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Dog Wedding Dresses – Buying Guide, Prices & Top 10

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Published on
Monday 17 February 2020
Last updated on
Tuesday 9 May 2023
wedding dresses for dogs
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Let us start off by extending a virtual high-five to all people who think dog wedding dresses are the cutest thing ever… well, right after dogs themselves. Honestly, these dog dresses are a fantastic way of including your pooch in the festivities of a wedding.

For this article, we did all the legwork of finding and reviewing some of the best wedding dresses for dogs on Amazon. So, if a furry ring bearer or a flower girl is what you want, then you’re in the right place.

What is a Dog Wedding Dress?

Dogs often wear wedding dresses at their owner’s wedding. These dresses often have a humanized appearance to them. For example, you’ll easily find lots of canine wedding dresses that look like a bride’s or groom’s dress. A few others also have a rather “party” appearance.

It’s quite obvious that dogs often aren’t allowed at weddings. That’s why most of the people buying wedding dresses for their furball are doing so for their own wedding and not to bring to a friend’s. They want their dog to be a part of their special day and that’s quite a commendable thing. Consider it like this: you’ve had your dog for years and have had so many amazing memories with them. In fact, your dog is family to you. So, it won’t be fair to either of you if you exclude the little guy from your special day.

That’s where these cute and funny dresses come into play. By buying such a dress for your dog, you can include it in your wedding and have a complete “family” photo at the end. Not only will this help your dog become a part of the ceremony, but it would also make it that much more memorable.

How to Choose the Right Dog Wedding Dress

Choosing the right dog dress for a wedding isn’t an easy task. In fact, it’s one of the most complicated things you’ll ever have to do. We looked at a number of factors in pursuit of shortlisting the best dog wedding dresses for you.

Before we move on to the final list, take a look at these important factors. By having these in mind, you’ll be able to finally choose the doggy dress of your dreams from our shortlist.

Size and fitting

We cannot stress enough how important the size and fitting of your dog’s wedding dress is. They are often messed up. The problem is that almost all the dresses are wrong when it comes to sizing. So, if your dog usually wears small size dog clothes, it doesn’t mean she’ll fit into a small wedding dress as well.

What you need is to first get your hands on the sizing chart provided by the manufacturer. This is usually uploaded with the product’s pictures on Amazon or the manufacturer’s website. If you don’t find the sizing chart, then look for some sizing guidelines in the product’s description.

If ever you feel confused between two sizes, then the smarter option is to go a size up rather than a size down. Also, make sure you’re reading product reviews for the dress you’re looking to buy. At times, you’ll find clear indications that you should buy a size larger than what the sizing chart explains. This is because the sizing guidelines aren’t only dependent on length and width etc. but the shape of your dog’s body as well.


Fabric is immensely important when it comes to any sort of dog clothes. Unfortunately, § aren’t always made with the best of material. In fact, many manufacturers are just looking at the cosmetic appearance of the dress and not so much on how strong or comfortable the fabric is.

These 2 factors are the most important when choosing a fabric option for your dog’s wedding dress. Usually, these dresses use silk which is known to be quite sturdy. Occasionally, you’ll also find cotton dresses that would be lighter.


The style of your dress is a factor that affects many others. For example, certain dresses that contain lots of laces may seem prettier, but they would also be less comfortable. You need to determine what your dog’s role is in the wedding. Is your dog attending the wedding as a guest or is she a bridesmaid? This can help you determine whether you’re looking for a dog wedding dress with a veil or a flower girl dress.

The type of dress isn’t the only thing to consider when it comes to style. In fact, you’ll also need to choose if you want a v-neck or a rounded neck for your dog’s dress. There’s also the possibility of having pearls and sequins as well as bows–some dresses even come with additional accessories like hair clips! So, there’s really no end to “style” options when it comes to dog wedding dresses.


Now, this is what most dog owners ignore when buying wedding dresses for their canine buddies. All they’re focusing on is how dazzling the dress looks. But that’s honestly a pretty poor approach. We have seen dogs that are practically scared of getting into a dress. That’s because most of them are just so rough and uncomfortable that it freaks your dog out. Remember to always keep your dog’s comfort above all.

