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Lazy Dog Breeds – Least Active Breeds w/ FAQ

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Published on
Wednesday 3 July 2019
Last updated on
Tuesday 9 May 2023
laziest dog breeds list
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Lazy dog breeds are a good choice if you are planning to make a dog a part of your family soon but are not sure of which ones to go for. Some dogs are lazy enough to simply love spending time relaxing on the couch or sleeping.

So, if you have a small family with members who are not too keen on engaging in tug and fetch and such other high energy games with the dog always, these least hyper dogs can turn to be the perfect companions.

What makes some lazy dog breeds the way they are?

Unlike hyperactive dogs, lazy dogs like lounging around and sleeping more than running and playing around. For lazy dogs, chilling and doing nothing is in their nature and personality.

Puppies of any breed usually have spunk and they almost always have boundless energy. Again, with old age, most dogs of varying breeds tend to be less active. However, it is between the ages from 2 to 7, the golden years of a dog’s life, that the difference in temperament between a hyper dog and a lazy one is most visible.

As a pet parent, you need to remember that lazy dog breeds, no matter how relaxed they appear to be, still need exercising and daily walks. An extreme lack of exercising can develop certain health problems in your dog. Interestingly, even the laziest dog breeds will let you know when they need a round of walk.

Also, with lazy dog breeds, it is often difficult to determine if the pooch is in his usual lazy self or is actually sick. Lethargic behavior is the first sign that the dogs show when they do not feel well. This might or might not be accompanied by symptoms like vomiting, diarrhea, bloody urine, etc.

How to exercise lazy dog breeds?

Watching your otherwise healthy dog taking a nap on the couch might be quite peaceful. But, lazy dog breeds need exercising, just like every other dog. If your low-energy dog is too reluctant to get up and go for a run, try applying the following techniques.

Use treat dispensing toys

Treat dispensing toys are great ways of compelling inactive and sedentary dog breeds to do a bit of running around for the love of their favorite treats. The dispensing toys will allow your dog to also engage in mental stimulation which is a win-win for them.

The only downside with such toys is the added calorie intake. Factor that in by appropriately reducing the quantity served during the evening meal. The last wish you have for a lazy dog is to see them gain weight and become even lazier.

Find a playmate

Even the lowest energy dogs get excited whenever another dog is present. You won’t even have time to introduce them that they will start chasing each other.

If you find your lazy dog breed enjoying the company of other dogs and being active while playing with others, set him up on weekly playdates with his favorite playmate(s).

If you do not know other pet parents, take your pooch to a dog park every few days. He will get the chance to walk, run and play with dogs.

Try clicker training

A clicker is a small plastic toy that makes a clicky sound, with which your dog becomes aware and prepares to get a reward. By practicing clicker training, you can urge your dog to do some strenuous exercising and when he does well, you present him with a reward.

Clicker training is an ideal way of making lazy dog breeds physically active as well as mentally alert. Do not become too generous with your rewards – make sure your dog deserves it first!

Play with them

Interestingly, lazy dogs always find a way to sit back and relax. So, the games that you introduce have to be compelling and exciting enough for them to run around.

Hide and seek games are so suitable for these dogs. They are instantly excited and perform some physical activities without being aware of doing so. Fetch is also a common game for pets, some like it for five minutes, others for hours.

If you do not mind running yourself, do some sprints to excite your dog and motivate them to run after you. Of course, always praise them when they perform the desired behavior.

Hide your lazy dog’s kibble around the house

To let lazy dog breeds stay active as much as possible, try hiding their favorite treat or kibble around the house. When they don’t get their foods on the plate, they are automatically encouraged to take around and find out where their kibble is.

The first sessions may be a total disaster as they may not immediately understand that this is, in fact, a game. Show them where each treat is at first, and be vaguer as they get better at it. Start hiding everything in the same room and broaden the area over time.

12 Lowest-Energy & Laziest Dog Breeds

Lazy dog breeds are great family pets. So, if you are confident of your ability to make them exercise and stay healthy, here are some of the laziest breeds of dogs.

laziest and least-energy dog breeds (infographic)
Infographic – List of the top 12 laziest and lowest-energy dog breeds!

1. English Bulldog

The English Bulldog comes with a short, compact appearance that makes you feel like they are active and strong but in reality; they are among the laziest dog breeds. By nature, they are much like human babies, preferring to snuggle up with you on your couch and remain so for the entire day. English bulldogs tend to get hot and tired easily as they play in the outdoors. These dogs prefer to stay indoors as much as possible though they can be intimidating enough to ward off potential thieves.

This lazy dog breed is a perfect family companion even for those who live in small apartments. The dogs need very less grooming because of their short-haired coat. They are the low-maintenance, peaceful dogs that literally make your life happy. However, they need regular exercising as a must for them to stay fit and fine.

2. Chow Chow

This cute looking dog, primarily known for its unique black and blue tongue, is also one of the laziest dog breeds that you can find out there. Chow Chow dogs have notoriously low energy and will spend more time on your couch than on the playground ever. One reason why they prefer to stay indoors is also that they are too sensitive to heat. If your house is cool, the furry one will lie around for the entire day and occasionally, cuddle with you for love and warmth.

As pets, the Chow Chow might seem to be too aloof and even cat-like. Also, their grooming requirements are high apart from the fact that like most other lazy dog breeds, they too need regular exercising. Overall, they are great cuddle-buddies that will keep you relaxed in a furry company.

3. Pug

Not only one of laziest dog breeds but also among the ones that offer maximum fun as a pet, the Pug needs the least amount of activities on a day to day basis. In fact, this small-sized cute dog stays absolutely happy snuggling on the couch, inside your home. They are also sensitive to extreme temperatures and often, suffer from breathing problems. Pug is a perfect low maintenance dog that has very low grooming requirements at the same time.

