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Underground Dog Houses – Benefits, Buying Guide & DIY

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Published on
Monday 2 December 2019
Last updated on
Tuesday 9 May 2023
underground dog houses
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Many people have dog houses for their furry friends. However, some people like to go the extra mile and get underground dog houses to enhance insulation and their dog’s privacy. Like you, your dog also deserves a place to rest and relax after a long hard day of chasing squirrels in the backyard.

As the name suggests, these dog houses are underground and may become your dog’s favorite spot to rest and relax. If your dog enjoys their nap time and needs personal space, then underground dog houses provide solace and comfort.

In addition to this, various dog breeds exhibit different needs for comfort — some like their resting place to be quiet so that they are not disturbed during their naps. Furthermore, some breeds value their personal space and distance a lot. For this, the newest doghouse trend is underground dog houses that provide your dog with exactly the amount of space and comfort that they need.

What Is An Underground Dog House?

An underground dog house is a den buried under the ground with an entrance at ground level from which your dogs can enter freely to sleep and relax. You need to simply dig up some space in your garden or backyard and install the house according to the instructions that come with the package.

Installing these houses is extremely easy and convenient. In addition to this, they have various benefits. These include natural protection from the weather since your dog will be protected from both the heat and the cold when they are inside their little dog den.

Other benefits include the cozy and dry environment an underground dog house creates for your dog. Water does not go inside, and the place is designed to stay dry to ensure the comfort of your little buddy.

Underground houses for dogs sound fun and exciting, however, they do have some disadvantages. For example, these houses can prove difficult to clean and maintain. You will have to use longer brushes that reach the underground.

Another problem you could face is finding the right size house for your dog. These houses don’t have a standard size, and you will need to choose a size according to your breed so that your dog can comfortably fit in the house.

However, if you buy the right size and use the right tools to clean your underground dog house, you will not have to worry about maintaining it, and you will also be able to enjoy all of its benefits.

Benefits of an Underground Dog Houses

Underground dog houses are the newest trend for a variety of reasons. They have various benefits that set them apart from regular dog houses.


Staying warm during winters is incredibly important for your dog. Despite their fur and their ability to warm themselves, dogs need some extra help staying warm in harsh cold weather.

An insulated dog house makes your dog feel cozy and safe. Most people use electric heaters and heat lamps to warm and insulate their dog houses. However, for underground dog houses, you do not need to provide extra insulation.

These houses regulate their temperature since they are under the ground. They will not only create a warm, insulated environment for your dog but will also cut the cost you probably would have had to spend on artificial heating and insulation tactics for your dog house.

In addition to this, since you won’t be spending any money on electric heaters, you will not only save money, but your dog will also be protected from the dangerous cables and wires that come with these electric heaters.

Staying cool during hot weather

Another advantage of these houses is that they will not only help your dog feel warm in winter but also help them stay cool during the hot weather. Underground dog houses provide an excellent place to get shelter from the glaring sun during the summer season.

Unlike regular dog houses, these will not heat up because they are located right under the ground. You can also keep the underground dog house cool by watering the grass above it. This way, you will not have to invest your money in getting an air conditioner to cool your dog’s house.

Furthermore, your dog will get immediate relief and protection from the sun and can immediately run into their underground house as soon as the sun comes up, and the weather starts getting hot.

Personal space

Like us, dogs also need their privacy and space. Regular dog houses that are above the ground do not guarantee this privacy. This is due to several reasons. The most obvious one being that ordinary dog houses are above the ground, and your dog is always exposed to everyone.

Dogs are sensitive animals and enjoy their own time as much as we do. For this, underground dog houses provide an excellent opportunity for your dog to relax and enjoy their personal space.

Certain dog breeds require a certain level of personal space. It makes them feel happier and more content. In these underground dog houses, they can spend time exclusively with themselves and unwind after a long, hard day of activities and fun.

Less noise

If your dog likes their personal space, chances are they also like to enjoy some peaceful alone time. These underground dog houses provide the perfect quiet space for your little furry friend.

They can relax and sleep in peace under the ground without being disturbed by the loud noises that are created by traffic and humans above the ground. They will also have a better, more satisfying night’s sleep and will wake up more refreshed and energetic.

In addition to this, older and sick dogs require a more peaceful environment. Some of them are sensitive to sound and require undisturbed sleep. This dog house will ensure that all kinds of dogs get the relaxation they require by protecting them from loud and disturbing noises.

More privacy

These houses are amazing because of the privacy they provide. Your dog will crawl into their fortress that will not only protect them from the harsh weather and loud noises but will also give them the private time they need.

No one will be able to disturb your dog when they are inside their little underground house and your dog can have some quality time with themselves. Like humans, animals also deserve the right to privacy and personal space.

Giving your dog the privacy they deserve is important because that shows how much you love and respect them. For all these reasons and more, it is a good idea to buy an underground dog house for your dog.

setup an underground dog house
Setting up an underground dog house only takes an hour or two – the time needed to dig up the ground properly and install the underground housing!

How To Avoid Flooding in an Underground Dog House?

Underground dog houses are usually safe from water and flooding. They have a cover at the entrance that is around 3-4 inches long. This cover protects the dog house by not letting water enter.

In addition to this, the house itself is 3-4 feet deep, which helps the house not flood quickly, and the cover of the house is made of plastic. This helps because plastic does not absorb moisture and thus protects the dog house from accumulating water and getting damp.

However, in some extreme cases of rain or water accumulation, water may enter the dog house and flood it. There are a few ways to avoid this from happening.

