10 Best Greyhound Clothes & Jumpers – Buying Guide, Reviews & FAQs

10 Best Greyhound Clothes & Jumpers – Buying Guide, Reviews & FAQs
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Dealing with winters is the same for humans as it is for dogs. The solution is buying your Greyhound the best clothes that keep them warm and well insulated.

Animals in the wild either adapt to change in climates or migrate when the seasons change. Greyhounds and other dogs are dependent on us humans. While breeds such as Huskies and St. Bernards have double-coated fur, other dogs such as the Greyhound with a lack of a thick coat. This makes them vulnerable to harsh and frigid winters. and therefore owners will go searching for the best Greyhound clothes (and some insulated dog house, or kennel heating system).

What are Greyhound Clothes and Jumpers?

Fundamentally, Greyhound clothes and jumpers are the same as clothes for other dogs. But since Greyhounds have an unusually lean body structure, therefore it’s often tricky to find clothes for Greyhounds. These clothes come in all kinds of varieties. You can find Greyhound jumpers, sweaters, turtlenecks, coats, tummy warmers, and pajamas. As you can see, there are plenty of options to choose from. But, what are the benefits of getting all these different clothes for your Greyhound?

For most pet owners, their beloved canines are a part of their family and they want their Greyhounds to be comfortable and warm. Apart from keeping your pet warm, Greyhound apparel has other benefits too. Pet clothes are available in all sorts of cute and adorable designs and patterns. And who wouldn’t love their pooch in vibrant colored clothes with striking patterns! Moreover, since winters arrive right when the holiday season is around the corner, there are plenty of holiday-themed Greyhound sweaters and other apparel available.

Well insulated Greyhound dog coats allow you to take your pets outside on a chilly day. A cozy weather-resistant and windproof jacket will allow you to take your dog out on a brisk walk. Otherwise, your pooch would be stuck by the fireplace all day long trying to catch some warmth.

How to Choose the Right Clothes and Jumpers for Greyhounds?

Because of the unusual body structure of both regular and Italian Greyhounds, getting clothes that fit them can sometimes be tricky. Therefore, we have compiled a few key points you need to consider when it comes to the size, comfort, materials, and design of the clothes you purchase for your hound.

choosing clothes and jumpers for greyhounds
Make sure you never favor looks and aesthetics over comfort and safety when buying dog clothes for your Greyhound.

Size and Fit

Greyhounds have a lean structure and thin waists. Getting any run off the mill clothes may not suffice, as they might be too baggy or loose for your hound. Additionally, most manufacturers publish a size chart on their websites. Some charts adhere to US-standard sizes, while others do not. We recommend measuring your dog and ordering the corresponding size from the manufacturer’s chart. If your dog’s measurements are between two sizes, get the larger size.

Another tip is to buy breed-specific clothes for your hound. Some brands manufacture Italian Greyhound clothes as well as apparel for other breeds. Do check that the clothes you buy, especially tops, are designed for your dog’s gender. Sometimes clothes meant for females end up being too tight for males. Moreover, consider the age and growth of your hound before you purchase clothes. It would be a waste of money if your pup grows out of the Greyhound tummy warmer you just brought by next winters.


Comfort is key when it comes to buying your dog any piece of apparel. For starters, dogs aren’t used to wearing clothes, so it’s already frustrating for them to be wrapped up in fabric. And if the clothing is not comfortable, too tight, or the fabric is itchy, it will seriously frustrate your dog.

Sometimes a sweater looks just too adorable to not buy, but if your hound won’t be comfortable in it, then you’d better skip that purchase.


You need to get clothes made from fabrics that are comfortable. Putting on itchy clothes or sweaters that make your dog sweat will only make your dog uncomfortable.

Fabrics made from 100% cotton are perhaps the most comfortable for dogs. They are breathable and won’t make your Greyhound itch. Apart from cotton, fleece or flannel would also work fine for dogs. In fact, these fabrics are used to make most dog clothes, since they are so easy to sew. Additionally, dog sweaters made from wool or dacron also work fine.

Design and Type

Just like you find loads of variety at your favorite clothing store, there are various types of dog articles available in the market with striking designs. Some dog clothes are designed to be just a fashion statement, while others are essential for your dog’s comfort, especially in winters

The Internet is filled with Greyhound clothes patterns and ideas. These range from super comfy Greyhound jammies to elegant sweaters as well as Christmas themed clothes. Whatever clothes you buy, one thing is sure, you can’t go wrong with polka dots or stripes. The kind of clothes you buy depends on your personal choice and what your pup feels comfortable in. Popular designs include:

  • Greyhound fleece coat
  • Italian Greyhound Christmas jumpers
  • Greyhound turtleneck sweaters

Your Greyhound will require woolen or well-insulated clothes if you live in a cold climate. In states that can get really cold in winters, such as Alaska or Toronto, you will need to jumpers and jackets to keep your dog warm.

patterns of greyhound clothes
There are amazing patterns and styles for Greyhound clothes. That’s due to their sender body shape.

