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16 High Energy Dog Breeds + Tips to Deal with Hyper Dogs

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Published on
Wednesday 19 June 2019
Last updated on
Tuesday 9 May 2023
High Energy Dog Breeds
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High energy dog breeds can be intelligent, fun and active, just the way you want your pet to be. However, when it comes to making a dog a member of your family, most owners are confused about whether to choose them.

Some of these high-energy dogs can incredible family pets but you must ensure that your family is active enough to cope with the hyper dog. Here is our list of the top best high energy dog breeds for you to consider.

16 Most High-Energy Dog Breeds

Following are some of the high energy dog breeds that can keep you on your toes as a member of your family. Let’s look into them in details.

1. German Shepherd

German Shepherds are not just one of the highest energy dog breeds but among the breeds that prove to be perfect family companions. Their shiny coat, elegant look, and friendly behavior make them truly adorable. With a German Shepherd, the only thing you have to be careful about is draining their excess energy. It is this high energy is what allows them to work as search, guide and herding dogs.

You need to keep a German Shepherd busy and active at all time. Inactivity bores the dog to the extent of making him grumpy. Give these high energy dogs enough jobs and play with them and they will be the best pets for any family, especially with kids.

2. Irish Setter

If you want one of the high energy dog breeds to accompany you on your jogging and hiking sessions, then an Irish Setter can be the best possible choice. They are full of energy and can be the perfect companions for an active family. Their rich chestnut red hue makes them look all grand and elegant.

An Irish Setter needs to run a lot. Introduce training and exercising that requires a lot of movement, tugging, fetching, etc. Absence of such activities can affect your dog to the extent of turning him anxious or making him engage in negative behaviors.

3. Shetland Sheepdog

A Shetland Sheepdog belongs to the high energy dog breeds obviously because it worked as a versatile herding and guard dog for farmers in the Shetland Islands, lying off the coast of Scotland. The dogs basically protected the crops from hungry sheep and birds while also herding, as one of their main activities.

Today, a Shetland Sheepdog can be an excellent high energy family companion, keeping you all excited and engaged with him. Make sure that the dog has enough space to run about and utilize his energy. To ensure this, introduce a lot of chasing games with a fly ball and sprints, and you will love watching your dog play.

4. Dalmatian

Dalmatian was historically bred and used as a coaching dog along with horses. As a result, today, as one of the high energy dog breeds, Dalmatian can work in many other capacities. It is an athletic and agile high energy dog that can beautifully accompany you on your running and hiking trips. This particular dog breed is good at most of the dog sports too.

Dalmatians are extremely friendly with kids but they are not as easygoing as they appear to be. You need to focus a lot on their training and exercising needs to keep them active and let them direct the excess energy that they have. If you fail to provide them with jobs and activities, they will not only become hyperactive but will also develop habits like snapping at people or excessive barking.

hyper dog (training and exercising)
Unless your dog is clinically hyperactive, they just need more training and more daily physical activity.

5. Russell Terrier

As one of the popular high energy dog breeds, the Russell Terrier exhibits signs of high intelligence too. That is why, in any sports setting with advanced training exercises, this dog does incredibly well. The breed has a lot of physical energy that needs draining through regular activities.

If you do not provide your Russell Terrier with enough scope for exercising, the dog will soon find amusing ways of staying active and those ways might not be too welcome for the family.

6. Poodle

The Poodle is one amongst the medium-sized high energy dog breeds, which makes it quite an interesting dog. Originally, poodles were water retrievers and they used to jump in the water to fetch waterfowl for hunters. Although they do not engage in similar activities any longer, they do maintain a strong sense of hard work and high energy.

Poodles are as highly intelligent as they are playful. They can be good around kids as well. However, just make sure keeping your poodle’s mind and body active through obedience training and regular exercising. These high energy dog breeds can get bored and be a little destructive in the absence of tasks.

7. Beagle

The Beagle is among the most recognized high energy dog breeds out there. The dogs have strong scenting abilities because they were hunters and this profession makes them super active at the same time. Their excess energy needs burning through daily exercises and fun-filled activities.

