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What Should I Stuff a Kong With

Written by Jay
BsC (Hons) Animal Behaviour & Welfare graduate with a passion for advocating for misunderstood animals.
Published on
Monday 9 May 2022
Last updated on
Tuesday 9 May 2023
ingredients to stuff in your dog's kong
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KONG is a brand known for its rubber chew toys. These toys feature a hollow cavity that you can fill with treats. The idea behind it is that your dog has to work harder to get the treats, keeping them occupied. The Kong range offers many different options, including options for puppies, senior dogs, large breeds, and small breeds. So, this might have you asking, “what should I stuff a Kong with?”

Stuffing a Kong can be as simple as filling it with dog food, to mixing up a special recipe for your furry friend. No matter which food you choose, your dog is sure to appreciate a tasty treat in a fun and enriching dog toy. So, what should you put inside your dog’s Kong toy? Read on with us to find out more!

Quick Kong Stuffing Ideas

Before heading out to buy new things for your dog’s Kong, first consider what you have in your kitchen cupboards and fridge. There are plenty of household foods that make perfect Kong fillers for dogs! So, what can you put inside your dog’s Kong?

Wet/Canned Dog Food

One of the most popular Kong stuffers is wet or canned dog food. However, the main problem that pet parents find is that this stuffing can be very messy and difficult to place inside the toy. Luckily, there’s a simple trick that can make this Kong filler easier to use! First, place the wet dog food into a plastic Ziploc bag. Next, squeeze out the air and seal it. Then, snip off a bottom corner of the bag, and use it as a disposable squeeze tube to place the food inside the Kong. If your Ziploc bags are too fragile, you could also try using a pastry bag.

Natural Unsalted/Unsweetened Peanut Butter

Peanut butter is a no-brainer Kong filler that will keep any dog entertained for hours. Most peanut butter is safe for dogs, and in moderation, it’s a great source of protein, vitamins B and E, and niacin. However, the healthiest option for your dog is unsalted peanut butter, as high sodium levels can be harmful to our furry friends. Never use peanut butter that’s made with xylitol!

Cooked Ground Meat

Plain, unsalted, and cooked ground meat is another excellent option for your pup’s Kong. Also, these foods offer plenty of protein to your dog, which needs about 18% of their diet to consist of high-quality protein. Just be sure to thoroughly cook the meat before presenting it to your pooch to get rid of any harmful bacteria. As always, be sure to thoroughly clean your dog’s Kong toy when they are done with it. Leftover meat can quickly spoil inside the toy, making it unsafe to play with later on.

Cream Cheese/Cheese Whiz

You can give your dog cream cheese but only in small, infrequent amounts. In addition, always stick to plain, unflavored cream cheese. Many cream cheeses contain extra ingredients such as chives, onions, and garlic, which are not safe for dogs. As well as this, cream cheese has a high fat and calorie content which can contribute to obesity in dogs. So, with these things in mind, you may give your dog small amounts of cream cheese in their Kong toy as a high-value reward.

Dog-Friendly Fruits

There are a number of tasty fruits that your pup can eat safely. However, most fruits contain more sugar than vegetables, so they’re best given as an occasional treat. Make sure that your dog’s fruit is plain with no sugar or chocolate coating, and cut it into small pieces to avoid choking. Your dog can safely eat de-seeded and cored apples, bananas, blueberries, cranberries, mangos without the stone and skin, nectarines without the stone, oranges without the skin and seeds, pineapples without the skin, and watermelon without the rind and seeds. As well as this, dogs can eat strawberries, but these are very sugary so should only be eaten in small amounts.

Dog-Friendly Vegetables

There are plenty of veggies that your furry friend can have as a snack. These include carrots, celery, Brussels sprouts, broccoli, green beans, lettuce, cabbage, potato, spinach, peas, and cucumber. Just steer clear of asparagus, onions, mushrooms, leeks, and tomatoes to avoid giving your pup an upset stomach. Vegetables are a great source of hydration, vitamins, minerals, and fiber for your dog, keeping them at their healthiest. Try gently cooking your dog’s vegetables to make them easier to digest, and make sure that they’re small enough to eat safely.

Greek Yogurt

Yogurt is not toxic to dogs, however, because it contains lactose, many dogs have difficulty digesting it properly. Because of this, plain Greek yogurt is better and safer for dogs than other yogurts. Greek yogurt also contains more concentrated amounts of probiotics, which are good for your dog’s gut health. Finally, just be sure to avoid Greek yogurt made with flavors and sweeteners, as your pooch doesn’t need the extra sugar!

peanut butter kong treat for dogs
The healthiest option for your dog is unsalted peanut butter, as high sodium levels can be harmful to our furry friends.

