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9 Best Wireless Dog Fences — Which Invisible Fence To Get?

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Published on
Monday 31 August 2015
Last updated on
Tuesday 9 May 2023
Reviews of Invisible Wireless Dog Fences.
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The best wireless dog fences we tested and recommend here will allow you to keep your dog(s) in a safe and contained area without using a physical wired dog fence. If you’ve looked into dog fences, you probably know that wireless dog fences, unlike their wired counterparts, are quick and easy to set up since there is no digging involved or wires.

Our winners are the Stay + Play Wireless Dog Fence, the Havahart Wireless Radial-Shape Select Fence, and the PetSafe Wireless Pet Containment System PIF-300.

Invisible Dog FencesRatingRange# DogsWaterproofPrice
1. PetSafe Stay + Play Wireless Dog Fence5/53/4 acreUnlimitedYes$$$
2. SportDOG In-Ground Fence System4.5/51.3 acresUnlimitedYes$$
3. PetSafe Wireless Pet Containment System PIF-3004/51/2 acreUnlimitedYes$$

I purchased this PetSafe Wireless System (model PIF-300) for my stubborn 8 year old Shiba Inu who, up until then, had “free reign” of his previous neighbourhood. We moved to a rental property and needed some way to keep him in the yard so we decided to give this a try. In all honestly, I had low expectations for my success with this product.

We followed the instructions (and it really wasn’t that tedious) and I am so happy to say my dog has consistently respected the boundary, even with the temptation of neighbours walking by with their dogs. I would absolutely recommend this product. If my dog and I can be successful with this, anyone can. Just take the time to follow the instructions.

Lila Ashton
Wireless Dog Fence Chart
Simple yet powerful concept.

Wireless dog fences are rather simple to set up and use. Simply plug the transmitter to the place of your choice and then place the collar around your dog’s neck, making sure the prongs sit against the dog’s skin. Most models allow you to use several collars on different dogs, some allow unlimited collars such as the PetSafe Stay + Play.

You then need to erect flags to help your dog visualize the boundaries of its safe-contained area. Some products allow you to use several transmitters to enlarge the area, keep in mind that because Wireless Dog Fences do not require any digging or underground installation nor wire, you can easily transport and use the system elsewhere (holidays, friends house, etc.)

Wired vs. Wireless Dog Fences

Since we’re now living in a more techy world, plenty of innovation helps us deal with our daily lives easier. Just like the wireless dog fences, from having the traditional wired fence, you can now guard your dog using an invisible fence.

Wireless electric dog fences work similarly to wired ones. It sets borders and protection for your fur buddies so you won’t have to worry about whether they’ll run beyond your yard. One thing that I personally love about the invisible dog fence is that they’re obviously unseeable. You don’t have to get annoyed that it’s blocking your view or you won’t feel that you’re trapped inside your home, especially your dogs.

It works with a dog collar that will then send signals to your pet once they’re near the boundary. Some have a warning tone while other dog collars have a short static correction to alert your dog, no worries because it’s totally safe.

Pros and Cons

Of course, even the best stuff can have its own advantages and disadvantages. The decision still depends on you and your dog’s needs. And for you to be more aware of how wired and wireless dog fences work, here are some of their pros and cons.

Type of Dog FencesProsCons
Wired Dog Fence-Gives privacy to your yard if you’re planning to place a pool or garden
-Very reliable and sturdy
-Can also serve as a protection against burglars 
-Installation can be difficult and time-consuming
-Changing the style or material means removing all the old fence
-Modifying the boundary is challenging since you need to move all the fence
Wireless Dog Fence-Easy to install
-You can adjust the size of the containment area
-It’s portable so you can bring it on vacation or use it even if you’re renting your home
-Reasonable cost
-Very aesthetic 
-Can experience problems with signal interference
-Can’t prevent stray dogs or wild animals from entering your yard
-Dog training required
-A power supply is always needed
Wired vs. Wireless Dog Fences (Pros and Cons)

Why Should You Use an Invisible Fence for Dogs?

A wireless dog fence is an effective way to prevent your fur buddies from roaming freely to off-limit roads when they can be hit by a vehicle or cause an accident. Besides this, it has plenty of advantages that can make your life easier and your dog safer. 