Make sure that you’re buying a dog dress that uses a soft fabric like cotton or silk. Secondly, know what pushes your dog’s buttons. If she freaks out by wearing lacy dresses, that’s probably because they feel prickly to her. So, avoid such designs if your dog is repulsed by them.


If it’s your wedding that you’re buying this dress for, then I’m sure you’ve got a hundred other things draining your bank balance. In that case, price should certainly be a driving factor in what sort of dress you decide on.

When you check out our list, you’ll notice that most of the wedding dresses for dogs range from around $15-25. That’s a figure that most dog owners are happy to pay. However, if you’re paying anything more than that, make sure it has features and reviews that justify the price.

Dress up your dog for your wedding day!
Dress up your dog for your wedding day!

10 Best Dog Wedding Dresses

Now that we’ve explained all the factors that we considered while compiling this list, it’s time we reveal our top 10. In pursuit of finding the best dog wedding dresses out there, we went through dozens of them. We found a few great ones and many not-so-great ones as well, but the following are truly the best out there.

Here are the best wedding dresses for dogs.

1. Fitwarm Pet Dog Evening Wedding Dress

Firstly, we have this stunning dog wedding dress by Fitwarm. It’s ideal for a bitch if you’re okay with it wearing white. The rose accessory at the back of the dress helps to add a nice pop of color to your dog’s dress. This inevitably helps your pooch stand out and acquire a feminine touch. What’s more, the fabric is extremely soft and comfortable. That’s important since a dog would hardly spend a few minutes in an uncomfortable dress.

Customers have bought this dog dress for all kinds of reasons ranging from Sunday brunches to weddings. Evidently, the versatility that this outfit provides is an important factor to consider. Another positive comment that we got to hear from buyers was about the quality of the fabric used. Fitwarm went above and beyond to ensure that the dress doesn’t tear apart easily.

2. Luxury Lace Pearl Dog Wedding Dress

Are you looking for dog formal wear for a wedding? If so, then here’s an option for your baby. This one comes with elegant pure white fabric with pearls on the neckline and a flowery lace on the skirt. As you can imagine, it’s the perfect mixture of elegance and style. The manufacturer makes it quite evident that they’ve designed this wedding dress for dogs with comfort in mind. For that, they’ve tried providing enough room for your pooch to move around easily.

However, t’s not a smart move to put a pure white dress with pearls in the machine. So, it’s suggested to wash this dress by hand. Also, beware that this is a small dog wedding dress and won’t fit medium-sized dogs. For reference, you can check the size guide provided by the manufacturer on Amazon.

3. Biling Dog Tutu Skirt

White’s not your style? How about you go a bit overboard and try this dazzling golden dog dress for weddings? This dress has a golden top with sequins that shimmer in the light. This should further increase the amount of attention your dog gets. On the skirt, you’ll see some contrasting flowers that add to your dog’s prettiness and elegance.

Since this isn’t a white dress, it’s appropriate for all occasions including parties, Halloween, and birthdays. Customers are quite happy with the quality of the fabric they’re receiving. However, almost all of them suggest buying 1 (or even 2) size up. It’s quite evident that the company is running at least one size short. So, make sure you’re getting fresh measurements from your dog and ordering accordingly.

4. Fitwarm Elegant Lace Dog Dress

This dress is soft and comfy with a beautiful style. With a gorgeous, golden lace lining your dog’s skirt and a pretty golden bow, your dog would look breathtaking in this attire.

The reviews for this wedding dress for small dogs are quite satisfactory. The quality of the fabric seems top-notch, satisfying most of the buyers. You’d expect that the bottom lace and bow would be a bit flimsy, but it seems like the opposite. Till now, there aren’t many complaints about any of those bothering the customers. With that said, the actual product seems a bit different than what’s depicted in the picture. So, you can expect a different-sized bow on the dress and maybe even a slightly differently-shaded lace.

5. Fitwarm Luxury Pink Lace Dress

This pink lace dress is as pretty as they come with fine fabric. A great thing about this dog dress is that it’s quite lightweight, allowing your dog to move around freely. Additionally, it comes with a matching pink hairclip that will make your baby look like a princess.

