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300+ Blue-Eyed Dog Names – Pick the Best Blue-Inspired Puppy Name

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Here you’ll find the best blue-eyed dog names, inspired by different characters, foreign words, events, nature, and more. They are captivating, hypnotic, and beautiful, just like the precious eyes of your puppy.

This list will help you tremendously, especially if you have never named a puppy before. Only read it, meditate on the different options and choose the name that better suits the personality and traits of your pet.

There are many breeds that get the blue-eyed gene, like Siberian Huskies, Border Collies, and Australian Shepherds. In any case, our list will bring you exactly what you are looking for.

Blue Eyes Dog Names – Famous Characters

There are many characters that, in a milder or deeper way, have a connection with the color blue. It represents the sea and the sky, and it is also a source of tranquility, peace, freedom and imagination, traits that many of our characters share, both real and fictitious.

With that inspiration, here’s a list of names of famous characters for your charming blue-eyed dog.

  • Aang – is a character in the movie The Last Airbender whose natural element is air. (Male/Female)
  • Abe Sapien – the character from the movie Hellboy. (Male)
  • Alana – is one of the sisters in The Seven Princesses of Atlantica movie. (Female)
  • Ariel – the Disney mermaid with blue eyes. (Female)
  • Baby – from the Baby Blue song by Badfinger. (Female)
  • Blu – a fictional bird character from the film Rio. (Male/Female)
  • Dory – is a character in the movie Finding Nemo. (Female)
  • Draags – from the movie Fantastic Planet. (Male)
  • Frank – in honor of Frank Sinatra, who had blue eyes. (Male)
  • Genie – is a famous character from the movie Aladdin. (Female)
  • Joy – is a blue character in the movie Inside Out. (Female)
  • Megamind – a baby character from the movie Megamind. (Male/Female)
  • Monster – inspired by the famous character Cookie Monster. (Male/Female)
  • Moody – from the music group Moody Blue. (Male/Female)
  • Nebula – a popular character from the Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2. (Male/Female)
  • Nightcrawler – a character in the movie X2. (Male)
  • Oscar – is a fictional character from the movie Shark Tale. (Male)
  • Patrick – is a fictional character from the movie SpongeBob. (Male)
  • Sadness – from the film Inside Out. (Male/Female)
  • Sandy – is another character from the movie SpongeBob. (Male/Female)
  • Sirena – the mermaid from the fantasy TV series H2O: Just Add Water. (Male/Female)
  • Sulley – from the movie Monsters, Inc. (Male)
  • Triton – a character in The Seven Princesses of Atlantica. (Male)

For example, Aang is a creative name for a puppy with clear eyes, because it’s the principal character in “The Last Airbender”, whose natural element was air. Remember the association with the sky? Well, that’s why it is here. Blue goes along with the air and the sky, and therefore, it is one of the best blue-eyed dog names.

If you have a female puppy with blue eyes, then you could name it Alana, like one of the sisters in “The Seven Princesses of Atlantica”. It’s one of the best blue-eye dog names, because it makes a direct reference to the sea. Alana is a daughter of Triton, the Greek god messenger of the sea, the son of Poseidon and Amphitrite.

Following the same line, Triton would be a cool and outstanding name for a male pup. You don’t hear it every day, and just like Alana, it follows the same principle.

Ariel would be another amazing choice for naming a female pup. Chances are you already know who she is, the most famous mermaid princess. The reasons for choosing this name are evidently clear.

Names for Dogs with Blue Eyes – Mythology

If you have a blue-eyed dog, you will always adore its mythical stare each time they look at you. A deep icy stare of your pooch is a sight to behold.

Hence, you’d want to name them after a mythical noble hero, which would perfectly fit their mythical gazes. So when you call your blue-eyed wonder, you call it with honor!

Here’s the most remarkable mythological name list for your blue-eyed dogs.