10 Best Greyhound Clothes and Jumpers

Clothes for Greyhounds come in a wide variety, but not all pieces of clothing are suitable for your lovely pooch. Therefore, after thorough research, we’ve come up with a list of the 10 best Greyhound clothes and jumpers available in the market.

1. Chilly Dog Boyfriend Sweater

Chilly Dog’s boyfriend sweater has varsity-style collars and borders. This sweater is grey colored with white and red accents. Every piece is available in 8 different sizes ranging from XX-Small to XXX-Large. The sweater has so many sizes that you can find one that fits teacup-sized dogs all the way to one that fits a Great Dane.

This sweater is made from 100% wool which guarantees your dog will be comfortable wearing this. Moreover, since wool provides extra insulation, this sweater is ideal for cold climates. In addition, Chilly Dog prides itself on its ethical practices and adherence to fair trade guidelines.

Multiple users have complained about a very strong odor from the package, indicating the sweater has been treated with chemicals. Moreover, some people have complained the sweaters loosen up considerably and don’t fit their dogs anymore.

2. American Flag Dog Sweater

This patriotic sweater is a suitable turtleneck for your Greyhound. Its made from 100% wool and has the US flag kitted on the back. Chilly Dog has made this sweater as an ideal piece of clothing for mild winters. Moreover, this sweater is available in 6 different sizes and can fit dogs of all sizes.

According to customer reviews, this sweater is very well made. The quality is top-notch, and most users reported that their dogs feel super comfy in this Greyhound turtleneck. Moreover, like other Chilly Dog clothes, this turtleneck is made with adherence to fair trade guidelines.

One recurring complaint from dog owners is regarding the sizes. The recommended size for dogs is loose and ends up being baggy on most dogs. So if you choose this one, be sure to order a smaller size than the one recommended for your Greyhound.

3. Expawlorer Dog Hoodie

EXPAWLORER dog hoodies are perhaps one of the coziest hoodies you can get for your Greyhound. Plus, they are made from 100% polyester, polar fleece material to keep your dog warm. The hoodie can be used as sleepwear, as well as for daily use and photoshoots. It comes with a pocket to keep your dog’s treat, toys, etc. Moreover, it comes attached with a ring on the back for a leash or harness. The hoodie also comes in 6 vibrant colors and sizes.

The stainless steel ring for leashes is a unique feature that some Greyhound clothes lack. Since you can get this hoody in X-S to XX-L size, and in many colors such as black, grey, pink, and red, there is bound to be one that looks perfect on your hound.

While buying this hoody, you need to be extra careful of the size you get. It has no straps or velcro, which is why the size cannot be adjusted.

4. Kuoser Plaid Dog Vest

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Kuoser will make your Italian Greyhound look elegant with their British style plaid vest. Moreover, it’s waterproof and windproof. The sweater has a few design features such as a loop and hook design for the neck and chest, buttonhole for harness, and an elastic chest design. Moreover, the vest comes in 6 different color options and 7 sizes.

Since the vest is weather-resistant, it’s ideal for taking your dog out during light snow or rainfall. In addition, this multi-layered vest will come in handy in harsh winters when your Greyhound might require extra insulation. Moreover, the cotton plaid vest is very plush and comfortable for greyhounds. And other design features allow for ease in putting the sweater on and taking off, adding a harness, and added comfort.

One major drawback of this vest is the size and fitting. A few customers have complained about the vest being too tight around the dog’s chest area. Since Greyhounds have a unique body structure, you should be extra vigilant when purchasing clothes.

5. Asenku Dog Winter Coat

This is a plaid dog coat that comes with a unique set of features. It’s lightweight and made from high-quality polyester, TC(Terylene/cotton) & polyester fiber filling. Moreover, this coat has breathable fabric, while still being water and windproof. In addition, the design is such that the jacket can be worn from either side and tied together using a strap. This coat is available in 7 sizes and 5 different colors. The size range is all-inclusive and can fit dogs of any size.

Because its weather-resistant, this coat is sure to keep your dog safe and warm when it starts pouring outside. Asenku provides excellent customer service and even guides people regarding what size they should get for their dogs. The coat also has a few unique features that provide practical benefits, such as hill collar to cover the neck area, a perforation for a harness, and pockets.

