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Thanksgiving Dog Names: 80+ Puppy Names Inspired By The Holiday

Written by Larese
Larese is passionate about all sorts of domesticated pets. They have written dozens of articles across the web.
Thanksgiving Dog Names

If you plan to get a pup during Thanksgiving, there’s no better way to celebrate than giving the best Thanksgiving dog names. This season of gratitude is about celebrating with family and friends. It’s about sharing thanks and stories over a sumptuous meal. Don’t forget to include your pet with one of the most celebrative holidays of every year.

Whether you’re a Thanksgiving person, you love fall or plan to adopt a dog, we’ve created a list of Thanksgiving names for dogs. You don’t want to miss out on these unique names for your cute furry companion. Make sure that you give the most appropriate name for the new addition to your family.

Most Thanksgiving names are friendly, indulgent, and heartwarming (lazy even at times). Of course, it should always be like the spirit of the Thanksgiving season. When choosing a Thanksgiving name for dogs, always use your imagination. It should be easy to say and understand. If you’re unsure, here’s a list that you can use as an inspiration.

Female Thanksgiving Dog Names

For your female pup, let us give you some ideas for its name. If you want something Thanksgiving-related name, ponder if Aspen would be a good one. It is a place in Colorado, which is a famous Thanksgiving vacation destination.

Since this occasion is about being grateful and happy with everything about life, good or bad, Grace is another name to consider. It means a short prayer, and it’s easy to pronounce and understand. Merci is also one of the most relevant Thanksgiving dog names to use. It means “thank you” in French, and we all know what this occasion is all about, right?

Other eccentric names for female dogs are Astra and Marigold. The first one means ‘to the stars in Latin, while the latter means herb of the sun. Moreover, Sienna makes a great name, which means ‘to be old’ in Latin. Owning a pet may be stressful at times, especially once they start teething. It is when they start to be destructive to almost everything that dogs see. But, it doesn’t mean that you can’t train your dog to behave appropriately. Eventually, controlling your fido’s ‘destructive’ personality depends on how you treat it right.

Saffron, which is an autumn flower, is another Thanksgiving name for dogs. Not only is this word so unique and beautiful to say, but it also has a significant meaning. Thanksgiving usually happens during the fall season, and nothing is more beautiful than looking at those blooming autumn flowers. A simple glimpse of our dogs already makes us feel at ease.

Like a tree, pets can also be a friend, a ‘shoulder to cry on.’ It’s true, especially if you have working and service dogs. They may not talk, but our furry pals are great listeners. They can feel your emotions and see through our eyes. If you have a canine with these characteristics, you can call it Hazel, which means a small tree or a shrub. Willow would also be a great Thanksgiving name for dogs.

If you want a prominent name, Annie deserves a spot on your list. It is a popular holiday movie, and, best of all, you can say it quickly. Since Thanksgiving happens in November, why not use the name Nova? It’s simple and only has two syllables. It also rolls in your tongue, which is ideal for dog training.

Dulce and Yams are other Thanksgiving dog names that are synonymous with the holiday itself. These are famous Thanksgiving sweet foods because pooches also provide many flavors in our lives.

List of Thanksgiving Dog Names

Here are several options of thanksgiving dog names for you to choose from:

  • Acorn
    The fruit of an oak tree.
  • Alton
    Alton Brown, a popular chef.
  • Annie
    A popular holiday movie.
  • Apple
    Thanksgiving apple pie.
  • Apple Pie
    A popular pie during Thanksgiving.
  • Aspen
    Aspen, Colorado, a thanksgiving vacation destination.
  • Aurelia
    Golden in Latin origin.
  • Autumn
    The season during Thanksgiving.
  • Bean
    Thanksgiving green bean dish.
  • Berry
  • Birch
    A thin-barked tree.
  • Biscuit
    Buttery rolls.
  • Bounty
    A reward.
  • Branch
    A limb of a tree.
  • Briar
    A prickly shrub or plant.
  • Butter
    A dairy product used in many Thanksgiving dishes.
  • Butternut
    A North American tree.
  • Candy
    Sweets made with sugar.
  • Caramel
    Heated sugar.
  • Casserole
    A popular side dish.
  • Charity
    Helping the needy.
  • Chestnut
    A glossy brown nut.
  • Chutney
    A savory condiment that originated in India.
  • Cinnamon
    A popular spice during fall.
  • Clove
    A dried flower bud.
  • Cookie
    Thanksgiving cookies.
  • Cozy
  • Cranberry
    A red berry.
  • Crescent
    Cresent roll, a baked good.
  • Delicata
    Delicata squash, a variety of winter squash.
  • Drumstick
    A turkey drumstick.
  • Dulce
    A sweet food or beverage.
  • Ember
    A small burning coal.
  • Emeril
    Emeril Lagasse, a popular chef.
  • Faith
    Trust and belief.
  • Farmer
    A manager of a farm.
  • Fern
    A plant without flowers.
  • Garland
    A wreath.
  • Giblet
    Chicken liver, heart, gizzard and neck used to make gravy and stuffing.
  • Ginger
    A spice made from a plant.
  • Goldie
    One who has golden or blonde hair.
  • Grace
    A short prayer.
  • Gravy
    A sauce from meat juice and stock.
  • Green Bean
    A Thanksgiving dish.
  • Harvest
    The period of gathering crops.
  • Hazel
    A small tree or a shrub.
  • Honey
    A sticky sweet fluid.
  • Hope
    A desire.
  • Hunter
    A huntsman.
  • Ivy
    A climbing plant.
  • Kale
    A cabbagelike vegetabe with curly leaves.
  • Laurel
    A wreath worn on the head.
  • Leaf
    A part of a plant.
  • Mac
    Mac n cheese.
  • Maize
    Another word for corn.
  • Maple
    A shrub or a tree.
  • Marigold
    Herb of the sun.
  • Marshmallow
    A chewy and soft sugar confection.
  • Mayflower
    Some plants that bloom in May.
  • Merci
    Thank you in French.
  • Muffin
    A small round quick bread.
  • Noodle
    A tube of pasta.
  • Nova
  • November
    The month of Thanksgiving.
  • Nutmeg
    A aromatic and hard seed from a tropical tree.
  • Oak
    A tree that bears acorns.
  • Pilgrim
    A worshipper.
  • Pumpkin
    Thanksgiving pumpkin pie.
  • Saffron
    An autumn flower.
  • Sage
    A plant or herb.
  • Scarecrow
    An odd looking figure meant to scare birds away from crops.
  • Sienna
    To be old in Latin origin.
  • Stuffing
    Turkey stuffing.
  • Sweet
    Thanksgiving sweet potato.
  • Syrup
    A thick sweet fluid.
  • Thursday
    Thanksgiving day is always on the fourth Thursday of November.
  • Topaz
    (it’s the November birthstone, after all)
  • Turkey
    A Thanksgiving staple dish.
  • Wheatley
    An Africn born American writer.
  • Willow
    A shrub or a tree.
  • Wishbone
    A bone in front of the breastbone of a bird.
  • Yam
    A starchy root.
  • Yams
    Thanksgiving yams.
  • Zucchini
    A green summer squash.

Thanksgiving-Inspired Names For Male Puppies

Choosing the right name for your furry pal can be overwhelming, but it is one of the essential steps of adopting one. If you still don’t have the most appropriate Thanksgiving dog names for your male fido, we got your back. We will give you more ideas about specific names for your new family member.

This holiday is all about celebrations, and a feast wouldn’t be complete without delicious foods. If you have a small toy dog breed, you can call it Muffin or that little round bread. A turkey wouldn’t be complete without Giblet, which can also be the right name for brown-colored dogs. If you want a simple one, Mac, as in from mac’n’cheese, would sound suitable for other service dogs.

Chutney, a savory condiment that originated in India, is a unique thanksgiving name for dogs. Fern, Kale, and Zucchini are names related to Thanksgiving plants and are also perfect for small to medium breeds. On the other hand, the name Hunter is ideal for large guard dogs. These are tough puppies with a soft and playful heart for their owner.

Finally, Topaz is November’s birthstone. It is an expression of energy, love, nobility, and loyalty associated with ancient times. We all know that most dog breeds are capable of having these traits with proper training.

The best Thanksgiving name for dogs is all about picking something you think is the best fit for your pup’s appearance and qualities. When we say ‘Thanksgiving’ names, you don’t always have to use names like Turkey or Pumpkin. You can think more creatively and be open with lots of options.

We only want the best endearment for our pets. So, take your time choosing from our list of notable Thanksgiving dog names. Think outside of the box, and look for other names that can symbolize the spirit of Thanksgiving.

Other Fall Dog Names

Do you want more names for your pooch? Whether you have a breed that reminds you of autumn colors or adopted a dog during the fall season, here are more names for you to consider.

Autumn is the season of the year when Thanksgiving happens. It happens to be one of the most excellent Thanksgiving dog names to consider. Imagine calling a brown-coated puppy with ‘Autumn.’ How right would that sound to your ears?

Since fall is almost equivalent to Thanksgiving, let’s not forget the delicious dishes we often see on every family’s table. First, Delicata. A variety of winter squash tastes like “sweet potato squash” for its brown sugar flavor. Try calling your small and dark-colored dog with this name, and see if it responds. If not, let’s try some more.

What about Bean? If you own small dog breeds like a Puggle, Pomeranian, or Shih Tzu, this name is ideal to use. Cinnamon, a popular spice during fall, is not a bad name at all. Do you have a Golden Retriever? What about Aurelia? It means golden in Latin, which sounds splendid, with a beautiful meaning. For medium to large-sized breeds, Hazel is also a lovely name to use. It is a small tree or shrub that also symbolizes strength and reliability.

What Is Your Favorite Thanksgiving Pup Name?

Picking among our list of Thanksgiving dog names is all about having fun. It can be a way of celebrating our favorite holiday while welcoming a new member of your family. You can choose many names that wouldn’t be too obvious that you named it after Thanksgiving.

Just make sure to search deeper and be more creative. Dogs are other blessings in our lives. They are always loyal and willing to protect their owner to the best of their abilities. Thus, they also deserve the best Thanksgiving name for dogs.

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Written by Larese
Larese is passionate about all sorts of domesticated pets. They have written dozens of articles across the web.

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