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10 Best Dog Car Seat Covers for SUVs, Cars & Trucks

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Published on
Wednesday 22 March 2017
Last updated on
Tuesday 9 May 2023
Best Dog Car Seat Covers for Cars, SUVs and Trucks
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Traveling with your dog is a nice and exciting activity. However, if you are worried about the car seats getting peed on or dirty, then you must get a durable dog car seat cover. Whether you are driving a car, SUV, or truck, we have prepared the best one for you.

So, check out the top car seat covers for SUVs, cars, and trucks below.  

10 Best Dog Car Seat Cover Protectors for SUVs, Cars & Trucks

The best dog car seat cover does not only protect your car from dog odor and other things that might happen. It should also protect your dog from harm. Before we dig into the top 10 best car seat protectors, here is our best pick:

Our Best Pick:

The VIEWPETS Bench Car Seat Cover Protector is our overall best pick because of its protection against fur, pee, and other dirt. Aside from that, it also offers comfort to your dog. It also keeps your car’s back seat from scratches, smudges, and other things.

Here are the other car seat cover that you may like:

Product NameBest FeatureSizeDurability Scale (1-10)Rating
1. VIEWPETS Bench Car Seat Cover ProtectorMade with high-quality, waterproof, and scratch-proof material49″ L x 56″ W94.7
2. URPOWER Dog Seat CoverThe side flaps have zippers which makes it easier for senior dogs to get in and out of the car58″ L x 54″ W94.6
3. iBuddy Dog Car Seat Covers for Back SeatIt is made with a breathable mesh.58″ L x 54″ W84.6
4. Vailge Dog Seat Cover for Back SeatThis is the only one on the list with two available sizes.Standard: 56”W x 60”L
X-Large: 60″W x 64″L
5. Lassie Dog Car Seat Covers for Back SeatIt includes two dog seatbelts. 54″ W x 58″ L84.6
6. Lusso Gear Dog Car Seat Cover for Back SeatIt has 4 layers of oxford fabric for extra protection.58″ L x 54″ W94.6
7. Chumajor 5-in-1 Dog Car Seat Cover for Back SeatIt consists of 6 layers of protective cloth.58″ L x 54″ W94.6
8. Active Pets Dog Back Seat Cover ProtectorIt is made with durable 600D oxford fabric.58″ L x 54″ W84.6
9. Meadowlark XL Premium Hammock Dog Car Seat CoverIt has double-zippered side flaps and is available in standard and extra-large sizes.60″W x 64″L8.54.6
10. Mancro Dog Car Seat Cover for Back SeatIt has 2 extended side flaps that protect the overall side of the car.58″ L x 54″ W74.5
10 Best Dog Car Seat Covers for SUVs, Cars & Trucks

1. VIEWPETS Bench Car Seat Cover Protector

On top of the list is the Viewpets Bench Car Seat Cover Protector. This seat cover protects your car’s interior from scratches, pee, and hair. It also gives comfort to your dog while traveling with you. Additionally, this car seat protector can also keep your back seat from mud, juice, and other kinds of mess that passengers can do.

This car seat cover is made of quality, scratch-proof, durable, and waterproof materials. It also has a non-slip feature at the bottom and at the side flaps to keep it in place while driving. Moreover, it is easy to install and clean. You just have to tuck in the 2 seat anchors, put the 2 straps over the headrests, and wrap 2 elastic straps around the corners of the back seat.

Another good thing about this is that it is machine washable. You can also clean it using a vacuum cleaner or just a damp cloth. Moreover, it can fit most vehicles since it has a universal size of 49″ L x 56″ W. Also, most reviews from customers are positive and only a few have negative feedback about the product.


  • Scratchproof and water-resistant surface
  • Easy to clean
  • It makes your dog comfortable
  • Easy to install


  • Fur can get stuck
  • Some owners mentioned it’s slippery

2. URPOWER Dog Seat Cover

URPOWER Dog Seat Cover offers full coverage and protection with its side flaps. It keeps your car’s back seat door free from scratches and other messes. The side flaps have zippers which makes it easier for senior dogs to move in and out of the car.

Moreover, this dog car hammock can easily be converted into a trunk cargo liner or dog bench seat cover. It also fits most cars, SUVs, and trucks with a maximum open size of 58″ L x 54″ W. It provides overall back seat protection and comfort for your dog.

Furthermore, it is made with 4 layers of fabric which are also water- and wear-proof. It also saves your car’s seat from any liquid, mud, fur, and other debris. The surface is also safe and non-slip. Therefore, it protects your dog from slipping and bumping around the car.


  • Can be installed easily
  • Easy to clean
  • It has zippers
  • Provides convenience and comfort for both the driver and the dog


  • Some customers complained because of the thin material used
  • The seams might start to reap after a few months

3. iBuddy Dog Car Seat Covers for Back Seat

Third on the list is the iBuddy Dog Car Seat Covers. It is compatible with different units of cars so you won’t have to worry about its size and fit. Just like the first two car seat covers, it will protect your car seats from liquid, hair, dirt, and scratches.

