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200+ Native American Dog Names – Inspired By Languages, Tribes & Nature

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Native American dog names

Is your new four-legged friend powerful and unique? Then, congratulations because you have decided to look for name ideas based on a heritage that is mystic, and rich. We have a long list of Native American Dog Names, so you can have plenty of ideas to analyze before picking the best dog name.

Actually, dogs not only accompanied the Indigenous People but also helped them. Such exotic dogs would perform tasks such as hunting, herding, and guarding. We have tried to capture that essence to make our list. We made categories such as Indigenous dog names inspired by Native Languages, by local American tribes, and more.

Names Inspired by Indigenous Languages

The first option in this category is Omitaa. Do you have any idea what this word means? It is not anything so complicated, it means “dog” in Blackfoot! But remember that this name is only for female puppies – and it sounds cute on top of that.

The next one is Animosh. And guess what? This name also means “dog” but this time in Algonquin and can be given to both female and, male dogs. If you want to give your dog a remarkable and distinctive name – then here you have a superb choice.

If you have a fierce big male dog, then what about the name Honan? It means “bear” in Miwok. While the name Kitchi is perfect for female dogs that are courageous since it means “brave” in Algonquin.

Did you know that Native American Dogs were related to wolves? Therefore, if you have a breed such as the Siberian Husky, or the Alaskan Malamute that have many resemblances to this animal, you have two options for it:

Yansa for female dogs, and Honi for both female and male dogs because those names mean “wolf”. The first one is in Cherokee and the second one in Arapaho.

And what if you have a female dog that is confident and protective? In that case, the perfect name for it would be Bidziil that means “high chief” in Cheyenne.

On the contrary, if you have a male dog that has extraordinary physical capabilities, you can give it the name Hiamoui that means “me, who is strong” in Navajo.

Finally, if the most remarkable characteristic of your female dog is its large size, the name Hanska that means “tall” in Sioux would be precise for it – it’d be a good choice for large breeds like the St. Bernard, Bloodhound, and Tibetan Mastiff.

List of Native American Dog Names

Here are several options of native american dog names for you to choose from:

  • Abedabun
    Sight of day in Cheyenne.
  • Abetzi
    A yellow leaf in Omaha.
  • Adai
    A Native American tribe.
  • Adoette
    A big tree in Kiowa.
  • Adsila
    Blossom in Cherokee.
  • Ahonu
    He who laughs in Algonquin.
  • Aiyana
    Endless blossom.
  • Akiak
    Brave in Inuit.
  • Alabama
    A Native American tribe.
  • Alawa
    A pea.
  • Alii
    Chief in Hawaiian.
  • Aloha
    Hello and goodbye in Hawaiian.
  • Ama
  • Amarog
    Wolf in Inuit.
  • Amitola
    A rainbow.
  • Animosh
    A dog in Algonquin.
  • Apache
    A Native American tribe.
  • Apisi
    Coyote in Blackfoot.
  • Aponi
    A butterfly.
  • Arapaho
    A Native American tribe.
  • Arawak
    A spirit in Tupi.
  • Awan
    Somebody in Algonquin.
  • Awanata
    A turtle in Miwok.
  • Awantia
    A fawn.
  • Bidziil
    He who is strong in Navajo.
  • Bidzill
    He is strong, powerful.
  • Biloxi
    A Native American tribe.
  • Black Hawk
    A chief who fought in the 1812 war.
  • Bly
    High, tall.
  • Chapa
    A beaver in Sioux.
  • Cheyenne
    A Native American tribe.
  • Choctaw
    A Native American tribe.
  • Cholena
    A bird.
  • Chumani
    Dewdrops in Sioux.
  • Clovis
    A Native American tribe.
  • Cochise
    An Apache chief.
  • Crazy Horse
    A Lakota leader that led the battle against General George Crook.
  • Cree
    A Native American tribe.
  • Cu-la-al-ke
    Fox in Creek.
  • Dakota
    A friend in Sioux.
  • Denali
    The great one.
  • Desna
    A boss in Inuit.
  • Eerie
    A Native American tribe.
  • Enyeto
    Walks like a bear in Miwok.
  • Eyota
    Great, eminent.
  • Fala
    Crow in Choctaw.
  • Geronimo
    An Apache leader.
  • Gomda
    Crow in Kiowa.
  • Hanska
    Tall in Sioux.
  • Hemene
    Wolf in Nez Perce.
  • Hento
    Blue in Dakota.
  • Hiamovi
    A high chief in Cheyenne.
  • Hiawatha
    A spiritual guide and peacemaker.
  • Hok'ee
    Abandoned in Navajo.
  • Holata
    An alligator in Seminole.
  • Honan
    A bear in Miwok.
  • Honaw
    A bear in Hopi.
  • Honi
    Wolf in Arapaho.
  • Honiahaka
    Little wolf in Cheyenne.
  • Honovi
    A powerful deer.
  • Hopi
    A Native American tribe.
  • Huron
    A Native American tribe.
  • Illini
    A Native American tribe.
  • Iowa
    A Native American tribe.
  • Ituha
    A sturdy oak.
  • Kahuna
    Held in high esteem in Hawaiian.
  • Kai
    A willow tree.
  • Kansas
    A Native American tribe.
  • Kanti
  • Kasa
    Dressed in fur.
  • Kato
    A Native American tribe.
  • Kaya
  • Kele
    A sparrow in Hopi.
  • Keme
    Thunder in Algonquin.
  • Kewa
    A Native American tribe.
  • Kewanee
    A prairie chicken in Potawatomi.
  • Kickapoo
    A Native American tribe.
  • Kilchii
    A red boy in Navajo.
  • Kimi
    A secret.
  • Kinta
    A deer.
  • Kiona
    A brown mountain.
  • Kiowa
    A Native American tribe.
  • Kitchi
    Brave in Algonquin.
  • Kiyaya
    A howling wolf in Yakima.
  • Koa
    Brave and strong in Hawaiian.
  • Kohana
  • Koko
  • Kuruk
    A bear.
  • Laguna
    A Native American tribe.
  • Lakota
    A Native American tribe.
  • Leotie
    A prairie's flower.
  • Liwanu
    A growling bear in Miwok.
  • Lulu
    A bunny.
  • Machk
    A bear in Algonquian.
  • Maheegan
    Wolf in Algonquin.
  • Mahican
    A Native American tribe.
  • Maikoh
    Wolf in Navajo.
  • Maiyun
    Wolf in Cheyenne.
  • Maka
    The earth.
  • Makwa
    A bear in Algonquin.
  • Mansi
    Picked flowers.
  • Maska
    Brave and strong.
  • Mato
    A bear in Sioux.
  • Maya
    A Native American tribe.
  • Miami
    A Native American tribe.
  • Micco
    A chief.
  • Mika
    A smart raccoon.
  • Miki
  • Missouri
    A Native American tribe.
  • Misu
    A rippling brook.
  • Miwak
    A Native American tribe.
  • Mobile
    A Native American tribe.
  • Mochni
    A talking bird in Hopi.
  • Mohawk
    A Native American tribe.
  • Mojave
    A Native American tribe.
  • Mona
    The noble one.
  • Mukki
    A child in Algonquian.
  • Munsee
    A Native American tribe.
  • Muraco
    A white moon.
  • Natchez
    A Native American tribe.
  • Navajo
    A Native American tribe.
  • Nikan
    A friend in Potawatomi.
  • Nina
    A wolf.
  • Nipmuc
    A Native American tribe.
  • Nokosi
    A bear in Seminole.
  • Nova
    One who chases butterflies.
  • Nuttah
    My heart in Algonquian.
  • Oconee
    A Native American tribe.
  • Ogin
    A wild rose.
  • Okwes
    Fox in Lenape.
  • Omaha
    A Native American tribe.
  • Omitaa
    A dog in Blackfoot.
  • Oneida
    A Native American tribe.
  • Onida
    The one searched for, much-awaited.
  • Osage
    A Native American tribe.
  • Ottawa
    A Native American tribe.
  • Ozette
    A Native American tribe.
  • Pakwa
    A frog in Hopi.
  • Papago
    A Native American tribe.
  • Pavita
    Clear, pure water.
  • Pawnee
    A Native American tribe.
  • Pecos
    A Native American tribe.
  • Peoria
    A Native American tribe.
  • Peta
    A golden eagle.
  • Pima
    A Native American tribe.
  • Piro
    A Native American tribe.
  • Pocahontas
    Daughter of Powhatan a Native American ruler.
  • Pomo
    A Native American tribe.
  • Ponca
    A Native American tribe.
  • Pontiac
    An Ottawan leader.
  • Pueblo
    A Native American tribe.
  • Pules
    A pigeon in Algonquian.
  • Rappahannock
    A Native American tribe.
  • Rozene
    A rose.
  • Sacajawea
    Companion of Lewis and Clark.
  • Salali
    A squirrel in Cherokee.
  • Saluda
    A Native American tribe.
  • Saulk
    A Native American tribe.
  • Seneca
    A Native American tribe.
  • Sequoyah
    A Native American polymath.
  • Sesi
    Snow in Inuit.
  • Sewee
    A Native American tribe.
  • Shasta
    A Native American tribe.
  • Sihu
    A flower in Hopi.
  • Sioux
    A Native American tribe.
  • Sitting Bull
    A Lakota holy medicine man.
  • Skah
    White in Sioux.
  • Skidi
    A Native American tribe.
  • Songaa
    Strong, brawny.
  • Spokan
    A Native American tribe.
  • Squanto
    Was a Native American of the Patuxet tribe.
  • Suki
    Black in Algonquin.
  • Takoda
    A friend to everyone in Sioux.
  • Tala
    A wolf.
  • Tallulah
    Spring water.
  • Taos
    A Native American tribe.
  • Tasunke
    A horse in Dakota.
  • Tecumseh
    A Shawnee leader.
  • Teme
    Wolf in Lenape.
  • Temetet
    Coyote in Lenape.
  • Tikaani
    Wolf in Inuit.
  • Tillamook
    A Native American tribe.
  • Tiquanna
    An adopted son in Inuit.
  • Tiva
    To dance.
  • Tokula
    Fox in Lakota.
  • Tonka
    Bull in Dakota.
  • Tsu-la-lgi
    Fox in Creek.
  • Una
    One, first.
  • Waco
    A Native American tribe.
  • Wailaki
    A Native American tribe.
  • Wakanda
    To have magic.
  • Waya
    Wolf in Cherokee.
  • Weeko
    Pretty, beautiful.
  • Wichita
    A Native American tribe.
  • Winona
  • Wyome
    A large plain in Algonquian.
  • Wyoming
    A Native American tribe.
  • Yansa
    Buffalo in Cherokee.
  • Yazoo
    A Native American tribe.
  • Yoki
    The rain.
  • Yuma
    A Native American tribe.
  • Zuni
    A Native American tribe.

