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Top 5 Best Dog Leash Holders & Hooks

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Published on
Saturday 29 September 2018
Last updated on
Tuesday 9 May 2023
Best Dog Leash Holders
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Have you ever lost your dog’s leash? You know, leaving it on a table and your dog stealing it to hide it somewhere you cannot reach? Using one of these best dog leash holders and hooks will keep your dog’s collar, lead, and accessories tidy.

As soon as you come back home from walking your dog, put the leash on the hook and pick it up when it is time for the next walk. You can even attach the dog poop bags, collars, and your home keys. Dog leash holders are nothing revolutionary and most people will choose them randomly, or simply pick the cheapest.

How To Choose the Right Dog Leash Holder or Hook?

A dog leash holder is an accessory that gets attached to your home wall and has hooks available to suspend various accessories. Dog owners obviously hook their dog leash up, as well as the usual dog walking accessories such as the collar, the poop bags, and some toys.

Choosing a quality dog leash holder is not rocket science and will mainly be based on looks. Yet, there are some important features that may change your experience completely. Because dog leash hooks are inexpensive, a lot of people pick one without much thought and stop using it forever. So spend a few minutes reading this article up, and pick one that you will love using for years!

Some important features dog owners must pay attention to when choosing a dog leash holder include:

  • Wall mount — some require screwing the hook onto the wall while others can be stuck
  • Hook count — figure out how many hooks do you need on your leash holder
  • Look & Feel — it will sit at your home’s entrance so go for something appealing to you
  • Easy Cleaning — some walks happen in the rain and dirt so make sure you can wipe the leash holder

In terms of pricing, most products are rather cheap and around the $20-mark with some going up to $50, while others gravitating around $10. Remember that you will not change your dog leash holder often; so invest the extra dollars for something great. It is totally worth it!

5 Best Dog Leash Holders & Hooks

We have scoured the web, read other reviews, tried many leash holders for dogs, and then decided on a shortlist. Below are our top 5 best dog leash holders and hooks; with all of them doing a great job of keeping every dog thing tidy while being easy to attach and maintain.

1. DEI Dog Pet Leash Metal Rack

The DEI Dog Leash Rack is a suitable commodity to have in your home or office for maximum convenience while having your pets close to you. Racks provide an essential place to leave those belongings that are normally picked up on the way out of the building such as our coats and purses. Having a leash rack for your dog’s leash prevents loss as well as keeps your dog’s items organized in an easy-to-reach place.

Made of metal and black in color, the DEI Leash Rack comes handy with three separate hooks so that you can add another couple of items to the rack, such as his doggy bag for example. You can even use it to hang your own keys and coats next to his leash, keeping you from having to use a separate rack for yourself. It’s designed with canine creativity with a dog and kibble bowl placed atop the hooks. The rack measures 7.5 inches in height from the top of the dog’s head to the bottom of the piece. From side to side, it measures 8 inches wide, which should fit perfectly on any wall.

Dog owners who own multiple dogs love the fact that they can have all of their dog’s leashes placed and organized side by side on one single rack. One user was able to place 4 leashes just on one hook. Furthermore, the leashes tend to stay intact and therefore, do not tangle with one another which is really something to appreciate. In terms of quality, the price can’t be beaten. However, according to a couple of people, the leash rack came with the words “My Leash” backward, therefore, some users could not make out what it read.

2. DecoBros Wall Mount

One of the greatest concerns that shoppers take into consideration when purchasing household items is the convenience of having one item that is fit for various task purposes. And with the DecoBros Wall Mount rack, you get exactly that. Usually, when we get home we have the habit of setting our keys, mail, and coats all in an assigned nearby area, which is usually next to the door, for convenience when leaving and returning. This wall mount provides a 3-in-1 advantage to suit all your home entrance needs.

Measuring 10.6 inches in length, 2.4 inches in width, and 4.4 inches in height, this specially designed wall mount by DecoBros was originally created for the home and office but is one of our top essential pieces for dog leashes as well. It works conveniently for both. Equipped with 5 large hooks and 4 smaller ones, you can easily fit several dog leashes along with all your keys and several other items, including coats and hats all on one hanger. The top is fitted with a basket that holds your mail and letters so that when you get home you have one spot to place all your belongings. This heavy metal is made with a heavy gauge and can be mounted on your wall with the hardware included in the packaging.

Customers rave about its sturdiness and how easy it is to put together. They say it is built by heavy construction for maximum staying power. Users enjoy its versatility claiming it can be used for multiple objects around the house and not just the entrance. Although, one customer complained that it was rather difficult to mount due to the holes and edges of the mounting rack not being big enough to accommodate a screwdriver.

