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6 Best Double Dog Leashes & Couplers

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Published on
Friday 8 December 2017
Last updated on
Tuesday 9 May 2023
Best Double Dog Leashes
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Double dog leashes are specially designed dog leashes that make walking two dogs simultaneously easy and hassle-free. While taking out your dog on a walk calls for some fun time for both, with two of them, there are several challenges.

When walking two dogs at the same time without a double leash or coupler, the two separate leads often get tangled or twisted with one another, and the dogs move out of control. It’s totally unsafe.

Double dog leashes are incorporated with features that overcome such difficulties and help you manage even the most active breeds with ease. The high-quality leashes are also made to be easy on the hands of the owner because two dogs together can put a heavy strain on any human’s wrist.

Differences Between Double Leashes and Couplers

If you are planning to walk two (or more) dogs at the same time, and you realized how difficult it is to use two individual leashes, you are probably now thinking whether you should go for a coupler, or for a double dog leash.

A dog leash coupler is an accessory that is able to go on virtually all regular dog leashes, at the dog’s end of the lead. You attach it instead of the dog’s collar, and you now have two ends available for two dogs. There are couplers that have more than two ends, they are the ones dog walkers usually buy.

A double dog leash is a leash directly built with two separate leads but a single handle. They are much easier to utilize and require nothing else than just attaching the dogs. Some are retractable while others put the emphasis on sturdiness and resistance.

Top 6 Best Double Dog Leashes

There is no best choice here since it really depends on what you are planning to do with the leash, and how often. Leash couplers are very convenient if you are walking two dogs occasionally. For more regular usage, a double dog leash is just simpler to use. In terms of resistance and strength, they both are available in cheap or quality versions, you get what you pay for!

With several types of couplers or double leashes for dogs, here is a list of the top 6 best double dog leashes for you to consider buying.

1. Caldwell’s Double Dog Leash for Two Dogs

— Strongest Double Dog Leash

The Caldwell’s Pet Supply Double Dog Leash for Two Dogs is a braided double dog leash from Caldwell that is claimed to be extremely trainer-friendly. However, the leash offers no-tangle features and is as easy to use by a professional trainer as by someone who is new to handling two dogs together. This particular two dog leash is strength tested to carry two dogs of the larger breeds with ease. Made of nylon and polyester, it is robust, hardy and yet comfortable on your hands.

The most striking feature of this double dog leash is its length. At 54 inches, it is long enough for some of the largest dogs. While very long leashes have a tendency to tangle up especially when the dogs tend to cross each other’s path very often, this one from Caldwell is an exception. It comes with a steel-reinforced swivel that prevents it from tangling. Also, the single soft grip makes it easy on your hands even when you hold two strong, heavy dogs at the same time. In fact, the handle is purposely incorporated with a thicker ergonomic neoprene comfort feature to ensure that it does not become painful for arthritis-affected hands and fingers.

This trainer-friendly double dog leash from Caldwell scores over many others by virtue of its design and technology. The bright pink and black design makes it loved by female dogs in particular. However, it also comes with a money-back guarantee so in case you are not satisfied with the product, you can claim your investment.

2. Vaun Duffy Double Dog Leash

— Best Coupler for Dogs of Different Sizes

The Vaun Duffy Coupler is yet another extremely useful dog coupler that is particularly relevant for controlling dogs on busy streets and ensuring their maximum safety at the same time. The design of this leash coupler is such that it prevents the dogs from messing it up. The no-tangle swivel works well in avoiding any kind of tangle irrespective of how active both of your furry family members are.

The Vaun Duffy Coupler comes with a heavy 1-inch wide dual coupler leash. This product is specifically made for the larger and the medium breeds of dogs as it is strong enough to hold two large dogs together with ease. A striking feature of this leash is its height adjustability feature by means of which, managing two dogs of varying heights no longer remains a hassle. Reflective stitching both on the front and the backside of the leash is particularly incorporated to ensure that your dogs are visible and safe even during the night.

This double dog leash ensures the comfort of the owner as much as it guarantees the safety of your dogs. The soft-padded neoprene handles on both sides of the coupler leash make it easy for the owners to have a solid grip. The manufacturer of this product is confident enough to give a lifetime guarantee. This means that if you are not satisfied with any one of the couplers at any point in time, a replacement will be provided no matter whether the fault lies with the quality of the materials or the workmanship.

Overall, the Vaun Duffy Coupler is a recommended double dog walker for medium and large breeds and has no downsides worth mentioning, making it a great buy for you.

3. Caldwell’s No Tangle Dog Leash Coupler

— Ideal Extra-Long Dog Leash Coupler

The Caldwell’s Pet Supply Co. No Tangle Dog Leash Coupler is one of the best double dog leashes available out there. It comes with an extra-strong coupler that can be easily attached to the regular dog walking leash for additional control and support. Suitable for both small and larger breeds of dogs, it is absolutely tangle-free and never messes up irrespective of how active both your furry ones are. This is due to the tangle-resistant design, made all the more reliable by the presence of nickel-plated hooks and a strong alloy ring. Keeping the dogs under control while they walk or jog is easier, more hassle-free and comfortable than ever before.

