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Leather Dog Leads – Buying Guide, Reviews & FAQs

Written by Laura
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Published on
Friday 1 October 2021
Last updated on
Tuesday 9 May 2023
dog leather leads
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Leather dog leads are preferred by many owners for their high quality, durability, and luxurious feel. But with so many products out there it can be overwhelming, so why not let our buying guide do all the work?

Let’s take a look at the difference between leashes and leads, how to choose a dog lead, the benefits of leather leads, and our ten favorite leather leads for dogs.

What Is A Dog Lead

Dog leashes and leads are essential items for dog owners. They are what allow us to take our dogs out on walks and keep them in shape. Not only do walks keep dogs in shape, but they also allow them to explore, play outdoors, and meet other dogs. 

Dog Leash vs Dog Lead

So what is the difference between a leash and a lead? A lot of people think they are the same thing, but in actuality, they are totally different. The owner “leads” the dog with a lead, while the dog leads the owner with a leash. Basically, a lead gives the owner control, whilst a leash gives the dog control, which is fine if they’re properly trained and trustworthy. 

However, for younger pups that are not yet trained and dogs with aggression issues, a lead is the better option. Some owners also just prefer them for safety reasons. For example, if you live near a lot of busy roads, you may not want your dog to have the “lead”.

Benefits of a Leather Lead

Leather dog leads are very popular among dog owners because of their numerous benefits. The benefits of using leather dog leads include that they are:

  • High quality
  • Stylish and classy
  • Durable and long-lasting
  • Comfortable to hold
  • Provide good grip and control
leather lead benefits
Leather leads can hold more pressure than regular nylon leads.

What To Look For in a Leather Lead

These are the most important factors when considering which lead is best for your dog. 


There is no universal agreed-upon perfect length for a lead, it is up to the owners to decide what is appropriate. Leads typically come in 4 lengths; 6 feet, 4 feet, 8-10 feet, and long line. 

Six feet is the most common length for a lead and is ideal for walking dogs around quieter areas like neighborhoods. Shorter lengths are ideal for busy places like streets with lots of traffic, and longer leads are good for training purposes, big outdoor spaces, and dogs that just need more space. 

The length of your dog’s lead is important because it determines how far away from you they can get. Young puppies, for example, shouldn’t be given a long lead with too much length as they could easily jump into harm’s way. However, a lead also shouldn’t be so short that it will restrict the dog too much and be uncomfortable. 


The quality of the leather is also important. Your dog will likely be out walking in all types of weather, so you need the lead to be durable and long-lasting. The handle should also be soft, comfortable to hold, and high-traction for a strong grip and complete control. 

To make sure you are buying a high-quality lead, only buy from trusted pet brands and/or products that have good reviews online. 


You may also want to consider the type of lead that will be best for your dog. For example, shorter training leads are good for untrained puppies, and standard leads are best for adults and older dogs. However, if you have a dog that needs extra space to run around whilst still remaining on a lead for safety reasons, a retractable lead may be best for you.

The appearance of the lead may also be of importance to you. Leather leads tend to be more luxurious than standard dog leads anyway, but there are plenty of them that come in stylish designs too. 


For eco-conscious and animal-loving owners, it can be important to know where the leather comes from. Rest assured, there are plenty of leather leads that come from sustainable, ethical sources

12 Best Leather Dog Leads

These are the ten best leather dog leads currently available on the market. 

1. Ezydog Oxford Leather Classic Leash

This standard flat leash by Ezydog is made out of full-grain leather and has a natural texture. It’s 42 inches long and comes in black and brown. It’s extremely tough and durable, but the padded lining is soft to touch and high-traction to prevent accidents. 

The brown lead has gold metal hardware and the black lead has silver. It’s very stylish and functional and well-suited to both country and urban environments. Reviews are overwhelmingly positive, with buyers highly recommending the product. 

2. Ray Allen Old World Leather Agitation Leads

This lead by Ray Allen uses harness leather to create one of the strongest leads in the world. It’s 8 inches wide, ¼ inch thick, and 5 feet long. The lead comes in two styles; brown leather with gold metal and a 1” bolt snap, and brown leather with french scissor snap and silver metal. 

There are no bad reviews of this product and buyers commend it for its fantastic value for money, with many predicting that it will last a lifetime. 

3. Ray Allen Latigo Braided Obedience Leads

Another Ray Allen product, this handcrafted obedience leather lead comes in a 4-foot length and a 6-foot length option. Both options come with a choice of a ½ an inch width and a ¾ inch width. They feature solid brass bolt snaps and reviews praise the product’s durability as well as how comfortable it is to hold. 

4. Creature Clothes Classic Leather Dog Lead

This leather lead by Creature Clothes is also handmade and has undergone rigorous testing to prove its durability. The O-shaped handle is joined to the lead by a ring for flexibility on walks.

It is approximately one meter long and there are several colors to choose from, including black and red, all with silver or brass fittings and studs. Reviews are overwhelmingly positive, with many echoing its flexibility during use, which makes walks with dogs that like to dart about and smell everything in sight much easier. 

The brand also prides itself on creating ethically and environmentally aware products. 

5. Creature Clothes Classic Leather Dog Lead

Another product by Creature Clothes, this one features a stylish bone design that is studded along the lead. It is also one meter in length. It’s made with the same rigorously tested handmade leather as the product above and the fixtures are all made from either brass or silver. 

