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10 Best Summer Dog Shoes For Hot Pavement

Written by Khalil
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Published on
Saturday 17 April 2021
Last updated on
Tuesday 9 May 2023
why dogs need shoes
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Getting your canine a nice pair of summer dog shoes can be quite an obnoxious task. But why need them, anyway; why not go on without them? Well, if you’re here, that means you’re a fur parent concerned about your doggo’s health in the scorching heat. Most pet owners don’t realize the importance of dog shoes until their dog suffers a heatstroke or gets its paws damaged.

Being careless with your dog’s health is inhumane, and this article is for the ones who want to be careful. So, we’ll begin by exploring what ‘hot’ temperatures are, precisely why the summer shoes for dogs are essential, and before jumping into the products, we’ll discuss some buying factors. Be sure to go through all the points so that you understand our picks correctly. With that in mind, let’s get going.

10 Best Summer Dog Shoes

In the following list, you’ll find out that almost all products have strong and weak areas, but ultimately they’re all great at protecting your dog’s paws from getting hurt on hot pavements. You have to look for the one that suits your dog, comfort, and pocket the best.

With that said, let’s begin!

1. QUMY Dog Boots Waterproof Shoes for Dogs

Every dog is bound to love QUMY dog shoes with their exceptional overall package. These dog boots for hot pavement are rugged-looking with a firm fit and grippy rubber sole. The sole is impregnable against the rubble, securing your dog’s paws.

The opening splits open widely, so they’re easy to put on and off. These dog shoes have Velcro and stay on firmly, regardless of your canine’s action. The fabric is breathable and durable, excellent to keep your dog’s feet warm in winters, cool in summers. These booties are available in seven different sizes, from size 2 to size 8, so you’ll likely find the right size for your dog. This product is better for more active dogs, especially those who go on regular walks or hiking.

Fantastic: This product has a paw measuring guide video that you must check out before ordering – it will help you measure for the best fit!

2. YAODHAOD Dog Boots Paw Protector, Anti-Slip Dog Shoes

YAODHAOD’s masterpiece paw protectors are for doggos who love to stay indoors. Soft, washable, and airy oxford fabric makes up these dog summer shoes, ensuring eye-watering comfort for dogs.

These shoes have silver reflective taping around the opening that helps you see your dog at night. This taping covers the stretchy drawstring that makes taking these booties on and off a matter of seconds. These dog shoes come in three sizes only, so you’ll find the perfect fit only if you’re lucky – it works for most buyers unless their dog is a large one.

Remember, these dog shoes for summer heat are perfect for occasional walks around the block, inside the house, and not-too-harsh surfaces. For purposes like hiking and daily wear, you should consider other choices.

3. XSY&G Dog Boots

XSY&G’s dog boots are a treat for tasteful fur parents – design, comfort, and breathability; these have got your back in all areas. Right off the top multipurpose, these booties are ideal for both summer and winter.

These dog shoes have a sturdy anti-slip sole that stays put on paws due to the reflective Velcro straps around the shoe opening. These boots’ fabric is washable, so if your doggy gets the shoes dirty in a walk, you can clean them without much hassle. A great thing about these shoes is their availability in seven different sizes, so you’ll easily find the best one for your dog. You can use the same way of measuring the paw as told by QUMY.

Overall, these boots by XSY&G perform well if you use them for treating paw injuries, too, as protective equipment. They withstand a lot of heat and keep your dog’s feet incredibly cool – best dog shoes for summer? We believe so.

4. Bark Brite All Weather Neoprene Paw Protector

Bark Brite’s dog shoes have waterproof neoprene and its design helps your dog’s natural paw movements. These summer dog shoes come in five sizes, use Velcro to fasten on your doggie’s paws, and have a neat design.

There’s a minor catch here, though. These booties don’t provide enough traction on slippery surfaces indoors. They’re fantastic for outdoor usage, and we recommend you to buy these if you want to use them outside only.

Also, these dog shoes tend to expand after regular wear, so choose the size carefully.