3. Franklin Brass Bone-Shaped Wall Hook

Not every household prefers to have all their belongings in one place. Some people much rather prefer to keep things simpler. For the dog lovers who only have one dog, for example, and like to keep their dog items separate from theirs, a single leash hook will suffice. The Franklin Brass Wall Hook’s design is aimed for simplicity, but nonetheless, its brass is still sturdy enough to beat its competitors on the market. The Franklin Brass brand offers numerous, creative designs for their wall hooks with some resembling a stamped dog paw, for example, in either bronze or satin nickel.

This brass, bone-shaped wall hook is the perfect commodity for your dog leash. It’s tough to hold the heaviest of items with a 35 lb. maximum capacity for weight. When mounted, it measures 4.8 by 2.2 by 4.3 inches. The bone shape adds creative flair to your wall decor. For optimum convenience, upon receiving your package, you will get the mounting hardware as well as the instructions for installation included in your purchase. This wall hook does not take up much space so it can be used in any room on any of the walls. The casual style along with the die-cast zinc material that gives it a black finished look enhances its physical appeal.

Users like how it’s not conspicuous due to its size and because of its versatility it can also be used for hats, coats, and other various items. This Franklin Brass wall hook is well received by buyers for its sturdy material while being ultra-cute at the same time. Due to this, it can hold several leashes at one time, even the heavier types.

4. DEI Lucky Dog Wall Hook

As previously mentioned, DEI has served as one of the top sellers in dog leash hangers with its fair pricing, tough material, and sleek designs. DEI offers an array of creative models with your dog in mind from the simple pup and bowl design as well as another wall rack with the word WOOF neatly placed inside a dog bone. Also appealing are the colors that the DEI brand seems to offer its clients.

The DEI Lucky Dog Wall Hook uniquely portrays five different dogs with their backs turned to you. This innovative, clever design uses the dog’s tails to serve as the mounting hooks for your items. Made out of a thick cast metal, this wall hook is built to last and stand the test of time. The hardy piece is easy to hang with two nails or screws, although not included. The brown color gives it a brass color with a polished and shiny finish. With its multiple hooks, users can use it to hang a multitude of items, often with some stacked together on the same hook. Furthermore, the hanging hardware comes included with the purchase.

It measures at 11 by 5 by 1 inches in length, height, and depth, respectively. Buyers have raved about this product saying that they receive compliments from others when visiting their homes. These dog leashes and wall hooks have even replaced people’s regular key holders. According to a large majority of users who have bought the DEI Lucky Wall Hook, most have used this product for keys alongside their leashes, while others are using it to hang their sunglasses and even goggles. A common complaint, however, is that many wish the package would come with the appropriate screws for hanging.

5. Comfify Birds on Branch Hanger With

When it comes to home decor, our walls are like an open canvas. How people decorate their walls says a lot about them. That’s why the Confify Birds on Branch Hanger provides just the right amount of visual stimulation for those buyers who like to make a statement. While the actual design may not fit the standard portrait of a dog item, its multifarious functionality serves every dog owner’s dream for organization and arrangement. This hanger made by Comfify comes with 6 hooks, more than enough for not only several dog items but your own as well.

Made of cast iron, this hanger is durable enough to withstand heavier items such as towels. The innovational design is inspired by birds sitting atop a tree. The hanger itself is the tree while the branches serve as the hooks. It’s got a rustic vibe to it and sets off a vintage tone due to its style and color. The metal wall rack is not limited to just the entrance of your home but can be used in any of the rooms including the bathroom or even the kitchen. This is a very heavy-duty hanger with high-quality and you don’t have to worry about your clothes or dog leashes wearing out because of the thick and rounded edges.

For ultimate convenience, the Comfify Bird Branch Hanger comes with the necessary screws and anchors already included. It’s easy to use and easy to mount on your wall. Measuring at 18.5 inches long, users appreciate the strong construction that was put into the product and say that it’s even more beautiful in person. Considering the sturdiness, buyers say it’s not too heavy to carry. Antique lovers enjoy this art piece in their homes that fit with the rest of their decor. On the downside, some users have complained that the screws and anchors that come with the package are too weak and flimsy, while others say it does not lay flat on the wall.

Overall, finding the right dog leash holder and hooks for your dog is a matter of picking one that looks good. Furthermore, you also want it to stay firmly attached to your wall while accepting as many items as possible, from keys to dog leads. Price-wise, it is a cheap product even for the top products, especially when you consider its years of life.

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