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140+ Boxer Dog Names – Name Ideas for a Strong & Tough Boxer Pup!

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boxer dog names

Are you looking for cool Boxer dog names? You have an amazing dog, and therefore, it deserves a name worthy of its awesomeness! That is why we have created this list, which includes the best options to name your pet.

Because variety is the strength of any dog names list, we have explored different areas to come up with our suggestions, just to name a few: movies, languages, sports, celebrities, religion, nature, etc.

Therefore, we are confident we will help you to find a name that will identify your boxer and its temperament perfectly. Keep reading to discover all of our suggestions!

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List of Boxer Dog Names

Here are several options of boxer dog names for you to choose from:

  • Aaron
    Enlightened in Hebrew.
  • Ace
    Unity in Latin.
  • Admiral
    Commander in chief.
  • Ajax
  • Alex
    Defender of mankind.
  • Ali
    Noble in Muslim.
  • Anya
  • Apollo
    Destroyer or beautiful man.
  • Aria
    Lion of God.
  • Armstrong
    With strong arms or limbs.
  • Austin
    Majestic dignity.
  • Ava
  • Avery
  • Baby
    A young animal.
  • Babyface
    Very cute and young-looking.
  • Bambam
    Bouncy, active and full of life.
  • Bandito
    A law-breaker.
  • Banzai
    1000 years or long live.
  • Barbarian
    From Conan the Barbarian.
  • Bear
    Large mammal.
  • Benji
    Son of my right hand.
  • Bingo
    A game.
  • Blaze
  • Boris
    A fighter or warrior.
  • Bozo
    Dunce or fool.
  • Britanny
  • Brock
  • Brody
    A ditch.
  • Bruiser
    Large and heavyset man.
  • Bruno
    Brown haired.
  • Brutus
    Hearty and stupid.
  • Bryce
  • Buster
  • Caesar
    Title for Roman Emperors.
  • Cakes
    Large and round.
  • Cash
  • Chale
    Strong and manly.
  • Champ
  • Charlotte
    Petite and feminine in French.
  • Chips
    Thin fried snack.
  • Clyde
  • Cocoa
    Rich brown beans.
  • Cole
    Victory of the people.
  • Cora
    A filled heart.
  • Cosmic
    Relating to universe.
  • Cuba
    Island country in Carribbean.
  • Cujo
    Aggressive and unpredictable.
  • Darcy
    From the stronghold.
  • Darwin
    Beloved friend.
  • Dexter
    Skilled or right-handed.
  • Duke
    Highest ranking nobleman.
  • Dylan
    Sea in Celtic.
  • Ella
  • Elvis
    Prince of wisdom.
  • Fawn
    Submissive, pretty and young.
  • Fearless
    Brave and intrepid.
  • Fisher
    A fisherman.
  • Frasier
    Full of antics.
  • Freud
    Sexually preoccupied.
  • Gabbi
    God is might.
  • Ginger
    A spice.
  • Governess
    A teacher.
  • Grace
    Generosity and goodness.
  • Granville
    From the big town.
  • Guinness
    Brand from Ireland.
  • Hamlet
    Hero in German.
  • Hannibal
    Strong and determined.
  • Harley
    A motorcycle.
  • Hazel
    A tree.
  • Hogan
  • Holyfield
    TKOed Mike Tyson.
  • Homer
  • Honey
    Sweet syrup.
  • Jabba
    Fat and lazy.
  • Jack
    Jack of all trades.
  • Jupiter
    Celestial object.
  • Kai
  • Keeper
    Position in soccer.
  • King
    Sovereign ruler.
  • Laika
    The barker.
  • Layla
    Dark beauty.
  • Legend
    Achieves legendary fame.
  • Leo
  • Lily
    A flower.
  • Lola
    Strong woman.
  • Loverboy
    A seductor.
  • Lucy
    Jodi Foster's dog name.
  • Luna
  • Maestro
    Music master.
  • Mateo
    Gift of God in Spanish.
  • Max
    Short for Maximilian.
  • Mia
  • Mischief
    Trouble maker.
  • Molly
    Mary in Irish.
  • Mona Lisa
    Beautiful and charming.
  • Mr. T
    A fictional character.
  • Napoleon
    Lion of the woodland dell.
  • Nash
    At the ash.
  • Niles
    Creative, muscular and popular.
  • Nixo
    Dark skinned.
  • Noah
  • Nora
    Honor in Latin.
  • Olive
    Dark color.
  • Oscar
    Divine spearman.
  • Paisley
  • Pepper
    A spice.
  • Pluto
    A planet.
  • Pongo
    One who smells.
  • Porkchop
    A food.
  • Prince
    Member of the royal family.
  • Queen
    A female sovereign.
  • Rambo
  • Rex
    The king.
  • River
    A body of water.
  • Rocky
    An underdog who made it big.
  • Romeo
    Man from Rome.
  • Rookie
    New recruit.
  • Rose
    A flower.
  • Sarah
    Princess in Hebrew.
  • Shona
    God's gift of grace.
  • Skipper
    Master of a ship.
  • Sly
    Cunning, tricky and crafty.
  • Stella
  • Stinger
    One that stings.
  • Sugar Ray
    Boxing champion.
  • Sullivan
    Thinks of himself as a leader.
  • Sydney
    Meadow in French.
  • T-Bone
    Thick steak.
  • Tank
    Large metal container.
  • Tilly
    From Mathilda.
  • Toby
    From Tobias.
  • Triumph
  • Turbo
    Driven by a turbine.
  • Tyler
    Maker of bricks and tiles.
  • Tyson
    Son of the German.
  • Warrior
    Experienced in battle.
  • Willow
  • Willy
    Resolute protector.
  • Woolf
    Loves food.
  • Xena
    Hospitable to strangers.
  • Yogi
    Funny and spoiled.
  • Yummy
  • Zandra
    Defender of mankind.
  • Zeus
    Father of the Gods.
  • Zigzag
    Left to right pattern.
  • Zoe
  • general
    Army rank.