Moreover, this dog seat protector is made with a breathable mesh that provides a great flow of air. It also keeps your dog warm or cool. With its see-through barrier, you can also keep an eye on your dog. It also reduces their anxiety since they can see you through the mesh.

Furthermore, the side flaps of this dog seat cover also have zippers that can protect your dog from injury during sudden brakes and turns. Aside from the protection, your dog will also feel comfortable because of the extra pads. The bottom part is also secured with its non-slip surface.


  • It is machine washable
  • Provides maximum comfort and protection
  • It is easy to install and has quick-release clips


  • The mesh can be torn easily by large dogs
  • Some customers have an issue with the overall durability

4. Vailge Dog Seat Cover for Back Seat

Another wonderful and worth it car seat cover is the Vailge back seat dog cover. This car seat cover comes in two sizes–the standard (56″ W x 60″ L) and Extra Large (60″W x 64″ L). Also, this car seat cover can be converted from a standard bench coverage to a dog car hammock.

Moreover, Vailge dog car seat cover protects the whole back seat from any kind of dirt, fluid, hair, scratches, and other damage. Because of its two sizes, it is suitable for cars, SUVs, and trucks. Moreover, this car seat cover has a breathable mesh window that allows you to see your dog and allows air to circulate better.

Additionally, the mesh cover also reduces your dog’s anxiety while traveling since it can see you. This dog car seat cover has two water-resistant layers–the 600D oxford coating and the tpu which is another waterproof covering. The side flaps are also convertible which allows your dog to get in and out of the car conveniently.


  • It has a nonslip surface
  • It comes with a dog seat belt for extra protection
  • Has a breathable mesh


  • Not suitable for multiple dogs
  • The seat belt is not high-quality

5. Lassie Dog Car Seat Covers for Back Seat

The fifth on the list is the Lassie Dog Car Seat Covers for Back Seat. It comes with a universal size of 54″ W x 58″ L which can cover several sizes of back seats as well. Also, it is scratchproof, waterproof, and nonslip on the bottom and on the surface.

Moreover, this seat cover includes two seatbelts which provide additional safety for your dog. The side flaps allow your dog to get in and out of the car quickly. Additionally, it is easy to clean using a damp cloth or a vacuum cleaner. It has two layers of waterproof oxford fabric. They also used a heat-pressing technology without needle holes ensuring the surface was waterproof.

Furthermore, it has velcro slits that allow the easy use of seatbelts. Aside from durability, it also offers 100% comfort for your dog to stay comfortable during the whole travel.


  • It includes 2 seatbelts
  • Made with oxford fabric
  • Easy to clean
  • Promotes durability


  • The material is thinner than other products on the list
  • It has a chemical smell

6. Lusso Gear Dog Car Seat Cover for Back Seat

Lusso Gear Dog Car Seat Cover has four layers of waterproof and long-lasting oxford fabric. These layers of fabric protect your car from scuffs, scratches, mud, shedding, and other forms of debris. This car seat protector has a universal size that fits almost all back seats of cars, SUVs, and trucks.

Additionally, it has full coverage flaps that protect the front and side of the car. It is also easy to install and remove with its security anchors and straps. Moreover, the bottom surface has a non-slip feature that makes sure the seat cover is in place at all times and doesn’t leave any stains or marks on the leather seat.

Furthermore, the Lusso Gear seat protector does not cover access to seatbelts and latch points. It is also easy to clean and machine washable.


  • It has a center console access
  • It is machine washable
  • Won’t absorb any odor
  • Available in black, gray, and tan colors


  • Some customers had issues with the straps

7. Chumajor 5-in-1 Dog Car Seat Cover for Back Seat

Next on the list is the Chumajor 5-in-1 dog seat protector. If you purchase this brand, you can easily switch to 5 different styles. You can have the regular dog car hammock, front car seat protector, back seat cover, trunk cargo liner, and even a picnic blanket!

It has a zipper design for you to easily adjust it to your needs. Moreover, it is easy to install and remove. Aside from the 5 styles, it also offers 5 levels of protection for your dog and car. It is made with high-quality materials. It has 6 layers of waterproof cloth that is scratchproof, breathable, and easy to clean. Moreover, it can accommodate almost every size of the car seat with its universal size.


  • It has 6 layers of durable fabric
  • Can be used in 5 different ways
  • It keeps your car seat clean and dry


  • The barrier is not high enough for big dogs

8. Active Pets Dog Back Seat Cover Protector

Active Pets Dog Car Seat Cover promotes durability and comfort. It assures the customers that their seat protectors will really protect car seats from dog claws and dirty paws. Active Pets dog car seat cover uses high-quality padding to make sure that it will last for a longer period of time.

Just like most products on the list, this dog seat cover also uses a universal size which means it can be used in different cars, SUVs, and even trucks. Moreover, it is easy to install, easy to clean, and remove from the back seat.

You don’t have to worry about fur and hair all around your car seat because you can easily vacuum those with this seat cover made with 600D Oxford fabric. Aside from that, it is comfortable for your dog and it is water-resistant. It also includes 2 seat anchors to keep the back seat cover in place and 4 headrest anchors.


