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18 Best Dog Lead For Large Dogs

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Published on
Thursday 15 December 2022
Last updated on
Tuesday 9 May 2023
18 Best Dog Lead For Large Dogs
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Morning walks and night strolls are what your furry friends like the most; that’s why providing them with safety, and comfort is the first thing you need to do as a pet owner. So, if you are still indecisive and doubtful about making this possible, you may look at these best dog lead for large dogs to get you started. By selecting a popular large heavy-duty dog leash, you can ensure that your dog’s love for going to parks and malls will not disappear.

18 Best Dog Leash for Large Dogs

You can find many dog leads in the market. However, you can notice that a few are only for small breeds and sizes. While extra durability and materials with more tensile strength are necessary for larger canines, you can also prefer ones with exceptional style and colors.

Here is our list of the best dog leash for large dogs to help you look for your furry friend’s best match!

1. Primal Pet Gear Double Handles Lead

Like what its name suggests, Primal Pet GearDouble Handles Lead has two padded handles for comfortable use. Going on different activities is not rocket science because this dog leash has two length options. First, the longer leash (6 ft.) is for casual walks and exploration, while the shorter one (1 ft. before the other end) is for sidewalks and crowded areas.

In addition to that, since Primal Pet Gear has high-quality nylon materials, it keeps your friend safe due to its sturdiness. It also comes with a D-ring for keys or poop bag holders. Nevertheless, even though the tangle-free clips are of excellent quality, a few users shared that these parts (including the springs) break easily.


  • Two handle options for freedom and security
  • Soft padded handle for a more comfortable usage
  • The material is not painful in the hands
  • Sturdy enough for your dog not to chew it
  • Excellent length of the leash


  • The product can come with non-functional clips
  • The spring mechanism of the clip can break off after months of usage

2. Premier Leash 1 by 6-Feet

If you want colors and styles, you can opt for Petsafe Premier Leash 1 by 6-Feet because it is available in seven colors: black, red, purple, deep purple, apple green, raspberry pink, and royal blue. Moreover, it has two lengths (4ft. and 6ft.) and three widths (3/4, 3/8, and 1 inch). 

In terms of functionality and quality, this waterproof and rust-resistant dog leash possesses a secure-snap bolt clip with a metal clasp on a swivel to prevent tangling. Paired with its soft material, Petsafe Premier Leash is a lightweight, basic dog lead with no extras and added weight for more comfort for you and your dog.


  • Wide range of styles and colors
  • Basic dog leash for lightweight use
  • Waterproof and rust-proof
  • Budget-friendly
  • Also suitable for dogs of small breeds and sizes


  • The material or leash can be easy to chew for teething dogs
  • The clasps or locks can also break after a few times of usage

3. Joytale Double-Sided Reflective Dog Leash

If your dog likes running around whenever you go to a park, you can get a Joytale Double-Sided Reflective Dog Leash and engrave its name so you can find it when it gets lost. You can worry less about breaking the leash off because it is strong and durable due to its high-quality, premium reflective nylon material.

This padded, soft neoprene dog leash is suitable for dogs of any size and breed because the collar is adjustable and has five size options. However, you will only need to check your dog’s allergies because neoprene can lead to skin irritations and contact dermatitis whenever canines sweat. So, if your furry friend gets these skin issues, you can opt for a different dog leash.


  • Reflective threads for night strolls
  • 13 color choices for enhanced style 
  • Perfect for heavy puller dogs
  • Excellent length and quality
  • Personalization option for engraving names or contact information


  • The tag can fall off the leash.
  • Your dog can have contact dermatitis if it has skin allergies or irritations.

4. Blue-9 Multi-Function Hands-Free Dog Leash

Blue-9 Multi-Function Dog Leash is a versatile dog lead that you can convert from 6ft. to 3 1/2 ft. for enhanced control. If you want style paired with functionality, this dog leash is available in six colors. Moreover, it is durable and easy to wash, making it suitable for canines who like getting muddy outdoors.

With two attachments of two-bolt snaps, you can shorten, lengthen, loop, and double clip your dog’s leash whenever necessary. The double clip design enables you to create a secured loop on the other side to wear on your shoulders. Nevertheless, this hands-free feature does not suit taller people because it can be a pain in the back.