Native American Puppy Names Inspired by Native American Tribes

You can give your dog the name Yuma, which refers to the tribe that lived in the States of California and Arizona along the Colorado River, known to be super skilled warriors and active traders, if it participates in shows, and gets along with other people, and pets.

Another name idea is Yazoo, which refers to the tribe that was located on the lower course of Yazoo River in Mississippi, they were also small in number. Therefore, if you have a rare dog breed that is hard to find, this name would be precise for it.

The next one is Wichita, a tribe that were successful hunters and farmers. Because of that, if you have a female dog that is strong, smart, and courageous, this is the name for it. It also is a perfect hunting dog name.

On the contrary, if you have an ancient dog breed that stands out for its beauty, and strength, then Taos, the name of one of the oldest tribes that built amazing adobe complexes, is the right one for it. But remember that this name is only for male dogs.

Next, we have Ottawa, the name of the famous tribe that before migrating into Michigan, lived on the East Coast, and were amazing intertribal traders and barterers. This is the perfect alternative for female dogs that are skilled, smart, and protective.

Finally, we have the name Pocahontas, the name of the daughter of Powhatan, a Native American ruler. It’s almost sure that you have heard this name because Disney made an animated film based on her life. So, if your female dog is strong and courageous, keep in mind this one.

Indigenous Names For Puppies Inspired by Nature

If you have a female dog that is delicate as a flower, then you must consider the name Sihu because that is what it means.

The name Tallulah would the perfect for female dogs that are innocent, calm, and beautiful since it means “springing water”.

Something similar happens with Ama since it means “water”. This name is perfect for female dogs that are very clever, sensitive, and affectionate. While you can give the name Maka to those that are caring, brainy, and affective to their owners since it means “earth”.

The next name idea for both female and male dogs is Yoki that means “rain”. You must consider Yoki if your dog is calm, laid back, and sensitive.

While Rozene that means “rose” is perfect for female dogs that are quiet yet affectionate, and have a beautiful appearance.

The following option: Aponi, is for male dogs that are very friendly, charming, and joyful. Also, if they are small in size, and have a bright coat color since this name means “butterfly”.

And what if your small female puppy loves jumping, has a soft white coat, and a lovely temperament? Then, you can give it the name Lulu because it means “bunny”.

Indigenous Puppy Names Inspired by Camaraderie

If you live alone and your male puppy has now become your new companion, it will be meaningful to give it the name Nikan because it means “my friend, partner” in Potawatomi.

On the contrary, if you have a female dog that has already created a strong bond with you, Dakota can be such a cute name to give it because it means “friend” in Sioux. Simple but significant.

Is your female dog so charming, and playful that everyone likes it? Then, the name Takoda would be perfect for it since it means “everyone’s friend” in Sioux.

native american names for dogs
Potawatomi is an awesome name for your furry friend!

Parting Words

Finally, we hope that any of the names have convinced you because naming your dog with any of the above recommendations will surely make it stand out from the crowd and give it a special vibe.

If you still have any questions, feel free to write it in the comments section because we will be happy to answer it. And if you have already found the perfect name for your dog, then tell us as well, because it will mean that our guide has been helpful for you. See you next time!

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