The exercises that you introduce for your beagle should contain sniffing related activities because the dog is really good at them and enjoys them too. This high energy dog breed is also clever and can be inherently stubborn or even mischievous at times.

8. Siberian Husky

One of the cutest looking high energy dog breeds, Siberian Huskies traditionally pulled sleds in freezing temperatures. No wonder, they have a very high level of energy, which should drain out through vigorous exercising. Otherwise, these hyperactive dogs will behave much like a maniac running about aimlessly in the absence of a proper job to do.

High energy and strenuous activities like sledding and weight pulling are good for this breed. However, they like cold weather and are extra sensitive to heat. So, make sure that they stay as active as they want but only in the cold weather conditions.

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9. English Springer Spaniel

An English Springer Spaniel can prove to be a good pet for any kind of families living in any type of home, even a small apartment or a condo. However, the dog belongs to the high energy dog breeds and, therefore, needs a lot of exercising on a daily basis. As long as you can keep the pooch engaged in strenuous outdoor activities, you will never face a problem with his hyperactivity.

While planning training exercises for this high energy dog breed, make sure including a lot of running and fetching activities. Physical tasks are more important than mental activities for this particular breed.

10. Miniature Pinscher

The Miniature Pinscher (MiniPi) belongs to the short-haired German Pinscher breed, which is one of the high energy dog breeds. The dogs are typically fearless and intelligent. They come with such a high level of energy that they can even chase their own tail instead of sitting quietly at a place.

With lots of playful games and training exercises, this breed can prove to be a welcome member of your family. Lack of exercises, on the other hand, can make them a bit aggressive. These high energy dogs are usually suspicious of strangers too.

11. Australian Shepherd

As one of the high energy dog breeds, an Australian Shepherd is on the verge of being quite hyperactive but also quite intelligent at the same time. Their energy level is unmatchable, which is often the result of their history. So, Australian Shepherds were bred and raised to work in farms and herd livestock and quite naturally, they are always on the lookout for some activities. These high energy dogs are good at agility and disc competition.

As a pet parent, you have to keep your Australian Shepherd active and engaged at all times. If you leave them alone without activities, they will turn grumpy and act stubborn. Training and regular exercising are a must for this high energy dog breed. As a whole, they are great companions for all kinds of families.

Some dogs switch from hyper awake to hyper asleep really fast.

12. Border Collie

Border Collie is not only one among the high energy dog breeds but also the most intelligent breed. These dogs are extremely active and best recognized for their agility and disc competition. Border Collies make great pets and can instantly make all the members of a family literally fall in love with their cute antics.

The breed, however, originated as sheepdogs so, their natural instinct is to chase and herd. That is why; they must always have a job at hand to engage them. If you don’t give them a job, they will simply chase around anything in the house or outside, including cars. Give them enough attention to drain their energy physically and mentally and they will be the most amazing pet you ever had.

13. Golden Retriever

One of the most popular and high energy dog breeds, the Golden Retriever is a friendly, compassionate, tolerant and highly admired family pet. Apart from their intelligence, this dog has high levels of energy, which require a positive vent out through exercising and activities.

Golden Retrievers are natural athletes and perform extremely well in sports such as agility and competitive obedience. You can utilize your dog’s energy by making him participate in such dog sports apart from regular exercising.

14. Labrador Retriever

Labrador Retrievers were originally bred for the physically demanding jobs, requiring high levels of physical energy. Labs are intelligent, playful, active and a bit hyperactive at times.

If you have a Labrador Retriever, make sure that you make him exercise for at least 45 to 60 minutes a day. Lack of activities will encourage the dog to behave in certain negative ways. Like most high energy dog breeds, they too need obedience training to a significant extent.

15. Belgian Malinois

With strong herding and protective instincts, this high energy dog breed demands intense exercise. Belgian Malinois are remarkably alert and intelligent. They have high levels of physical energy, which need draining in the right direction.

A Belgian Malinois can also be a bit hyperactive at times. If you do not provide them with enough scopes of physical activity, they might engage in negative activities instead of just turning grumpy.