  • Create leashes of different lengths
  • Versatile and sturdy
  • Front and back clips for a full range of motion
  • Easy and comfortable for the hands
  • Compatible with Blue- 9 Balance Harness


  • Reviews say it is cheap, thin, and not durable enough
  • The leash can come with a slippery handle

5. Heavy Duty Rope Bungee Leash for Large Dogs

If your furry friend likes chewing or unraveling its previous dog leash, opting for a Sparkly Pets Heavy-Duty Rope Bungee Leash is an excellent option. Its durable nylon webbing can be sturdy and rigid for your dog to gnaw. Furthermore, the metallic hook is perfect for puller dogs and allows easy attachment to the collar.

Combined with leather, this dog leash is durable and thick while maintaining its lightweight feature. Its shock-absorbing bungee provides extra stability for sudden pulls and eliminates stress on your neck and arms. Aside from that, the reflective stripe and padded handle can be with you if you are to go on a night walk! 


  • Made with a combination of tough nylon and leather
  • Anti-pulling resistant dog lead
  • Shock-absorbing bungee feature
  • Comfortable to use for larger dogs
  • With padded handles to prevent getting bruises and rope burns


  • It is on the expensive side

6. Mendota Pet Slip Leash

Carefully handcrafted in the USA, Mendota Pet Slip Leash is a British-style dog lead with a convenient design for bending it easily. This product is pliable enough to roll it up and put inside your coat pockets. Moreover, its oil-tanned leather splices matched with coordinating hardware create better styles and designs.

In terms of its slip feature, this dog leash tightens whenever your dog pulls it; that’s why it is what you need if you want to correct your friend’s improper behavior. Also, its high-quality leash and collar combination suits large dogs due to its 1/2 inches width and 4 to 6ft. length. 


  • Trains dogs due to leash pressure
  • Sturdy and made with high-quality materials
  • Adjustable and comfortable to use
  • Perfect length
  • With a waterproof, colorfast multi-filament polypropylene


  • Slip dog leashes are harmful to dogs due to risks of choking and tangling
  • Less balance
  • The leather strap loosens after a few times of usage

7. Chai’s Choice Premium Padded Dog Leash

Bid goodbyes to your dog’s chewing habits because this dog leash made from thick polyester will not let your friend gnaw it. Chai’s Choice – Premium Padded Dog Leash is one of the best dog leashes for big dogs due to its matchless durability, length, and overall function. Besides, it will not easily break off any tension and strength.

Having a solid reputation since 2014, Chai’s Choice has established a worthy product with nine color options, two lengths (44 and 78 inches), and two widths (0.8 inches and 1 inch). Its padded handle and ergonomic design bring comfort to pet owners while providing enhanced visibility due to the reflective stitching.


  • Reflective straps for enhanced visibility during night walks
  • With padded handle for extra comfort
  • Two length and width options 
  • Wide range of colors (9 choices)
  • Made with zinc-alloy material for durability


  • The latch has poor designs
  • The latch springs can break off eventually due to their weak material

8. Found My Animal Adjustable Rope Dog Leash

Does your dog love to pull its dog leash whenever things get exciting? You can choose Found My Animal Adjustable Rope Dog Leash, for it has hand-spliced marine-grade material that is challenging for dogs to yank. Also, you can benefit from its lockable carabiner and brass hardware for safety, style, and durability.

Aside from that, this dog leash includes multiple configurations, such as hands-free, simple handle, across shoulders, and dual-leash. Handcrafted in the USA, Found My Animal Adjustable Rope Dog Leash also offers a wide range of colors to have a more aesthetically pleasing appearance. You can choose whichever you prefer for your furry friend’s style, color preference, and gender! 


  • One of the best long leashes for big dogs due to its length of 7 ft
  • Multiple configuration options
  • Durable and made with high-quality materials
  • Stylish
  • Dogs cannot chew this dog lead


  • You cannot expand the leash.
  • You can have rope burns if your dog likes to pull the leash.

9. Leashboss Short Dog Leash with Padded Handle

If you are about to go on training with your dog, you can use Leashboss Short Dog Leash with Padded Handle! This durable dog leash gives you better control over puller dogs due to its 1-inch thick nylon material and sturdy metal clasps. Also, you cannot worry about tangles because it swivels when your dog moves around.