Most invisible dog fences are lightning and water-resistant so you don’t have to worry even if there’s a storm coming. It’s also recommended to environments that have high-temperature that changes from time to time. 


Thanks to its excellent system, you can take your wireless dog fence wherever and whenever you need it. If you love to take your dog on an adventure and go camping, you can set it up and control the boundaries for your dog. It’s also great for people who are planning to go on a long vacation with their fur buddies.

Good Source of Dog Training

Most dog owners may not be aware of this, but purchasing a wireless electric dog fence will require you to train your dogs. This training will give benefit both owners and their dogs especially if you’ll use this type of fence in the long run. Once your dog is trained and is fully aware of the collar’s signal warning, you can now let them roam and let the invisible dog fence do its work.

Cost efficient

The quality of the wireless electric dog fence is worth its price. Since it makes your work easier, faster you can also assure that your dogs are safer. Besides, compared to traditional dog fences, invisible dog fences are a lot cheaper.


Invisible fences ensure your dog’s safety and health. Its static correction is completely safe and won’t harm your dogs. Some wireless dog fence collars have beep and vibration warnings before moving to the static stimulation — which you can adjust to lessen the static.

Installation and Set-up time

Compared to the traditional wire fence — which will take you hours or even days to install, the invisible dog fence can be installed within minutes. Yes, you read that right! It’s perfect for dog owners who are often busy and don’t have the free time to build a fence in their backyard.

Also, you don’t need any expert assistance for the installation since you can simply follow the instructions in the manual and install your invisible dog fence within a short time.

Boundary Shape

When installing the wireless dog fence, make sure that you’ll place the base unit depending on your preference. Once it’s turned on, it will create a wireless circular boundary for your dogs.

Compared to the traditional fence that allows you to customize its shape, invisible dog fences only have circular boundaries but if you own a huge lot, you can add a base unit transmitter to create a large wireless fence area. This will give your dog more space to run and play. Coverage Area

Types of Wireless Dog Fences

There are two common types of invisible dog fences that you can choose from, the wireless fence and the wireless hybrid fence. So what are their similarities and differences? Let’s find out.


Most wireless electric dog fences use a transmitter that creates a 360-degree radio frequency that generates boundaries around your yard. It’s very effortless to install and program since you just need to plug in the transmitter and adjust the perimeter depending on your desire.

This type of dog fence comes in various sizes to choose from, some can cover half-acre while others can set barriers up to several acres. You can also use multiple dog collars if you have two or more pets to keep them safe within your yard.

Underground or Hybrid

Hybrid or invisible underground fences for dogs use a buried wire when creating a boundary. Since you can customize its shape, it’s recommended to owners who have long yards or odd-shaped properties.

You can run the wire along the perimeter of the area where your dogs are allowed. Just make sure that the wires are placed somewhere safe because once the wires break, the system won’t function.

Factors to Consider When Buying a Best Wireless Invisible Dog Fence

If you’ve decided to purchase your invisible dog fence, here are the important factors that you should consider to ensure that you’ll purchase the best and quality wireless fence for your dogs.

Static Correction Levels

Usually, an invisible fence has an adjustable level of electrical correction for your dogs. Having a static correction level is extremely important since it can affect your dog training and the effectiveness of the wireless fence.

Some dogs are sensitive and can be traumatized if the static is too high while other dogs won’t feel the sensation and will not be trained properly. The static correction level is seen in the collar, make sure to give it a test before letting your dog wear it.

Area Coverage

Wireless dog fences are available in various size yards. If you have a small yard, you can choose a smaller system that can create a half-acre circular barrier. But if you’re planning for a wider barrier, you can consider purchasing a larger system or have an extension to make sure that your dogs can have a larger space to run and play.

Take note, it’s important to know the exact size of your lot so you can easily choose an invisible dog fence that will perfectly fit in your yard.

Handheld Remote

There are wireless dog fences that have a handheld remote control, This means you can manually control the static correction on your dog’s collar. This can be helpful during training and if you’re planning to correct some unwanted behaviors. The most handheld remote control works even outside the fenced area.