5. Lymenden Dog Boots

Lymenden dog booties are the beauties your pooch needs in its life. With waterproof makeup and robust, anti-slip water-resistant soles, these shoes are the best when we talk about summer and breathable doggy shoes.

Lymenden dog boots have two exciting variants, red and black – we recommend red as it stands out and is unique. These boots’ Velcro straps have a reflective taping on them that makes it easier to look out for your dog at night.

Add this to the fact that these are available in eight sizes and it makes up for a complete canine footwear package. Just be sure to get the right size for your dog – otherwise, they can conveniently fall off.

6. QUMY Dog Shoes for Hot Pavement

QUMY making it to our list twice means that this brand sure has some serious dog shoes under its name. While the first product is superb in its own way, these dog shoes are made out of breathable mesh, so they’re better against hot pavements.

To make putting on and taking off easier, QUMY has designed it with a wide split seam on the front, which allows the show to open up wide. Once the paw is in there, you close the reflective Velcro strap, making up for a very snug fit.

Uniquely stylish, these dog boots come in a cyan color that stands out and gives a sporty vibe. Its anti-slip rugged sole works nicely in all terrains, and if you take your dog hiking, this is the best dog shoes for summer, as per the rave reviews.

7. Dociote Dog Shoes

The Dociote dog shoes are dog paw lovers that do everything to keep the hot pavement from burning them with their anti-slip scrub leather sole. For winters, these dog booties have a comfy fleece lining inside to keep the paws warm and safe – perfect for all weathers.

With a waterproof oxford body, these shoes promise to take care of your pup even if it goes a little mischievous on puddles or rainy days while staying clean themselves.

The happier news is that these dog booties with reflective tapes are available in five sizes that are all lightweight and handy. And note that since these are lightweight, your canine can take them off without much effort, so fasten them carefully.

8. All for Paws Dog Paw Protector Boots

Another nifty product, All for Paws’ paw protector boots are lightweight, rugged, and sleek. With an excellently breathable mesh, these keep your pup’s feet cool in the summers. And, their rubberized synthetic leather soles promise long-lasting durability.

These four-season booties have two Velcro straps to ensure they stay on the paws and also act as reflectors during the nighttime.

These waterproof booties are available in six sizes that All for Paws back with a 3-year warranty – very impressive. However, these sizes fit snugly, so better to buy a slightly larger shoe than your measurement.

9. Kurgo Winter Boots for Dogs

Though picking dog shoes isn’t easy, Kurgo proves otherwise by leaving us with no option but to grab this incredible pair of doggie shoes. Perfect for all surfaces and terrains, your dog can confidently play anywhere it wants, be it snowy paths, rocky areas, or scorching hot pavements. Kurgo has designed these water-resistant dog shoes to look like modern trainers, tailored explicitly for hiking, running, and walking.

These booties are unique in style, with a red and black theme that comes with reflective taping, six different sizes, and a rugged anti-grip sole. Kurgo has used a Velcro strap and an elastic drawstring to double their grip on the paws, which is unique.

The deal-maker here is Kurgo’s lifetime warranty for their breathable dog booties. There aren’t any downsides to this product, except that you didn’t know about them before.

10. Ultra Paws Light Duty Water Resistant Dog Boots

Best for a dog who loves running, Ultra Paws’ light-duty water-resistant boots provide some heavy-duty utility. The body is made of water-resistant polyester that’s perfect for summers and winters alike.

Available in ten different sizes and two different colors, these dog shoes are remarkable for any size dog. They also have a grippy anti-skid PVC sole and firm dual Velcro straps.

Durability is not their strongest area. However, generally impressive, these boots with high style ratings work fine for most purposes, except longer and rougher hikes.

How Hot Is Too Hot?

While there’s no fixed figure for the temperatures a dog’s paw can withstand, asphalt around 55 °C (131 °F) can be dangerous for your canine. But how would you know the asphalts temperature? Sure, it’s not an easy job, but you can use your touch sense to get a clue about its hotness.