This dog lead has several length options, including 12-inch, 18-inch, 24-inch, and 30-inch choices. Nevertheless, it can still be too short for larger breeds despite its length. If your purchase comes to you with a defective dog leash, you can rest easy because Leashboss offers a 5-year warranty for its products. 


  • Suitable for larger dogs that love to pull the leash
  • Padded handle with neoprene for soft handling
  • Short leash for keeping your dog close
  • With a heavy-duty clasp that swivels when your dog goes around


  • The leash can be too short for dogs of larger breeds and sizes

10. Max and Neo Double Handle Reflective Dog Leash

Purchasing from this company does not only make them gain profits. You are also helping them to donate to charities for every purchase of Max and Neo Double Handle Traffic Dog Leash! Yet, their kindness is not all because this dog lead can also benefit you due to its sturdy, double-handled leash suitable for walks or rugged hikes. 

This product ensures safety with its traffic handle, which is 18 inches away from your dog. You can use this second padded handle to control the leash when crossing the streets or visiting a crowded place. Moreover, the D-ring near the top of the leash gives you space for a poop bag or gadget.  


  • Soft padded neoprene handles for comfortable usage
  • Suitable for city walking due to the traffic handle
  • With extra handles for dogs that pull leashes
  • Two length options
  • The company donates to charity for every purchase


  • The leash can be too long for some breeds.
  • It does not last longer than other dog leads.

11. Signature K-9 Braided Leather Leash

Leathers also make the most durable dog leads today; that’s why Signature K-9 Braided Leather Leash is an excellent option for a sturdy yet soft dog leash. With its braided handles and brass bolt snap, you can gain extra strength for handling your large dog while walking outdoors. 

Created by the Amish craftsmen from the USA, this product has been one of the leading professional training equipment for dogs due to its law enforcement and military-grade materials. Aside from that, it also has a usual 6ft length for controlling your furry friend. In terms of colors, black and burgundy are your only choices! 


  • Made with genuine full-grain leather for durability
  • It does not have sharp edges.
  • You will not get bruises on your hands
  • Handcrafted in the USA
  • Excellent length


  • The leash does not have the proper amount of stitching or lacks riveting
  • The leather material makes the leash stiff

12. Frisco Patterned Nylon Dog Leash

Are you a pet owner who wants to make your furry friend stylish and appealing? Here is Frisco Patterned Nylon Dog Leash to achieve that aesthetic look! You can choose between two color combinations: blue with lime polka dots or teal with pink polkas.

This cute yet youthful dog leash also has durable nylon with colorful ribbons to create an attractive fashion statement. Despite its appearance, it does not sacrifice the leash’s quality. It has an easy-to-hold handle with a bolt snap made from nickel for easy attachment to the collar. However, even though the material is soft, you can still be uncomfortable if your dog pulls the leash consistently.


  • With cute patterns and bright colors
  • Different length and width options
  • Nickel-coated bolt snap for easy attachment
  • Made with durable nylon with colorful ribbons
  • Affordable


  • The material is soft, enabling dogs to chew it.
  • Your hands can feel uncomfortable if your dog likes running around and pulling the leash.

13. The Buddy System Adjustable Hands-Free Dog Leash

You and your canine friend can walk hands-free in the park with The Buddy System Adjustable Dog Leash. To make this possible, you only need to wear the strap around your waist while the other end is on your dog. Moreover, you can adjust the belt and leash to let you have easier usage.

In emergencies, you can use Buddy System‘s breakaway feature and easy, quick release mechanism to detach the leash immediately. Nevertheless, the only downfall of this aspect is that larger dogs can escape from the leash anytime they want to because they can break them easily.


  • Multiple size options suitable for dogs of different breeds and sizes
  • It works best with calm dogs.
  • With a unique breakaway feature for detaching it immediately during emergencies


  • The leash does not have padding or stretch material for additional support.
  • Larger dogs can break the emergency buckle easily.

14. Frisco Solid Nylon Dog Leash

If you like Frisco but are not into patterns and cute designs, you can opt for their Frisco Solid Nylon Dog Leash! It is a nylon-made dog leash with nickel-coated bolt snap clips. Furthermore, its Ultra-weld Seal Protection adds strength to the dog lead without sacrificing the comfort of usage.

Frisco Solid Nylon Dog Leash enables you to choose from their six size options: 4 to 6 feet (length) and 3/8 inch, 5/8 inch, and 1-inch (width). It is also less expensive than most dog leashes on the market. On the other hand, it cannot withstand the strength of your dog’s chewing teeth.


