3 Best Dog Car Seat Covers for SUVs, Cars & Trucks

3 Best Dog Car Seat Covers for SUVs, Cars & Trucks
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Using dog car seat covers helps dog owners keeping their cars clean worldwide. The best dog car seat covers aren’t just large pieces of fabric or plastic thrown over your backseat bench; and if you think so, you’re poised to having your car seats damaged severely within weeks.

Car seat covers for dogs are simple, cheap and definitely a useful alternative to proper dog car seats. The latter option is recommended if your dog can get a little excitable and out of hand while you’re driving. Because seat covers are so cheap and useful to owners of both a car and a dog, it’s a no-brainer purchase.

While the temptation is high to buy a cheap dog car seat cover, it’s definitely not a recommended move. Top bench seat covers are priced around $20-30 and the difference is massive in terms of quality of manufacturing and level of protection.

Dog Car Seat Covers — What's Important?

dog car seat covers infographic
Infographic: what matters when buying the best dog seat cover!

When choosing your dog car seat cover, please consider the following important features and characteristics to avoid picking the wrong product.

Size — obviously, you do want to find a seat cover that will cover the entire bench and not just fall short of few inches! Depending on your vehicle, you may have specific requirements especially for large trucks since your vehicle’s configuration is different than most SUVs and regular cars.

Material — dogs can, amongst a lot of other things, chew and scratch; make sure the material used to conceive the car seat cover of your choice is going to last! Durability is an important factor here and the cheapest dog car seat covers under $10 will fail here after a few weeks, if not days. There is no perfect material as either plastic or fabric can both last as long as they are of premium quality.

Waterproof — even if your dog is potty trained, he or she can be wet after an intense play in the wood or by the pond! Having a waterproof dog car seat cover is a must, otherwise, you will inevitably end up with dirty seats. Always drive with a largely dry and clean towel just to sponge up excess dirt or water.

Setup System — unlike dog car seats, covers are somewhat more final so you set it up once and leave it there for an unlimited amount of time. You usually only detach it for quick wash-ups. So the anchoring system matters and you want something sturdy rather than quick to setup. It’s not rocket science and usually takes a couple of minutes maximum:

  1. either lock the anchors to your car’s seat belt system
  2. or hook the dog seat cover to the headrest using handle straps
  3. or both at the same time in some products

Seat Belt Openings — if you are going to have a human and a dog at the back, you do want to make sure your favorite dog car seat cover offers openings to allow access to the car’s seat belt system.

Look & Feel — this is very personal and up to each and every one of you: do you like quilted bench covers or bright colors? Black is always recommended to avoid too visible stains.

Top 3 Best Dog Car Seat Covers

Let’s look at the 3 best dog car seat covers in our reviews below.

Remember that many dog owners want to use a leash acting as a restraining tether to avoid a wandering dog in the car causing an incident or worse, accident. Car seat covers for dogs are almost always machine-washable so this is how you can avoid having a bad dog smell taking over your vehicle. Make sure you wash it every time it gets visibly dirty or weekly, whichever comes first.

1. BarksBar Luxury Pet Car Seat Cover

BarksBar is considered the best pet car seat cover out there without any doubt. Despite the great specs listed below, it also offers great features such as built-in rubber nonslip backing and heavy metals free of lead, mercury, and lead.

  • Size: available in two sizes; either Standard (54″ x 58″) for most vehicles or X-Large (60″ x 64″) for larger cars, SUVs, and trucks
  • Material: heavy-duty polyester with Color-Fast technology to avoid color bleeding, the polyester used is heavy-duty to ensure durability
  • Waterproof: not one, not two, but a triple-layered waterproof protection and extra padding for better comfort
  • Setup System: a convertible system to use as standard bench cover or hammock-style full protection
  • Seat Belt Openings: designed with built-in openings to allow access and use of the car’s seat belt system
  • Look & Feel: luxury feel thanks to the quilted pattern and triple-layer padding protection

Overall, the BarksBar Car Seat Cover For Dogs has the best value for money amongst our top picks. It’s relatively low priced and has everything a car owner will need. It will last you for years, no doubts, and it has over 1,700 customer reviews with an average of 4.5+ ratings at the time of writing (January 2019) on some famous online stores.

2. Epica Luxury Deluxe Pet Car Seat Cover

My second favorite pick, this Epica seat cover is a good product with a quality puncture-resisting polyester fabric and comes in two colors: black or green. There is also a very appreciated 100% money-back satisfaction guarantee.

  • Size: one size that will suit most vehicles, cars, and SUVs (56″x47″)
  • Material: made of heavy-duty polyester that resists punctures and intensive chewers
  • Waterproof: has a waterproof lining to protect against spills, pee and regular wetness
  • Setup System: can attach anchors to the seatbelt system and secure the cover with headrest loopy straps
  • Seat Belt Openings: open slots for easy access to seat belts
  • Look & Feel: the quilted fabric gives it a precious feel but lacks a bit of padding

Despite the lack of padding, the Epica Dog Car Seat Cover is a great product that is faster to set up and remove in comparison to the other reviewed products. It is, like most dog car seat covers, very easy to clean in a washing machine and it’s super fast to dry up.

3. AmazonBasics Waterproof Bench Seat Cover

AmazonBasics is Amazon’s own range of pet products and they usually are good enough for most situations. All in all, this AmazonBasics bench seat cover is good enough:

  • Size: one size (roughly 56″ x 47″) that will fit most cars and SUVs (not trucks)
  • Material: made from 100% polyester, not completely heavy-duty but strong enough for large dogs
  • Waterproof: regular water-resistance
  • Setup System: triple attachment system using seat anchors, elastic straps and headrest loops
  • Seat Belt Openings: easy access to the car’s seat belts if necessary
  • Look & Feel: doesn’t necessarily look cheap, but definitely not a super sturdy feel to it

Definitely a good product overall, it still has some shortcomings especially at how efficient the straps are at holding it in place. More attention to detail and a more practical design would rank it much higher. Sometimes it is better to add that extra $10 and get a product of much better craft like the BarksBar dog seat cover.

Buying the best dog car seat cover is not a complicated task as long as you make sure it is waterproof, heavy-duty and big enough. Obviously, pick a product with a solid anchoring system that you can trust and rely on.

Our favorite is the BarksBar dog car seat cover simply because it has everything other products have but also boasts some useful additions such as a non-slip backing and triple-layered waterproofing.