin can be traced back to ancient times.

black beauty breed
You will see the Rottweilers’ character in this documentary.

11. The Champions

Are you searching on various sites for the best dog movies on Netflix 2020? Then look no further. The “Champions” is one of the best documentaries that you will ever find on Netflix. It received many awards as it tackles an intriguing controversy about dogfighting arenas. It shows in the film how dogs are tortured while they are fighting for their lives.

You will surely need to bring many boxes of tissue if you want to watch this documentary. It will make you sad and feel remorse about what these dogs went through. Fortunately, the documentary reported that all dogs are rescued and underwent rehabilitation to get their lives back. In the end, these canines are able to live as normal dogs, and now they are in better situations.

12. Death Row Dogs

Another documentary on the list is Death Row Dogs. The whole story revolves around confined dogs, Pit Bulls specifically because they are deemed not safe and dangerous. The entire movie was criticized by many due to its discrimination against Pit Bulls. It also shows how many people still perceive Pit Bulls as killer dogs, which is not true.

It should be clarified that every dog is capable of hurting people who they perceive as a threat to them. Aside from that, there are also other factors why dogs would attack humans. Unfortunately, this documentary failed to show that, but it doesn’t mean that it’s not a good movie to watch. By watching this documentary, you will be able to see the truth behind the lies about Pit Bulls.

13. A Man and His Dogs

There are many good dog documentaries on Netflix, and ‘A Man and His Dog‘ is one of them. The story starts with Martin Clunes and his three dogs, which are two Cocker Spaniels and a Labrador. They are on a journey in finding out where the bond between humans and dogs started. You will see here how Martin goes to different places to find the answer to his question.

This documentary is a good find, and you will definitely have fun watching it with your friends or family. Everyone can learn a lot of things and understand dogs much better than before by watching this movie.

14. Beyond the Myth

Beyond the Myth was shown in 2010, and it will surely open your eyes to Pit Bull discrimination. This documentary tackles breed-specific legislation, which affects many dogs and families who own them. Prejudice about dogs or a specific dog breed is not new, but the bad effect it brings makes many dogs suffer.

The movie will also show you different things you never thought of but should know, especially how Pit Bulls are discriminated against just because people think they are dangerous. You surely need to add it to your must-watch documentary list.

beyond the myth
The documentary will surely open your eyes to Pit Bull discrimination.

15. Madonna of the Mills

Like other documentaries about dogs, the Madonna of the Mills will also make you feel engrossed in it. This whole movie is full of love and compassion, so you will surely watch it again and again. The whole story begins with a woman who travels to Pennsylvania to rescue these pitiful dogs from a hellish place.

The puppy mills in the film come from an impoverished place, and they live in terrible conditions. Fortunately, they are rescued and given a new home where they can live better. If you are a dog owner, it will surely break your heart to see them live like that.

16. Dog’s Day Out

Dog’s Day Out shows Paul O’Grady and his lovely pet dog called Marcel. It is a very pleasing documentary that will make you smile and laugh at the same time. The dog Marcel is able to steal hearts everywhere it goes. It even makes the resident of Chelsea pensioners laugh with joy with its adorable face.

Aside from Marcel, you will also meet the Alaskan Malamute Honey who is undergoing a diet plan. Paul will even help her lose some pounds until another family adopted her. There are also other dogs in this documentary that will surely make you love dogs more.

17. Man’s Best Friend

The next documentary is also a must-watch documentary. It started with a genetically engineered dog and a reporter who is looking for the next big scoop. The dog named Max escapes from his owner just to be taken by this reporter. Soon after, the two created a bond with each other, but the reporter never thought that Max is no ordinary dog.

Man’s best friend” becomes more interesting when everything changes after Max starts being overprotective and goes on a rampage due to some unforeseen situation. It is a fascinating movie to watch, and it has almost everything you are looking for. It has action, drama, and a lot more, you will definitely not get bored with this movie.

18. Sled Dog Soldiers

If you love Dogs Decoded, you will surely love this next documentary called Sled Dog Soldiers, released in 2012. The story starts in the year 1915, where two officers are given a task to gather 450 dogs from Canada and Alaska. These two French army officers must bring the Sled Dogs within the time limit of 100 days.

If you want to know if they have successfully gotten the dogs or not, you must watch this movie. You will love every scene, especially wherein the Sled Dogs are part of it, and how they played a role in ending WWI.

19. Dog Power

If you like any kind of sports and love dogs, then “Dog Power” is the perfect match for you. It will show different dog sports that you never knew existed before. Besides that, you will also be aware of the different facts about dogs’ sports and Sled Dogs and see here how humans and dogs interact with each other just to reach one goal.

It is a fascinating and fun dog film that you, your friends, and your family will surely love. So it is best to add this to your movie playlist now.

20. A Dog Named Gucci

The film “A Dog Named Gucci” is another tear-jerker movie that will not only make you yearn to protect the main dog character but will also inspire you to be a better pet owner and a better person. This follows the life of an abused dog named Gucci, who is rescued by Doug James from being killed by fire perpetrated by evil people in their neighborhood in Alabama. After their fateful encounter, Doug James helps Gucci heal the scars left by long-term abuse of his assailants. The movie also depicts how these two are able to bring to justice the evil people who harmed Gucci amidst difficulties and challenges.

Although this movie starts with a rather disturbing beginning, you will surely love how Doug and Gucci are able to triumph over bad people. This movie is an inspiring story that will encourage you to be the voice of those who are weak and abused.

There are now many documentaries about dogs available for you to watch including those about military dogs and the shocking BBC documentary The Dog Factory. The suggested films on the list are definitely a must-watch to broaden your understanding of your furry friends. Hopefully, this article can help you choose the next movie for a movie date with your dog. Happy watching!

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