10 Best Dog Leash Splitters – Guide, Reviews & FAQ

10 Best Dog Leash Splitters – Guide, Reviews & FAQ

Every dog loves going on walks. But what if you have two and need to walk both of them? Well, buying a dog lead splitter could be the answer to your prayers. A splitter is attachable to the clip of a regular dog leash and consists of 2 leash straps, one for each dog.

So, for this article, we decided to review some of the best lead splitters for dogs. For this, we considered clip security, comfort, durability and the methods used for ensuring the leads are non-tangle. Along with that, we also considered how much the leash reduces pull.

What is a Dog Leash Splitter?

If you haven’t simultaneously walked dogs on different leashes, then let me assure you that you’re not missing out on anything fun. In fact, both dog leads often end up tangling with each other which leaves you in a total mess.

However, there’s an answer to that – dog leash splitters. As the name suggests, they split a lead by embedding three clips:

  1. one clip on the leash,
  2. one clip on the first dog, and
  3. one clip on the second dog.

To do that, manufacturers add a rotatable clasp at the leash-end of the splitter. That allows the dogs to move around without tangling their leashes together.

Also, with such a lead coupler, you’ll reduce the pull that comes with walking dogs on different leashes. But not just that, it would also provide you with more control over the dogs which is important since it’s illegal in many countries and states to walk dogs without proper control over them.

Here are a few benefits of buying a splitter for dog leads

  • More control
  • Non-tangle
  • Durability
  • Less pull
  • Added comfort

How to Choose the Right Dog Lead Splitter?

We’ve discussed how useful a splitter for dog leads can be. However, that’s the easier part. What’s hard is to actually find a lead splitter that’s not just high-quality but also a good bang for your buck.

But that’s where we come into the picture. In this section, we’ve reviewed 10 of the best dog lead splitters in the market based on customer experience, quality, durability, ease of use, and security.

Your Dog's Size

Not every leash splitter is made for all types of dogs. With bigger dogs, there’s a chance that the splitter might tear apart. Although the lead’s strength plays a more important role in this, however, it would be useless without a dog leash splitter that can withstand a larger and stronger dog.


Usually, you’re looking for a longer leash. However, go with that same mindset while buying a leash coupler and you’d be regretting it two weeks from today. The thing is, you shouldn’t buy an extra long dog lead splitter because it’ll add to the length of your dog leash. If it’s too long, it’ll end up allowing your dog to stray too far away on walks.

However, if the length is too small, it wouldn’t allow both your dogs their personal space. And that’s quite important. Dogs (like us) enjoy their personal space and at times like to explore their surroundings on walks. So, make sure they have enough space to do so.


The material of a dog leash is certainly important since its strength directly depends on it. Generally speaking, most couplers use Nylon which is usually stretch-free and great against the elements.

Your Dog's Strength

This one’s pretty similar to the point about your dog’s size. But it isn’t necessary that only larger dogs would be stronger. At times, medium-sized dogs can also turn out to be a handful during walks. So, make sure you respect your buddy’s strength and buy a strong and sturdy lead splitter for dogs.

Standard vs Retractable Leads

While buying a lead splitter, you’ll need to consider whether your dog lead is retractable or not. The thing is, when retractable leads pull, they pull on the dog’s collar. However, if you add a dog lead splitter at the end, your retractable lead would first pull at the splitter and then distribute the pulling force to both leads before pulling both dogs.

As you might imagine, this would reduce the pulling force to a great extent. So, your retractable dog leash might not even be that useful if you’re considering a lead coupler.

10 Best Dog Lead Splitters

Alright, so we discussed exactly what dog leash splitters are and how to choose them. So, let’s move on to our list of the best dog lead splitters available.

1. Mighty Paw Double Bungee Leash

This bungee leash by Mighty Paw comes with a splitter so you can easily walk your 2 dogs together. It supports dogs up to 100 lbs which covers most dog breeds. But that’s not the best part… this leash comes with comfort-action bungee which absorbs most of the pull from your dog. This is especially useful for people who have heavy and strong dogs. What’s more, this bungee leash is tangle-free and comes with a rotatable attachment. Made with strong nylon, it’s also reflective which makes it more visible in the dark.

Now, coming to the great part… this dog leash comes with a free leash hook which allows you to hang it after use. Not to mention, it comes with a 100% money-back guarantee. At any moment, if you’re unsatisfied, you can return this leash with no questions asked. A great thing about this leash is that not only the clip between the coupler and leash swivel but the two clips for the dog collars swivel as well. This allows for better detangling.

With that said, a common issue is that the bungee leash can be a bit too heavy for small dogs. So, it ends up hanging and dragging against the ground. To avoid this, you’ll have to keep a certain amount of tension in the leash while walking your dogs.