Electronic Collars

Since the collar works as the receiver and signal detector from the transmitter, it’s important to purchase an invisible dog fence that comes with a quality collar. If you have multiple dogs, you need to buy an additional collar, also, make sure that it will work with the specific system that you have.


It’s a good option to purchase a wireless dog fence collar that has a GPS. Though you can set boundaries for your dogs, there are instances where they’ll run beyond those fences. That’s why it’s better to have a GPS on their collar so you’ll easily locate them. This can also work for owners who own a huge property so they can monitor their dog’s activity.

9 Best Wireless Dog Fences

If you’re now decided to purchase an invisible fence for dogs, here is our comprehensive list of the best and quality products that you can buy online.

1. PetSafe Stay + Play Wireless Dog Fence

This is the Rolls Royce of the dog fences, and pretty much the indisputable winner of all wireless dog fences reviews. It is an updated, more comprehensive version of the PIF-300 and took all the perks from it and then added some great features.

The PetSafe Stay + Play Wireless Dog Fence (PIF00-12917) has been ergonomically designed to offer a lightweight yet resistant collars and transmitters. It is an extremely flexible dog fence as you can use it with as many dogs as you want by buying extra receivers (collars), but you can also extend the containment area by adding transmitters.

The tone-only mode is an amazing feature to gently correct dogs before a static shock actually gets sent. Being wireless, it is easily transportable to your holiday destination, your neighbor, or a friend’s house! Each charge typically lasts 3 weeks.

The only thing that could be improved, but this has to do with radio waves themselves, is to make it more effective when there are thick obstacles (walls, trees, etc.) No wireless dog fence can avoid that but to be honest, nobody really sees a problem, unless you live in a military base where radio waves are blocked. Which you don’t, right?


  • This portable wireless system sets up in 1-2 hours
  • For dogs 5 pounds and up
  • Fits neck sizes 6-28 inches
  • 5 adjustable levels of static correction
  • Tone-only mode alerts your pet with a beep
  • Automatic safety shut-off: correction stops after 15 seconds
  • Covers an adjustable circular area up to 3/4 acre (210 feet in diameter)
  • Expand containment size with additional wireless transmitters
  • Add an unlimited number of pets with additional wireless receiver collars
  • Waterproof receiver collar
  • Collar uses rechargeable battery (built-in; non-replaceable)
  • Charges in 2-3 hours
  • Also works with the original Wireless Containment System (PIF-300) and Receiver Collar (PIF-275)

2. SportDOG In-Ground Fence System

For many, the SportDOG In-Ground Fence System is the absolute best wireless dog fence available on the market these days. It indeed provides a large confined area thanks to a circular boundary with a wide trigger zone. The largest coverage area of any wireless dog fence, the Havahart Invisible Fence gets your dog(s) under control up to 1.3 acres. It is the ideal choice for demanding owners and dog breeders.

So why is it second then? Only because it is lacking quality support for containing several dogs. The SportDOG In-Ground Fence System can only contain up to two dogs, with customizable correction levels for each dog. This will suffice for 90% of people, but we think it is an important miss here as most of the competitions support an unlimited number of dogs.

The SportDOG Fence is always close to the top on recent tests and benchmarks. The response times are fast and it manages obstacles very well compared to the competitions. The radio system used at its core is definitely more powerful than other wireless fences for outdoor use.

The system alerts you in your home if your dog has breached the boundary and the correction will time out after 30 seconds. For your dog’s safety and your peace of mind, he will not receive another correction when returning to the Roaming area.


  • A coverage area of up to 1.3 acres
  • Waterproof collar
  • Fits dogs with neck sizes from 14 to 26 inches
  • In-Home boundary breach alert for owner
  • Easy installation, with no wires to bury
  • Contain up to two dogs
  • Customizable correction levels for each dog

3. PetSafe Wireless Pet Containment System PIF-300

Number #1 on Amazon for years, the PetSafe Wireless Pet Containment System (PIF-300) has been around for a long time and is the mother of all modern invisible dog fences. It is, even after all those years, in the top 3 of every most wireless fencing system list.

Being cheaper than its newest version, the PetSafe Stay+Play, the PIF-300 is a bargain with all the value you get for your money. This product has proven its solidity and durability; whether your dog thrives in bad weather conditions, in the water, or any other extreme uses, the PIF-300 will not disappoint.