  • Made with durable nylon material
  • Wide range of colors
  • It comes with a sturdy collar connection.
  • Excellent length and thickness
  • One of the most affordable dog leashes


  • Dogs that like chewing can destroy the leash immediately
  • The dog lead can fray in the long run

15. Harness Lead Escape Resistant Reduces Pull 

Your dog can no longer run away from its dog leash because Harness Lead Escape Resistant tightens whenever your canine friend tries to break off. Even so, note that the tightening process does not happen directly on your dog’s neck but only on the barrels. Therefore, you can assure that it does not choke from the leash.

This 6-foot dog leash made with polyester has a soft texture that feels comfortable and gentle in the hands. Even though it can create pressure in the barrels, Harness Lead reminds pet owners not to use it for correcting their dog’s behavior or for punishments because dogs can gain trauma from these things.


  • A perfect combination of harness and leash
  • The harness becomes tighter when your dog pulls it.
  • Double-braided nylon rope for extra durability
  • Machine-washable
  • With rubber stops for adjusting the size


  • Not suitable for dogs that like to pull the leash
  • Not advisable for hyper dogs

16. VirChewLy Indestructible Leash for Dogs

Weight is not an enemy for VirChewLy Indestructible Leash because it can handle from 2 to 220 lbs. with a minimum breaking strength of 900 lbs. Until now, it is one of the safest dog leashes because the founder, Joslin Larson, wanted to create a chew-proof dog lead to prevent another dog from getting into accidents

As a result, the company created an incredibly sturdy vinyl-crafted steel cable leash. This product is resistant to odors and rust, so it cannot become damaged by these natural factors. Moreover, they are also flexible and lightweight with a Walk-n-Lock feature for securing your dog in a tree or post. 


  • With inner steel cables for withstanding dogs’ teeth
  • Tangle-free and waterproof
  • Lightweight and easy to coil up in your coat pockets
  • With a vinyl coating that does not absorb unpleasant odors


  • The product is more expensive than other dog leashes.
  • The wrist strap is comfortable, but the leash is challenging to grip whenever you detach the handle.

17. Four Paws Cotton Web Dog Training Lead

Four Paws Cotton Web Dog Training Lead is also an affordable option when looking for dog leashes. They come in different colors, including red, black, and blue. While style is one of its features, you can also be surprised by its length and width because they range from 10 to 30 feet long and 5.8 inches wide. 

This product made from 100% cotton has a solid bronze swivel clip to prevent tangling whenever your dog wanders around. Additionally, its excellent durability can also withstand everyday usage, although some pet owners claim this dog leash is thin and can unravel in the long run. 


  • Grants freedom to your dog to pull it around
  • With enough strength to control it when necessary
  • Easy to wash
  • Excellent dog leash for training
  • Made with lightweight and sturdy materials


  • The leash unravels after a few times of usage
  • Reviews say the leash is thin
  • It can snap over time

18. Dual Doggie Gel Rope Leash

You no longer need to wonder how you can bring two dogs in one walk because WIGZI Dual Doggie Gel Rope Leash allows you to use one leash with two canine friends. It also has a coupler designed to separate the leashes automatically and prevent getting tangled. 

Guiding one dog can be a piece of cake, but you can think that handling two is challenging. Fortunately, this product’s handle has a squishy gel inside to provide comfortable usage to the pet owner. Its durable nylon also includes reflective stripes that let you see things better during early mornings or late-night walks. 


  • Suitable for walking two furry friends at the same time
  • Tangle-free
  • Ergonomic handle with a soft gel inside for more comfortable handling
  • Reflective stripes for more enhanced visibility during the night


  • Not advisable for dogs that are not well-behaved
  • The length of the dog leash is not adjustable

Guide to Selecting the Best Lead for Large Dogs

According to Mathias B. Forrester BSresearch on dog leash-related injuries, 8,189 dogs, or a national estimate of 356,746 canines, suffer from damages due to dog leads. In this case, selecting dog leashes for large dogs is crucial because your furry friend can encounter unfortunate things once you pick the worst ones.

To help you with that, here are the things you need to consider when looking for the best dog lead.


