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Indian Dog Names – Over 200 Puppy Names Inspired By India (its Food, Geography & Culture)

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Indian dog names and puppy names inspired by India

Whether you want to show off your Indian heritage, or the love you have for this culture, you have landed on the perfect page. We have compiled a comprehensive list of the best Indian dog names.

India is a country popular for its different styles of art, music, and festivals. Also, for its film industry, its delicious food and is the perfect place to go in search of spirituality.

Therefore, you will have no more trouble choosing the perfect name for your pet. We have evaluated all the aspects of this culture: its cuisine, religion, celebrations, and many more. We have even made categories with special suggestions for you to take into consideration.

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Indian Dog Names Inspired by Hinduism

Buddha or Siddhartha would be the most suitable Hindu dog names. Directly coming from the mendicant, meditator, and religious leader, who lived in Ancient India. We all know and love Buddha’s teachings, too.

If you have recently gotten a new dog, and for some reason, it’s very similar in appearance and personality of a dog you have had previously, then Avatar is a good name to give it since it means “descent” in Hinduism.

Next, we have Nirvana. This term makes reference to the paradise or heaven reached by a soul after living many lives. Therefore, if you have a female dog that is caring, joyful, and makes you feel accompanied and at ease, this is the name for it.

What happens if your female dog has a similar temperament to yours, is funny and loving, or on the other hand is complicated and messy? Then, Karma will be the perfect name to give it.

Indian Dog Names Inspired by Yoga

The first option of this category isof course, Yoga. It will be perfect for female dogs that are extremely agile, intelligent, and have laid-back personalities. On the contrary, if you have a male dog, you can give it the name Yogi since it works for both female and male dogs.

Then, we have the most sacred mantra chanted three times at the start and at the end of a yoga session: Om. It’s certainly a very short name, and you can give it to dogs that instead of running or playing all the time, love to relax, and spend time indoors.

If you didn’t like Om because it’s kind of difficult to pronounce but you liked the meaning it has, then Chant, which means mantra is the one you’re looking for.

If you liked the previous ideas, then you will love this one. `Guru. This is the term given to a personal spiritual teacher or an expert in a certain field of knowledge. Therefore, it will be perfect for dogs that are calm, and smart, or on the other hand, for those that are skilled and win every competition they participate in. Want more names like Guru? Look at our list of genius puppy names!

List of Indian Dog Names

Here are several options of indian dog names for you to choose from:

  • Abhay
    Fearless, courageous.
  • Adil
    Sincere, heartfelt.
  • Aditya
    Children of Aditi.
  • Ajit
    The name of the future Buddha.
  • Ajna
    The body's sixth primary chakra.
  • Akash
  • Alagan
    Good looking, attractive.
  • Alok
    A cry of Triumph.
  • Amarjot
  • Ameya
    Vast, broad.
  • Amir
    Rich, wealthy.
  • Amisha
    Truthful, honest.
  • Amiya
    Delight, joy.
  • Amrit
    Immortal or without death.
  • Anamika
    A beautiful unnamed lady.
  • Animesh
  • Anya
    Different, dissimilar.
  • Arjun
    The color white.
  • Asha
    Hope or desire.
  • Ashok
    Without sorrow.
  • Avasa
  • Avatar
    Descent in Hinduism.
  • Baba
    A wise old man.
  • Babu
    A man who is educated.
  • Bala
    A young girl.
  • Baljeet
    Victorious and mighty.
  • Baloo
    A bear from The Jungle Book.
  • Balraj
    A mighty king.
  • Balvindra
    Strength and might.
  • Bandar
    A monkey.
  • Bari
    A city in the state of Rajasthan, India.
  • Batuk
    A boy.
  • Beta
    A son.
  • Bhakti
  • Bhavi
    The future.
  • Bhavya
    Excellence, quality.
  • Billu
    Loyal and kind.
  • Bolly
    Short for Bollywood.
  • Bollywood
    The Indian movie industry.
  • Cardamom
    Refering to Indian species.
  • Chai
    A tea originating in India.
  • Chaitan
    Full of spirit.
  • Champak
    A flower.
  • Chandra
    The moon.
  • Chant
    A mantra.
  • Charism
    A gift given by God.
  • Chatur
    Clever, witty.
  • Cheema
    A Jatt clan.
  • Chhote
    Younger, youthful.
  • Chikoo
    A fruit.
  • Chinnu
    Creative, imaginative.
  • Chintu
    Lovely to everybody.
  • Chirag
    A lamp or a guide.
  • Chulbul
    Mischievous, disobedient.
  • Chutney
    A spicy or savory condiment that originated in India.
  • Cinnamon
    An Indian spice.
  • Daisy
    A kind of flower.
  • Dakshi
    The glorious, illustrious.
  • Dalbir
    A soldier.
  • Daler
    Valiant and bold.
  • Damini
    Conquering and in-control.
  • Delhi
    A city.
  • Devi
    A goddess.
  • Dhananjay
    Winner of the wealth.
  • Dhyana
    Meditation, contemplation.
  • Diksha
    Preparation for a religious ceremony.
  • Dosa
    A crispy flatbread.
  • Drisana
    The child of the sun.
  • Falgun
    Spring season.
  • Gabbar
    Proud and strong.
  • Gabru
    Smart, itelligent.
  • Gagan
    The heavenly sky.
  • Gaman
    A journey.
  • Girik
    Lord Shiva.
  • Goa
    A beautiful beach.
  • Gunnika
    Causing cohesion.
  • Guru
    A teacher.
  • Haddi
    A bone.
  • Hafta
    Week, a period of seven days.
  • Halo
    A head halo.
  • Happy
    Joyful, cheerful.
  • Hardik
    Sincere, heartfelt.
  • Hardika
    A hearty welcome.
  • Himmat
    Courage, bravery.
  • Hiran
    Numerous gazelles.
  • Holi
    A spring festival celebration.
  • Honey
    A kind of sweetener.
  • Idika
    Goddess Parvati.
  • Ila
    Speech in Sanskrit.
  • Indra
    A rainbow.
  • Indrajeet
    The conquerer of Indra.
  • Jagjit
    A world conqueror.
  • Japa
    A string of prayer beads in Hinduism.
  • Jasmin
    The Jasmin flower.
  • Jasmit
    A common unisex Indian name.
  • Jaswant
    Worthy of praises.
  • Jay
    Win, victory.
  • Jayant
    Victorious and mighty.
  • Jeevan
    Life bringer.
  • Jihan
  • Jivika
    Source of life.
  • Jovita
    Joy, happiness.
  • Kaali
    The dark goddess.
  • Kailash
    Crystal in Sanskrit.
  • Kairav
    A lotus.
  • Kali
    The Hindu goddess of time and death.
  • Kaloo
    The color black.
  • Kanak
    Something goldish.
  • Kani
    A maiden and girl in Sanskrit.
  • Karma
    The sum of a person's actions in Hinduism and Buddhism.
  • Kerani
    A bell.
  • Kishmish
    A group of grape varieties.
  • Komala
    Pleasing to all the senses.
  • Kumar
    A prince.
  • Kutta
    A dog.
  • Ladki
    A girl.
  • Laksha
    White rose.
  • Lalasa
    Love, fondness.
  • Lalit
    Handsome, good looking.
  • Lalita
  • Lamba
    Long, lenghty.
  • Lily
    A kind of flower.
  • Lipika
  • Loha
    Iron, a strong silvery-gray metal.
  • Lokesh
    The king of the world.
  • Lotus
    A flower symbolizing beauty.
  • Maaya
    Illusion in Hindu.
  • Madra
    An ancient region.
  • Magna
    The act of thinking.
  • Maharani
    A maharaja's widow or wife.
  • Mani
    A jewel.
  • Masala
    A number of spice mixtures.
  • Meethi
  • Mesha
    Born with an Aries lunar sign.
  • Mohan
    Attractive, appealing.
  • Mowgli
    The boy character in The Jungle Book.
  • Namkeen
    A small savory snack.
  • Nandin
    A lady who brings happiness.
  • Nawab
    A native governor.
  • Neel
    The color blue.
  • Neha
    Cherished, treasured.
  • Nirav
    Still and calm.
  • Nirvana
    Paradise, heaven, the promise land.
  • Om
    A sacred sound and symbol.
  • Pakora
    A yummy fritter.
  • Paneer
    Cheese in Persian origin.
  • Pappu
    Beautiful, lovely.
  • Pari
    A fairy.
  • Parth
    A warrior prince.
  • Pashmina
    An expensive fabric.
  • Prama
    Knowing the facts, reality.
  • Prana
    A vital principle.
  • Prapti
    To catch up.
  • Prasoon
    A flower.
  • Pritika
    The beloved one.
  • Pyari
    Babe, female.
  • Rahul
    Efficient, methodical.
  • Raj
    Ruling, reigning.
  • Raja
    A king.
  • Rakhi
    A Hindu festival that celebrates love and brotherhood.
  • Rakshan
    A protector.
  • Rani
    A queen in Hindu.
  • Rasna
    Joy, happiness.
  • Ravi
    The sun.
  • Ravindra
    Lord of the Sun.
  • Ritu
    A clock.
  • Riya
    A singer.
  • Rohit
    The color red.
  • Romeo
    A lover.
  • Ronak
  • Sachi
    Short version of Sachiko.
  • Safed
    The color white.
  • Saffron
    A flower.
  • Sagara
    The ocean.
  • Saint
    Hindu saints.
  • Sakari
    Lovely, pretty.
  • Samosa
    A potato stuffed deep fried snack.
  • Sanchay
    A collection.
  • Sardar
    Men followers.
  • Saryu
    A name of a river.
  • Satnam
    There is one true God.
  • Shanti
  • Shashi
    The moon.
  • Shiro
    A lion.
  • Sidhu
    A major Jat tribe.
  • Smita
    A happy face.
  • Sona
    Shining like gold.
  • Sonu
    Pure gold.
  • Sumit
    Best friend.
  • Sundar
    Beautiful, pretty.
  • Sundari
  • Surya
    The Sun god.
  • Swapnil
    Like a fantasy or a dream.
  • Tambola
    Indian version of bingo.
  • Tara
    A star.
  • Tasha
    A young girl.
  • Tavi
    Good, competent.
  • Tej
    Excellence, quality.
  • Tiya
    God's gift.
  • Toddy
    Am alcoholic beverage.
  • Tony
    Fashionable, trendy.
  • Turmeric
    An indian spice.
  • Tushar
    Winter season.
  • Uddhav
    A friend of the gods.
  • Vallabh
    Beloved in Indian.
  • Veda
    A religious text.
  • Veera
    Bringer of victory.
  • Veeru
    A cry.
  • Vidvan
    Resourceful, ingenious.
  • Vidya
    Science and learning.
  • Virtue
    Moral excellence.
  • Vishal
    Gigantic, huge.
  • Yakshit
    Forever, endlessly.
  • Yasti
    Slim, slender.
  • Yin
    Yin and Yang.
  • Yoga
    A Hindu spiritual discipline.
  • Yogi
    Mastering oneself.
  • Zara
    A flower.

