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130+ Cute Dog Names for Adorable Puppies – What’s Your Favorite?

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Looking for cute dog names for your little and adorable puppy? Then it is your lucky day because at Breeding Business we have created a list with over 130 names for your cute dog.

To bring you the most complete compilation, we have investigated different sources, which include foreign languages, mythology, shows, movies, cartoons, books, famous characters and more.

Therefore, these cute names for puppy not only sound adorable and lovely but also carry a meaning, which is exactly what you need to bring to your pet.

Cute Dog Names – Inspired by Foreign Languages

Our world is amazingly rich in languages, and therefore, it is fantastic how many words sound cute and carry a good meaning.

For example, you have Agustin, which is a Spanish name. It is one of the cutest puppy names, and for instance, it would suit a Bichon Frise perfectly. The same would go for a Pomeranian, or in fact, any other breed.

Now we leave Europe to arrive in Hawaii, to find our next suggestion: Alani. A cute Hawaiian name that means orange tree. For instance, it would be ideal for a red-coated dog like an Irish Setter or Redbone Coonhound. Furthermore, it’d also be an excellent name for a Tibetan Mastiff. It can be used for both genders.

Now we come back to Europe, to find our next suggestion: Charlotte. It’s an exquisite and adorable French name for a female puppy because it means petite. It’d suit a toy Poodle perfectly, but in fact, it’d be ideal for many other cute small white dog breeds, even including a Bichon Frise.

Now it is time to get cold to find our next idea: Kaba. An adorable Alaskan name. It is not common, and therefore, it will bring your dog a name that outstands from the rest. Evidently, it’d be a good choice for Alaskan breeds like the Alaskan Malamute and the Alaskan Klee Kai.

Now it is time to leave to Asia, to find the final suggestion for this section: Akira. A Japanese name for male puppies. One of the best cute names for puppies because it means “bright and clear dawn”. Therefore, it’d be an excellent choice for white-coated breeds like a Bull Terrier, Maltese Dog, Great Pyrenees or Komondor.

Cute Dog Names Inspired by Mythology and Culture

We start this section with one of the mightiest – yet cutest – names for a puppy, Apollo. The Greek god of sun, light, knowledge, healing, and archery. One of the most complex and important deities from the Olympus. Still, it is a remain that screams cute as well. The perfect mix between lovely and powerful.

Of course, we cannot advance without naming the all-almighty and most powerful name of this section, Zeus. The important Olympian deity, yet, its name is very cute and suitable for any dog breed. From a small Chihuahua to a big Dogo Argentino, it is multi-purpose and fits the bill perfectly, because it is adorable!

Now it is time to leave Greece and depart to Hawaii, to meet our next proposal: Pele. The Hawaiian goddess of fire and volcanoes. Once again, a very powerful deity with a cute and lovely name, which makes it ideal for this listing.

Now let’s fly to Egypt, to find one of the best cutest puppy names, Ramses. Not a deity in fact, but it means “son of God”, which is enough to include it in this listing.

List of Cute Dog Names

Here are several options of cute dog names for you to choose from:

  • Agustin
    Spanish name meaning 'great'
  • Aika
    Japanese for 'little love'
  • Akira
    Japanese name meaning 'bright, clear dawn'
  • Alani
    Hawaiian name meaning 'orange tree'
  • Alexander
    For Alexander the Great.
  • Alice
    From Alice in Wonderland.
  • Alley
    Name of a girl found in an alley.
  • Alma
    Means 'smiling soul' (Alma Sonriente)
  • Apollo
    Greek God of archery.
  • Aspirin
    Gives you a headache.
  • Astro
    A canine character from the cartoon 'The Jetson's'
  • Atticus
    Atticus Finch of the novel 'To Kill a Mockingbird'
  • BIBA
    After the seventies store.
  • Bam Bam
    From the cartoon The Flintstones.
  • Bear
    For large size puppy.
  • Bigfoot
    Perfect for big pawed pup.
  • Boxer
    For cute and strong puppy.
  • Buddha
  • Captain
    Great for dogs with authority.
  • Casanova
    Loving but demanding for attention.
  • Cerebus
    A multi-headed dog in Greek and Roman mythology.
  • Chab
    Great for a lab chow cross!
  • Chaco
    After Chaco Canyon National Park.
  • Chaia
    Originated from a Hebrew word for 'life'
  • Champ
    For a winning dog.
  • Chaos
    First of the gods.
  • Charlotte
    The name of the young princess.
  • Chemmie
    For chemistry.
  • Chewibacca
    She chews everything on hand!
  • Chieme
    A famous Asian female singer.
  • Chinchilla
    The color and softness of the fur just like a Chinchilla.
  • Come On
    Just to recall.
  • Copernicus
  • Corazon
    Heart in Spanish.
  • DIgger
    Someone or something that digs.
  • Dargo
    Dargo of the Sci-Fi show Farscape.
  • Delphyne
    The mother of the monsters.
  • Diego
    For 'San Diego'
  • Django
    After the jazz guitarist Django.
  • Dobbie
    From Harry Potter.
  • Doby
    Dobby the house-elf, character in harry potter.
  • Doc
    From Snow White.
  • Dolly
    Ideal name for playful tiny puppy.
  • Dreifach
    Is German for 'three-footed'.
  • Duke
    A very masculine authoritative name.
  • Eastwood
    For Clint Eastwood.
  • Elizabeth
    The Queen of England.
  • Ellie
    Short for Ellinoora.
  • Fiel
    Spanish word for faithful.
  • Fisher
    Amazing name for water-lovers.
  • Forrest
    Great for outdoorsy dogs.
  • Fuzz
    For short haired puppies.
  • Grizzly
    A name of bear and cute name for a dog.
  • Growler
    A great name if he's barking worse than biting.
  • Hans
    Great for fairy 'tail' lovers.
  • Hunter
    Cute for hunting dog puppies.
  • Jaya
    Hindu name meaning 'victorious'
  • Jed
    From the Beverly Hillbillies.
  • Joy
    For happy dogs.
  • Kaba
    Beautiful Alaskan dog name.
  • Kaelar
    Phonetic spelling of a Klingon name.
  • Kansas
    Like the state.
  • Kaos
    A phonetics for chaos.
  • Kayunguq
    From the Aluttiq language meaning storm.
  • Keppi
    For joy of life.
  • Kryten
    Fictional character in a tv series.
  • Kuza
    Swahili for 'praise'
  • Laika
    A Soviet space dog.
  • Lali
    Means 'Darling girl,' in Hindu.
  • Lavender
    A soft feminine name.
  • Libby
    The Libby's commercial jingle.
  • Lika
    Romanian term for love.
  • Lucien
    French name meaning 'light'
  • Mali Chito
    Choctaw word for storm or big wind.
  • Matias
    Portuguese name meaning 'gift of God'
  • Maximus
    A sarcastic name for smaller dog.
  • McClane
    A character from the die hard movies.
  • Mini Scoob
    Cross of Mini-Me and Scooby Doo.
  • Mompeli
    Just named after another Mompeli.
  • Muckluck
    After an Eskimo boot.
  • Nayla
    Arabic name meaning 'a winner'
  • Nigel
    This Gaelic name means 'victor'
  • Nile
    Recorded as the longest river in the word.
  • Okie Dokie
    Because of his positive attitude!
  • Oreo
    Perfect for black and white dogs.
  • Orion
    The hunter constellation.
    Spanish for Pirate.
  • PacMan
    Perfect name for a dog who enjoys eating.
  • Pallas
    Athena's girlfriend.
