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10 Best Dog Houses For Hot Weather – Ventilation, UV Protection, Reviews & FAQs

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Published on
Tuesday 4 May 2021
Last updated on
Tuesday 9 May 2023
houses for dogs during hot weather
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When Summer rolls around once more, our concerns start shifting to our dog overheating. Letting them go outside in the good weather offers them a lot of fun, but we have to make sure they aren’t at risk. Offering them a dog house outside can be an area of cool for your dog to take shelter in from the blazing sun. Therefore, you’ll want to find the best dog houses for hot weather to ensure your dog is protected and you are getting your money’s worth.

By making sure the dog house you are purchasing is cooling or thoroughly shelters your dog, you can relax a little more when letting them outside. This is why we are reviewing the cool dog houses in depth so you can find the perfect match for your pup. From its weight to size, to special features, we analyze everything you need to know before making a purchase. So let’s dive right in!

Why Do We Even Need a Dog House?

Dog houses are an enclosed area made just for your dog. They offer an area of seclusion, shelter from the weather, and a sense of safety when they wish to rest. Dog houses can increase a dog’s physical and mental health. Firstly they can minimize anxiety by offering that area of security away from others. Secondly, it can help with their physical health by offering shelter from the weather and different temperatures. So they are not in the cold rain or hot sun and instead are in their comfortable dog house. Overall, it improves their mood.

Dog houses can differ vastly in looks, sizes, and materials used. Some of the most common dog houses include outdoor wooden ones or those with an acrylic frame. However, you can also get felt or material houses for dry areas or indoor use. As for their shape, they can be anything from a house replica to an igloo! So be sure to browse the market for what you want.


Ventilation is a key factor when building or purchasing a dog house. It makes sure that your dog has good air circulation which is very important to their health. Firstly and the arguably most important benefit is reducing stagnant air and therefore pathogens. When fresh air doesn’t circulate it leave bad bacteria in the air and then the dog house. This can lead to your pet becoming ill, hence why it is an important concern. You also need to consider that cool air is more pleasant for your dog to breathe in hot weather and can help to cool them down.

Lastly, you need to consider the odor. If there is not a good airflow then the dog house is going to smell much more frequently and will require a lot more cleaning to ensure it stays clean and good smelling. The smell can be unpleasant for both you and your dog, hence why ventilation can influence hygiene levels.

UV Protection

Just like us, dogs can suffer from sunburn. Even those with heavy coats can have areas of exposed skin or their fur can move during running to leave areas exposed. As most of us know, a sunburn can be deeply painful and healing is not a quick process. Therefore we want to be sure that their dog house is UV safe. As if they fall asleep in here and the sun’s rays are directly hitting them throughout, this could result in a severe sunburn.

If your dog’s house is well sheltered then it provides a cool area of shade. That way, when your dog is overheating, they know they can wander over to their dog house to feel cooler. By them having this awareness of a safe area from heat, they can remove themselves from the negative situation of overheating which leads to sunburn. This is why their protective features are so important.

well ventilated dog house
It’s important to make sure your dog’s house is well ventilated to ensure your dog’s comfort.

10 Best Dog Houses For Hot Weather

We have found the best dog houses for hot weather and compared them so you can find your perfect match.

1. Fit Choice Elevated Dog House

This house by Fit Choice is made of a light and breathable material which offers multiple benefits. You can move it with ease and it has good ventilation. The house is also elevated to make sure it does not get dirty or torn from being on the ground.

It comes in three sizes of medium (L30.”7xW24.4”xH32.4”), large (L36.6″xW36.6″xH40.9”), and extra large (L48.8”xW35.8″H48”.8) so your dog can try this bed no matter their size or breed. The material of the bed is also easy to wash so you don’t have to spend hours scrubbing at your dog’s house to remove stains and odors.

This product has high ratings especially considering this is a new product. Owners love how easy it is to assemble and how portable it is. Even for a large breed like a German Shepherd can find comfort and stability in this bed. The few negative reviews that exist target a missing piece within the box.

2. The Suncast Outdoor Dog House

If you’re looking for a durable outdoor dog house, then take a look at this product by Suncast. This house has been constructed with heavy-duty resin which means it is easy to clean as well as strong. So it can actually last you years! Furthermore, it is easy to construct which is an added bonus.

This comes in a standard size of 35″ x 27″ x 29.5″ so can accompany medium-sized dogs with a weight limit of 70 pounds. This house also comes with a removable door for added shelter from the sun or noise.

Owners love this dog house and say that it is a steal for its price. With its cross vents for good ventilation, owners in hot areas praise it for keeping their dog cool. The reoccurring fault with this dog house is the possibility of leaking when it rains. So you may want to avoid this house if you live in a rainy area.

3. Best Pet Supplies Pet Tent Soft Bed for Dog

This is a soft material bed made from faux suede, corduroy, and linen. The lining is also soft to provide cushioning for an age range of dogs. As for customization, this bed is available in 9 different colors! It is easy to clean as it is machine washable and is the perfect indoor bed.

The dimensions of the tent are 16 x 16 x 14 inches for a small-sized dog to curl up inside. Furthermore, due to the lining’s materials, the bed should not heat up too much even in your warm house.

This is a roomy bed you can use for your dog or cat and has a lot of positive reviews to say so. It has also been designed to last with strong stitching and material, just don’t provide this bed to a dog who likes to chew.

4. Petsfit Portable Folding Wood Dog House

If you’re interested in a refined wooden dog house then take a look at this. This is an easy to construct, no tools needed assembly. It is also easy with portability as it can fold so you can transport it with you. Don’t forget about the easy to fold up lid for cleaning!

