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120+ Chihuahua Dog Names: Ideal Chihuahua Puppy Name Ideas!

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Chihuahua Dog Names

Do you want the best Chihuahua dog names? You would be crazy not to, because you need a name that matches your dog in all senses, from its appearance to its personality. Everything that makes it unique.

To find a Chihuahua name as special as your dog, we have built this list by taking inspiration from multiple sources: iconic locations, cute appellatives, Mexican-inspired names, celebrities, food, history, and even chemistry. Of course, we have covered many more topics!

We have included sections with specific suggestions, to make it easy for you to explore our suggestions and find exactly what you expect!

List of Chihuahua Dog Names

Here are several options of chihuahua dog names for you to choose from:

  • Abby
    Father's happiness.
  • Abe
    Father of nations in Hebrew.
  • Ace
  • Alexa
    Helper and defender.
  • Alexander
    Defender of mankind.
  • Angel
    Kind and lovable.
  • Ant
    Cheeky and witted.
  • Baby
    A young animal.
  • Bambam
    Active and bouncy.
  • Bambi
    Baby or little one.
  • Beanie Baby
    Friendly and sociable.
  • Bella
  • Belle
    Beautiful woman.
  • Bentley
    Farm where the grass bends.
  • Bianca
    White or pure.
  • Big Boy
    Adult or grown-up.
  • Blondie
    One with golden-colored hair.
  • Boo Boo
    Smallest living dog.
  • Boogie
    A dancer.
  • Brownie
    Moist chocolate cake with nuts.
  • Bruiser
    Character in Legaly Blonde.
  • Brutus
    Hearty and Stupid.
  • Bubba
    Male best friend.
  • Buffy
    A childish nickname for Elizabeth
  • Bunny
    Small and gentle.
  • Buzz
    Continuous humming.
  • Caddy
    Small container.
  • Candy
    Confectionery made with sugar.
  • Carlito
    Small man.
  • Cash
    Cool and amazing.
  • Chaos
    Great disorder or confusion.
  • Chi Chi
    Very popular for Chihuahua names.
  • Chicklet
    Mullet hair shaped.
  • Chili
    Small and hot.
  • Chipotle
    Maxican food.
  • Chipper
    Happy, alert and energetic.
  • Classy
    Stylish and sophisticated.
  • Coco
    Cesar Millan's dog.
  • Crouton
    Small piece of toasted.
  • Cuddles
    To nestle or snuggle.
  • Dallas
  • Daphne
    An evergreen tree.
  • Dash
    To rush.
  • DeeDee
    Pesky and noisy.
  • Dewi
  • Diggers
    Loves digging.
  • Dinky
  • Dino
    Little sword.
  • Dolly
    Lady of sorrow in Spanish.
  • Duke
    Title of nobility.
  • Electron
    Chemistry lover.
  • Elf
    Small and mischievous.
  • Espresso
    Having a rich dark brown fur.
  • Felix
  • Fifi
    Empress of France.
  • Flush
    Becoming red and hot.
  • Gandhi
    Non-violent and peaceful.
  • Ghost
  • Gidget
    Famous Taco Bell commercials.
  • Ginger
  • Gizmo
    A mechanical device or gadget.
  • Gobble
    Eating hurriedly.
  • Goldie
    Golden one.
  • Guapo
  • Guido
    Dim-witted and aggressive.
  • Gypsy
    A nomadic way of life.
  • Haley
    Ingenious nature.
  • Hank
    Estate Ruler.
  • Harley
    From the hare meadow.
  • Havana
  • Honey
    Sweet syrup.
  • Hulk
    Big and green.
  • Iota
    Spec or atom.
  • Jabba
    Star Wars character.
  • Jazz
    A type of music.
  • Jazzy
    Smooth and fly.
  • June
    Youthful in Latin.
  • Karma
    Fate or destiny.
  • Killer
    Aggressive and violent.
  • King
  • Kissy
    Loves kissing or licking.
  • Lucky
    Having good luck.
  • Lucy
  • Magnum
    A large type of wine bottle.
  • Major
    Army rank.
  • Mammoth Mutt
    From the animated series Krypto.
  • Max
    Large spring.
  • Mimi
    Sharon Osbourne's chihuahua.
  • Mina
    Attractive young woman.
  • Mini
  • Nacho
    Mexican food.
  • Newton
  • Noodles
    Brainy and intelligent.
  • Oscar
    Divine spearman.
  • Otto
  • Pablo
  • Paris
    Brand of perfume.
  • Peaches
    Red, yellow-skinned fleshy fruit.
  • Peanut
    Edible nuts eaten raw or roasted.
  • Pheonix
    Bird lover.
  • Pinky
    Colour pink.
  • Pixie
    A fairy-like creature.
  • Precious
    Beloved or darling.
  • Putt Putt
    Contrast for small.
  • Rambo
    A character.
  • Rebel
    One that resists.
  • Ren
    From Ren and Stimpy fame.
  • Rocky
    An underdog who made it big.
  • Romeo
    Man from Rome.
  • Rosie
  • Roxy
    Brilliant dawn.
  • Rusty
    Covered in rust.
  • Sergio
    Servant in Italian.
  • Shorty
    Of less than average size.
  • Sir Barksalot
    Barks a lot.
  • Skittles
  • Snippet
    Small portion.
  • Speck
  • Stallone
    Another Rambo reference.
  • Steve
    The crowned one.
  • Superman
    Strong and powerful.
  • T-rex
    Perfect opposite name for a chihuahua
  • Tamale
    Mexican food.
  • Teardrop
  • Tikki
  • Tina
    From Martina.
  • Tinkerbell
    For the tiny princess pet.
  • Tiny
    Extremely small.
  • Titanic
    Big, massive, epic.
  • Tito
    Disney character.
  • Topaz
    A yellow gemstone.
  • Velvet
    Soft fabric.
  • Verona
    City in Italy.
  • Walker
    Loves walking.
  • Willy
    Resolute protector.
  • Zig Zag
    Moves in a rough pattern.
  • Zippy
    Active, energetic and lively.