2. Caldwell's Dog Lead Splitter

Made with industrial-grade polyester, this is simply one of the strongest dog lead splitters in the market. While we’re on the topic of sturdiness, it’s also worth noting that this coupler is completely water-proof. The leashes are adjustable from 11 to 20 inches which provides enough space for dogs of all sizes. The alloy ring used in this coupler attaches to dog leashes of all types and is quite strong as well. What’s more, the seller is quite confident of the fact that the leashes in this splitter would not stretch or break.

Interestingly, most customers are quite happy with what Caldwell’s Pet Supply Co. has to offer with this coupler. The highlight of this product is its ability to let you walk two differently sized dogs together. Many customers reported that their large dogs and medium-sized puppies walked together on this coupler without any problems (once they had their vaccines).

With that said, it might not be the best option out there for smaller dogs like Shih Tzus since it’s a bit heavy for them.

3. Snagle Paw Dog Leash Coupler

With tangle-free technology, Snagle Paw’s leash coupler is number 3 on our list. This one is also stretchable with bungee materials that absorb most of the pulling from dogs. You can alter the size of this coupler from 20 to 31.5 inches which makes it perfect for medium-sized dogs of around 30 lbs weight. The nylon used in the leashes is strong and non-stretch.

Like the Mighty Paw Double Leash, this one also has swivel clips which further reduces the chances of tangling. It’s a heavy-duty coupler which is perfect for medium-sized dogs. With that said, for a smaller dog, you’d want to go with the Lite version available from Snagle Paw.

4. HTKJ No-Tangle Dog Leash Splitter

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This adjustable dog leash coupler is another great option for dog owners. It is tangle-free and really sturdy. The Nylon used in this coupler is non-stretch and doesn’t absorb any water. Also, your dog won’t be able to chew or pull it apart which makes it one of the best leads for aggressive chewers. It’s rot and mildew free and is usable with all dog collar types.

This is a respected small dog lead coupler in the market. However, the plastic adjusters that hold the lead are not as sturdy as the rest of the product.

5. DCbark Tangle-Free Double Dog Leash

If you have a dog that’s 10-50 lbs and you’re looking for a pretty dual dog leash, then this one from DCbark is a great option to consider. It has an extremely comfortable handle with neoprene padding which enhances your dog walking experience. You can adjust the lead’s length between 11-20 inches, depending on how you prefer it. The manufacturer uses weather-resistant nylon in this coupler which makes it a sound long-term investment.

Most customers are raving about the build of this product and how useful it is for their dogs. It sounds like a fantastic (and pretty) option for dog owners. With that said, it’s worth mentioning that you can’t detach one extender/leash from the coupler if you’re walking a single dog.

6. U-Pick Dual Dog Lead

As the name suggests, this one comes with a 360-degree swivel on the leash attachment as well as the collar clips. If you hate being pulled around by your dog on walks, then U-Pick has a solution for that as well. This double dog leash comes with bungee leads that can extend from 20 to 35 inches with the necessary pulling force. Also, it has reflective stitching which shines in the dark, making it safer to walks in the night.

The manufacturer is so confident about the quality of this dog leash that they’re providing a complete refund guarantee in case this thing breaks by a pulling force of less than 100 lbs. What customers are loving about this leash is its soft padding that doesn’t put a strain on the hand even if you’re walking an awfully energetic dog.

7. Vaun Duffy Dog Leash Splitter

Vaun Duffy goes over and above with this double dog leash. They’ve added a very useful neoprene handle to each leash which allows you to control individual dogs as required. This is extremely useful for dog owners that find their dogs straying down opposite ways. Not just that, it also comes with reflective stitching. You can adjust the length of each side individually if you have different-sized dogs.

But here’s the kicker: this one comes with a lifetime guarantee. Yup… you heard that right. And that’s not just on paper. The reviews of their customers clearly show that this dog lead splitter is a true long-term investment. With that said, this might not be the best option for small dogs due to their weight.

8. PetEast Heavy-Duty Double Leash for Dogs

Peteast does a couple of really cool things with this double dog leash. For one, they’re one of the few double do leashes in the market that are adjustable in length. Also, it comes with a soft handle that reduces hand burns from aggressive pulling. Its bungee leash allows a considerable extension as well which further reduces the pull on the owner.

Peteast provides a nice money-back guarantee for 30 days and offers a 1-year warranty as well. What customers love about this leash is that it’s tangle-free in the truest sense, no matter how much their dogs criss and cross.

With that said, some customers didn’t like the clips on these splitters for dog leads, stating that they’d prefer stronger clips for bigger dogs.

