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10 Best Supplements for Dogs With Itchy Skin

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Published on
Tuesday 20 July 2021
Last updated on
Tuesday 9 May 2023
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Skin irritation can affect any dog for a variety of reasons. Sometimes it can occur due to improper grooming, health issues, or improper nutrition. Many of the treatments that can help your dog can be simple, such as supplements. The best supplements for dogs with itchy skin offer more benefits than just minimizing or preventing itching. They can aid skin softness, dandruff, help coat condition, and a variety of other things.

We are going to look through our picks for the best dog supplements for itchy skin so you can find the best match for you. From its ingredients to its ratings from previous buyers, we are going to analyze each product for its good and bad points. Furthermore, we are going to look into the causes of itchiness and if supplements are appropriate for your dog. Or if they should be given alongside other treatment. So let’s dive into the article!

Itching in Dogs

Itching is rarely a big problem. It is an issue that causes discomfort but it’s relatively common and easy to treat. The technical term is pruritus to describe the irritation felt on the skin that causes your dog to want to scratch the area. Often with itchy skin, you can find your dog to have areas of red skin that are hot to the touch. This is inflammation and can be due to the underlying cause or the frequent scratching leading to damage of the skin.

What Causes Itchiness In Dogs?

There is no one cause for your dog feeling itchy. It can be due to flea dirt, an allergy (whether this is food or contact), improper diet, or even forgetting to wash dog shampoo out of their fur. Vets diagnose it through two ways. Firstly they will ask a series of questions to try to pinpoint any obvious cause. If they are unable to find one this is when they turn to skin scrapings. A razor blade will be used to gently scrape some of the skin onto a microscope slide to look at under a microscope. Some scrapings will need to be deeper depending on the breed of dog and suspected cause. They can then identify any parasites or parasite eggs, bacteria, and other abnormalities both on and in the cells. It is important to know that sometimes itching is normal, and sometimes it has a behavioral cause.

How To Relieve an Itchy Dog?

Treatment is not difficult and it simply requires you to target the problem. If it is due to parasites then providing treatment to remove them. Or if it is due to food allergies, then identifying that allergy and removing it from their diet. However, on the path to recovery, or in the case of dogs with sensitive skin, a supplement can make them feel better. Whether this is just whilst they are healing or for a longer period of time is dependent on your dog.

causes of dog itching
Itching can also be a sign of a dog’s stress!

10 Best Supplements for Dogs With Itchy Skin

Without rambling for too much longer, let’s get onto the top ten best supplements for dogs with itchy skin.

1. Strawfield Pets Omega 3 Fish Oil for Dogs

This bottle contains 250 soft fish oil pills by Strawfield, they offer relief from itching as well as many other benefits. They can help your dog’s overall immune system as well as treat hot spots. They contain vitamin A, E, D, as well as EPA and DHA to help all areas of your dog’s health.

This pill has the combined ingredients of anchovies and sardines which can also help with mobility issues and pain. Customers cannot praise the product enough! However, due to the ingredients of fish oil they do smell and quite strongly. So be sure that if your dog does not swallow it whole that you have a good smelling disinfectant on hand.

2. Vet’s Best Healthy Coat Shed & Itch Relief Dog Supplements

Vet’s Best supplements target your dog’s coat, shedding, and any itchiness. The National Animal Supplement Council (NASC) have firmly approved this product. You can buy 50 or 150 tablets of these tasty chewy tablets for your dog.

These tablets contain a mix of yellow dock root, grape root, omega 3 and 6 fatty acids, nettle leaf, and MSM. These offer benefits such as a healthy coat and skin, aid seasonal allergies, and help overall health. This is an Amazon Choice product due to it being such a popular choice. Moreover, the reviews say their dogs seem a lot happier and more comfortable after having these supplements.

3. Vet’s Best Seasonal Allergy Relief

Another Vet’s best product and this one targets a dog’s seasonal allergies. They help itching that could be caused by seasonal allergies or other allergies, as long as your dog is no longer in contact with their allergen. It hydrates your dog’s skin and helps them to maintain natural histamine levels.

The combination of vitamin E, perilla seed powder, ocean kelp, and nettle leaf powder aid in the reduction of inflammation and help encourage soft skin without itchiness. This is another Amazon Choice product due to its huge popularity. Some reviews say that they use these every year as spring rolls around.

4. Vetoquinol Triglyceride Omega Dog & Cat Supplement

This is a supplement you can give to your dog or cat, created by Vetoquinol, which helps with skin irritation and your dig’s immune system. Triglyceride omega is within this formula and it is found within fish oil to help your dog’s health in many different ways.

Due to its inclusion of omega 3 fatty acids, this mix helps with mobility, heart health, kidney health, and a dog’s skin and coat. Reviews state that many owners were recommended this brand by their vet. This shows how high-quality and trustworthy this product is.

5. Welactin Omega-3 Skin and Coat Support

A great source of fish oil to help with your dog’s itching is provided by Welactin’s supplements for dogs with itchy skin. Their formula includes a long chain of omega 3 fatty acids to help with all kinds of health problems, itchiness and inflammation included.

These soft gel capsules are much less smelly than others on the market due to the smaller fish used. It also has peppermint oil to help reduce the smell as well. Reviews mention that if your dog has dry and flaky skin alongside the itchiness, then this is a good product for them due to its moisturizing qualities.