So, place your hand on the hot pavement, and if you can’t keep it there for more than 7 to 10 seconds, you can consider it hot enough for your dog’s paws as well.

The asphalt is usually this hot when the air temperature is around 25 to 30 °C, so you can double this number and know if the pavement is hot or not.

Why Dog Shoes Are So Important

With hotness defined, you might be thinking that you don’t need dog shoes as you live in relatively cooler areas. However, you’re forgetting other benefits of dog shoes like cleanliness, protection, and style – all undeniable. Let’s expand these benefits a bit more.

Keep Your Dog’s Feet Cool

Would you walk on hot asphalt pavements barefooted? If not, then how would you like it for your pup? Summer dog shoes keep your dog’s feet cool on all hot surfaces – mostly pavements/roads – comforting them and thus comforting you.

They act as insulators against the hot pavements, preventing your dog from getting hurt and making a fuss. You won’t like them to disturb you when you’re in haste, right? Well, dog shoes do that for you.

And alternatively, they protect your dog’s paws in the cold, too, working as an all-rounder.

They Protect Your Dog’s Paws

Paw protection is another essential health concern with which dog shoes deal. Just like your feet can get hurt by contacting harsh, pointy materials on the road, dog paws can also suffer abrasions and bruises easily.

These injuries can turn into infections, which only continue to get worse. But if your dog is wearing shoes, they break contact with the road and ultimately minimize any chances of getting hurt.

In this way, you’ve saved your dog from getting hurt and thus saved yourself from stressing and paying vets later on.

They Keep Dirt Out of Your House

Whether you’re a cleanliness freak or not, the last thing you want in your house is bacteria. When your dog passes through grassy areas (parks, road verges, etc.), a lot of dirt, fungi, and even insects latch onto its paws. They carry these into your house, which can be highly unclean for you, your family, and your dog itself.

Dog shoes help keep your house and dog’s paws clean. And this isn’t rocket science – this is pretty much what our shoes are for as well: protection, cleanliness, and comfort, right?

By letting your dog wear shoes, you won’t have to clean their pays regularly, won’t have to worry about hygiene, would be saving money on potential injuries, and above all, will be comforting your dog and yourself.

importance of protecting your dog's feet
Dog shoes can help your dog a ton during walks!

Things To Consider Before Buying Shoes

Dog shoes solve a ton of problems, but not all shoes are born equal.

In this fierce competition, you need to ensure that your investment is a wise one. So, what makes a pair of dog shoes perfect? Here are some determinants.

General Comfort or Fit

Wrongly sized dog booties can hurt your dog rather than protecting them. If they’re smaller or tighter, your pup will keep complaining, and it would be harder for you to put them on their paws as well. If they’re looser, they’ll just keep rotating around the feet, often causing your dog to trip.

To ensure the perfect comfort for your dog (and yourself), measure their paws before purchasing the summer dog shoes. You can do this by tracing spread paws on a piece of paper or using the size guides available with the sellers.

Pro Tip: Try rounding up the measurements a couple of millimeters as booties that are slightly larger than the paws work best – breathable and comfortable.

Ease of Wearing

While they can perfectly fit your dog’s paws, dog shoes can still have poor engineering, making them hard to put on, and so, make sure that the shoes are easy to put on before buying.

More than anything, this will benefit you by saving your time and energy. Your dog will always be uncomfortable to some extent, but you can reduce the discomfort by considering the build material for the booties.

Choose the one that either has elastic, Velcro, or laced openings. While the elastic works just fine, Velcro or lace shoes have better grip and fit.

benefits from dog shoes
It is important to introduce shoes to your dog in order for them to form a positive association with shoes.

Breathability and Material

A perfectly air-tight fit is not what you want either, as it would make things harder for you and your dog instead. The whole point of picking dog shoes is to ensure that your dog’s paws stay cool in hot or any extreme climate.

To do this, you can ensure the dog shoes in question are breathable. Breathability depends on the shoe material, where meshed ones are the best. Meshed shoes are breathable (so there’s no smell due to sweat) and durable (so they last long).