The Fitwarm Luxury Pink Dress is ideal for weddings, family photographs, parties, and picnics. It also comes with a pink bow fastened around the waist for some added cuteness. With that said, Fitwarm itself recommends that if you’re ever confused between two sizes, you should always buy the larger one. Also, they suggest taking sizes a bit loosely, hinting that you’re better off buying a size larger.

6. Dian Dian Pet Dog Party Dress

Are you bored of the regular whites and pinks when it comes to wedding dresses for dogs? Well then, this shimmery black dress is what your baby needs. With white sequins lining the neck, this black dress exudes an elegantly fun aura. You’ll also find the sequins scattered around the front of your dog’s dress and a white pearl belt lining the waist. What’s more, the dress tapers off into a graceful lace skirt.

Most of the dresses in this roundup have a rather “fun” touch to them. They’re pretty and people would compliment them as such. But if you’re looking for a dress that spells out “classy” and that makes Fido look elegant, then this is by far our best pick. However, beware that this dress (like many others) may run a bit small. My suggestion would be to go a size up.

7. Rubie’s Big Dog Bride Costume

Looking for a big dog wedding dress? Well then, here’s our top pick. This is a classic wedding dress with a dog bride veil. You can tie the veil down to your dog’s chin to keep it in place. The best thing about this dress is that it accommodates breeds up to the size of German Shepherds and Golden Retrievers. This simple white dress has frills lining the armholes as well as the skirt.

Rubie’s is a known dog costume manufacturer and has served in the USA since the 1950s. So, it’s safe to say that they’re a trusted name. In their sizing chart, they provide proper sizing guidelines and suggest breeds that would most likely fit in those sizes. However, make sure you’re focusing more on the actual sizing mentioned than looking for what size they suggest for your dog breed. Many dog owners have regretfully found out that breed size suggestions aren’t always the best way to order online.

8. Howstar Pet Princess Wedding Dress

If your dog hates wearing uncomfortable clothes, then this soft cotton dress from Howstar might be what you’re looking for. The dog wedding dress flower pattern on this thing is so cute, it’ll make your heart skip a beat (or two!). This dress comes with a pretty yellow bow at the back. Interestingly, this dress comes in two color options: Khaki and Pink. This is quite unusual when considering wedding dresses for dogs. But it’s a welcome disparity.

The manufacturer advertises this to be a cotton dress. This should make it a lot lighter than the others. What’s more, the beadwork on this dress is quite commendable. Bear in mind that the “Pink” color in this dress actually leans a bit towards peach.

9. Wondersky Dog Dress for Rose Wedding

If a purple dog wedding dress is what you need, then take a look at this fine rose dress by Wondersky. This dog flower girl dress is made of elegant silk; the same type of fabric that’s used in human clothes. It’s soft and breathable to keep your dog feeling comfortable. Interestingly, the dress has two flaps that cross each other at the back with a flower in the middle. They look as cute as they sound. The same design appears on the front bust as well.

The overall response from customers is quite welcoming for this product. However, some complained that the flowers actually came in looking rather stiff instead of fluffy. That’s probably because the manufacturer ships these in flat envelopes.

10. Marupet Elegant Lace Dress for Dogs

Lastly but by no means least on our list is this small wedding dress for dogs by MaruPet. It’s as frilly and flowy as they come with a v-neck floral design. The skirt also descends in lacy ruffles that would give your dog a majestic look. Since even the X-Large size has a body length of about 15 inches, this dress would only work for small dog breeds.

Customers are in awe of how amazing this wedding dress for dogs is. With its frills flowing around, it’s proven to be a major hit for dog birthdays as well. But do keep this in mind that the sizing of this dress seems a bit off. Before buying this dress, make sure you consult the sizing chart uploaded by the seller and also skim through its product reviews for first-hand guidance.

By buying your pups dog wedding dresses, you will have the perfect flower girl or regal bride. Including our pups into the most special day of our lives can make the day even more exceptional and a little amusing. If you aren’t convinced by now, just consider the pictures and you’ll be hooked.

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