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5 Best Stand Dryers for Dog Grooming

Written by Khalil
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Published on
Thursday 28 May 2020
Last updated on
Tuesday 9 May 2023
Best Stand Dryers for Dog Groomers
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We all know how exhausting towel-drying a dog is. Well, say hello to stand dryers for dog grooming! Stand dryers can cut your troubles in half whether you’re a professional groomer or a proud pet owner. Turn it on, control the heat, give your dog’s coat a makeover and watch how much quicker the process becomes.

Dog grooming stand dryers have been rising recently, just like forced-air dryers have. With that rise in popularity, many brands have released their own dryers. But worry not, we won’t be leaving you out on the Internet with no help – let’s get you up to speed with everything you need to know about stand dryers!

5 Best Stand Dryers for Dog Grooming

It’s time we reveal some of the best dog grooming stand dryers on the market. Though you might find many more options, these five stood out from the rest of us. Here are the best stand dryers for dog grooming:

1. Flying Pig Grooming Dryer

If you just went over our checklist for the best stand dryers for dog grooming, the Flying Pig dryer has them all. Its height is completely adjustable from 33 to 51 inches, with a 360-degree rotatable head and four casters for you to roll your stand dryer away.

If durability is your concern, the steel shell and motor will keep it running for years to come. The heat and airflow are completely variable, making it perfect for several uses. It’s also shipped with two different nozzles and filters for you to choose the one suitable for your dog.

Flying pig’s dryer has been garnering positive reviews all over Amazon. Its sturdiness and quietness are the best features for most pet owners. A few reviews brought up an issue with the stand of the dryer, where the screws wouldn’t fixate the stand in its place. Usually, such complaints are taken by the vendor, and a replacement is sent.


  • The motor is designed for hard use
  • Fully adjustable heat and speed
  • Flexible hose for easy grooming


  • The nozzle may move due to vibration
  • The dryer has a tendency to slip from the stand

2. AEOLUS TD-906 Ionic Stand Finishing Dryer for Dog Grooming

AEOLUS’ TD-906 is a powerful but gentle wall-mounted dryer for dog grooming. It allows you to groom your pet hands-free, especially if you are fluffing a freshly-bathed dog. It is perfect for home use and salons or facilities that do not want space-eating machines. 

Since you can easily mount it on the wall, you will have a wider space for a grooming table. If you do not want it mounted, you can use the ionic stand to keep the dryer in place. It is Japanese-made with a 1HP fan, brushless motor, and cool air.

It has adjustable airflow and a reliable heating element. The heat can be adjusted between 77 to 167 degrees Fahrenheit. You can also control its speed. The product received a 100% 5-star rating from its buyers, proving that it is doing a great job.


  • 2-way dryer
  • Saves space for other grooming equipment
  • Has a fully-adjustable heating element


  • It is on the expensive side

3. Master Equipment Stand Dryer for Pets

If efficiency, durability, and lesser noise, top your list of needs in a dryer, Master Equipment’s Superdry series has got you covered. The brush-less motor design makes the stand dryer stand out from the masses and helps it stay durable over time.

All components are housed by an ABS-plastic casing which adds to its noise-absorbing nature and durability. Its head is also rotatable, which can help you sit wherever you’d like to dry your dog’s coat.

The stand dryer has received mixed reviews on Amazon. However, they’re more biased towards customer support and don’t represent the dryer’s performance.


  • The brushless motor makes it more durable
  • It has a rotatable head
  • Quiet dry


  • The speed may begin to fail after a year

4. Free Paws Pet Dryer Stand

Leaving Free Paw’s amazing stand dryer from our list would be a mistake. If you’re tired of bending to groom your pet, you can finally let go of that problem. The dryer’s height is adjustable to over 51 inches.

Not only that, but the bracket is completely rotatable for your particular needs. Durability won’t ever cross your mind as it’s made of high-grade metal, PVC wheels, and an anti-corrosion spray on the tubes. You get a stand, five nozzles, and a compatible hands-free arm along with the dryer!

Pet owners have been raving about the all-in-one dryer by Free Paws. The nozzles and hoses help adjust the heat, making one of the best dryers for poodles and other breeds. A small negative with the dryer is that it’s quite noisy. However, if you’ve got space, the dryer is great for the price!