  • Aegir – Norse god of the “Sea.” (Male/Female)
  • Diana – means the Goddess of the Moon and Roman Goddess of the Hunt. (Female)
  • Juno – was a Roman goddess with ties to the moon. (Female)
  • Kaguya – a goddess princess from the moon from a Japanese folktale. (Male/Female)
  • Ler/Lir – is a sea god from Irish mythology. (Male/Female)
  • Luna – in ancient Roman mythology, she was a moon goddess. (Female)
  • Mazu – is a Chinese goddess of the “Sea” who is said to protect sailors and the fishermen. (Male/Female)
  • Nanna – in Sumerian religion, it means the god of the moon. (Female)
  • Neptune – is a Roman god of the “Sea” and is a blue planet in the Milky Way. (Female)
  • Sedna – an Inuit origin word that means Goddess of the “Sea.” (Male/Female)
  • Selene – is a Greek mythological name that means The Moon. (Female)
  • Sin – in Akkadian mythology, it means The God of The Moon. (Male/Female)
  • Soma – is a Hindu moon deity. (Female)
  • Umi/Umiko – a Japanese word that means “Born from the Sea.” (Male/Female)
  • Zeus – in Greek mythology, it means God of The Sky and Thunder. (Male)

If you have a dog like the Dachshund, a hunting breed from Germany that usually get blue eyes, then the name Aegir would be an amazing pick. It is the Norse god of the sea. It sounds very cool, in our opinion. Nonetheless, don’t feel limited, because it will equally suit any other breed.

If you like the idea of naming your pet after sea deities, then you will love our next suggestion: Ler or Lir. It’s the Irish god of the sea. It is short yet sounds very well, and of course, you don’t get to hear it every day. It’s creative, original, and beautiful, and furthermore, it truly represents the essence of blue.

Juno is another cool name idea, because it’s a Roman deity with connections to the moon. It’s perfect for male pup. In our opinion, one of the most exotic blue eyed dog names.

Now it’s time to explore what the East has to bring us, and fortunately, it has a magnificent suggestion, Mazu. It’s the Chinese goddess of the sea, and although it’s female in nature, the name will perfectly suit a male pup as well.

If you like such names, then you will fall in love with our next suggestion, Nanna. It’s the Sumerian god of the moon, and it’s amazing for a female pup with blue eyes. You can easily tell why we suggest it because the moon has a direct relationship with the sky and the outer space.

Names Inspired by Foreign Words

There are not many dog breeds with blue eyes. It is a rare trait. And if you have this rare dog breed, you’d want to name it unique to match it with its personality. With that in mind, we’ve gathered a name list from foreign languages so to match it with your dog’s distinctive trait.

Here’s a unique name list for blue-eyed pups from foreign words.