Fancy Kong Stuffing Ideas

As a pet parent, it’s only natural that you want to treat your pup to the best food there is. So, consider some of these recipes next time you go to fill your dog’s Kong toy!

Vegetables, Meat & Rice

Got leftover cooked meat from your roast dinner? Instead of dropping it onto the floor or straight into your pup’s bowl, drop it into your dog’s Kong instead. To mix up your pup’s treat, consider adding cooked white rice and blanched vegetables (leafy greens, sweet potato, carrots, etc) as well. Mix these tasty ingredients together and serve in your dog’s Kong for a meal they’re sure to enjoy. Lastly, just be sure to cut your dog’s veggies into small pieces to avoid choking.

Hawaiian Stuffing

Looking for a summer treat for your furry friend? You’ll need shredded, cooked chicken, canned pineapple, dog kibble, and mango puree. Mix these ingredients together and serve in your friend’s Kong for a delicious treat they’re sure to enjoy. And, if the weather is hotter than usual, you can even try freezing your dog’s Kong to add a cool twist on your dog’s treat. Just be sure, as always, to use ingredients that are safe for your dog. This means not using ingredients with added sugars or xylitol, cooking your dog’s meat thoroughly, and cutting food pieces into bite-sized chunks to avoid choking.

Chicken Pot Pie

Looking for something a little different? Consider this chicken pot pie recipe. There are two tasty variations to try. Firstly, you could try mixing cooked chicken, mashed potatoes, peas, and carrots. The second recipe consists of cooked chicken, low-fat sugar-free yogurt, peas, and carrots. Your dog is sure to appreciate the high protein along with the tasty addition of mashed potatoes or yogurt!

Breakfast Fruit Mix

This recipe should only be used as an occasional treat for your pooch, as fruits are high in sugar. For your fruit-loving pup, consider mixing apples, bananas, and peanut butter together and serving in their Kong. Also, peanut butter is a high-value treat for most dogs, and with the sweetness of bananas and crunchy texture of apples, your dog is sure to enjoy it.

Is your dog one of many who goes crazy for peanut butter? Then this is the recipe for them! For this recipe, mix rolled oats, apple sauce, chopped banana, and peanut butter in a bowl. Place the mixture into your dog’s Kong and serve. Lastly, as always, avoid products that contain extra sweeteners and flavorings, as these may not be safe for your dog.

vegetable and fruits for your dog's kong
Consider adding cooked white rice and blanched vegetables (leafy greens, sweet potato, carrots, etc)

Kong Stuffing Ideas: FAQ

Have any more questions about stuffing a Kong? Our Frequently Asked Questions section might be able to help. If in doubt about what to feed your dog, it’s best to ask your vet for advice.

How can I make my Kong last longer?

Much to the dismay of pet parents, many dogs are able to shake treats out of their Kong toy in seconds to minutes. Fortunately, there are several ways to prolong the amount of time your dog spends tackling their Kong toy. The first tip is to tightly pack the Kong with food to make it more difficult to empty. Another surefire way to make your pup spend longer with their Kong is to freeze the toy overnight. Licking a frozen toy takes longer to solve, and some dogs enjoy the coolness when the toy is frozen. Lastly, there are other Kong varieties that might be worth trying, like the Genius Mike Kong!

How often should you give your dog a Kong toy?

Your dog can play with a Kong toy every day, and can even be used in place of a dog bowl. Just be sure that their meals are healthy and balanced. Some dogs benefit from having a Kong during crate training, or when left alone for long periods of time.

How can I clean my Kong toy?

Even the most talented dogs will leave small amounts of food in their Kong. But not to worry, cleaning these toys doesn’t need to be too tedious. First, rinse with warm water and dish soap. You may need to soak the Kong in warm water and dish soap to loosen leftover peanut butter and other stubborn treats Then, use a bottle brush or toothbrush to scrub the inside of the toy. Rinse thoroughly. In addition, these toys are also top-rack dishwasher safe.

Are Kong toys durable?

All Kong toys are durable, but none are invincible. There is, however, a special variety made to withstand tougher chewing. Introducing: the KONG® Extreme. This toy represents the most durable strength in the range. Designed for the toughest of chewers, this toy is ultra-durable and made with a natural rubber formula. So, be sure to check out other Kong toys if your pooch gets through their current ones too quickly.

Can I give my senior dog a Kong toy?

In your pup’s golden years, you needn’t throw your Kongs away. In fact, there’s a toy made especially for senior dogs in the range called the KONG® Senior. This toy is customized for an aging dog’s chewing needs with a gentle and comfortable material to chew on.

In conclusion, stuffing a Kong can be as easy as placing kibble inside, to as elaborate as mixing up a special recipe for your dog. So, no matter what you choose, always go for foods that are safe for your dog.

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