Indian Dog Names Inspired by Flowers

The first alternative of this category is Lotus, like the flower that after growing in a dirty pond, reaches the light, and becomes the most beautiful flower. If you have recently adopted a female dog that was in poor condition but you hope that with your love and care, you can be able to heal its wounds and it becomes in a healthy, beautiful pet, then that name is perfect for it.

If you like the meaning of Lotus, but you have a male dog, then don’t worry because the Hindu word Kairav means the same, and is perfect for both female, and male dogs.

Another option is Jasmine. It can be the perfect choice for loving small female dogs that despite of their size, are powerful and strong. If they have a beautiful yellow or white coat, it will be perfect, too.

Puppy Names Inspired by Indian Foods & Drinks

The name Chai that refers to a tea originated in India, is perfect for female dogs that energetic, and have strong and healthy bodies. While Masala means a mixture of ground spices used in Indian cooking, so it will be a good idea give this name to female dogs that have very unpredictable personalities and have a combination of many special traits.

Then, we have the name Cinnamon. This name can match perfect dogs that have sweet, warm personalities, and those with brown coat.

Chutney is the name that refers to a spicy or savory condiment made of fruits or vegetables. Therefore, if your dog has a cute yet playful personality, this is the perfect name for it.

Finally, Lassi is also an obvious choice in reference to a delicious traditional Dahi-based drink that spurred from the Indian subcontinent

Indian Dog Names Inspired by Positions of Authority

Next, we have the name Raja that means king, or monarch. Therefore, we can give this name to dogs that are powerful, strong, and skilled. On the contrary, if you have a female dog, then you can give it the exotic female dog name Rani because it means “Queen” in Hindu. We also have plenty of prince and princess names for your new puppy.

A similar meaning has the following name: Bairaj since it means mighty king, so if your male dog is protective, and its main characteristic is its strength, then that is the perfect name for it. While Kumar is the one for small male dogs that have also outstanding and powerful personalities. Kumar is perfect for a Pit Bull or a police dog.

Indian Dog Names Inspired by Indian Entertainment

Is your dog playful and it loves to dance? Then, don’t give it another thought and pick the name Bolly. Did you get where that word comes from? Yes, it is the diminutive for Bollywood, the film industry in India.

The next one is Rakhi that refers to a Hindu festival that celebrates love and brotherhood. So, it will be the perfect name to companion dogs that affectionate, and energetic.

Last but not least, we have the name Holi that makes reference to a colorful Hindu spring celebration, so you can consider giving it to your dog if it is playful, happy, and has high levels of energy.

indian names for dogs
Bolly is short for Bollywood, a perfect name for your playful pup!

Choosing the Best Indian Dog Name for your Pup

It’s not easy to choose an ideal name for your puppy in such a short time, so take your time to ponder over this list. Evaluate each option that you like. Maybe, choose a top-five and then pick the absolute best one that best suits your dog’s appearance and personality.

We’re sure you will be able to do it. This majestic country, India, has a colorful culture and a fascinating heritage, which talks a lot about their diversity.

If this guide has been helpful and interesting for you, then please write in the comments section which Indian puppy name you chose and why. We will be so happy to read your responses or even answer your questions if you have any!

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