Dog Names for Boxer Puppies Inspired By Its Temperament

Boxers are multi-faceted dogs. Their temperament is rich in traits, and therefore, we decided to use them to pick different names, which will hopefully match the personality of your dog.

Since they are brave and strong, you could name yours Hannibal, which means strong and determined. When you train your boxer properly, it will exhibit such traits. That is why socialization and early training are essential for this breed.

Boxers like to lead, and therefore, you could name it Sullivan, which means “the one who thinks of itself as a leader”. In addition to having a congruent meaning, it sounds beautiful and elegant. And these are key elements for choosing a proper name.

As you can see, these dogs are strong and courageous. Therefore, it would make perfect sense to name them Boris, because it means “fighter/warrior” in Russian.

Now, let’s follow the same line from the previous names. In case you want a name that means exactly the same but with an interesting twist, then you could name it Conan, like the main character from Conan the Barbarian.

These dogs, as we have seen, are strong. You could name yours Armstrong, which means “with strong arms or limbs”. They can jump high, run fast and exhibit a lot of athletic strength. Therefore, it makes sense to choose this name.

In the case of female Boxers, they are beautiful and charming. It makes sense to pick Mona Lisa as a name. Like the famous paint by Leonardo Da Vinci, you can bet on it that this name will make your pet stand out from the rest.

Boxers are also good-tempered and generous with their affection. Grace would be an excellent name for a female puppy because it means “generosity and goodness”. These are key traits that make this dog an excellent family dog, and all you need to do to make them appear is to train your puppy properly from an early age.

Now, if you want to highlight the strength of your female pup, then you could name it Lola, which means “strong woman”. The temperament of Boxers tends to vary depending on the dog. Some have a stronger will and a fiercer personality.

Finally, since these dogs tend to live longer than average, especially if you take care of them properly, then you could name it Banzai, which means “1000 years or long life”. It is an even better choice when you wish your dog would last forever.

Boxer Dog Names
Boxer Dog Names – Name Ideas for a Strong & Tough Boxer Pup

Boxer Puppy Names Inspired By Foreign Languages

We also explore several languages, to come up with unique suggestions that would make excellent boxer puppy names. Below, you will find our best recommendations, along with tips on how to use them.

If you believe that your dog is a godsend, then you could call it Mateo. It means “gift of God” in Spanish and Mexican. An even better pick if you are religious because its meaning is beautiful and congruent.

Is your dog especially smart and quick to react? If you believe your pet is full of wisdom, then you could name it Aaron, which means “enlightened” in Hebrew. Like our previous suggestion, its meaning is also religious.

Now, here we have one of the most exotic recommendations, Dylan. It means “sea” in Celtic. It is an even better choice if you live near a beach or seafront. Also great if you plan to take your dog with you in your adventures in the middle of the ocean.

These dogs are honorable and loyal. You could name your female puppy Nora, which means “honor” in Latin. These dogs are very protective of their family. They are loyal to the name Nora, because it represents one of the most notorious traits of their personality.

Is your pet as tranquil and beautiful as a meadow? Then you could name it Sydney, which means exactly that. We like it because it is feminine, short and sweet. Furthermore, you will not find many pups with this name, so yours will automatically stand out from the crowd as a result.

For a petite and beautiful Boxer, you could go with Charlotte. Like our previous name, it is another beautiful suggestion from this popular language. Some female boxers are smaller, so this name will suit yours perfectly if it were the case.

Closing Down

Now you have plenty of excellent boxer dog names! We also offered some tips and guide, it should be easy to find the perfect name for your pet.

Nonetheless, we recommend you to take your time. Pay attention to the traits that make your dog unique. Identify them, and based on them, pick the best name for your puppy.

Published on
Wednesday 27 May 2020
Last updated on
Monday 18 May 2020

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Breeding Business is passionate about all sorts of domesticated pets. They have written dozens of articles across the web.

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