Dog Names for Chihuahua Puppies Based On Their Personality and Appearance

As we recommend in all of our naming guides and lists, it is essential to pick a name that matches a specific trait of your dog, be it its personality or appearance. Via highlighting the main traits of Chihuahuas, we have picked the best names under this category.

Since Chihuahuas and Pomchis are small and lovable, you could call your puppy, Bambi, in case it is female. It means “baby or little one”. Therefore, your pet will match the name perfectly. Bonus points if your pup is especially sweet and affectionate.

Are you looking for a cute name for a male Chihuahua? Then you could name it Carlito, which means “small” man in Spanish. It is short, memorable and sweet, and in consequence, a great choice for your pet.

Is your dog full of energy and courageous? Then you could name it Chili because it is small and spicy, ha! A creative name that defines two traits of Chihuahuas and on top of that, it resembles one of the most popular condiments from Mexico.

Is your pet very noisy? That is the case for some Chihuahuas, and if it applies to you, then you should name it Deedee, which means exactly that. We like the name because it sounds like the ideal match for this breed, and on top of that, it is easy to memorize.

We cannot deny that Chihuahuas are handsome, especially if they meet the breed standards perfectly. In that case, you could name them Guapo, which means exactly that. Since it is in Spanish, it will match your dog even more.

Since Chihuahuas are so tiny, you could also call them Teardrop. The reasons behind that name are evident, so it is not worthy of a further explanation. It is one of the most out-of-the-box names we have on our list, by the way.

Another variation to highlight the small size of your pet would be Putt-Putt, which is a word used to contrast with small. We like it because it is short, cute and original. If you wanted to make it even shorter, then you could limit to Putt, but the grace of the name resides in that it sounds funny as well.

Finally, since these dogs seem to never age, due to their energy and temperament, you could call yours June, which means “youthful” in Latin. It is one of the most creative names from our list.

chihuahua dog names
Our list of the best Chihuahua puppy names!

Chihuahua Puppy Names Inspired By Mexico Things

What a better idea than naming your dog after something that represents Mexico? Since there are many things that will fulfill this requirement, below you will find our top recommendations.

Taco is our first Chihuahua dog name. One of the most popular foods from Mexico, and on top of that, it sounds funny, and therefore, it is an excellent pick for a bite-sized Chihuahua. Bonus points if yours looks like a real taco!

If you liked our previous suggestion, then you should also consider Chipotle, which is another popular Mexican dish. It also sounds funny, which makes it an excellent choice. Nonetheless, it is harder to pronounce, and it could be a concern for some.

Continuing the same line as the previous name, here we have another recommendation for you, Nacho. Another delicious and popular Mexican food, which also makes an original and wonderful name for your pet.

Since Mexican gastronomy is one of the greatest gifts that this country has to give us, here you have other recommendations inspired by it, Tamale. If your dog is especially squarish and has a brown coat, then it will be even more sense to name your Chihuahua like that.

Names Inspired By Foreign Words

Finally, here you have names inspired by foreign words. Below, you will find our top recommendations. They make excellent and creative names, so make sure to check them properly, along with our tips on how to use them.

You could name yours like Sergio, which means “servant” in Italian. If your Chihuahua has a vocation for service and obeys all of your orders without hesitation, then it would be a fun name for your pet.

Here you have a great name for a female Chihuahua, Dolly. It means “lady of sorrow” in Spanish. Although the meaning behind it is not as bright and encouraging as one would expect, it still makes a feminine and original name.

You could also name your Chihuahua, Mina, which means “attractive lady” in Argentinan and Uruguayan Spanish. Therefore, it is a hell of a name for a female puppy. It is feminine, it has a matching meaning and it is short, therefore, it meets all the requirements for a superb name.

Last Few Words!

Now that you have our list of the best Chihuahua dog names, along with our guide and tips, it will be easy and smooth for you to find the ideal choice for your pet. We have ensured to make your work as simple as possible.

As you have seen, you can draw inspiration from different places, but especially from Mexican things, as well as inspiring yourself with the different traits that make this breed special and popular. Since you have dozens of options here, our recommendation is to take you time to examine all the names patiently, so you can compare and find the one that matches your Chihuahua puppy the most!

For hundreds of different options, browse our other dog name categories.

Published on
Saturday 8 February 2020
Last updated on
Monday 3 February 2020

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Breeding Business is passionate about all sorts of domesticated pets. They have written dozens of articles across the web.

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