A simple way is to find out which direction the rain falls in, and position the opening of your dog house in a way that it is located in the opposite direction. This way, the rain will not enter and accumulate inside the house.

You can also use plastic sheets and other covers to protect the opening of your dog house so that water does not enter it. And most importantly, you should use a patch of land to install your dog house that is not prone to flooding or water accumulation.

All this should surely help you keep the dog house dry and cozy for your little friend!

How to Keep Predators Away From Underground Dog Houses?

It is important to keep your pet safe from various other animals that could harm them. If you live in a region where there is an abundance of poisonous snakes or other dangerous insects, you must take necessary precautions to protect your dog from those.

For this, you can regularly clean your pet’s underground dog house. There are specific tools available to clean your dog house. These include long brushes that you can use to sweep the dog den.

If you clean regularly, there is a lesser chance of insects or other animals coming in and harming your dog. In addition to this, you can use various covers and fences to protect the entrance of your dog house so that other animals are unable to enter.

It is not difficult to keep your dog house safe from predatory animals, especially if you live in a region where there aren’t many predatory animals. However, you must be vigilant to make sure your dog stays protected in their underground dog house.

What is the Best Underground Dog House on Amazon?

There are various underground dog houses available in the market. However, one of the most popular ones on Amazon is the underground dog house by Petmate. This dog house protects your little friend from harsh weather and also has a 3-inch cover to prevent water accumulation and flooding.

In addition to this, this house is good for the overall environment because it cools and heats itself! This means you won’t have to spend money on electrical heating and cooling appliances. It is also very easy to install, which is an added benefit.

The house is easy to install. In addition to this, it is Eco-friendly and regulates its temperature. Users commend the product as it protects the doghouse from rain and water accumulation. However, the only con is that It only works best in fenced areas, which means that it is not very secure, especially if you live in a region where there are a lot of predatory animals.

How To Choose The Right Underground Dog House

There is a variety of things to consider before buying an underground dog house.


It is extremely important to consider the depth of the dog house. A dog den is usually 3-4 feet deep. If you have a dog house that is less than 3-4 feet deep, chances are your dog won’t be very comfortable inside it.

This also depends on the size of your dog. If you have a large dog, you need to dig a larger hole for the house. If you have a smaller dog, 3-4 feet is enough depth for the house.

In addition to this, if your dog house isn’t very deep, there is a chance of water accumulating inside it very easily. Thus, it is important to consider the depth of your dog house before installing it.


The entrance of your dog house is also very important to consider. This is because the entrance will keep your dog safe from various things. These include predatory animals. Various animals can enter your dog den if you don’t keep it covered and have a protective fence around it.

In addition to this, the entrance should have a cover that is at least 3-4 inches long to protect water from entering inside the house. This is why entrances are very important to ensure the safety and comfort of your animal.

Bedding Material

For your dog to feel at home and be comfortable, you must get comfortable bedding material for it. Since the floor of the house is made from plastic, you will have to get your bedding material for your dog.

This could include comfortable cushions and blankets to keep your dog cozy and comfortable in their dog den.


The size of your dog house is also very important. You should choose the right size; otherwise, your dog could feel uncomfortable and claustrophobic inside the dog house.

There are many different sizes available in stores, and you should choose them according to the size of your dog. If you have a dog from a larger breed, you can choose a larger house. For smaller breeds, you can choose a standard size or a smaller house.


The safety of your dog should be your top priority. For this, you must ensure that the entrance of your dog house is properly secured. This is to prevent predators and other animals from entering and harming or disturbing your dog.

If you live in an area where there are a lot of predators, it is not advisable to install an underground dog house. However, you can take various precautionary measures and install fences around the house to keep unwanted predators and animals away.

predators and underground dog houses
Add other layers of protection (e.g. fencing) to protect the underground dog house from undesired intruders and predators.

Covering your entrance will also protect your dog from the harsh weather and rain. But you have to make sure that the cover you use is not too thick, otherwise, your dog could feel suffocated and uneasy inside the dog house.

Dog Breed

Different dog breeds have different sizes and requirements. This is why they also need different types of underground dog houses. Larger breeds take up more space and thus need bigger houses. Smaller breeds need less space and can live easily in smaller houses.

Some breeds like to live out in the open and don’t like the confinement of dog houses. If your dog likes to sleep freely, they may not like an underground setting.


This is another very important thing to look out for before buying a dog house. These houses are made from plastic, which is a durable material. However, it is essential to buy these dog houses from the right brand.

If you buy it from a reliable brand, the chances are that your dog house will be durable and sturdy. And it will also last a long time.

Insulation Level

Many of these underground dog houses can self-insulate and regulate their temperatures. However, if you live in a region where there are particularly harsh temperatures. You must take the necessary precautions to ensure the safety of your animal.

These precautions could include getting thicker blankets to protect your dog from the cold and even installing an electric heating appliance if there is a need for it.

DIY Underground Dog House

If you like doing things yourself, you can create your own underground dog house! It is a creative and fun process. There are many different DIY underground dog house ideas available on the internet, mostly on Pinterest. You can use them to create a cute little house for your dog.

An example is this underground dog house inspired by the famous book Lord of the Rings.

Despite this, it is advisable to buy a pre-made dog house. This is because making your own dog house can be a hassle and can prove to be much more expensive than just buying a dog house.

Underground dog houses are a great and innovative way to provide comfort to your dog. They are safe and provide your dog with the privacy, comfort, and relaxation they need to stay happy and healthy!

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