6. Strawfield Pets Salmon Oil for Dogs

If your dog is picky or you find it difficult to get them to take a supplement, then consider these salmon oil treats. A huge bonus for dogs with allergies as these treats are grain-free to avoid further skin reactions. These treats do very well at reducing inflammation and, therefore, your dog’s need to itch.

This product is very useful for treating allergies due to its simple but effective ingredients. It avoids igniting any other allergies in sensitive dogs through its careful formula. Their ratings remain very positive with owners loving that their dogs gobble these up with ease and that they are quick working treats.

7. Nutri-Vet Fish Oil Supplements for Dogs

Although this supplement specifically targets your dog’s coat, it also does wonders for their skin and any itching of it. These easy to administer soft gel tablets are not only compact and small, but also tasty! The omega 3 formula helps their dry skin and coat become moisturized and therefore stops dandruff leading to irritation and itching.

This supplement is also great for elderly dogs with joint pain as it helps to reduce inflammation and reduces pain. Owners have found that it not only reduces itching, but completely eradicates it. The ratings are also very positive and target the effectiveness.

8. Free Form Snip Tips Omega-3 Fish Oil Liquid Supplement

This product targets medium and large-sized dogs to help them with many different areas of their health. Itching is one of the main categories within skin health that this oil aids. However, it also helps your dog’s movement, vision, brain, and eyes to name a few.

The ‘Omega-3 supplement capsules for medium and large dogs can be given whole, or the tip can be snipped off for easy administration’, so it’s up to you how you use it. As for reviews, they are overwhelmingly positive. Vets and dermatologists have recommended this treatment alike due to its high-quality.

9. Nutri-Vet Allerg-Eze Supplement for Dogs

This allergy-focused supplement aims to reduce swelling, itching, sneezing, and rashes. It combines antioxidants and omega fatty acids to help these changes and reduce swelling and irritation. This supplement also has vitamin C, A, and E for added health benefits.

This supplement is tasty and chew-able, so dogs love it! This is one of the best raved about factors in the reviews. Owners of dogs with severe allergies, and not just seasonal, can’t believe both how quick-acting and effective these are. It is no wonder that so many health professionals advise you to buy them for your pooch!

10. Lintbells YuMEGA Plus

This is a food supplement that comes in an oil. You simply use the dropper to add some to your pet’s food before they eat. It is a blend of starflowers, omega 6 and 3, salmon, vitamins C, E, and A, and golden flax. These encourage your dog’s sensitive skin to return to its former healthy state.

This is another highly rated product. Owners say their dog’s itching stopped, their coats are shiny, and it doesn’t give their dog bad breath like many supplements on the market! Furthermore, it seems that barely any dogs are picky about this supplement coating their food so it is easy to get down your dog.

oatmeal for itching dogs
Just like how oatmeal is effective on itching humans, it is also effective on our furbabies!

Itchy Dog Supplements: FAQ

Let’s clarify any details and answer any more questions you have about supplements for dogs with itchy skin.

Can you give a dog Benadryl to stop itching?

You should only give your dog Benadryl to stop them itching if your vet has advised you to do so. It is an ethanolamine-derivative antihistamine, which essentially means it can be used to treat both seasonal and general allergies by blocking histamine receiving receptors. However, the reason that you do not want to jump into using it without advice is that firstly, your dog may not have allergies just because they are itching. Furthermore, if it is allergies, it is best to try to discover what the allergen is and remove it. Finally, the amount of Benadryl you should give them will vary based on their weight, size, and severity of the reaction. Therefore, leave it to the vets.

Is itching dangerous for dogs?

Itching is rarely dangerous for a dog, it is normal for your dog to be itchy every now and again. However, in the unusual cases that it can be dangerous is when your dog is itching their skin raw. This can lead to bruises, cuts on the skin, and even infection if this is not noticed and treated. However, if your dog is itching frequently then a vet visit should be able to diagnose the cause and treat the problem with ease.

Are certain breeds more prone to itching than others?

Certain dog breeds are more prone to having sensitive skin or allergies, so therefore some breeds are found to be itching more than others. Some of these include the Poodle, English Bulldog, and the Labrador Retriever.

How much itching is normal for dogs?

Vets will use something called the canine itch scale to assess how bad your dog’s itchiness is and if they need to intervene. It refers to frequency, how easy it is to encourage your dog to stop or distracts them, as well as how much it disrupts their life. If you have concerns, it is best to visit a vet. However, to answer simply, normal itching is that which does not interrupt a dog’s normal life or cause them pain or injury.

How can I get my dog to stop scratching at home?

Apart from the supplements we have mentioned, there are some at home remedies to consider if the vet says it is nothing to worry about or is not too serious. Some recommend a 50/50 mix of apple cider and water put into a spray bottle and sprayed on the itchy area. This is because apple cider vinegar can destroy bad bacteria to prevent some itchiness. Just make sure the skin is not open at all before using. Another solution is coconut oil to help relax and moisturize the skin. Finally, a gradual diet change is also something you can do at home to help your dog. Take a look at these allergy-sensitive dog foods to see if your dog would benefit.

Although itching is rarely serious, be sure to treat it as soon as it becomes a concern. As it can be very unpleasant for your dog. A vet trip and one round of treatment can treat the issue and avoid your dog suffering from raw skin, busing, and even open wounds. Offering your dog some supplements can treat their itchy skin and help make them healthier in many different areas. So not only does it eradicate itching, but prevents its return.

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