This lead is also available in lots of different colors and has a handle that joins to the lead with a ring for flexibility. The brand even makes a matching leather collar with the same bone design. Buyers seem to love the product, with many reviews enjoying the stylish appearance. 

6. Logical Leather Dog Lead 

This lead by Logical Leather utilizes genuine full-grain police and military-grade leather. It’s 6 feet in length and is recommended by dog trainers worldwide. The fixtures are premium nickel and solid brass plated, and it comes in several bright colors including pink and blue. 

The brand is so confident that it will last you a lifetime, they offer a lifetime guarantee and will refund you or replace your product if it does not stand up to their claims. Buyers seem to really like the product with several reviews referencing how well made and durable it is, many appreciate the fun color options too. 

7. Mendota Pet Leather Snap Lead

This snap lead by Mendota is available as both a standard flat lead and a rolled lead. Both of them come in two lengths; 4 ft or 6 ft and are chestnut brown leather. The lead features a corrosion-resistant brass snap bolt and a ring on the handle. Buyers seem to love the product as it has no bad reviews. Many say that it is of great quality and beautifully made. 

8. Mighty Paw Leather Dog Lead

This lead by Mighty Paw is 6 feet long and made from 100% premium leather. It features a super-strong carabiner clip that will survive even the most boisterous of pets and is made in the USA. The lead is a natural brown color and has a soft padded handle for comfort. 

There is even an additional D-ring to help you carry your waste bags, perfect for owners of dogs that are ball lovers or like to go hiking and need a free hand for things like ball flingers and water bottles. Reviews of the product are overwhelmingly positive, with plenty of buyers loving the convenience of the extra D-ring. 

9. Adityna Leather Dog Lead

This lead by Adityna is available in 6 ft x ½ inch and 6 ft x ⅝ inch options and comes in a natural brown color. Made using a single piece of premium grade real leather and stainless steel clasps, it is extremely durable. In fact, Adityna offers a lifetime warranty on the product and reviews call it excellent value for money. 

10. Mighty Paw Leather Lead – Short

Another Mighty Paw product, this lead is extremely short at only 12 inches in length, offering maximum control. It is ideal for training purposes, service dogs, and busy events. It’s made using 100% real leather and is extremely lightweight, weighing only 0.2 lbs. 

The lead is made in the USA and utilizes an aviation aluminum carabiner clip, which is the same kind that rock climbers use. This means that it can resist even the toughest of pullers. Many reviews say that it is the best lead of its kind and some also mention that it works well paired with Mighty Paw’s leather martingale collar. 

11. Training Lead Handmade Braided 8 ft Genuine Leather Dog Training Lead, Burgundy

This training lead by LWBMG is made with high-quality, oiled soft leather that is long-lasting and nice to hold. It’s flexible for easy walking and features rust-resistant brass clasps. The lead is 8 ft in length and burgundy brown in color. It is recommended by professional trainers and is an Amazon bestseller. Buyers love the product, with many reviews saying it’s excellent value for money and makes walks a lot nicer. 

12. L1KL Braided Leather Dog Training Lead

This lead by L1KL is available in various lengths, widths, and colors. It utilizes heavy-duty military and law enforcement-grade leather but has a premium feel for luxurious comfort. 

The lead has an alloy iron/copper rust-resistant 360-degree swivel clasp that operates smoothly and lasts for decades. It’s an Amazon best-seller and the reviews confirm the brand’s claims of how high-quality the leather is. 

Leather Leads For Dogs: – FAQ

What are the differences between a leash and a lead?

A lot of people think they are the same thing, but they are not. A lead gives the owner control, and a leash gives the dog control. Your dog being in control is fine if they are properly trained and trustworthy! 
However, for younger pups that are not yet properly trained and dogs with aggression issues, a lead is the better option.

Why are leather leads better?

Leather dog leads are extremely popular among dog owners because they are high quality, stylish, and classy. They’re also extremely durable and long-lasting, but comfortable to hold whilst still providing good grip and control.

What happens if my dog eats leather?

Leather isn’t a dangerous material for dogs to ingest because it is natural. However, most leather accessories for dogs contain metal which can be dangerous to swallow. It can cause an obstruction in the digestive tract and even turn toxic inside the body. If your dog swallows a foreign object, it’s best to call your vet for advice.

What’s the best lead for a dog who pulls?

An all-body harness paired with a lead is a better choice for dogs who pull because it allows the owner more control and stops the dog from hurting their throats. If you want to train your dog to stop pulling, you could try using a martingale collar. 
Martingale collars are worn around the neck like regular collars, only they get tighter when the dog pulls. This encourages them to stop pulling without causing any harm.

What’s the best length for dog lead?

There is no universal agreed-upon best length for a lead, it all depends on what is best for your dog. Leads most commonly come in 4 lengths; 6 feet, 4 feet, 8-10 feet, and long line. 

Six feet is the most common lead length and is ideal for walking dogs around quieter areas like neighborhoods. Shorter lengths are ideal for busy places like streets with lots of traffic, and longer leads are good for training purposes, large outdoor spaces, and dogs that just need more space.

That is our leather dog lead buying guide. Leather leads are classy, strong, and comfortable to hold. Will you and your dog be trying out one of our recommendations? Let us know. 

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