Perhaps the only annoying point here is the battery that lasts roughly 3 months, which in itself is quite good, but you will then need to buy a new one on Amazon as they are proprietary.


  • The portable wireless system sets up in 1-2 hours
  • For dogs 8 pounds and up
  • Fits neck sizes 6-28 inches
  • 5 adjustable levels of static correction
  • Tone-only mode alerts your pet with a beep
  • Automatic safety shut-off: correction stops after 30 seconds
  • Covers an adjustable circular area up to 1/2 acre (180 feet in diameter)
  • Expand containment size with additional wireless transmitters
  • Add an unlimited number of pets with additional wireless receiver collars
  • Waterproof receiver collar
  • Collar uses PetSafe RFA-67 battery (included)
  • Also works with Stay + Play Wireless Fence® and Stay + Play receiver collar

4. JUSTPET Wireless Dog Fence Pet

The JUSTPET wireless dog fence has a containment system that adopts a 433MHz frequency with an applicable radius distance of 10-900 feet. It has a pet-safe collar vibration with a 3.7V low-voltage static electric shock function that has been applied for U.S. patents. It’s very reliable and will not harm any dogs during training.

Its dog collar receiver is IPX7, which can be used safely even in rainy and humid environments. It also has a rechargeable battery so you don’t need to buy new ones. The best part about this invisible dog fence is that one unit can be equipped with several receivers and control each dog separately — perfect for families who own two or more dogs.

The collars are also adjustable from 8 inches to 28 inches and are suitable for dog breeds that weigh 10-110 pounds.


  • Intelligent wireless fence system
  • Comes with training flags and test light
  • Adjustable static correction level
  • Signal stability and accuracy
  • 433MHz channel frequency with dual antenna transmission
  • Built-in rechargeable battery for collars

5. SOUYIE GPS Wireless Dog Fence System

Features a stable and accurate GPS positioning, the new SOUYIE invisible dog fence is surely better compared to other traditional dog fence systems. It has three security alarm methods; sounds, vibration, and static shock that are helpful for your dog training.

It simply works by generating a wireless signal through the GPS connection. When your dog exceeds the system’s range, it will create a stimulus warning that will repeat 3 times. The radius of the GPS wireless dog fence is also adjustable, it can range from 98 to 3281 feet, so your dogs can have a wider space to run.

When it comes to charging the collar, you only need to plug it for 3 hours, after that you can continuously use it for 15 hours. Since the GPS consumes a lot of power, it’s recommended to charge it once every 2 days.


  • Strong anti-interference ability
  • Positioning accuracy
  • Suitable For Most Dogs Over 20 pounds
  • Fast Charging
  • 3 Warning Modes
  • Adjustable radius 98-3281 feet
  • 30-day refund policy, and a 1-year warranty

6. Petector GPS Wireless Dog Fence System

Looking for a wireless dog fence that has a stable signal and won’t interfere with any metals? The Petector dog fence system features a GPS positioning technology that has better stability compared to radio frequency signals, in fact, it can cover large areas of 2625 ft.

It’s very easy to set up since it doesn’t require any transmitter boxes or borderlines when setting your circular fence. Petector dog collar comes with 7 settable levels that include a warning tone, stimulus shock training modes, and five settable levels of shock that are very effective when training your dog.

The collar itself is made of environmental TPU materials and can fit pets 5 lbs+ with neck size 6 to 25inch. It’s also rechargeable and waterproof, perfect for rainy and humid places.


  • Boundary flags that exude a mint smell 
  • Long Distance Control
  • GPS positioning technology
  • Rechargeable, waterproof & adjustable collar
  • Automatic protection design

7. OKPET Wireless Dog Fence Pet Containment System

Using the latest technology, the OKPET wireless dog fence features a strong signal penetration capability. Its signal transmission distance can reach 1000 ft. and can control multiple dogs at the same time. If you have a huge lot you can use two transmitters at the same time and place them in different locations for wider coverage.

This invisible wireless fence has passed the FCC certification and features quality materials. Once your dog steps out of the boundary, the receiver will vibrate – this serves as a warning – and if your dog will not return to the safe area, the receiver will create a static electric shock to let them know that the place is off-limits.