16. Welsh Corgi

One of the small high energy dog breeds, a Welsh Corgi traditionally herds cattle, horses, and sheep. The dogs are not only brimming with high energy but are also quite smart. An advantage of this high energy dog breed is that it is quite obedient and easy to train. As a result, the dogs are ideal for new or first-time dog owners and families with children.

Of course, the dogs require a channel to vent out their excess energy. So, you have to make sure introducing the pooch to regular training exercises that tire them physically and mentally.

How to calm a high energy dog down?

While the high energy dog breeds can be fun and interesting, at times, managing their hyperactivity can turn out to be a challenge. Considering this, the following are some of the techniques that you can try out to calm down your hyper dog.

1. Make sure your high energy dog is getting enough exercise

The excess and unmanageable energy of the hyper dog breeds often result from the fact that they are not getting enough exercise. So, if you have a dog from one of the high energy dog breeds, then you need a proper workout plan for the dog to restrict their tendencies, otherwise difficult to slow down.

Certain high energy dog breeds seem to be in constant motion and are unable to settle down even after the end of a long day. For them, you should introduce some focused games as a means to let them vent some of their excess energy. Tug and fetch is an excellent energy burner game in this regard. It can fulfill the purpose of mini training exercises as well.

Sports like agility or lure coursing are also suitable for the high energy dog breeds. These games will exhaust even the most active breeds. Alongside, make them run regularly preferably in a dog park with other breeds of dogs around.

2. Ensure your high energy dog is mentally stimulated too

It is not just the physical workouts that will keep the high energy dog breeds in check. They need to be mentally active and stimulated too. You can introduce some fun exercises like hide and seek or the treat dispensing puzzle games to keep your dog mentally active and alert, thereby draining quite a lot of his energy.

3. Reconsider your high energy dog’s diet

The hyperactivity of some of the high energy dog breeds can also be the result of higher levels of sugar in their food. Yes, cheap dog foods often contain excessive sugar-based ingredients so; you should check the label and stay away from them. You can also reconsider your dog’s entire diet plan and eliminate all those fillers, sugar, colorants and byproducts. Junk foods have a direct impact on your dog’s energy levels.

Make it a point to feed high-energy dog breeds with high-quality natural food containing easily identifiable ingredients. They should not contain meat by-products, preservatives, and fillers whatsoever.

4. Reward your dog for calm behavior

You might just feel too relieved and happy to see your high energy dog sleeping on his bed or perhaps, just chilling on the couch. But it is important to reward high-energy dog breeds for their calm behavior, every now and then.

Give them a favorite treat or anything they like for the positive behavior and this will encourage your pooch to behave in the same way more often. In the absence of such rewards, a hyperactive dog will assume that you interact with them only when they are hyperactive. This will, in turn, make the pet, more restless.

Watch this Zak George’s video for some great tips on calming dog a hyper dog!

5. Teach your hyper dog some manners!

Certain behaviors of the high energy dog breeds appear to be hyperactivity but they are, in most cases, a lack of manners and obedience.

Therefore, such dogs should go through serious training in which they learn to engage with you to get what they want, instead of indulging in some inappropriate behaviors. The training allows your dog to control impulses, something that most high energy dog breeds miss out on. Training him to sit while asking for something as a way of saying “please” eventually turns into a habit that he inculcates.

When is it time to give a hyperactive dog medication?

Even after you have tried all the above-mentioned calming techniques on your hyper dog, they might still appear hyperactive and agitated. Clinical hyperactivity in dogs is a medical condition that needs treatment. On the same token, not all high energy dogs are clinically hyperactive. So, if your dog rarely calms down, it is time to consult a veterinarian for a clear diagnosis.

The vet will typically conduct some tests and observe the behavior of your high energy dog to find out if they are clinically hyperactive. He can then prescribe some medications for your dog, which usually include canine versions of Adderall, Concerta, and Dexedrine drugs. The vet might also prescribe some specific calming exercises for your pooch.

So, all this article precisely sums up everything that you need to know about high energy dog breeds. With them, your life can become more eventful and exciting only if you take a bit of extra care in ensuring that the energy is drained in the right way and that your dog does not end up being a misbehaved pet.

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