Additionally, you can also ensure that the shoes are waterproof or have a specific kind of sole for different purposes (such as hiking), though these aren’t essential.


Dog shoes are there to add some aesthetic to your doggies, too, other than protecting and comforting them. However, don’t go overboard with the design that you compromise on comfort in any way. That would just be fussy for you later on.

Similarly, don’t leave the design either – you don’t want people to make fun of your best friend, do you?

Now that we have the importance of dog shoes in mind let’s jump onto the list and explore the best summer dog shoes!

Summer Dog Shoes: FAQ

Here are some questions you might be interested in about summer dog shoes and dogs’ paws.

How do I clean dog shoes?

While you can clean or wash dog shoes in the washing machine, we recommend you do it by hand, as it’s more thorough. Dog shoes tend to get quite dirty – they retain smell and germs if your dog wears them outside regularly.

First, to clean them, brush off any dirt chunks or little rocks in the soles, and then use a disinfectant to wash. You can soak them in a warm water bucket and thoroughly clean them – something you cannot do in the automatic machines.

When should I replace my dog’s shoes?

Ideally, you don’t need to replace your dog shoes for at least one year of regular use. They’re made for such rough usage and can withstand wear and tear. But there can still be some specific cases where you might consider replacing them.

If the sole is punctured or isn’t grippy anymore, or if the shoe is uncomfortable for your dog, you can replace them soon to avoid any problems. Only if they’re damaged or worn out would it be the right time to replace them, unlike what most people feel after two months of their purchase when shoes’ color begins fading out.

How do I treat damaged paws because of heat?

You can take the help of antiseptics to treat burnt dog paws. Begin by gently cleaning the paw pads using a disinfected moist towel and then patting it dry with a dry one.

Once done, add dilute hydrogen peroxide to the burnt paw slowly. You can alternatively use antiseptic betadine as well, by the way. After using either of these, apply the paw ointment abundantly and wrap up the paw.
There’s only one crucial precaution: do not use alcohol, as it would only burn the paw more. Be careful with this treatment, and if matters appear to be worse, contact your vet.

Aside from dog shoes, what can I use to keep my dog’s paws unharmed during walks?

Using paw wax and moisturizing creams can help you minimize paw damage by keeping your canine’s feet cool, strengthening them up, and preventing paw peeling.

Additionally, you can schedule the dog walks when it’s shady or the asphalt is cooler. It’s best usually around or after 3 PM – cool pavement strengthens the paws. Otherwise, consider walking your dog on road verges or grassy areas to prevent burns.

Fun Activity: If you’re creative and love crafts, go for DIY dog shoes for hot pavement: dog booties (pouches for paws) using spare rexine or wool. 

What are the harms of letting your dog walk on hot pavement?

Swelling and skin chipping are two common physical harms of letting your dog walk on hot pavement. Their severity usually depends on the paw-pavement contact duration. Symptoms of these paw injuries include dog’s discomfort when walking and preferring not to walk, licking or chewing the paws, and reddish swellings. 

Additionally, in the worst-case scenario, your dog can also suffer heatstroke. The dog’s paws are not very sensitive, but they can affect the overall body if they burn. If your dog does suffer a heat stroke, it’ll start panting and may even vomit, faint, and collapse. In such a case, you’ll have to hospitalize your canine for 24 – 48 hours. Doesn’t using dog booties sound like excellent prevention?

older dog shoes
Older dogs have less energy and sometimes needs the extra support during walks!

Hot pavements can be catastrophic for little dog paws if you don’t care timely. The hot asphalt burns these fragile body parts, putting your dog in pain and anxiety. That’s why our list of ten best summer dog shoes for hot pavement has the best-filtered products in the market. They are what you’d be needing for DIY paw protection against hot pavement.

It’s possible that you aren’t sure which product to pick. We can help you by suggesting that QUMY dog boots provide the best overall package. But it’s your call to make, so prioritize your dog’s comfort above everything. See you soon!

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