This particular double-dog retractable leash offers enhanced flexibility too. As such, the size can be adjusted from 11-20 inches, leaving aside the hooks and the connection ring. Unlike leather leashes for dogs, it does not absorb water and is also resistant to rot or mildew. Suitable for different types and sizes of dog collars, the versatility of this product from Caldwell makes it a popular multiple dog leash among owners of especially, the more active breeds of dogs. No matter how much the dogs crisscross the paths or move about randomly, there will be no tangle whatsoever.

In spite of having so many features and functionalities, the Caldwell’s Pet supply No Tangle Leash Coupler is extremely easy to use right from the beginning. Adjusting the size or putting around the collar takes very little time. The only problem that you might face is that it is not too comfortable on your hands and that is only when you are carrying two large and hyperactive dogs. Overall, it’s a very good buy and an ideal value for your money.

4. Ska Direct No-Tangle Double Dog Walker

— Decent Low-Cost Dog Leash Coupler for Small Dogs

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The Ska Direct No-Tangle Double Dog Walker is again one of those double dog leashes that can easily boast of its strength and capabilities. This one comes at a very low price, so keep this in mind if you are after a premium or long-lasting product (i.e. this one might not be the one for you.)

The most advantageous aspect of this double dog leash is that it can hold two dogs of different breeds with a single lead. However, we would recommend it for small dogs only. Other couplers are sturdier and more suitable for larger dogs that can pull heavy charges.

The Ska Direct No-Tangle Double Dog Walker is 1″ wide and can be adjustable from 11-20 inches depending on the size of your dog. It is one of the best-quality dog leashes as it is made up of premium quality nylon webbing stitching. Adding to its quality is the reinforced closed jointing O-ring. As the very name of this product suggests, it avoids any kind of tangle by virtue of its heavy-duty nickel-plated swivel clips.

A great feature of this cheap dog leash coupler is its resistance to rot and mildew. It also does not stretch or break easily, thereby, promising longevity and easy maintenance. Unlike most of the regular leather leashes, it does not absorb water and therefore, remains as good as new for a longer time (in comparison to similarly priced couplers.) Overall, it’s a good product for its price and if you are the owner of two small dogs, this is a great candidate leash.

5. Peteast Dual Double Dog Leash

— Best Value-For-Money Double Dog Leash

The Peteast Double Dog Leash tops the list of some of the best double dog leashes available. About 50 inches in length, it is neither too long nor too short when it comes to holding your small-to-medium-sized dogs together. The leash is made of nylon and polyester fabric, which makes it strike a blend of strength and lightness. However, the most striking aspect of this leash, one that makes it robust enough to walk and jog two dogs, is the swivel clasp design. The clasp comes in between the hand and split section and works with the help of a self-adjusting technology.

This swivel clasp feature allows you to automatically adjust the leash when the dogs criss-cross paths. As a result, there is no tangle and your furry ones can move sideways or back and forth easily without difficulty and without messing up the leash. At the same time, holding this leash exerts no pressure on your hands either as it comes with a soft grip design to ensure that the leash is easy to hold as well.

This double dog leash with a soft handle from Peteast has no glaring downsides and is an all-rounder product that meets all the expectations from an ideal two dog leash. Interestingly, it comes with a 90-day no-hassle refund or replacement warranty so in case, you are not quite satisfied with the product, you can claim your money back. This offer makes this light, durable and comfortable double dog leash a perfect value for money too.

The length of the leash might not make it too ideal for the really large breeds of dogs but for most breeds and a wide range of sizes, it is definitely a must-buy product.

6. Wigzi Dual Doggie 2-Dog Retractable Leash

— Best Retractable Double Dog Leash

The Wigzi Dual Doggie 2 Dog Retractable Leash is a robust double dog leash that apart from being technologically advanced is strong enough to keep your two dogs under control while ensuring their safety. This particular leash holds two dogs weighing up to 50lbs each. The maximum length in which you can get this leash is 10 feet per dog. The 30-degree spin technology paving the way for a no-tangle rotating design makes it score over several other dog leashes from the same category.

Along with the very innovative rotating twist mechanism, this leash from Wigzi has a unique color-coded braking system. This system enables you to control each dog with enhanced ease and comfort. If one of your dogs has the tendency to move ahead fast and the other seems to be a little laid back, this feature makes sure that controlling each with comfort and without hassle is very much possible. You can even stop one individually and be rest assured that these two dog leashes will stay tangle-free and without any mess.

The Wigzi double dog leash might be a little confusing to use at the beginning. But once used to its reflective lead system and spin technology, this product will turn out to be one of the coolest and most comfortable leashes ever. In fact, it is best suited for the dogs with a relaxed and calm nature or older dogs that simply like to take casual strolls in the park or pavements.

Overall, it is a great value for money and a popular leash among owners of larger breeds because unlike many others, it enables holding two large dogs together by virtue of its excellent length and commendable capacity.

While these are some of the best double dog leashes that you can buy, make sure choosing one that best suits the size, breed and most importantly, the nature of your dogs. An ideal two dog leash is one that is safe and comfortable for your dog and extremely hassle-free for you.

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