  • Afina – is a Romanian word that means Blueberry. (Male/Female)
  • Aizea – is a Basque origin word that means The Wind. (Male/Female)
  • Akash – in Indian name that means The Sky. (Male)
  • Akira – a Japanese word meaning Sunlight and Moonlight. (Female)
  • Ambreen – is an Arabic name for Sky. (Male/Female)
  • Anila – is a Sanskrit name that means The Wind. (Female)
  • Aoi – is a Japanese origin word that means Hollyhock Flower and Blue. (Female)
  • Qamar – is an Arabic name for Moon. (Male/Female)
  • Ayla – is a Turkish name for Moon Glow. (Female)
  • Azul – is the Spanish word for Blue. (Male/Female)
  • Azura – in Spanish, it means Blue Sky. (Female)
  • Badar – is an Arabic name for Full Moon. (Male/Female)
  • Biru – is a Malay word for Blue. (Male/Female)
  • Bise – in French, it is a name for a Baker. (Male/Female)
  • Blau – is a German origin word for Blue. (Male/Female)
  • Bleu – is a French word for Blue. (Male/Female)
  • Celine/Celina – is a French term meaning The Sky, Heaven, and the Moon. (Male/Female)
  • Cerulean – comes from the Latin language that means Dark Blue. (Male/Female)
  • Chandra – is a Hindi origin name for Moon Shining. (Female)
  • Cherika – is an Amharic/Ethiopian name meaning the Moon. (Male/Female)
  • Conway – is an old Welsh name that means Holy River. (Male)
  • Darya – is a Persian name for Sea. (Female)
  • Gagan – is an Indian name for Sky. (Male/Female)
  • Haf – is an Icelandic name for Ocean’ (Male/Female)
  • Haneul – is a Korean name for Sky. (Female)
  • Hitomi – is a Japanese word for Blue Eyes. (Female)
  • Indra – is a Hindu Sanskrit name that means Possessing drops of rain. (Female)
  • Kai – is a Hawaiian name that means Sea. (Male/Female)
  • Kaze – is a Japanese word for Wind. (Male/Female)
  • Lune – is a French word for Moon. (Male/Female)
  • Lunetta – is an Italian name for Little Moon. (Female)
  • Lynn – is a Welsh and Celtic word that means Lake, Stream, or Waterfall. (Female) 
  • Maris – is a Latin origin name that means Of the Sea. (Female)
  • Masika – is an Egyptian name that means Born during rain. (Male/Female)
  • Mavi – in Turkish, it means Blue. (Male/Female)
  • Miku – is a Japanese name that means Beautiful Sky. (Female)
  • Mira – is a Sanskrit name for Ocean. (Female)
  • Mizu/Murdoch – is a Japanese word for Water. (Male/Female)
  • Nami – is a Japanese name for Wave. (Female)
  • Neela – is an Indian-origin word that means Blue. (Female)
  • Neoma – is a Greece word that means New Moon. (Male/Female)
  • Nerida/Nerissa – is a Spanish and Greek name that means Sea Nymph. (Male/Female)
  • Ondine – is a Latin origin name that means Little Wave. (Female)
  • Plava – is a Serbo-Croatian phrase that means Blue Lagoon. (Male/Female)
  • Rai/Raiden – is a Japanese word that means Thunder or Lightning. (Male/Female)
  • Sora – is a Japanese word for Sky. (Female)
  • Sunila – is an Indian name for Very Blue. (Male/Female)
  • Talia – is a name from Hebrew meaning Gentle Rain. (Female)
  • Teala/Teale – mean Blue Green. (Male/Female)
  • Tsuki – is a Japanese word for Moon. (Male/Female)
  • Ula – means Sea Jewel. (Female)
  • Varsha – is a Hindu name for Rain. (Female)
  • Yágo – in the Navajo language, it means Sky. (Male/Female)
  • Zale – in Greece, it means Power of the Sea. (Male/Female)
  • Zeru – in the Basque language, it means Sky. (Male/Female)

Foreign languages brings us an almost-endless number of ideas, and to kick start this section, here you have an excellent option: Nami. It’s a Japanese name that literally means wave. A perfect match for energetic puppies with clear eyes. Miku would be another good choice, because it means beautiful sky. One of the sweetest blue-eyed dog names.

If you like how Japanese sounds, then you will also love the next idea, Murdoch. It’s the term used to refer to water, and you can easily tell why we recommend it. On top of making a clear reference to the key traits of the blue color, it sounds different and interesting, and hence, it’s a great pick from all of the blue-eyed dog names we have at your disposal.

Now let’s travel to Europe, to find our next suggestion, Afina. It’s the Romanian word for blueberry. A delicious and blue-colored fruit that, as you can easily tell, fits the bill of the color blue.

Anila is a precious name for a female dog, because it is a Sanskrit word that means “the wind”. If your feel that your pet is as free and beautiful as the wind, then it will suit it perfectly.