  • Waterproof dog collar receiver
  • Static electric shock cycle
  • 1000 ft. signal transmission distance
  • Multiple dog control
  • Strong signal penetration capability

8. WIEZ Wireless Electric Dog Fence with GPS

The WIEZ wireless dog fence uses a GPS location technique to maintain a stronger, stable, and accurate signal compared to traditional invisible fences. It has a total of 12 high-quality satellites support and can cover areas up to a max of 776 acres, perfect for huge areas.

Its static shock and vibration intensity are adjustable and can be set into 3 levels depending on your choice. No worries because these levels are safe for your dogs, its humanized software settings are designed to avoid any harm to your pets during the training.


  • Cover areas up to 3281 feet radius and up to a max of 776 acres
  • 32 Training Modes and Adjustable intensity
  • WIEZ GPS collar receiver (3.1 x 2.2 x 1.2 inches)
  • GPS location technique
  • XPX7 waterproof 

9. Extreme Invisible Dog Fence – Second Generation

The 2nd generation of Extreme dog fence can easily cover up to 10 acres and features updated electronics with 3 powerful antennas. This invisible underground fence for dogs is completely waterproof, in fact, even its collar is waterproof and can be used while your dog is swimming.

This inground dog fence system will still function properly even if submerged 10 ft. deep. Its Pro Grade Fence Kit includes a heavy-duty boundary wire, digital transmitter, 16 gauge twisted wire, collar receiver with battery, training flags, 10 staples, and splice kits.

This invisible fence has no limit when it comes to the number of dogs that you can have on this system. Each collar’s correction strength is programmed individually and features 7 correction levels and 1 ‘beep only’ level.


  • Digital transmitter (4.5″ high x 5.5″ wide x 1″ deep)
  • Waterproof “Active” Collar
    • Receiver Dimensions: 1″ high x 2″ wide x 1″ deep
    • Strap Dimensions: 3/4″ wide (fits necks from 10″ to 30″)
  • Heavy Duty Boundary Wire
  • 16 AWG Twisted Wire with .045 polyethylene jacket (UV resistant, direct ground burial rated)

Top Wireless Invisible Dog Fence: FAQ

We gathered the top frequently asked questions about the best wireless invisible dog fence, below are the best answers to your inquiries.

Are wireless dog fences effective?

Some say that invisible dog fences are only 70% effective. It may be true but the effectiveness still depends on how dedicated you are to training your dog. Of course, the best way to make this product work is if you’ll introduce it properly to your pets. 

How far will a wireless dog fence work?

This depends on the invisible dog fence system that you have. Some have a maximum range of 496 acres using a GPS-based system while others can extend up to 1000 ft in diameter. Also, having an extended transmitter can widen your wireless dog fence boundaries.

How much does an invisible GPS fence cost?

The GPS-based system invisible fence for dogs can be quite expensive compared to other models. Its price can range from $500 to $1000. No worries because at this price, you’ll surely purchase a quality wireless dog fence that can last for years.

How do wireless electric dog fences work?

By plugging the transmitter and activating your dog collar receiver, it will simply send a radio signal along the boundary. Once they’re connected, the transmitter will then send a warning using a static correction signal to your dog’s collar whenever he/she approaches the invisible fence.

At what age can a dog be trained on an invisible fence?

Ideally, some owners train their 12 to 16-week-old puppies to make sure that they’ll completely understand how the wireless fence works. Also, before starting your training, make sure that you’ll adjust the static warning to a lower model so your puppies won’t be traumatized.

Does Invisible Fence work in the snow?

Due to frozen ground and snow, some electric invisible fences might not work. This still depends on how heavy the snow is and what system you have at home. Some invisible dog fences can still work even it’s snowing while others will not function properly.

There are few others available, mainly from PetSafe, but don’t get too distracted as we’ve just listed the three best invisible and wireless dog fences for you on this very page. We would go for the PetSafe Stay + Play if you have a regular-sized place with several dogs. Otherwise, if you only have one or two dogs and have a large space with an obstacle, go for the Havahart Invisible Fence. The PIF-300 is a cheaper option that still delivers good results.

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