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100+ Police Dog Names – Best K9 Military Puppy Names for Cop Dogs!

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Police Dog Name Ideas

Do you have a puppy that would make a great police dog? Then all you need is our list of police dog names. They are ideal for a wide variety of breeds such as Rottweilers, German Shepherds, Bloodhounds, Tervurens, and Airedale Terriers.

However, you need a special name that represents the real nature of a police or guard dog, and you can rest assured that our list of names will do exactly that.

The best names from the most relevant topics, such as important characters from history, literature, iconic police dogs and more. Just keep reading and find out the ideal name for your pup!

Check out thousands of puppy names broken down by meaningful categories!

List of Police Dog Names

Here are several options of police dog names for you to choose from:

  • Ace
    Good at everything.
  • Alexander
    As in Alexander the Great.
  • Amazon
    Woman warrior.
  • Angel
    Nicholas Angel from the Hot Fuzz.
  • Axel
    Axel Foley in Beverly Hills Cop
  • Barbardy
    The officer from South Park.
  • Barney
    Cop on The Andy Griffith Show.
  • Beast
    For instinctive dogs.
  • Benson
    A character in Law and Order.
  • Blue
  • Boston Creme
    And don’t forget the Boston Creme.
  • Buford
    From Smokey and the Bandit.
  • Bullet
  • Bullitt
    Frank Bullitt from the movie Bullitt.
  • Caesar
    As in Julius Caesar.
  • Cagney
    Christine Cagney, of Cagney & Lacey.
  • Callahan
    Harry Callahan from the Dirty Harry.
  • Chief Wiggum
    Character from The Simpsons.
  • Colt
    For speedy dogs.
  • Columbo
    Character form the Columbo.
  • Crockett
    Sonny Crockett from Miami Vice.
  • Deputy Dawg
    Deputy sheriff in the Mississippi bayous.
  • Devil
    Not to be messed with.
  • Diesel
  • Diva
  • Donut
    A police joke.
  • Drebin
    Frank Drebin from The Naked Gun.
  • Duchess
  • Echo
  • Elliot
    Man who brought down Al Capone.
  • Elvira
    Snowy white dog.
  • Exley
    From 1997's L.A. Confidential.
  • Fang
    For attack dogs.
  • Five-O
    As in the show Hawaii Five-O.
  • Friday
    Joe Friday, of Dragnet fame.
  • Fritter
    A type of donut.
  • Fuzz
    Slang for police force.
  • Gator
    Forbidding name.
  • Ghost
  • Gordon
    James Gordon, from Batman.
  • Gum Shoe
    A slang term for a detective.
  • Gypsy
    Free spirit.
  • Hank
    From Breaking Bad.
  • Hawk
    Does not miss a trick.
  • Hooch
    From the 1989 Tom Hanks vehicle.
  • Hoover
    J. Edgar Hoover, famous FBI Director.
  • Horatio
    David Caruso's character in CSI: Miami.
  • Huntress
    Female hunter.
  • Hutch
    Kenneth Richard Hutch Hutchinson.
  • Joe
    The lead character in Dragnet.
  • Kahlua
    Dark liqour.
  • Karpa
    Military dog.
  • King
    For regal dogs.
  • Kojak
    A detective from the 70s procedural.
  • Lacey
    The other half of the duo.
  • Lennie
    A character in Law and Order.
  • Long John
    As is the Long John.
  • Mackey
    Vic Mackey from the Shield.
  • Magnum
    One of the most powerful handguns in the world.
  • Marlowe
    Philip Marlowe in the Big Sleep.
  • Maverick
    For merciless dogs.
  • Mayhem
  • McClane
    John McClane from Die Hard.
  • Mcnulty
    Jimmy McNulty from the Wire.
  • Miller
    An American sitcom set.
  • Minka
  • Mod
    Short for The Mod Squad.
  • Moose
    Large dog.
  • Murphy
    From Robocop.
  • Murtaugh
    Roger Murtaugh from Lethal Weapon.
  • Nikita
  • Norris
    Chuck Norris in Texas Ranger.
  • Paloma
    Beautiful dog.
  • Pepper
  • Petra
  • Pharaoh
  • Ponch
    From 70s sensation CHiPs.
  • Popeye
    Jimmy Doyle from The French Connection
  • Popo
    Friendly and sweet.
  • Prowler
    Someone who follows.
  • Raven
    Thick glossy dark coat.
  • Riggs
    Duo from the Lethal Weapon films.
  • Roar
    For intimidating dogs.
  • Robocop
    Title character of the 1987 film.
  • Rockford
    Jim Rockford from the Rockford Files.
  • Rookie
    New to the job.
  • Sabbath
    Day of rest.
  • Sabina
  • Seagal
    As in Steven Seagal.
  • Serpico
    Frank Serpico (Al Pacino).
  • Sheba
  • Sierra
    Range, strong, and solid.
  • Sipowicz
    Andy Sipowicz of NYPD Blue.
  • Starsky
    David Michael of Starsky and Hutch.
  • Storm
    Aloof large dog.
  • Tango
    Sylvester Stallone in Tango & Cash
  • Thunder
    Stormy by nature.
  • Tibbs
    In the Heat of the Night.
  • Venus
    Interplanetary body.
  • Vixen
  • Yasmine

Cop Dog Names Inspired By Key Temperament Traits

At Breeding Business, it is our usual angle to analyze temperament traits to suggest puppy names, and this case is not the exception. Therefore, we have reviewed all the things that make a police dog great. Below, you will find our top choices, along with helpful tips.