List of Blue-Eyed Dog Names

Here are several options of blue-eyed dog names for you to choose from:

  • Aang
    The character in 'The Last Airbender' whose natural element was air.
  • Admiral
    A dark blue shade color, also the leader of a Navy.
  • Aegir
    Norse god of the sea.
  • Afina
    Means blueberry in Romanian.
  • Aizea
    A Basque name meaning 'the wind'
  • Akash
    An Indian name meaning 'sky'
  • Akira
    Japanese name meaning 'sunlight and moonlight'
  • Alana
    One of the sisters in 'The Seven Princesses of Atlantica'
  • Alice
    Alice blue was a lighter shade of blue favored by Alice Roosevelt.
  • Ambreen
    An Arabic name meaning 'sky'
  • Anila
    A Sanskrit name meaning 'the wind'
  • Aoi
  • Aoki
    An evergreen blue tree.
  • Aqmar
    An Arabic name meaning 'moonlit'
  • Ariel
    The Disney mermaid had blue eyes.
  • Atasi
    A type of traditional blue flower.
  • Ayla
    A Turkish name meaning 'moon glow'
  • Azul
  • Azura
    Spanish for sky blue.
  • Azure
    Clear blue sky's color.
  • Baby
    From the song 'Baby Blue' by the band Badfinger.
  • Badar
    An Arabic name meaning 'full moon'
  • Bay
    A broad inlet of the sea.
  • Belle
    From the flower, Bluebell.
  • Berry
    From the bite-sized fruit Blueberry.
  • Beryl
    A blue crystal.
  • Biru
  • Bise
    A cold dry north wind of southern France.
  • Blau
  • Blaze
    From the term 'Blue Blazes'
  • Bleu
    French word for blue.
  • Blue
    Name for a blue-eyed pooch.
  • Blue Jay
    Jay for short.
  • Bluebell
    A beautiful and fanciful flower.
  • Bora
    Dry northeast wind blowing in the upper Adriatic.
  • Brooke
    Blue small stream in forest.
  • Buran
    Northeasterly wind of gale force in Russia and central Asia.
  • Buster
    Front of air coming from the south.
  • Caelum
    Latin for 'sky'
  • Calvin
    Calvin Klein is a brand of blue jeans.
  • Capri
    The color of the Mediterranean sea, a deep sky blue.
  • Caspian
    As in the Caspian Sea.
  • Celeste
    A shade of sky blue.
  • Celine/Celina
    French term meaning 'the sky; heaven; the moon'
  • Cerulean
    The shade of blue between azure and sky blue.
  • Chandra
    Hindu goddess of the moon.
  • Charon
    One of Pluto's moons.
  • Cherika
    An Amharic/Ethiopian name meaning 'the moon'
  • China
    A dog with one eye that's clear blue, but flecked with a white or lighter blue, that's 'China eye'
  • Clinton (Creek)
    Arctic-inspired name.
  • Cobalt
    A chemical element used for adding a rich blue tint to glass and ceramics.
  • Conway
    Old Welsh name which means holy river.
  • Crush
    Finding Nemo.
  • Cyan
    Greenish blue shade synonymous with aqua.
  • Daisy
    Daisy is a representation of faith, joy, hope, and new beginnings.
  • Darya
    'Sea' in Persian.
  • Denali
    Arctic-inspired name.
  • Denim
    Toughest blue fabrics suitable for cowboys of the Wild West.
  • Dev
    Great name for a boy puppy with blue eyes.
  • Dex
    The glass cleaner Windex.
  • Diana
    Goddess of the moon and Roman goddess of the hunt.
  • Diesel
    An Italian brand of blue jeans and casual wear.
  • Doli
    A Native American name meaning 'bluebird.'
  • Dory
    Charming forgetful blue fish from 'Finding Nemo'
  • Dylan
    Term referring to son of the sea.
  • Earwyn
    Meaning friend of the sea.
  • Eddy
    Circular movement of water.
  • Elara
    One of Jupiter's moons.
  • Faro
    Arctic-inspired name.
  • Frank
