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150+ Hunting Dog Names – Amazing For Hounds, Terriers & Gun Dogs!

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150+ Hunting Dog Names – Amazing For Hounds, Terriers & Gun Dogs!

Are you looking for hunting dog names? If your puppy has the blood of a hunter, then you are in the right place. Here you will find over 150 ideas that will match the temperament, personality, and essence of your pet.

They are ideal for hunting dog breeds like the Barbet (exceptional water dog), the Bloodhound or the Boykin Spaniel, just to give you a few examples. The list very large, however, thanks to our recompilation of best dog names for a hunter, you will find exactly what you need.

Original Hunting Dog Names Inspired by Guns & Weapons

Firearms and hunting go hand to hand, and therefore, there are the ideal source of inspiration for naming your little hunter.

A proper hunter dog will be an indispensable asset in any mission, and if you want to make your puppy become one, then you can name it Ammo, because it’s the name that such dogs receive.

If you want a name that screams hunting and actions, and at the same time breaks the mold of all conventions, then you could name it .38 Special. A powerful center-fire revolver especially designed for heavier-duty.

There are many ways to skin a cat, and just like you can use a gun to hunt, you can also do it the old-fashion way with a Bow and an Arrow, which happen to be popular hunting dog names. They have been used for thousands of years to fulfill one of the most exciting and primordial activities for the men of ancient.

Beretta is one of the world-leading firearms manufacturing companies in the world, and such an exquisite name is also a great choice for your female hunting dog. It sounds cool and gets the message across, your puppy is designed to go after the prey!

If you liked our previous suggestion, but you have a male puppy, worry not, because you can choose Benelli. It’s another firearm manufacturing company from Italy. The name is compelling yet sophisticated and iconic. Exactly what your pet needs.

Another cool name would be Buckshot, the most powerful type of shot. It’s majestic in its strength and precise, just like your puppy. It’d be an amazing name for a big hunting dog like the Weimaraner or the American Foxhound.

You also have an excellent suggestion, Derringer. A subtle and powerful handgun, which would be a great name for breeds like the Beagle, Boykin Spaniel, Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever or the Brittany Spaniel. These are smaller dogs, however, their talent for hunting is undisputed. Therefore, they’re as powerful and effective as a Derringer at the hour of getting the job done.

Hunting Dog Names Inspired in Other Animals

You can also find tons of inspiration in the animal kingdom, for it is full of great hunters. A good example would be Eagle, which as you can easily tell, is one of the most versatile hunters in the wilderness. It’s precise, powerful and effective, just like you want your puppy to be!

For a big and imposing dog breed, you could opt for Bear. You already know what they are, and perhaps you also know that they are fiery hunters, the same essence that your puppy should share.

You could also name your dog after its cousin, the Coyote. A wild dog that is also a smart and efficient hunter, and therefore, it would faithfully represent the real essence of your puppy.

Like our previous suggestion, you could also choose Dingo, which is a wild dog from Australia. It would be an ideal name, especially if it resembles this animal in some way, appearance-wise.

Names Inspired in Common Appellatives

There are lots of appellatives that hunting dogs receive, and therefore, they can make great names on their own as well.

For example, if you have Greyhound, which is one of the fastest hunting dog breeds in the market – especially bred in the Middle East to capture fast preys like deer and hare – you could name it Blaze. It’s a typical name that racer dogs receive. On the other hand, you could opt for Dash or Bolt, which mean exactly the same. It’d also be ideal for other fast hunting dogs like the Saluki and Afghan Hound.

You could also name it Scout, which is a popular name for tracker hunting dogs. Here we could name a few example: the German Shepherd, the Bloodhound and the Malinois.

Caliber is another cool suggestion, for it is widely used for powerful hunting dogs, the kind that seems to never tire and always go after the prey. No matter what.

List of Hunting Dog Names

Here are several options of hunting dog names for you to choose from:

  • .38 Special
    A type of firearm.
  • Ace
    Good name for a well trained dog.
  • Aldo
    An American ecologist & environmentalist who also practice hunting.
  • Ammo
    For a dog who is necessary in a hunting skills.
  • Apollo
    The god of many things including archery.
  • Arrow
    An arrow use for hunting.
  • Artemis
    The Greek goddess of the hunt.
  • Athena
    Athena was known for her wisdom and warfare.
  • Aurora
    A natural light display also called the Northern Lights.
  • Babe
    An affectionate name.
  • Bear
    A popular dog name for hunter dog.
  • Beast
    Tough$1 Check. Fun$2 Check Check.
  • Benelli
    An Italian shotgun manufacturer.
  • Beretta
    Cool Italian name for female hunting dogs.
  • Berkley
    Fishing line.
  • Blaze
    Fast running dog just like racers.
  • Blitz
    Cool hunting dog name from a military term.
  • Bogart
    An actor on the early movies.
  • Bolt
    Best fit for good speedy hunting dog.
  • Boomer
    Best name for adventurer dogs.
  • Boone
    An American pioneer who became one of America's first folk heroes.
  • Bow
    Your main hunting tool.
  • Bowie
    A pioneer who fought in the Texas Revolution.
  • Brook
    Small stream.
  • Brutus
    The tough guy who helped in the assassination of Julius Caesar.
  • Buck
    Buck is the male of an animal and are commonly hunted.
  • Buckshot
    A good alternative to Shotgun.
  • Buddy
    A companion dog.
  • Buffy
    A fictional female vampire slayer.
  • Bullet
    French name for strong hunting dogs.
  • Bullseye
    A great shot.
  • Cabela
    A happy hunting ground.
  • Caliber
    For the powerful hunting dog.
  • Cam
    Part of a compound bow.
  • Camo
    Short for camouflage which is use to disguise in appearance.
  • Captain
    Someone who is in charge and in command.
  • Chase
    A smart name for a good tracker dog.
  • Chaser
    A great fit for tracking dogs.
  • Cisco
    Fishing brand.
  • Cody
    A name after the famous bison hunter William Buffalo Bill Cody.
  • Colt
    United States' firearm manufacturer company.
  • Coyote
    A wild dog.
  • Crockett
    A folk hero commonly referred as 'King of the Wild Frontier'
  • Croix
    A tributary river in North America.
  • Crusoe
    A fictional adventurer character.
  • Cujo
    A tale about man's best friend who became scary.
  • Dakota
    An acknowledgment to the Dakota tribe.
  • Dash
    Perfect name for speedy hunting dog.
  • Davy
    Name after Davy Crockett from the movie 'Davy Crockett, King of the Wild Frontier'
  • Dawn
    The crack of dawn begins the hunting.
  • Derringer
    A type of gun.
  • Diesel
    Tough and rebellious name of dog.
  • Dingo
    A native Australian dog.
  • Dixie
    Geographic location of south and southeastern portion of United States.
  • Drake
    A hunting gear.
  • Duke
    Duke is also strong and powerful.
  • Dutch
    Name of a gangster Dutch Schultz.
  • Eagle
    High flyers and determined.
  • Eastwood
    Like Clint, tough!
  • Fang
    Watch out, little foxes!
  • Fierce
    An intense aggressive.
  • Finch
    A lovely name for a hunting dog.
  • Finn
    Part of a fish.
  • Fletch
    Stabilizer of an arrow such as feathers.
  • Fox
    Lovely name for quick and lively dog.
  • Gandalf
    Fictional character from The Hobbit and Lord of the Rings.
  • Gauge
    An instrument being used to determine measurements.
  • Gill
    Fish openings for breathing.
  • Glock
    As in the Glock pistol.
  • Gunner
    A person controlling a gun or cannon.
  • Gunny
    A term in an army; it's the 7th enlisted rank in USMC.
  • Hammer
    A part of a firearm used to fire a projectile.
  • Hawk
    Moves fast, misses nothing!
  • Hawkeye
    Can be a bird or a fictional superhero.
  • Hercules
    A Greek demigod famous for his great strength.
  • Hoyt
    Hoyt Archery brand.
  • Huckleberry
    An independent fictional character in the novel Huckleberry Finn.
  • Hunt
    This one is obvious.
  • Hunter
    If you want something really obvious.
  • Jag
    A strong and particular name of dog.
  • Jekyll
    Possessing two personalities one side is good while the other is bad.
  • Jesse
    An outlaw who lived through shootouts.
  • Justice
    A righteous description of a hunting dog.
  • Keeper
    A good one!
  • Kemo Sabe
    A term used by Tonto when showing affection.
  • Killer
    Keep down until it's the ideal opportunity to get into the pursuit.
  • Kimber
    American small arm manufacturer.
  • King
    The top dog, the very best!
  • Kinsley
    A noble name for hunting dogs.
  • Klondike
    A frozen land in Yukon territory found in northwest Canada.
  • Kodiak
    Kodiak Island's main city and can be found in Alaska.
  • Kota
    Minn Kota motors.
  • Legend
    Fun and confident name for pup.
  • Legolas
    A fictional elf character in Lord of the Rings.
  • Liberty
    Feeling of freedom while hunting.
  • Lieutenant
    A respected military position.
  • Lightning
    Is your dog fast$3
  • Lindy
    Tackle brand.
  • Link