When it comes to working in the police department, one needs absolute control over oneself, and therefore, you must be resolute. It is the same for K9 dogs, and therefore, the name Minka makes perfect sense.

Furthermore, along with being resolute, it is also important to be confident, because we are talking about working under pressure. Therefore, here we have a spot on and daring recommendations for a female pup, Diva. It is a name that outbursts confidence by the lots, and therefore, it is an excellent choice.

Police dogs must also be ready to attack when necessary, and therefore, the name Fang makes sense. When there is trouble, a dog must be brave enough to attack and defend those who need it. In consequence, this name implies this trait perfectly.

These dogs need to be highly reliable, especially when you need their assistance during critical missions. Therefore, you need a name that resembles this trait, and therefore, Blue is a good choice, because it means exactly that.

Furthermore, a dog that is going to work as K9 Dog needs to have a refined and precise instinct. Therefore, the name Beast makes sense, because it is commonly used for highly instinctive dogs. In case the dog is also big, then it will make even more sense to use it.

Because precision goes a long way in this type of job, the dog must be good at everything, so to speak. Therefore, the word that better defines this trait is Ace, and in consequence, it is the best name you can pick in case you want to highlight this feature.

Finally, a police dog must know how to lead. Therefore, you need a name that screams leadership, and we have the perfect suggestion for you, Pharaoh. They may have different functions, but those that are in the front line and need to guide others must be natural leaders.

police dog names
100+ Police Dog Names – Best K9 Military Puppy Names for Cop Dogs!

K9 Dog Names Inspired By Physical Traits

Just as a k9 dog must have specific temperament traits, their athleticism and physical traits also play a vital role. Below, we will see what names make the most sense, along with tips that will help you to name your dog after its most prominent traits.

Because the action is quick, you need a dog that is fast to respond. Therefore, a police name that represents this feature would be ideal, and we have the perfect suggestion – Bullet. A dog must be as fast as a bullet for specific missions, and therefore, it is the ideal name to highlight this trait. It is also an ideal name for a Greyhound!

For evident reasons, K-9 dogs must be strong and Cane Corsos are great examples! Therefore, Sierra is a good choice, because it means “solid, range and strong”. Three features that define the physique of these dogs, which united with their temperament, are the reason why they are fit for this type of job.

Certain K9 dogs must be especially large like the Bloodhound and the Dobermann, and for them, the name Moose is an excellent choice, because it is an allusion to large tough dogs. We like it because the name implies such an idea right off the bat, and in addition, it sounds elegant. Therefore, it is a great pick.

Names for Police Puppies Inspired By Shows and Movies

Since we have such a huge variety of TV shows and movies about police, it is wise to take them as a source of inspiration. Below, find our best choices and an explanation of why we selected them.

Are you a fan of Hawaiian dog names? Then you could name your dog Five-0, as in Hawaii Five-0. It is one of the most popular police TV shows nowadays, and therefore, it makes a superb name. You can bet on it that most people will understand why you decided to name your dog that way.

Are you up for a funnier name? Then you could call it Chief Wiggum, like one of the characters from the Simpsons who was a police officer. In case it is too large for your liking, you could shorten it to Wiggum.

Is your dog built from steel? Then you could name it after the most popular robotic policeman in the world, Robocop. All people will know why you decided to name your pet that way, and it will make an even bolder statement if it is big and towering.

Are you a fan of detectives shows? Then you could name your dog Lennie, like one of the main characters from Law & Order, one of the most famous shows from this kind.

Finally, you could name it Gordon, in honor of James Gordon from Batman. If you have watched the Dark Knight Trilogy, then it will make even more sense to name it that way, since you understand that he was an excellent police officer. If you want to be excentric, go for Joker.

Closing Down

Now that you have plenty of excellent police dog names in your hands, along with our explanations and tips, it will be easy for you to pick one for your pet.

These names represent different things that make police dogs what they are. Strong, confident, fierce, protective and resolute. Take your time to appreciate all of our names patiently.

Published on
Saturday 15 February 2020
Last updated on
Monday 26 December 2022

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Breeding Business is passionate about all sorts of domesticated pets. They have written dozens of articles across the web.

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