Many customers have complained regarding the sizes. They claim that the size charts are wrong, and the coats are too small for their dogs. Luckily though, the returning process for this coat is easily and hasslefree.

6. Adidog Hoodie

No products found.

This hoody is sure to bring a smile on your face whenever you see your Greyhound wearing this. It’s sporty and comes in very vibrant colors. This hoody is made from soft cotton that keeps your puppy comfortable and warm in mild winters. It’s also good for a brisk morning walk when its chilly outside. Moreover, the company has provided detailed size charts and stress that people measure their dogs and order the appropriate size after consulting the size chart.

This hoody with the Adidas inspired logo by Adidog and sporty stripes make your dog look stylish! These kinds of designs aren’t common in dog clothes. Moreover, the cotton used is soft and sure to keep your dog comfortable and warm.

While it does what it promises, this hoody lacks many features common in other dog clothes – It has no velcro straps for size adjustments, no pockets, or slot for you to attach a harness.

7. Lovinpet Pullover Pajamas

These Greyhound jammies provide full-coverage for your dog’s front as well as hind legs. It comes in black color with either an astronaut or starry sky pattern. Moreover, this piece of clothing is available in 4 different sizes.

Sleeves of these pajamas are made from stretchable fabric, which makes putting them on and taking off easier. Since the jammies are full-coverage, they are good for ACL recovery and reduce hair loss and skin irritation. Moreover, these jammies noticeably reduce dog hair that shed around the house. Stretchy fabric allows the clothes to fit your dog even if the size is slightly off, without the need for velcro or button.

While these clothes look sporty and look cool, these aren’t well insulated and won’t provide a lot of warmth for your Greyhound in cold weather.

greyhound winter clothes
Remember to shop for some Greyhound winter clothes! They get chilly very easily.

8. Pawz Large Dog Plaid Shirt

This checkered button-up hoodie is sure to make your Greyhound look adorable for those social media worthy pictures. This simple design comes in 4 color options and 7 non-US sizes. Since the sizes don’t cater to US sizes, check the dimensions before ordering. It also comes with a detachable hoody, in case you like your Greyhounds in sweaters.

Since the cap is detachable, you can use this jumper as a hoodie as well as a sweater. This hoodie also comes with a velcro pocket to hold toys or treats.

This hoody is simple and inexpensive but skips on many features. It’s not weather resistant or windproof and has no slots for a dog harness or velcro straps for size adjustment. Moreover, the button-up design may be uncomfortable for your dog, especially when it’s lying on its tummy.

9. Jiatecoo Classic Plaid Sweater

If you love Greyhounds in sweaters, you’re going to love this! It’s a classic plaid sweater that keeps your Greyhound cozy. It’s available in 4 colors and manufactured using dacron fabric. The sweater is easy to put on and take off and can be machine washed. Moreover, the sweater is relatively cheap and yet it maintains quality.

The dacron fabric keeps your pooch warm and cozy, while still being comfortable. The design features a stretchable neck with a hole for a leash or harness. Easy to wear design and machine-washable fabric makes keeping your dog warm during the winters more convenient than ever. The manufacturer also offers after-sales services to solve any issues or discuss product returns.

Since this is a top, it won’t cover your dog’s hind legs. Moreover, because its made from dacron fiber, it’s not water-resistant or windproof. While this sweater is sufficient for a cozy night near the fireplace, you shouldn’t take your dog out for a walk in this on a cold morning. Additionally, since the sweater is knitted wool it runs the risk of being too stretchy and getting permanently loose.

10. Migohi Dog Jackets

The Migohi multi-purpose dog jacket is made from high-quality polyester + TC (terylene/cotton) fabric and polyester fiber filling. The jacket comes in a surprising variety with 7 colors and 8 sizes. Additionally, It has a list of features you can expect from a premium quality jacket, such as:

  • A hole for leash/harness
  • Hill-color
  • Elastic chest design
  • Adjustable velcro
  • V-flap

Because its available in 8 different sizes it’s suitable for almost any breed size, be it small, medium, or large. In addition, it’s especially suitable for Greyhounds because of the magic velcro on the sides. This feature will help the jacket fit better, given the Greyhounds lean body structure. The manufacturer also offers excellent pre and after-sales services for any queries and inquires customers may have.

While the sweater has its benefits, the size chart has incorrect measurements. Due to the misleading size charts, many users got jackets that were too tight on their dogs, especially around the chest area.

Consider purchasing your Greyhound one of these wonderful jumpers or sweaters. They are sure to keep them warm during any season and are truly some of the best Greyhound clothes on the market.