  • Pearl
    Best for white haired pup.
  • Pele
    The Goddess of Fire and Volcanoes in Hawaiian Religion.
  • Peloni
    Pp or pelo may also be use.
  • Pepe
    Named after Pepe' Lepu, a cartoon character.
  • Pepper
    Short for Pepsi.
  • Petal
    Cute and floral name.
  • Pilgrim
    For thanksgiving.
  • Pippin
    Fictional character from Lord of the Rings.
  • Platinum
    Perfect for extravagant puppy.
  • Pogo
    A 3 legged dog who hops like a pogo stick.
  • Prince
    For the regal pup.
  • Puck
    A fairy a character in'A Midsummer Night's Dream'
  • Purrsia
    Pun on Persia & purring.
  • Ramses
    An Egyptian name meaning 'son of God'
  • Rasta
    Rastafarians' hair in dreadlocks.
  • Reef
    For Coral Reef.
  • Remy
    Named after Rem Dog.
  • Rini
    Japanese name meaning 'little bunny'
  • Rita
    An Italian word for Daisy.
  • River
    A masculine name for water dog.
  • Rocky
    A very masculine nature name.
  • Rodie
    Short for Rodeo.
  • Sage
    A name meaning wise.
  • Sarah
    Means 'lady, princess' in Hebrew.
  • Sazi
    After the Anasazi Indians.
  • Scrunt
  • Shanti
  • Slobber
    Some puppies love to give kisses.
  • Snuffleupagus
    Sesame Street character.
  • Sofia
    Means 'wisdom, skill'
  • Solan
    A historical Greek figure.
  • Somo
    Swahili for friend.
  • Spike
    A very cute punky dog name.
  • Splash
    Good name for a swimmer dog.
  • Sprinter
    Perfect for a speedy pup.
  • Sunflower
    For puppy that will grow tall.
  • Surabaya
    Little city in Indonesia.
  • Surra
    In Portuguese, 'surra' means 'spanking'.
  • Sweet Lips
    George Washington's dogs name.
  • Tahtonka
    After 'Dances with Wolves'
  • Tanzie
    Short for Tangerine (the marigold)
  • Tax
    Dumped during the Tax day.
  • Thibault
    French name meaning 'courageous'
  • Tilkaracha
    An ancient Siamese king.
  • Tori
    Short for Toronto.
  • Toulouse
    After the Aristocat.
  • Tristan
    A hero in the legend Tristan and Isolde.
  • Tupelo Honey
    From a famous Van Morrison song.
  • Turquoise
    Perfect for a blue-eyed puppy.
  • Twofer
    The old Payless slogan.
  • Typhon
    Father of monsters in Greek mythology.
  • Vicente
    Chilean name meaning 'conquer'
  • Wag
    Tail moves rapidly.
  • Whisper
    Very soft coat.
  • Who
    Short for who's on first.
  • Wiggle Butt
    For a big head dog that loves to wag his tail.
  • Witlof
    Dutch for a kind of cabbage.
  • Yahzee
    Yahzee of the movie 'Wind Talkers'
  • Yoshi
    Japanese term for an adopted male child.
  • Yuengling
    The oldest brewing company.
  • Zakk
    For guitar player is Zakk Wylde.
  • Zelda
    Main character in 'Legend of Zelda'
  • Zephyr
    From a whiff of a cattle ranch.
  • Zeus
    Greek God of the sky.
  • elsa
    A famous Disney queen.

Other Adorable Puppy Names

You have already seen that our list brings you many different suggestions. Nonetheless, we have a lot more in store for you, and here you have a few other examples.

For instance, you could name your dog Zelda, like the mythic Nintendo character. A good pick for a cute dog with the soul of an adventurer and warrior.

Following the Nintendo line, you could opt for Yoshi, the adorable character of Mario Bros.

Finally, you could also resort to colors like Turquoise, which sounds cute and makes an ideal name for a blue-eyed puppy.

Choosing the Holy Grail of Adorable Names

Now that we have shared the best cute dog names, it is time for you to choose. It is not hard in fact. Just study our list patiently, follow our suggestions and see which one identifies your dog the best.

Take a look at our complete list of cool dog name ideas!

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Breeding Business is passionate about all sorts of domesticated pets. They have written dozens of articles across the web.

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