Choosing the most suitable leash materials for dog leads is necessary because you can find lots of them, such as leather, rope, and reflective stitching. Among all of the stated ones, nylon is the most common material due to its function, versatility, and features

Aside from that, washability is another factor you must look for in a dog leash, especially when your dog likes to get dirty while playing. A waterproof dog lead can also be an excellent option for rainy days. Moreover, padded handles with sturdy materials will enable you to walk more comfortably with your dog without worrying about blisters and wounds.


It is best to make your dog feel relaxed as you go through the streets, but you cannot also avoid cars that may speed up, so you must pull the leash quickly. When unfortunate events on the sidewalks can happen, choosing a dog leash that ensures security and safety is a matchless choice. 

In this case, you can look for ones with traffic handles or double clips for enhanced control over the leash. These materials will help you maneuver the dog lead immediately to let your furry friend dodge people or cars passing by you. Furthermore, it can also benefit you when your dog suddenly becomes aggressive while meeting other canines in unfamiliar places.

Length and Weight

Large dogs will require heavier leashes because they tend to be stronger than those canines of smaller breeds. If you pick a smaller one for your dog, the leash will not allow you to produce much force to pull or guide your four-legged friend. It will also result in breakage of the dog lead or fraying.

To have the perfect dog leash, you can find ones with thick material and lengths of 4 to 6 feet. Standard leads can also have a diameter of 1 inch unless the material used for them is rope. You can choose which size you will opt for as long as you depend on your dog’s characteristics.

Type of Leash

If you plan on buying a retractable leash, we advise you not to continue purchasing it due to possible accidents and risks. S. Wagar and P. Simcock published their article about this dog lead, stating that a 13-year-old girl had to suffer from partial blindness from an accident caused by a retractable dog leash. 

In this instance, standard or adjustable ones are better because you can gain control of the leash, unlike the retractable ones. Furthermore, a dog lead with reflective strips is also excellent for night use because the stitching can increase your visibility in the dark.


You can always ensure sturdiness and durability without getting out of style and color trends. Dog leads have a wide range of color choices that match your preference and your furry friend’s collar and appearance. In some cases, leashes also enable you to personalize them to engrave your dog’s name or initials, which is also advisable to avoid getting lost.

To make it more aesthetically pleasing, you can also look for stylish designs and pair them with cute harnesses. Nonetheless, you must note that opting for the best-looking dog leashes shall not sacrifice quality and safety. Your dog’s security must still be the top priority.

Best Dog Lead For Large Dogs: FAQs

Choosing the best dog lead for large dogs does not end there! If you still have further inquiries about this matter, here are a few frequently asked questions about selecting dog leashes. 

How long should a leash be for a large dog?

The most advisable dog leads for large dogs have lengths of 6 feet. They can give you freedom and space for your dog to explore the place. Moreover, they do not risk your furry friend’s safety because this length gives you enough control to avoid tangling and enables you to pull immediately when necessary.

Why are rope leashes better for large dogs?

Ropes make the best big dog leash because they are durable and made with sturdy materials. Additionally, you can gain strength for long walks while finding it easy to pull your dog whenever it tries to run away. While canines who like to chew dog leashes cannot gnaw ropes, strong and puller dogs cannot also break off rope leads.

How do you control a large dog on a leash?

Firstly, you can control a large dog using a dog lead by establishing base commands or voice control. You can use a firm, loud voice while giving positive reinforcement of power to avoid scaring your dog. If it pulls the leash, leading to the tension going up, you can stop moving in the meantime. It will continue pulling for a few seconds but stop if it notices you. 

Do vets recommend slip leads for large dogs?

Unfortunately, slip leads are not advisable because they are not safe and do not have many benefits. They can harm trained and untrained dogs because the leash gets tighter as your furry friend tries to pull them. As a result, your dog can choke or have neck bruises, creating trauma and fear of going on a walk with you.

Why do vets not like retractable leashes?

Retractable leashes grant maximum freedom for dogs to roam around while on a dog lead. Yet, this leash is not the best option because the extra distance disallows you to pull it quickly when unfortunate things happen, leading to dangers. Moreover, it can also cause injuries, such as strangulation, rope burns, and whiplash on dogs

Looking for the best dog leashes for large dogs is essential because they connect you and your dog whenever you go on a journey outdoors. While these dog leads do not only add to your dog’s aesthetics, they also secure your safety from the things you can go through on the streets.

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