  • Promotes both comfort and durability
  • Can be used as a hammock, bench cover, and trunk cover
  • It has a non-slip backing
  • Easy to clean and install


  • It has a strong odor
  • Some customers find it wearing out after a year

9. Meadowlark Dog Car Seat Cover

Ninth on the list is the Meadowlark XL premium dog hammock. Meadowlark offers both the standard and the extra large sizes of dog car seat protectors. Similar to the other products on the list, this car seat protector ensures that your car is protected from dirt, liquid, shedding hair, and even scratches.

Moreover, Meadowlark car seat covers are made with the highest quality materials that are non-slip and waterproof. It also has extra padding for additional comfort. Also, to make it more durable, it has 4 layers of double-stitched fabric that ensure the quality of the car seat cover.


  • It is made with the top-tier materials
  • Has an extra padding
  • Offers standard and extra large sizes


  • Some customers had issues with the padding’s durability

10. Mancro Dog Car Seat Cover for Back Seat

Last but not least is the Mancro dog car seat protector. This car seat cover prevents your dog’s claws from leaving marks on the leather surface of the back seat. Also, this seat protector has 2 extended side flaps that protect your car’s sides from scratches, bites, and other incidents.

If you prefer allowing your dog to peek through the window, the sides of this dog car seat cover are perfect as they do not block the view. Moreover, this is made with 600D polyester fabric that is waterproof and stain-proof.

Furthermore, it can also act as a trunk cargo liner, dog hammock, and bench car seat cover. You can also use it as a camping mat. Additionally, this car seat cover is lightweight and easy to clean. You can wash it in the washer or vacuum it. It is also suitable for small dogs.


  • It can be used as a hammock, bench cover, trunk cargo liner, and camping mat
  • Made with polyester fabric
  • It has a non-slip rubber backing


  • It is not suitable for big dogs
  • The front side is not very rigid

What to Look For in a Dog Car Seat Cover

In order for you to get the best dog car seat cover, then you must look at the factors that we have listed below.

Safety Features

Having your dog on your road trips is like bringing a child. Keeping them safe should be your top priority. Using a dog seat cover can either protect your car and your dog or put them in danger. Therefore, look for safety features such as locks, elastics, and other parts that can help fasten the cover to the back seat. Also, make sure that your dog has a harness or a leash.


It will save you tons of money and time if you settle for a dog car seat cover that is durable. Some car seat covers are made of leather and some are made with waterproof fabric. A durable car seat cover may be expensive at first, but it can stand the test of time farther.


Your dog may not always be with you when you go outside. So, a portable, easy-to-keep car seat cover can help you a lot. You will have no problem setting it up and keeping it away when the travel is done.

Easy to Clean

Most of the dog car seat covers that we feature in this article are all easy to clean and even machine washable. Since these covers are huge and can be heavy when wet, you need to look for something that is easy to clean and that is low maintenance.

Non-Slip Surface

Another very important feature of a car seat protector is a non-skidding surface, whether at the top or at the bottom. Dogs do not like the feeling of sliding down constantly. Therefore, the car seat cover should be non-slip and can stay in its place.

Easy to Install

Dog car seat covers can be heavy. So, make sure to choose the one that is easy to install. Most of the products above are easy to use and install.


Back seat covers usually follow universal sizing. Therefore, most car seat covers fitted in a Honda Civic, then it can fit in a truck. However, they don’t follow exact measurements, so there’s a chance sometimes that the back seat covers are useless.

dog car seat covers infographic
Infographic: what matters when buying the best dog seat cover!

Dog Car Seat Covers: FAQs

If you still have questions about the best car seat covers, here are our answers to some of the frequently asked questions!

What is the toughest seat cover material?

The toughest dog seat cover is the Cordura. Cordura Nylon is one of the most famous fabrics in the past. People still use it for jackets, motorcycle parts, and other equipment.

Do dog car seat covers work?

Yes. Dog car seat covers can really protect your car’s back seat from scratches and other damages. It also protects the surface of the back seat from urine, hair, and vomit. Moreover, it supports your dog at the back while you are traveling.

Are dog seat covers safe?

Yes, dog car seat covers are safe for dogs. It also keeps them comfortable in the back seat. If there are sudden breaks, your dog will not directly be pushed at the front of the car.

Which seat cover is better leather or fabric?

Both leather and fabric are good materials for dog car seat covers. However, cloth or fabric is more breathable and will not get hot easily unlike leather. Sitting or even lying down for a longer period of time on a cloth car seat cover is better than leather as well. But leather is more durable than normal fabrics.

Do dog hammocks work?

Dog car hammocks can successfully provide protection and barrier from the front and back parts of your car. Dog hammocks can also keep your dog comfortable in the back seat while keeping you focused on your driving.

What size seat cover do I need?

Most dog car seat covers offer a universal size which is good if you have multiple vehicles. If you want a perfectly fitted car seat cover, then you just have to measure the length, width, and height of your car’s back seat.

Most dogs love traveling and going on an adventure. However, as an owner, you should make sure that your dog is comfortable and protected. You should also make sure that your car’s back seat is protected. To accomplish both, choosing the best dog car seat cover can help you a lot.

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