    A great honor to Frank Sinatra who was known for having blue eyes.
  • Gagan
    An Indian name meaning 'the sky'
  • Ghost
    Great name for a Border collie with blue eyes.
  • Haf
    Icelandic for 'ocean'
  • Haines (Lake)
    Arctic-inspired name.
  • Han
    Blue pigment used in imperial paintings.
  • Haneul
    A Korean name meaning 'sky'
  • Hector
    A type of dolphin.
  • Hinto
    Originated from Native American meaning blue.
  • Hitomi
    Japanese for blue eyes.
  • Homer
    Arctic-inspired name.
  • Hyacinth
    A blue hyacinth expresses sincerity.
  • Ice
    A frozen water.
  • Icy
    Blue ice is form when snow falls glacier and compresses.
  • Indigo
    Dark shade of blue between purple and midnight blue.
  • Indra
    Sanskrit term meaning possessing drops of rain.
  • Iris
    Iris is a representation of faith, hope, endurance, courage, and wisdom.
  • Jay
    Comes from the most known Blue Jay bird.
  • Jaylin
    A beautiful Jaybird.
  • Jean
    From Blue Jeans.
  • Jennifer
    This name means 'white wave'
  • Joy
    The blue character on Inside Out.
  • Juneau
    Arctic-inspired name.
  • Juno
    Roman goddess with ties to the moon.
  • Kaguya
    A princess from the moon from Japanese folktale.
  • Kai
    A hawaiian name meaning 'sea'
  • Kal
    Superman's given name.
  • Kaze
    The Japanese word for 'wind'
  • Kenai
    Arctic-inspired name.
  • Keno
    Arctic-inspired name.
  • Kodiak
    Arctic-inspired name.
  • Lapis
    A blue metamorphic rock used to make ultramarine dyes and pigments.
  • Ler/Lir
    A sea god from Irish mythology.
  • Levi
    Levi Strauss established the first manufacturer of blue jeans.
  • Livie
    Means the color blue.
  • Lucky
    Hipsters' favorite brand of blue jeans.
  • Luna
    The divine embodiment of the moon in Roman mythology.
  • Lune
    The French word for 'moon'
  • Lunetta
    An Italian name meaning 'little moon'
  • Lynn
    Name meaning 'lake,' 'stream,' or 'waterfall'
  • Madison
  • Marina
    Dock for a boat, it means 'from the sea'
  • Maris
    A name originated from Latin meaning 'of the sea'
  • Masika
    Egyptian name meaning 'born during rain'
  • Mavi
    Turkish for blue.
  • Maya
    Blue shade that was used in Central America.
  • Mazarine
    A dark blue.
  • Mazu
    A Chinese sea goddess.
  • Miku
    A Japanese name meaning 'beautiful sky'
  • Mira
    Sanskrit name meaning 'ocean'
  • Mizu
    Japanese word for 'water'
  • Monster
    Inspired by the muppet named 'Cookie Monster'
  • Montana
    Famous locality in North America for producing sapphires.
  • Moody
    From the music group 'the Moody Blues'
  • Murdoch
    A Japanese term for water.
  • Nami
    A Japanese name meaning 'wave'
  • Nanna
    The god of the moon in Sumerian religion.
  • Navy
    The darkest shade of pure blue.
  • Neela
  • Neoma
    A name from Greece meaning 'new moon'
  • Neptune
    A blue planet in The Milky Way, also Roman god of sea.
  • Nerida
    A name from the Greece meaning 'sea nymph; mermaid'
  • Nerissa
    A Greek name meaning 'sea nymph'
  • Nilo
  • Nome
    Arctic-inspired name.
  • Ocean
    Perfect for dogs with beautiful blue eyes.
  • Ondine
  • Oscar
    Shark Tale.
  • Ox
    A shade of blue called Oxford.
  • Oxford
    Name your blue-eyed dog Oxford if you want a great athlete with a competitive spirit.
  • Palmer
    Arctic-inspired name.
  • Patrick
  • Peri
    As in periwinkle.
  • Phoebe
    One of Saturn's moons.
  • Plava
  • Plavi
  • Plavo
