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All Dog Breeders Are Puppy Mills (That’s What They Say)

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Published on
Friday 20 March 2015
Last updated on
Tuesday 9 May 2023
We live in a world where if you sold one dog, you will be called a backyard breeder.
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Enough is enough. Spend five minutes in the middle of dog breeders and dog owners and you will hear them say how despicable dog breeders are. How disgusting it is for a dog breeder to try to market his dogs to make a profit. How nobody should ever treat dogs as commercial goods or products. How dare breeders put a price tag on their dogs.

It is time for a good rant because too many people do not get it: all breeders are puppy mills, yes, perhaps in your own precious little IMAGINATION.

Every Dog Breeder Is a Business. Full Stop.

First, let’s define what a business is.


  1. a person’s regular occupation, profession, or trade.
  2. commercial activity.

Commerce is the activity of buying and selling so as soon as you start selling dogs, you are doing business, a dog-related business. As soon as you are breeding dogs that you will sell, you are engaged in a dog breeding business. It is as simple as that, at least literally.

A puppy mill in Canada
What a REAL puppy mill looks like… (Credits: nopuppymillscanada)

The Shame of Being Smart at Breeding Dogs

The issue with dog breeding and the breeding community, whether it is on an online message board or in a ringside, is that everybody has been conditioned to think that making a profit out of a living being is a crime. Well, it is not. And honestly, it is actually required for any breeder to generate profits in order to reinvest more into his dogs and grow his dog breeding business.

Being a good breeder used to mean being good with dogs; but nowadays, this is not enough. Dog food is expensive, even when it is homemade, and vet bills along with show fees are emptying everybody’s pockets. It is vital to see dog breeders who manage to make money out of their activity as a hero rather than traitors.

[pullquote-left]It is easier to push others down than lift yourself up.[/pullquote-left]

What I said in The Dog Breeder’s Handbook, our popular ebook for dog breeders, is that “Failing is saying you are happy with what you have because you can’t get what you want.” Indeed, most breeders are doing fantastic with dogs but suck at being good entrepreneurs, good businessmen. They suck at marketing their affix and brand, and they suck even more at generating enough revenue to make a good profit.

Success Is Not a Bad Word, Even When It Is About Selling Dogs

Turning a passion into a business does not mean becoming a profit-obsessed entrepreneur. We want you to start and run a responsible and ethical dog breeding business. One that is profitable and successful for you to grow and expand as much as for your dogs to stay healthy and improve the breed. Trust me, it is far from being antithetical.

Like any business, some will do it with care, love, and passion, others will do it grossly and irresponsibly just to make money. It is not any breeder’s fault if some incompetent and profit-obsessed breeders could not care less about the quality of their dogs or the quality of their clients. Yes, clients. They paid for their dog, they are clients. And no, it does not allow them to treat their dog poorly.

Briard Dog Show
A typical Briard dog show. (Credits: M&R Glasgow under CC2.0)

Common Bull***t

[pullquote-right]Failing is saying you are happy with what you have because you can’t get what you want.[/pullquote-right]

If you have ever spent an afternoon with other dog breeders, you will quickly understand that there is nothing stronger than the hate poured over one breeder by two other breeders.

A good dog breeder has a waiting list, he does not advertise his litters.

Good breeders are not online, they are busy breeding.

His dream is to be a puppy mill, he is just a backyard breeder lol.

Responsible breeders are not making a profit, or barely.

This is just a selection of stupidities heard in shows and read online. Again, these people say that because they breed their dogs very well but cannot fathom that another breeder can breed as good dogs as them while making more money. It is easier to push others down than lift yourself up. And sadly, this is what most dog-related professionals do, all day, all night, because they have not the resources to do the climb and get better at what they suck at – e.g. business savviness.

Stop Sign

These spiteful breeders often don’t realize that they are also selling dogs, they are also commercial breeders, they are also making a profit (as little as it can be.) It is almost a good thing to fail at selling good and healthy dogs: the sole fact of making a profit with a great dog is considered as a shame by most dog breeders. It does not even make sense.

And while responsible breeders are fighting and accusing each other of being puppy farmers, those that really suck at breeding quality dogs but shine at selling dogs for profit, are growing their puppy mills and expanding.

Good job Breeding Community,
You’re doing great at shooting the wrong guys.

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