    Bow-wielding hero of Zelda video games.
  • Logger
    Person cutting down trees to make woods.
  • Lunker
    Huge fish.
  • Lynx
    A natural hunter medium-sized wild cat.
  • Mack
    A firm and strong name of dog.
  • Magnum
    As in the Magnum gun.
  • Mallard
    A wild duck.
  • Marlowe
    Last name of great fictional detective.
  • Matthews
    Bow brand.
  • Maverick
    An individualist that doesn't come along the group.
  • Max
    Popular name commonly use for male pups.
  • Meadow
    A pretty name for female hunting dog.
  • Moriarty
    A fictional character in the Sherlock Holmes stories.
  • Nyx
    A Greek goddess that represents the night.
  • Oakley
    Annie Oakley was both sharpshooter and exhibition shooter.
  • Old Blue
    Just a good hunting dog name!
  • Olympia
    The place where ancient olympic games took place.
  • Orion
    Orion was a hunter in Greek mythology.
  • Outlaw
    Old western term for bad guys who are lawbreaker.
  • Pike
    Species of carnivorous fish.
  • Pistol
    Good name of a hunting dogs based from handgun.
  • Porter
    A hip, cool hunting dog name.
  • Powder
    The gunpowder used in firearms.
  • Quixote
    For a quixotic hunting dog.
  • Radar
    Ide for dog with strong sense for detection.
  • Rambo
    Another iconic, tough Sylvester Stallone character.
  • Ranger
    A dog who acts like a military officer.
  • Rebel
    Great for kick-butt, daring pups.
  • Remington
    United States' leading firearm and ammunition manufacturer.
  • Rex
    A classic name for hunting dogs.
  • Rigger
    Setting up sails.
  • Rip
    Fast pull on the rod.
  • River
    You can hunt near a river.
  • Robin
    Robin Hood.
  • Rocky
    The strong boxer in the film series 'Rocky'
  • Rogue
    A rebellious, fun name.
  • Roosevelt
    An American President who was a famous hunter and land protector.
  • Ruger
    Another producer of high quality firearm in United States.
  • Ryder
    A strong and stylish moniker.
  • Sacagawea
    An American Shoshone woman who helped the Lewis and Clark Expedition.
  • Safari
    Trek through the wilds.
  • Samson
    A Biblical strong man defeated by trickery.
  • Sarge
    Strong and powerful name for hunting dog.
  • Sauer
    A German firearm company name 'SIG SAUCER'
  • Saxton
    He was famous in bow hunting and for hunting grizzlies in Yellowstone.
  • Scarlett
    A fictional strong-willed character in a novel Gone with the Wind.
  • Scooter
    This is a unique hunting dog name.
  • Scout
    Good name for great for trackers hunting dogs.
  • Seal
    Good name for dog with water resistant coats.
  • Shadow
    Cute name for a dog who follows everywhere.
  • Sherlock
    A fictional private detective Sherlock Holmes.
  • Shiloh
    An ancient village mentioned in the Hebrew Bible.
  • Shoshone
    A girl's name that originated from Native American group.
  • Silver
    The fictional Lone Ranger's horse.
  • Sky
    You will have a beautiful sky during your hunting trip.
  • Smith
    Smith & Wesson firearm and ammo manufacture.
  • Sounder
    A fictional hunting dog in the novel 'Sounder'
  • Spade
    A fictional detective tough guy in the novel 'The Maltese Falcon'
  • Sparta
    A combat city in ancient Greece.
  • Spec
    Shorten word for specifications.
  • Spike
    A lovable, cute and strong hunting dog name.
  • Spinner
    Fishing lure with a rotating blade.
  • Stormy
    A rough and strong name for hunting dogs.
  • Sunny
    A positive and bright name of dog.
  • Tank
    Good name for large dogs.
  • Thor
    The tough and powerful Norse god of thunder.
  • Thunder
    Loyally roaring through the forest with you.
  • Tiger
    A tough and strong animal.
  • Tonto
    The Lone Ranger's faithful sidekick.
  • Trapper
    The person who spreads out the trap.
  • Trigger
    Cowboy Roy Rogers' horse.
  • Walker
    Like Walker Texas Ranger!
  • Watson
    Detective Sherlock Holmes' ccompanion.
  • Wesson
    Smith & Wesson firearm and ammo manufacture.
  • White Fang
    A fictional wolf dog character in the novel 'White Fang'
  • Whitetail
    A kind of deer.
  • Willow
    A beautiful name connected to nature.
  • Winchester
    Famous American maker of repeating firearms.
  • Winston
    An English Prime Minister who also loves hunting.
  • Wolf
    A strong canine hunter.
  • Wolverine
    A fictional hunter character in American comic books.
  • Wyatt
    A known marshall and legendary frontiersman in the old west.
  • Xena
    As in the warrior princess.
  • Yukon
    A territory found in northwest Canada.
  • Zeus
    The king of gods in Greek religion.
  • general
    A great name for smart and commanding dog.
  • Sandy
  • Skipper
  • Trout

Now that you have a complete list of the best hunting dog names, it’s time for you to sit down, ponder and choose the one that truly represents your puppy. We’ve also given you suggestions on which names suit each breed the best, so the ball is in your park now!

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