This house is great for small to medium dogs with its size being 42 x 30 x 28 inches. You can also use this as an outdoor indoor house depending on what you need. If you want to personalize it you can easily varnish or paint the wood to the color you like.

Many owners have given this product the top rating and recommend it to others. It is practical, attractive, easy to clean, and sturdy. The problems that exist are only for if you plan to use it in winter as the wind can enter between the gaps of the wood.

importance of dog houses
It is important to be able to provide your dog with the right equipment to ensure its safety and comfort.

5. Suncast Outdoor Dog House with Door

If you’re looking for a durable outdoor dog house then check out this product from Suncast. This is built with some heavy-duty resin to offer waterproof walls and an overall strong structure. It is easy to assemble and simply clips together to be ready in mere moments.

The dimensions are 35 x 27 x 29.5 inches so be sure that your dog can fit into this house. It also comes with vents to ensure that during hot weather, your dog is receiving good ventilation. Another reason for it to be one of our best dog houses for hot weather.

Due to its ease to assemble and the strength of the parts, owners love this cheaper option. The price is fair and the product is above quality. Just be sure that if you have very energetic dogs that they do not charge into this house.

6. Petsfit Dog House

This is a long-lasting dog house that ensures your dog stays cool in the summer but keeps them snuggly in the winter. This is due to the EPE foam which is used for its construction. Due to this fabric type, it has a very high quality of air ventilation, arguably better than wooden houses.

Every owner can purchase one of these houses as they come in small, medium, and large, so no dog is left without. You can also put this house together within minutes as it attaches with velcro and zippers.

Considering this is a soft dog house, owners have mentioned how sturdy it is! They adore the appearance of the house as it resembles that of a little wooden dog house. So you get the appearance bonuses without some of the difficulties with the material.

7. MidWest Homes for Pets Eillo Folding Outdoor Wood Dog House

Midwest offers a portable dog house great to use during hot weather. No tools are necessary for this lovely wooden dog house and the construction should only take a few minutes. The roof can be easily removed for added ventilation in the hot weather.

This is the perfect outdoor dog house for a medium-sized dog as the size is 25.24L x 40.60W x 29.10H inches. Furthermore, with its elevated base, this bed can be easily cleaned and keeps your dog off the hot ground in summer

Owners love the ease in portability due to the folding design. Simply remove the lid and compress the form together and you have a flat pack dog house that’s perfect for using in summer adventures.

8. Petmate Precision Extreme Outback Log Cabin

If you are more interested in the appearance of your dog’s outdoor house than other factors, check out this log cabin by Petmate. However, it is a very effective house for dealing with the heat. With its raised floor for ventilation and sealed protective coating, it works well in all types of weather.

Available in four sizes from small to extra large, any dog can fit into one of these houses. This outdoor dog house also has an easy assembly with just three steps to complete its construction.

This is a very attractive dog house that owners say works as well as it looks. The only complaint seems to pertain to its durability. This house is not the best for extreme weather or rough usage according to reviews.

9. TRIXIE Classic Outdoor Wooden Dog House

Trixie offers a heavy weather-resistant wooden dog house with four different house sizes. It comes with a hinged roof with extendable arms for locking to add ventilation through the top.

This house is meant to be waterproof, resistant to high winds, and elevated to aid in cold and hot weather. The feet are also extendable to add more room for air ventilation below the base.

This is a steady house and many users are completely happy with their purchase. However, some have noted that the base bows and breaks if the dog is heavier. So if your dog is of a larger weight then be careful.

10. Ferplast Dog Kennel

Ferplast offers a very strong plastic dog house that is waterproof and prevents your dog from getting sunburned. This also comes with a fold-out panel to create a porch for extra space for your dog.

Due to the material of this house, it is easy to clean and still maintains an attractive appearance.

Generally, this product has many positive reviews especially targeting the protection from all-weather types. Some have had issues with it arriving broken though.

Hot Weather Dog Houses: FAQ

More questions about the best dog houses for hot weather. We’ve got you covered.

How do I keep a dog house cool in the summer?

Some of the best ways to keep a dog house cool are by using a cooling bed, fan, or providing your dog with cool water with ice chips in inside the house.

What are the harmful effects of hot weather for dogs?

Heatstroke is the biggest worry when your dog overheats as it can lead to death. Sunburn and dehydration are other serious worries from hot weather, which is why it is so crucial to provide proper care for your dogs in the heat.

How do I keep my dog cool?

Some of the best ways to keep your dog cool include:
– Keeping them hydrated
– Making sure they are not in the sun for too long
– Providing areas of shade
– Offering cool areas such as cooling mats or spaces with a fan
– Try to encourage them inside for breaks when they are playing

What are signs that my dog is getting too hot?

Some signs that your dog is getting too hot include:
Heavy panting
– Fatigue
– Drooling or foaming at the mouth
– Confusion
– Gagging or coughing

A change in behavior is one of the key indicators that your dog is starting to become too hot, so be sure to monitor your dog during summer.

When should I bring my dog to the vet due to heat concerns?

If your dog displays signs of heat exhaustion such as heavy panting, disorientation, extreme fatigue, and foaming at the mouth then you want to take your dog to the vet. Behavioral changes are the key element you should be aware of if you have concerns of heat exhaustion.

Keeping dogs cool in the summer is crucial to avoid health concerns like heatstroke or dehydration. Good ventilation and proper shading can help to ensure your dog is safe in the heat. Consider purchasing one of the best dog houses for hot weather that we recommend to provide these benefits. One of our favorites is the Ferplast dog kennel, which is yours? let us know in the comments.

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