  • Adjustable height
  • It comes with five nozzles that can help control heat
  • It has an anti-corrosion spray on the tubes


  • It is a bit noisier than other dryers on the list

5. XPOWER Pro Finisher

If you’ve been searching for high-velocity dog dryer reviews, here’s one. The XPOWER Finisher professional stand is a powerhouse in its features – complete control over airflow and heat temperature, energy-saving mode, a stainless-steel body, and much more.

XPOWER also offers a one-year warranty for their stand dryer and all attachments. They truly vow for a great performance that we know they are capable of with more regular pet dryers.

There aren’t many great high-velocity dog grooming dryers, especially those with variable airflow. But Petacare’s dryers are top-notch. This also makes it the best dog dryer for Newfoundlands and all such matted breeds with a thick coat.


  • 100% control over airflow and temperature
  • It has an energy-saving mode
  • High-velocity dryer


  • It is noisy
  • Can heat up slower than the others on the list

What Are Stand Dryers for Dog Grooming?

Stand dryers, also known as carpet dryers or cage dryers, are dog grooming must-haves. They’re just like human blow dryers but are designed to fit a dog’s needs. A dog’s skin needs more gentle warmth rather than a fully powered blow dryer, as needed for our own hair.

Owing to that need, stand dryers come with variable speeds, airflow, and heating options. Normally, you’d hold your dog’s hair and gently move the dryer in the direction of your dog’s hair growth. It gives your dog’s coat a new shine and helps it stay cleaner and smell-free after a bath.

One small misconception most dog owners have is that a dog dryer, cage, or hand-held, is only to be used by professional groomers. You can also use all such dryers at home as they’re perfectly safe. You might be wondering if blow drying is necessary for your dog or not. Let’s answer that question next.

Should You Blow Dry Your Dog?

Just as you’d normally blow dry your own hair, your dog’s fur can benefit from some good ol’ blow-drying too. Once out of the bath, your dog will probably make a run for it. But if you let your dog run wet and wild at your home, your dog’s fur will attract all sorts of dirt and smells.

Your dog’s probably going to be quite chilly after the shower. Blow drying is going to help warm your dog up quickly and effectively. Though some dogs hate the sound and warmth of stand dryers, you can control the intensity and still use the dryer for your pup.

Besides warmth, a stand dryer can help your dog’s coat look fluffy and shiny. It will not harbor any odd smells and make your dog look weird. Also, the fur won’t catch much dirt either since it’s going to be dry (wet fur attracts the most dirt).

Should You Blow Dry Your Dog?

How to Choose the Right Stand Dryer for Grooming Dogs

Whether you’re a professional dog groomer or a lovely pet parent, stand dryers are a life-saver. However, they’re all going to have different benefits, mainly because of their features. Luckily, every stand dryer must have a specific list of features, and we have explained them all.

Adjustable Height

If there’s one thing you want to look for in a stand dryer, it’s the height. If the height is adjustable, you’re free to use the dryer wherever you want. Some appliances also support a 360-degree rotatable head design, which adds to the usability.

You’re good to go with an adjustable stand dryer, whether you need to blowdry your dog in a bed, cabinet, or even a chair, you’re good to go. Other than this, stand dryers give you complete control over the airflow. With varying heating, you’re free to direct the air wherever you want.

Nozzle Type

For most dog grooming stand dryers, four types of nozzles are perfect. Here’s a list of them:

  • Brush nozzle
  • Cone nozzle
  • Fluffing nozzle
  • Slot nozzle

These might sound confusing at first, but each cone has a specific purpose. Based on your airflow and heat needs, you can pick either one of these options. Brush nozzles can help you brush your dog’s undercoat easily while they help dry your dog’s coat.

Cone nozzles are great for going in-depth and blowing out the water from within the coat, to give your dog’s coat an extra shine. Fluffing nozzles are made with sensitivity; they’re better for your dog’s face or genitals. Finally, the slot nozzle helps avoid knots and tangles while your dog’s fur dries.


Dogs have much more sensitive skin than humans. Keeping this in mind, dog dryers usually come with a much more gentle airflow, so the warm air doesn’t annoy and hurt their skin. However, most dryers come with adjustable airflow, so the setting can be adjusted. With a higher airflow, drying your dog’s fur will never be a hassle, as it will take minutes.

On the other hand, a gentle airflow might take a few more minutes, but your dog will be less stressed. Lesser airflow makes less noise, and the heat isn’t too intense for your pup. A dog’s skin and genitals are sensitive and should always be blow-dried with minimal heat.