  • Polar
    Arctic-inspired name.
  • Ponyo
    Studio Ghibli's Ponyo.
  • Pooter
    A shade of grayish blue called 'Pewter'
  • Powder
    Powder brings to mind blue, snow, cocaine, the list goes on.
  • Qamar
    An Arabic name meaning 'moon'
  • Rai
    Japanese word which means thunder or lightning.
  • Raiden
    Japanese word which means thunder and lightning.
  • Ridley
    A type of sea turtle.
  • River
    A flowing waterway.
  • Robin
    The shade of Robin egg blue is pale blue with green.
  • Rose
    Blue Rose of Sharon is a shade of purplish blue hydrangea.
  • Ross (River)
    Arctic-inspired name.
  • Royal
    Deeper and darker shade of blue.
  • Sandy
  • Sapphire
    Blue gemstone that represents power and strength.
  • Sedna
    An Inuit sea goddess.
  • Selene
    A lunar deity in Greek Mythology.
  • Shamal
    Hot, dry northwesterly wind blowing across the Persian Gulf.
  • Sin
    The god of the moon in Akkadian mythology.
  • Sirena
    A mermaid from dramatic fantasy TV series 'H2O: Just Add Water'
  • Sitka
    Arctic-inspired name.
  • Sky
    There are many shades of blue in the sky.
  • Skye
    A pale shade of blue than azure.
  • Slate
    A shade of dark bluish grey.
  • Smalt
    Blue glass with cobalt oxide.
  • Soma
    A Hindu moon deity.
  • Sora
    The Japanese word for 'sky'
  • Steel
    Ametal with a gray and blue color.
  • Sunila
    Indian for blue.
  • Talia
    A name from Hebrew meaning 'gentle rain '
  • Teal
    A shade of blue-green representing the union of heaven and Earth.
  • Teala
    From teal.
  • Teale
    Blue-green shade of blue.
  • Teslen
    Arctic-inspired name.
  • Thor
    God of thunder, lightning, and storms.
  • Thora
    Female version of Thor.
  • Tiffany
    Tiffany's little blue box has the most exquisite jewels and charms.
  • Tsuki
    The Japanese word for 'moon'
  • Turk
    A gemstone that has a bluish green color.
  • Ula
    A name meaning 'sea jewel'
  • Umi / Umiko
    'Sea/child of the sea' in Japanese.
  • Varsha
    A Hindu name meaning 'rain'
  • Velvet
    A song and a movie entitled 'Blue Velvet'
  • Veronica
    A beautiful blue flower that represents youth, purity, and love.
  • Watson (Lake)
    Arctic-inspired name.
  • Willy
    Free Willy.
  • Wrangler
    Brand of tough denim jeans that won the west.
  • Yale
    Yale blue emerged on the pennants flown at rowing competitions.
  • Yonder
    The Air Force's official song 'Wild Blue Yonder'
  • Yukon
    Arctic-inspired name.
  • Yágo
    'Sky' in Navajo.
  • Zaffre
    Roasting a cobalt ore creates a deep blue pigment called 'Zaffre'
  • Zale
    A name from the Greece meaning 'power of the sea'
  • Zeru
    A Basque name meaning 'sky'
  • Zeus
    God of the sky and thunder in Greek mythology.
  • Zonda
    A dry wind, often carrying dust.
  • Adella
  • Andrina
  • Aqua
  • Aquamarine
  • Aquata
  • Arista
  • Attina
  • Azula
  • Azure or Azura
  • Barry
  • Blueberry
  • Coral
  • Gale
  • Glimmer
  • Glitter
  • Misty
  • Rain / Raina
  • Skylar
  • Sparkle
  • Storm/Stormy
  • Twinkle

Picking the Perfect Name for Clear Eyes Pup

Now that you have over 300 ideas of the best blue eyed dog names, it won’t be hard to find the ideal one for your pup. All you have to do is to read it patiently and decide which one describes your pet the best.

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Friday 7 June 2019
Last updated on
Friday 15 April 2022

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