That being said, this lazy dog breed is often prone to overeating. And because it does not like much of activities, there are chances of a pug getting overweight rather frequently. If your pug has become overweight, then it is a challenging task to make him lose weight. So, ensure that no matter how reluctant, your pug gets to walk, run and exercise on a regular basis. As a brachycephalic breed, Pugs can sustain long periods of exercise due to respiratory issues.

4. Shih Tzu

One of the smallest-sized dogs weighing very less, the Shih Tzu is definitely one of the laziest pets out there. The only exercise the dog would prefer is following you around the house. The breed has a friendly temperament with extreme alertness. The dogs are pretty much easy to train and with proper training, they can be the amazing pets you ever wanted.

Although the dog practically hates being outdoors, you must take him out for daily walks and light exercises. Otherwise, the dog will gain weight and might also develop health issues. Introduce interesting games to keep him engaged and playful outside. Also, remember that the dog has long hairs and sheds a lot, requiring proper grooming.

5. Greyhound

It is surprising that a traditionally racing dog like the Greyhound is also one of the least active dogs. These dogs are affectionately called, “Forty-five mile per hour couch potatoes” and their temperament echoes just that. The dogs might be fast sprinters but with little endurance and an even lower energy level, they love to sleep.

That being said, a daily walk for at least 20-30 minutes is a must for this breed. Make sure that their leash is on while walking them because the dogs have a primal instinct to chase prey. They have a short coat and might feel a bit chilly in the winter. So, make them wear a jacket outside in the cold weather conditions to keep them comfortable.

6. Boston Terrier

Amongst lesser active dog breeds, the Boston Terrier is a short, compact dog with very low grooming requirements and can, therefore, be a great pet for any type of family. The dog is extremely friendly but loves lazing around the house itself. These small-sized dogs are perfect for even the tiniest studio apartments. While inside, the dog stays quite inactive but when taken outside, he is keen on draining out his energy through short daily walks.

Regular exercising is a must for this breed to stay healthy and free from inactivity induced health problems. However, since the dog is easy to train, you do not need to really coax the dog to walk or run.

7. Tibetan Spaniel

A Tibetan Spaniel is a naturally born lap dog so, no wonder, it is among top lazy dog breeds. In fact, more than being lazy, the dog is perfectly comfortably indoors and doesn’t even require lots of activities to stay healthy. The dog is the happiest when left in cool indoor spaces and he will keep napping at your feet as you move around the house.

A Tibetan Spaniel is quite alert and curious. This ancient breed of dog comes in a very small size too. This means that the dogs are comfortable in practically any kind of setting including small condos and apartments. As a result, they are suitable pets for most types of families.

8. Newfoundland

As one of the lazy dog breeds, the Newfoundland is not just calm but highly intelligent too. As a larger breed of dog, laziness is their unique character as opposed to the other larger breeds. A bit of exercising and walking is necessary for the dogs and you do not have to put a lot of effort into making your dog do so because they are quite sociable in nature.

There are many reasons why this lazy dog is a perfect family companion. A Newfoundland is extremely caring and loyal and great with children. The dogs adapt themselves easily to a life with other pets as well. They seem to be adorably concerned about the welfare of the people around them.

9. Basset Hound

Although belonging to the lazy dog breed like all the others in the list, there is something interesting about Basset Hound that also makes it a great family companion. The temperament of this dog is essentially laid back and gentle but that is only when they are inside the house. Once outdoors, a Basset Hound will typically enjoy running around and sniffing for hours. That is why, unlike with most other lazy dog breeds, you do not need to put a lot of effort into making him exercise.

Basset Hounds were traditionally bred to hunt. That is why; they have a hunting instinct, to cater to which you need to take him on daily walks and running sessions. Once they get the chance, they will remain calm and quiet inside. Taking this otherwise lazy dog breed to dog parks is a great idea because the dog gets along with other dogs and animals really well.

10. Saint Bernard

Saint Bernard, as another lazy dog breed, is large but opposed to physical appearance, is quite calm and lazy. The breed was originally bred to help rescue people in the Alps and that is why they are strong dogs. However, in the present day, they serve as being great house pets, running about in the house and having a great time with the family members.

A Saint Bernard, like many other lazy dog breeds, needs regular exercising but with proper training and occasional fun games, encouraging him to exercise is not much of a challenging task.

11. Great Dane

Great Dane, as one of the lazy dog breeds, is also a favorite pet for many. The dogs love to stay indoors and play with children and the other members of the family. Some of their excellent personality traits include intelligence, patience, protectiveness and a wonderful calming effect. Their large size might make you think that they need a lot of exercises but fortunately, they don’t.

However, you should make sure taking your Great Dane on long walks regularly. This will fulfill their need to stretch their legs as well as stay healthy and fit.

12. Bullmastiff

A large dog, weighing over 100 pounds with a massive built appears to be quite active but actually, a Bull Mastiff is among the lowest energy dog breeds. The dogs are not only quiet and calm by temperament but also have very low energy. They prefer to stay indoors snuggling up on the couch or simply taking a nap instead of playing about in the field. A bit of daily walk seems to be enough for them.

A Bull Mastiff, in spite of being a lazy dog, works well as a perfect guard dog. The only problem that you might face is the huge size of the dog, making him not so suitable as a pet for families living in small apartments.

This sums up everything about lazy dog breeds. The above-mentioned dogs are amazing with their unique personality traits, tendencies and of course, their laziness too. Just make sure that they stay active because good health needs a bit of exercising. And also, be careful that if the furry one is appearing to be too lazy or perhaps, sleeping all the time, this might be an indication of a health concern, which requires the immediate attention of a veterinarian.

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