That said, such a dryer will cut your troubles in half and help you adjust the speed and airflow based on the area you’re drying.


Now, you might’ve planned to compromise on the noise of dryers, but not all of them are that loud. Some dryers use metallic components, which can bring out the annoying buzz noise. However, dryers that use polymer housing are quiet and won’t scare your pup.

Professional dog hairdryers are perfectly engineered for dogs to remain calm during the whole blow-dry experience. They’re quiet, and the vibration pads keep them gentle throughout the blow-dry. When you’re off to buy a stand dryer, ensure they have vibration pads, as these keep the whole machine calm and vibration-free.


Durability is going to be a concern with almost every appliance you’re going to buy. Withstand dryers, you’re always at risk of dropping them on the ground, especially if you own one energetic pup. The dryer should be durable enough to withstand falls and other mishaps.

Most metallic dryers get rusty and make annoying sounds after a few months of usage. With that in mind, you’re better off buying a stainless-steel dryer that isn’t as weak as a plastic body dryer and less rusty as a metallic one.

One other feature you might look for to ensure durability is energy consumption. Electric dryers will always be a powerhouse compared to battery-operated dryers. You should also look for the quality of the nozzle. Some nozzles in cheap dog dryers can’t stand the airflow and break off easily. Make sure the nozzle is durable enough to last a while!

How to Choose the Right Stand Dryer for Grooming Dogs

Stand Dryers for Dog Grooming – FAQs

We know how hard it is to take a leap of faith when it’s a decision related to your dog. Even if you own the best dog dryer for home use, your mind’s probably throwing loads of questions at you. Luckily, we’ve compiled some of the most commonly asked questions and answered them for you.

How can I dry my dog fast?

A dog dryer with a high airflow can help you dry your dog much faster. However, the decision to dry your dog’s fur goes hand in hand with the decision to hurt your dog’s skin. If the heat’s too intense, there’s a chance you’re going to hurt your pup’s skin under the fur.

Usually, dogs are quite scared of dryers with high airflow. It’s the sound that’s most annoying to them and sets them in fear. Before sticking to such a dryer, ensure the dog’s comfort, and then use it if appropriate.

Can I use my hairdryer on my dog?

You can use your personal hairdryer on your dog. However, ensure your dog’s comfortable with the noise of the hairdryer (many dryers are quite loud!). Once done, turn it to the lowest heat setting, and start drying your dog from a distance.

Though there’s no harm in using your dryer, stand dryers for dog grooming are designed differently. They’re quieter, generate less heat, and don’t scare dogs away. Nonetheless, keep the nozzle a little far away and keep moving it across your dog’s fur instead of concentrating all the hot air in one place.

Should I let my dog air dry?

Dogs can quickly shake the water off their fur, so you can let your dog air dry. However, air drying isn’t the best method to dry your dog’s fur. For one, they’re going to mess with all the water. Not to mention, a wet coat will attract more dirt.

If your dog goes off to play after a bath, it’s all going to be useless since he will get dirty again. It’s better to stick to towel drying, blow-drying, or try a mix of both after your dog bathes.

How long does it take for a dog to air dry?

Dogs with a thick coat usually take a longer time to dry than dogs with a thin coat. Mostly, you’ll have first to towel dry your pup and then move on to blow-drying. In that case, your dog might dry off much faster.

For example, a high-velocity dryer for Huskies would be quite powerful and quickly dry your dog’s thick coat. On the other hand, the same dryer would be unsuitable for a smaller breed, say a Poodle. The best dog dryer for Poodles would be a low-velocity dryer with which you can control the heat accordingly.

Should I brush my dog wet or dry?

You should always brush your dog when the coat is dry. Running a brush through your dog’s wet coat might shed more hair. Instead, you should dry your hair and then brush your dog’s fur.

Luckily, stand dryers for dog grooming won’t be a hassle to carry. You can first dry your dog on your lap and then brush your dog’s fur. Make sure you’re moving the brush toward the growth of the hair. This will ensure no hair break and that your dog doesn’t feel any unnecessary pain.

Stand Dryers for Dog Grooming – FAQs

Using stand dryers for dog grooming saves time and energy, and can prevent you from needing to re-bathe your pup. They are a useful investment for owners who regularly groom their dogs at home.

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