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The Dog Factory – Replay of the Shocking BBC Documentary

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Published on
Friday 17 April 2015
Last updated on
Tuesday 9 May 2023

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The Dog Factory BBC Documentary 2015
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Using secret filming, reporter Sam Poling follows the supply of the multimillion-pound world of the dog trade. BBC Scotland says a third of all dogs bought these days are believed to have come from puppy mills using unethical breeding methods.


The Dog Factory is available on BBC iPlayer until the 13th of May 2015 for UK residents.

The Dog Factory will be broadcasted at 21:00 on Wednesday 15 April on BBC One Scotland, and BBC One Northern Ireland. You can watch it in England on SKY Channel 977 (BBC One Scotland.)

Quoted from an article on BBC’s website that I recommend everybody to read, we can understand in which conditions these poor dogs are bred. This is beyond unacceptable for any human creature, let alone a family pet.

During filming at the kennels, the BBC found hundreds of breeding bitches in battery-farmed conditions.

The investigation discovered traders hiding behind fake identities online to profit from the illegal sales of puppies. They found one such dealer, Liz Baird, who had previously been prosecuted and banned, advertising puppies for sale online under a number of false names.

Puppy Farm Conditions (Secret Footage)
The team also looked at the conditions in Furnish Kennels in Northern Ireland, filming after dark (credits: BBC)

The journalists and reporters tried to get in contact with as many malevolent breeders and they succeeded at tracking down a man named Mr. O’Neill who regularly travels between Scotland and Ireland to restock on dogs.

The cameras have been following the supply chain from source to sale. In the documentary, Michaela Harvey says Ms Baird sold her a Jack Russell-Pug crossbreed puppy for £395 in an Ayrshire car park. The dog, named Bane, fell ill and died three days later.

Secret filming of Mr O’Neill revealed he was making buying trips to the Republic of Ireland and illegally bringing back hundreds of dogs to Scotland, without pet passports or rabies injections. He refused to take part in the programme

We will do our best to legally share the documentary with you, if possible, in the next days.

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