9. Haapaw Dog Leash Coupler

With a foam handle, the Haapaw Leash Coupler is one of the comfiest no tangle dog leashes in the market. Both leash clippers swivel to prevent intertwining. The bungee leashes are stretchable from 20-35 inches. This provides a great mix of control and space for dogs. Also, don’t forget that the reflective thread in this leash makes nightly walks safer for you and your poof.

If you love freebies, then you’d also appreciate the fact that this coupler comes with a free dog food bowl from Haapaw. The great thing about this coupler is that even if one of your dogs is a puller and the other isn’t, this shouldn’t be much a problem for you. However, some customers wish larger dogs complained that it doesn’t provide enough space between dogs as it should.

10. PetEast Dual Dog Leash for Large Breeds

This is the second Peteast product on this list… and a good one at that. With a heavy-duty design consisting of polyester and nylon, it’s easily one of the sturdiest in the market. The 360 degrees swivel allows dog owners a hassle and tangle-free dog walking experience, one that we’re all yearning for. It also comes with a shock-absorbing soft handle that’s great for large or energetic dogs.

What’s more, you can ask for a refund within 90 days of purchase. This makes it one of the more lucrative options in the market as 90 days is more than enough for any problem in the product to show up. Customers have been raving about just how easy it is to walk 2 dogs on this leash as it doesn’t tangle at all. The splitter for dog leads also has a 360 swivel which further reduces tangling.

As with all great products, it has its setbacks as well. Unlike Peteast’s bungee double dog leash, this one isn’t extendable. This means that all the pulling force would get transmitted to your shoulder which can be a problem if you have larger dogs.

Dog Lead Splitters – FAQs

So, there you have it, folks. In this article, we discussed everything about lead splitters for dogs and suggested some of the best couplers and double dog leashes in the market.

However, lead splitters aren’t all that common and it’s natural for you to have a few unanswered questions by now.

So, in this section, we’re going to have a crack on some of the most frequently asked questions about dog lead splitters.

What is the best way to walk my two dogs?

To walk two dogs, you can either use a double dog leash, buy a coupler or use 2 separate dog leashes for your dogs. Whichever option you choose, it’ll have its pros and cons with it.

For example, if you buy a double dog leash, it might increase the stress on your shoulder due to excessive pulling. In essence, dog walks or hands-free jogs with a double leash could turn out to be an overburdening workout session for you. On the other paw, don’t ever buy a coupler that uses poor quality clips. They would snap the instant your dog pulls hard and that can lead to a major setback. In case you go with separate dog leashes for each, you’re going to run into some tangling issues soon. And the issues don’t just persist while walking… it’ll probably take you 15 minutes detangling both leashes after the walk.

With that said, I still think that buying a dog lead splitter or double dog leash is a lot better than using different leashes for each dog… especially if your dogs don’t pull aggressively.

Is using a dog lead splitter safe for my dogs?

There’s no safety threat of using lead splitters for dogs. However, the threat might be for those around your dog. You see, if your dog leash or splitter isn’t made with the finest quality materials, it might tear apart. Even if the leash is sturdy, the clips and other hardware matter a lot as well. If they’re not strong enough, you could end up with a dog on the loose.

Also, if you’re a bit worried about how far away your dogs can stray from you and each other, then there are lead splitter options available in the market that are adjustable. So, if you’d like to keep your dogs close to you for safety, then that’s not an issue as well.

Is there a non-tangle dog lead splitter?

Almost all lead splitters for dogs are non-tangle. Indeed, these splitters often have a 360 swivel mechanism which allows the clips to completely rotate as the dogs move around. This rotation helps your dogs avoid tangling while they explore on walks.

If you’ll go through our list of the best dog lead splitters, then you’ll see how each of them is non-tangle. So, that’s pretty much a good example of how common this feature is.

Can my dogs walk together on a dog lead splitter without fighting?

This really depends on your dogs. Surely, there are dogs out there that would easily walk together on a splitter for dog leads. But that doesn’t ensure that yours would. It all boils down to how accepting your dogs are of each other. If they don’t have a good time otherwise, then they won’t magically be okay on walks together.

With that said, the only reason why some dog lead splitting ventures fail is mostly due to the dogs not being compatible enough. Another point to consider here is whether your dogs walk at the same pace. If they don’t, then you need a lead splitter that allows some stretch and individual space for dogs.

Why should I use a dog lead splitter rather than multiple leashes?

The answer is simple. It’s easier to walk dogs on a lead splitter than on multiple leashes. With a lead splitter, you can free up one hand, have all your concentration diverted on one leash, and also reduce the overall pull on your body. It certainly reduces the tangling between multiple leashes as well as most lead splitters have the ability to swivel 360 degrees.

So, if that sounds useful to you, then you’re certainly better off with a dog lead splitter.